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The Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation Cancels another Meeting

For the third straight time, the CEC has cancelled a board meeting.

Back on July 10th, The CEC decided to shut down a meeting after they realized that several members of the community had come forward to ask questions that were critical of the actions of the Empowerment Corp.

How was that meeting shut down? They didn’t present or approve any minutes from the previous meeting. They decided they didn’t have to follow any preset agenda. They didn’t have a CFO or a CEO report. They didn’t talk about board appointments, nor did they have an open forum or discussion. Without any of those elements, what they had cannot be called a meeting. The July meeting was effectively cancelled.

They let people speak and ask questions, but they refused to answer any questions. They told people that the August meeting was also cancelled, but that all of their questions would be answered in September. Today they cancelled that meeting to.

Summary of the last three months of CEC board meetings:

July: Abandoned once it became apparent that they had trouble on their hands by EZ residents asking tough questions. No answers to questions were given, and no formal board meeting took place. The meeting was effectively cancelled.

August: CEC cancelled August meeting.

September: Late today Cincinnati Empowerment Corp. CEO Harold Cleveland cancelled the third straight meeting.

Tonight was the night the CEC promised to answer all the questions that they had refused to comment on in July. The CEC would prefer to answer the questions by attacking the people who are asking the questions: Empowerment agency assails critics

Take these curious snippets from two July Enquirer articles:

July 19th: Agency faces inquiry:

Empowerment Corp. CEO Harold Cleveland said he has answered inquiries from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development but was unaware of any criminal investigation.

"We welcome any inquiry and would cooperate fully in any request," he said. But the Cincinnati Department of Community Development and Planning is citing a possible FBI investigation in holding up the release of Empowerment Corp. documents requested by The Enquirer under the Ohio Public Records Act. The Empowerment Corp. also has declined to release documents related to its $2.4 million small-business loan program. The corporation's attorneys acknowledge that 84 percent of the portfolio is behind on payments.

The Empowerment Corp. has begun to answer some of the allegations publicly, however. Last week, it jettisoned its old law firm, Dinsmore & Shohl, which had advised a strict "no comment" policy, and hired Taft Stettinius & Hollister.

The City refused public records requests, as did the CEC (all the while boasting of “transparency”).

July 20th:

Cleveland said the board is making a new effort to be transparent - and that the hiring of Seitz is part of that effort. The agency's previous law firm, Dinsmore & Shohl, refused to comment publicly and advised the board to do the same.

Seitz said the Empowerment Corp. now realizes its decision not to address the allegations directly made its problems worse. "I think it's been a deer-in-the-headlights situation. When in doubt, they clam up."

So in July, the Empowerment Corporation decided to be more “transparent”. What did that decision entail?

1) Publicly attacking people who asked questions.
2) Canceling the August CEC Board Meeting
3) Canceling the September Board Meeting.
4) Refusing to respond to requests for public records.
5) “Quietly” work through back channels to restore CEC funding.

The funny thing is that their actions are transparent, because it is pretty fucking apparent they are hiding something.

In the CEC dictionary, pledging “transparency” means personally attacking critics, shutting down public meetings, and hiring a sleazebag Republican politician/lawyer to work through back channels to “quietly” secure the release of CEC funding.

Tonight’s meeting comes as no surprise my friends. Bill Seitz got their funding back. The City isn’t asking any questions. All they care about is the money train. It is all about the greenbacks. Now that the funding is in place, they could give a damn about your questions.

The people that take this type of behavior without protest deserve exactly the type of government malfeasance that they get.

Alas, yet again another day in paradise.


CEC Archive

The following is the Impeach Mallory Blog (IMB) archive for the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. The IMB started an investigation into the Empowerment Corporation in early April after a few related incidents.

