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Michael Cervay calls for independent auditor to look at the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation

City executive calls for audit of Empowerment Corp.
Cincinnati Business Courier - 5:58 PM EDT Wednesdayby Dan Monk

The city of Cincinnati's director of community development and planning wants to hire an outside auditor to examine the finances of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp.

This, after two recent controversies over potential conflicts of interest among the agency's board members, employees and consultants.

"I see a lot of smoke and I want to make sure how much fire there is," said Michael Cervay, who advocated the hiring of an independent auditor during a June 28 meeting with city finance and legal officials.

The meeting was held in response to a June 7 memo by city council members Chris Bortz and Jeff Berding. They asked interim City Manager Dave Rager to freeze "all reimbursements and administrative drawdowns" to the federally funded agency until the city can conduct a "full audit" of "potentially inappropriate expenditures."

The Courier reports that the decision to freeze the funds and conduct the audit will be made by the end of the week. I can't see them not doing it at this point.

"Enough questions have been asked that I have not been able to answer that I feel I need the information in order to be assured that no irregularities exist," Cervay said.

I think that Michael Cervay is doing the right thing, and I commend him.


Inner-city nonprofit's funds frozen
Empowerment Corp. VP: City's action premature

Looks like they aren't going to wait out the whole week after all.

The city of Cincinnati has frozen its funding for a nonprofit organization that helps inner-city neighborhoods after questions arose about conflicts of interest involving its board and staff.

Those questions have sparked at least two reviews of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp. The city and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said Wednesday they have launched investigations.

Check this out for doublespeak and run it through the bullshit detector:

The vice chairman of the Empowerment Corp. board, Robert O'Neal, told City Council on Wednesday that the city's action was premature.

"I'm saying there are people here to answer any questions. Do not take what's being reported in the paper. We've had three financial audits," he said. "We're willing to work for the community and do the work we are supposed to do."

Afterward, O'Neal declined to answer questions from The Enquirer. "I only talk about what the board tells me to talk about," he said.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. And don't worry, we will answer all of your questions. Unless of course you actually have questions. Then I will have to admit that I am a board puppet with Garrett and Junebugs hand up my yass.

I remember when CityLink skipped and backed out of public engagments, and when they didn't show up when requested by the City Administration. When Council finnaly voted against them they complained that they never got the chance to explain themselves. They had plenty of chances. Likewise with the Empowerment Zone. You don't see Harold Cleveland making a comment in this article. He is speaking these days through his lawyer. Len Garrett and Junebug are mum as well. They sent out O'Neal because at this point he is one of the few left not facing indictment.

The Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation has been asked questions. Requests have been made for documents. That haven't responding to the questions or document requests. If you read the article you will find that they were years late in filing their audits with the City. Those are required filings, not requests.

The addition of the HUD audit is big news. We are bringing down the hammer.


Anonymous steppenwolves said...

Hoooweee! Once they shuck the corn off this husk, ol' D4S 3M will be like a goat with a double stroller. The Mallory clan will have to tuck the silkworms back into the clamshell.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope they look real hard at the Beattys and Garrett.
Junebug was a common thread in Genesis, WECC and CEC. He and Dale orchestrated putting in Garrett and Mrs. Junebug and Hitman Howdie.
Garrett seems to have unique individual power to give Cleveland raises and bennies. Junebug gets to approve the loans to stooges. These loans then go bad.
I have a file of the Genesis clippings and Dale and Junebug were playing the same game 6 years ago with mostly the same players.
CEC needs a MAJOR housecleaning. D4S, ALL Beattys, Garrett and Cleveland MUST GO.
All of these people have been master manipulators of a system that failed to assure "arms length"
quality decisions that might actually advance the community. These characters advanced their personal wealth and power at the expense of taxpayers and the poor community they should have helped.

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen 758!