In April, Dale Mallory revealed on his ethical filing that he worked for the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. At the same time this news broke, the City Hall Hitman, (functional illiterate dishwasher Howard Beatty) gunned down Kabaka Oba at City Hall. It came to light that Hitman Howard was on the board of Directors of the multi-million dollar CEC, and that Dale Mallory had appointed him. Then the dam broke wide open.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Dallory,
Another masterful report.
The EZ total disrepect for the taxpaying public is disgraceful.
Let's march down to Ms. Cole's "Vibrant Neighborhood" meeting and give em hell for allowing the EZ funds to be turned on.
The press needs to continue to push hard on the EZ corruption.
Monthly board meetings are REQUIRED by the by-laws. If the board can't meet........shut the EZ down for good......68% admin costs!!!! Get real people!

3:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1800 Linn Street..."Junebugs"
Look at the transactions REAL CAREFULLY.
Linda Holmes is a P&G VP that lived in INDIAN HILL.
She and hubbie Theotis get EZ loans??? And then go delinquent?
I thought you needed to be turned down for loans 3X before you got EZ money.
WHY is Cleveland buying 1800 Linn from EZ deadbeats that lived in Indian Hill and are P&G big wheels?
Memo to David Pepper.......if you or your dad still have juice at P&G........look into Linda Holmes. This woman is dealing in very shady business and dealing with criminals. Why would a big money P&G person like that put her big career on the line ny screwing with EZ FRAUD and Junebug and Cleveland.
This story ain't over folks.
Male Dallory..."do your job"!!!!
Shine some light in the Homes/EZ/Cleveland story.

3:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think Laketa Cole is the one you want to take your complaints to re: the CEC. Did you all forget that's who she worked for prior to winning a seat on City Council? She might not want to shine the light too brightly over there, lest it be discovered that she did the same thing Orlinda Beatty is doing now - on the clock getting paid while off doing personal things (in Cole's case, campaigning). Just a thought.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Memo to Greg Korte:
Please dig out your notes of the last meeting.
Many people signed up for their 2 minutes to speak/ask questions. No answers were given. Answers were promised by the Sept. board meeting.
Now that the EZ has broken another promise, what were the questions? Please help these citizens get answers.
You reported that Bill Seitz was hired and they now had a "transparancy" policy.
It sure looks like cover-up and same ol' same ol' now that Dahoney turned the cash flow on again.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Mina said...

I changed my mind. I don't want a job with these people, I want a 'loan'(lol). I'm sure I could get more than three financial establishments to turn me down, and then I could get me some loot! As we all know, repayment wouldn't be an issue, hell, when I get the money, I'll just throw a big party for everybody at whatever property I claim the 'loan' is for! What do you guys think? I have to laugh to keep from wanting to do a 'Hitman Howie' move.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Thank you Mr. Dallory for another award winning report! I'm sooo glad you're back in the fold with the Truth Squad Special Forces who keep us focused in the quest for truth & honesty.

Not only do I think it's a good idea to show up at Laketa's Run Down Neighborhoods Meeting, we need to see Cranley at a Finance Committee Meeting. Then, it's on to Cervay's office & a stop to see Uncle Miltie.

Cole is supposed to be representing the folks in this City. It wouldn't be hard to slip in a phrase or two to let her know that we're all too aware that she was (is) in the bed with these shysters. I had forgotten about this, but I checked with some people & they claimed she was on the timeclock, campaigning & all sorts of other personal stuff. Think Alicia Reece using the City Hall copier, & using the churches for her campaigns for starters. I'm wondering if Cleveland & his loudmouth from 5th3rd ever got Cole the stuff she wanted to see.

Transparency. That EZ outfit doesn't have the first definition on this word. If you remember, all through Cole's Committee meeting, that's all you heard out of Cleveland & his plush bottomed mouthpiece. Transparency. Nothing to hide.

In the meantime, sicc Korte loose on this latest round of questionable activities.

I'm still reeling over the 68% of administrative costs, er, lining the pockets fund.

You can bet the bank that Daddy Pepper still has executive leverage at Procter & God. However, it's a good idea if we go sleuthing into this Linda Holmes woman, & the little paper company she set up with Theo & I believe her sister.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

News Bulletin: Kim Hale just got Cincinnati FOP Lodge 69's endorsement for the 32nd District.

This is BIG, really BIG.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just heard from the news wire that the FOP has endorsed Mrs Hale. Can anyone confirm? This in itsself should send a loud and clear message to Dale. The message goes something like this:
You and Nate are in the same boat. Your community doesnt believe you are fit to run a community council, the police have no faith in you, and your own party reused to endorse you even though you had no opposition in the race. Mrs Hale entered the race after the fact and Mr Poast didnt live in district.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



Kim Hale just received the FOP endorsement for the 32nd seat.
The Police know Dale is a criminal.
The Police know Kim is anti
Hale Yes!!!!

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Truth Squad operative checked out the Berry Center from 4:30 to 6:00PM yesterday.
Harold Cleveland put his "meeting cancelled" sign on the door about 5:15.
Hired Thug Marcus Jenkins was there taking down license plate numbers and taking notes of all those that came to the center.
This will come in handy for vandal raids later.
Ozzie Davis was there.
Psycho Stephie Smith the Lapdog was in phone contact with the crew.
The meeting could have been held.
Cleveland is afraid of the press, the Truth Squad and THE TRUTH.
The Truth is a 68% expense ratio.
The Truth is that Queensgate DOESN'T HAVE A Community Council. Queensgate is a fabrication to allow the Mallorys to control things through Len Garrett.
The Board meetings are a sham.
The REAL MEETING is behind the curtain in the EZ.....OZ

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bet you Hale gets the Enquirer endorsement too.
They know Dale is a crook and Kim is working for Cincinnati.
Nale yes!

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

I'm also hoping for the trade unions, the teacher's union (gawd, Daddy Mallory would soil his shorts), the SEIU (who bought & paid for Mayor Markey's position), the Ohio Highway Patrol, the Sheriffs Association, the whole feast!

That would leave Jail4Dale with limp endorsements from the Dwarf's phony Unite Cincinnati, Black United Front (if this ragtag operation is still going), Coalition for a Just Cincinnati (another joke), Beatty Bros. Linn St. Circus, that tin pan club that Bill Kirkland's running & whatever unimportant fringe operatives that are out there.

Kim can pull this off. She's won a major endorsement. If you want to be a politician, you need that FOP endorsement & Firefighters 48. Otherwise, you can pack it up & go home.

Of course, 3M didn't have these big ones, but, he had SEIU buy the whole pie for him. The party needs to get this in high gear & really "market" our gal.

Memo to the Republican Party: we need assistance in getting Hale YES! signs in front yards. We'll expect to hear from you by 12 Noon on Wednesday, 9/20. That gives you ample time.

I am sooo glad the FOP cut & walked away from 3M. The administration may curry favor with him, but the rank & file who make up the FOP don't give a rat's a$$ about that clown mayor. He's not covering their backs.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Entries to the Theo Holmes & Linda Clement Holmes file:

Theo & Linda were married in Hamilton County in 1993.

A0204053: Theo & Linda were sued by the City for nonpayment of rent & utilities for 1998, 1999 & 2000 on their Findlay Market stall/space. City won.

05CV14320 City took 'em to Court for weeds at 355 Purdue Ave., & litter & debris at 3570 Haven Ave. City won again.

04CV00765 City nailed them on 2 citations at 1800 Linn St. for trash & debris. 1 big write up for 231 Donohue St. They didn't barricade the place, so you know it turned into a Fun House. They were also busted for noxious weeds & litter. You know who won.

Now, I'm having a bit of a problem with Linda's sister, J. Denise Clement. In Googling, there's a JDC who comes up as a Health Care Quality Assurance MD with the Ford Motor Company & sits on a board of Occupational Physicians.

Here's a bio on Linda Clement Holmes:

Gosh, another warren of folks to watch. It's a never-ending process. People who could contribute a great deal to uplift the quality of life for many folks & they get greedy & shifty.

Instead of running their phony paper company, C&H Renaissance, this trio needs to start their own renaissance to some honesty & integrity.


9:26 PM  
Blogger Blanchard said...

......ladies and gentleman......

tick tock, tick tock.......

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

The Holmes may have some legitimate excuses for not paying off their EZ loan. You would think that a P&G Vice President from Indian Hill could afford to make the payments on a $250,000 EZ loan.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Peanuts Breath,
Why pay the EZ the $250,000.00 back when we can stiff them and then get our buddy Harold Cleveland to pay twice market for the Junebug dive that will be vacant shortly?
EZ money means FREE money. Cleveland will do what we tell him to do for his Beatty bribes.
Theo and Linda Holmes

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Carstairs,
Thank you!
You are a font of wisdom and useful information.
Why in the world does a class organization like P&G employ a bottom feeder like Linda Holmes as a VP?
Let's shine some light on her shady deals. Maybe someone will slap her wrists and tell her to stay away from the EZ thugs. And maybe even have her pay us back our tax dollars we loaned her.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Memo to Jimmy Carter: this is another duo you can add to the growing stack who shift their money from one corner to the next & eventually get caught. Other notables in the heap are the infamous late Marvin Warner, Roger Ach & Dickie Weiland, to name a few. You get the picture.

They get a few extra quarters in their pockets, thinking they're doing swell, move to higher ground, turn their backsides facing South toward the city limits & take a collective steamy hot dump on the rest of us who choose to stay rooted & fight & think they're going to get away with their grifting schemes.

Well, we're some tough customers & we will prevail. Meanwhile, we'll dig ourselves out from under the muck & add the Holmes duo to the list. Toss the sister in as a bonus, although her name isn't on the OFRP paper company.

Did everyone go to the Auditor's site & check out this Remington Rd. palace? Meanwhile, they've got folks living in their Section 8 tumbledowns here in the city. Yeah, great way to "uplift our people". Let 'em hike up to the 3rd floor rear & we'll be around on the 1st of the month to collect their portion of the rent. Phonies.

I'm curious as to Theo's excuse for defaulting on the EZ loan myself. I'll bet this is a whopper of a story.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stumpboy has been ignoring the FOP endorsement of Hale.
I wonder why?

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Vlad, everyone, I got sidetracked on this Holmes business & I apologize.

The EZ has C&H Renaissance in court on this loan default. Case A0606446. Next date is 11/13/06 for a case management conference.

Greg Berberich filed the papers for EZ & there's no attorney of record for the Holmes outfit.

Anon 9:57, my friend, Porch Mammy, broke the news to the Dwarf yesterday. I would suspect while he's still choking on it, he's consulting with his worthless "sources" to see if the story is real. He hasn't posted the news from Mammy yet. Probably won't either, seeing it is the TRUTH. Bozos like him have a hard time swallowing the truth, although he intimated to his "sources", which in turn tell us, that Dale is as guilty as homemade sin. It's a Drama Dwarf Denial thing.

I profusely thanked one of my beloved patrol officers who sits on the Club 1900 for the endorsement. He's part of the hierarchy in that group. They weren't going to back a fraud like Jail4Dale. These dudes & dudettes have too much integrity & too much respect for the folks in the communities in the 32nd. They know we're suffering & they hurt for us.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Mina said...

Would someone pleeez tell me when Kim Hale's website will be up?!Y'all know the anticipation is killing me!

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today D4S got the AFL-CIO endorsement.
D4S IS for sale!
He just returned from a Columbus fundraiser where the Ohio cable companies are buying Dale's vote.
Ever wonder why your cable bills go up and up and up?
The Cable companies BUY the Ohio house. They know they can always buy a Mallory vote.
Kim Hale will NEVER sell out the citizens she represents.
Kim Hale has the FOP endorsement because she supports a strong anti-crime platform.
The unions want Dale because they can BUY D4S.
I want Hale to represent me.
The cable companies and the unions want to own Dale.
Hale yes!

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We know you want the site.
I know it's being worked on.
The Hale campaign is only 3 weeks old and Kim has done more in 3 weeks than Dale has done in 7 MONTHS.
Drive around!. Hale signs and HUGE banners EVERYWHERE. D4S is nowhere.
There have been Hale neighborhood parades every week.
Fliers are da' bomb.
She got the FOP endorsement.
You just know Dale will run, hide and crap his pants at the thought of a debate.
Dale's time is spent getting grilled by the police on the theft charges against him. There is NO DOUBT.....Dale stole the WECC money, writing a check to cash, 3 months after he was booted out of office for his CityLink/ez double-cross.
Kim is doing a great job allocating her resources and accomplishing miricles in 3 weeks.
Why not join our merry band and offer to help on the web-site?
While we know you are interested, we are all volunteers (all D4S folks are paid cause they know he's a crook). Please give us a hand rather than pestering about your personal site timing agenda.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 3:16,

A little hard on Mini. I know you are over worked and under paid but dont forget mini is on our side. I for one appreciate all the work mini has already done to help our cause. I know that there are several volenteers that have made this issue their lifes mission but let face it not everyone has the ability or resources to do more. Mini wants to see a WEB site and quite frankly so do I. I appreciate that Mrs Hale is also over worked but the WEB site can be a greate tool to reaching out to folks that she need to reach out to. There are some liberal voters that want to get to know Mrs Hale and a feel comrfortable with her positions. A WEB site would go a long way to doing that.

Good luck and hope to see a WEB site soon

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 5:55,
Sorry if I came off as harsh.
To Mina....I know the web site is being worked on by a volunteer. I've tried to get a complete date to report to you, but no firm answer yet. If you have skills in this area, let us know.
Meanwhile, a good number of volunteers are doing what they can to help the cause.
You will have an answer as soon as I get the word.
There IS literature.
I'm pretty sure you can pick some up at WECC meeting and Finley next weekend.
or, contact you closest Truth Squader.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Mina said...

Awwww, I'm glad y'all are concerned about my feelings because I was about to cry(lol). Thank you to Anon 5:16 for calling me mini. If you could see me, you would know how funny that is. When is the next WECC meeting? As I have stated before, I live outside the 32nd, and I definitely don't have any website building skills, but I could be available for volunteer work as I am between positions at the moment. I definitely want to be at the victory party, because I am a lot of fun at parties.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WECC is 3rd Tuesday each month @ 7:00 PM @ Lincoln Center on Linn.
Lots of Truth Squad there.
Kim Hale is usually there, but may be visiting other councils.
I'll make sure Hale materials are available.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mina said...
Awwww, I'm glad y'all are concerned about my feelings because I was about to cry(lol).

That's the difference between Hale and Dale.
Dale would send Junebug to put a gun to your head. Hale is trying to listen and respond to community needs.
Hale yes!

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Mina, there's going to more than enough work to go around starting in the next few days & leading up to the final push.

We also have things going a couple times a week. Someone you know from the Truth Squad can clue you in on that, as we're all very careful with personal information. We'll do all we can to keep you in the loop without sacrificing privacy, because we all know the thugs watch this site around the clock.

Whether you live in the 32nd or not makes no difference. Help & support is a critical key to Kim's continuing success.

Everyone, thanks for the update on the AFL-CIO backing the Jailbird. Gosh, I wonder how much that cost Dale's old man!

Me thinks I'll go back to shopping at Wal-Mart & save myself a couple of bucks. The union sold their souls to the devil. Therefore, they don't need my money to keep their workers in jobs.

I'll have to think about my cable TV. You're absolutely right that we're getting crooked on that. Everytime you turn around, they're jacking up the bill or, sending the bill late & expect payment in 24 hours. And a lot of times, the damned cable TV doesn't work! Another operative that has the legalized license to steal from the general public.

That's OK. Our girl got the police & she'll get the other very important endorsements.

I do believe the Enquirer & City Beat are going to back her. There are some other socially important groups we need to contact. I'll let Kim know.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet Hale is the only republican backed by CityBeat.

9:10 PM  

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