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While you are at it,get to REAL story on the Dale, Norris and Phenicie contracts.
Sure they invoiced the EZ.....but what was the OUTPUT???? That would be zip, nada, ZERO.
These three payoff contracts were so obviously bogus and stinky that they BEG futher investigation. The CityLink tie in (amid universal community opposition) doesn't border on criminality, it IS criminal.
This whole EZ mess started when Eve Bolton asked a few simple questions about Dale Mallory's employment. The EZ lawyered up and refused to give any answers to her very legitimate questions.
Dale would have lost the primary had the public known the answers to Eve's questions.
Dale was a catalist for corruption. He, Junebug and Garrett created a conspiracy to steal taxpayer dollars, and they left one huge paper trail.
The media have hold of it and soon the outside auditor will send JB, Garrett, Cleveland and Dale to Jail.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of "paper trail".
N8's self incriminating nocternal blog entries were printed and sent to Deters.
N8 has admitted "the BEATTYS" planned Oba's murder. And this murder was a way to assert the Beatty/Mallory control of the city.
N8 is the defense lawyer's clerk/coffee boy. I'm not sure that N8ball has helped his client.
N8ball has dug himself a deep hole, and it's waaaay to late for him to delete his self incriminating blog entry.
N8 you are even dumber than Dale....I didn't think ANYONE was THAT dumb.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waaa Hoooo!
They shut it down!
Old Man Mallory is the FIRST one Cleveland goes to!
Mallorys are up to their keysters in the EZ Mess.
Old Man Bill is worried about the EZ funding of his huge pork barrel.
Dumb old Dale crapped in the EZ punchbowl and our own Dale "Mr. Hankie" is floating on top , stinking the place up.
Truth Squad, well done!

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Khama said...

8:26 AM are there dates, times with these participations? Did they fall before, during or after political races? What were they specifically for, the work outcome? The word consultation is like the word miscellaneous, very vague. Sorry if this seems a little unknowledgeable, but if you were being paid were you serving two masters, or being paid by one to serve another?

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

It shouldn't surpise anyone that Cleveland and Ole man Mallory were talking.

The EZ funded the old man's "Mallory Center". The EZ paid Mayor Mark Mallory's campaign consultant Phenicie. And the EZ gave Dale Mallory a yearly contract. The Empowerment Corp is a Mallory family affair.

Has anyone in that family ever been able to hold a real job? That whole bunch just sucks off the public dole. The get elected and sit on boards so they can give out taxpayer dollars to friends and family like it is candy.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The volume of files and invoices is huge.
I have spent hours reviewing the files and the Truth Squad has hundreds of the more incriminating documents.
The meetings are documented and the players identified.
Dale's pimping CityLink and working with/for CityLink against the will of the WECC is more than obvious.
There are enough "smoking guns"
to arm the West End and OTR combined.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Brian Tome said...

Crossroads Church / CityLink sure found some respectable people to partner up with.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even so called Christian's will "partner" with the devil to get what they want "in the name of GOD" ... organized religion has ALWAYS BEEN the stronghold for corruption! It's been well documented and chronicled in history...

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope when the CEC is investigated they will at least interview the folks Dale claimed to have meetings with and then invoiced the CEC... I know at least three folks who Dale claimed to have met with then invoice the CEC that can/will say otherwise ... that is fraudulent on the part of D4S...

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

I'm relieved that Cervak is bringing in an independent auditor to do what is hopefully, a fine tooth comb rake of these crooks. That is an added bonus that the Federales are jumping into the pool! Woo Hoo!

I only hope that we find out who the independent auditor will be & who will head up the Federales investigation, so that we can in strict confidence, pass to them information we had dredged up so their investigations are thorough & balanced.

In addition, I hope all of this is completed before the November election, with periodic updates splashed in the papers by Korte & Monk. We must completely derail Jail4Dale!!

"N8's self incriminating nocternal blog entries were printed and sent to Deters."

Anon 8:35, I'm working on this, not only from the Howdy the Hitman angle, but also the Genesis/Renaissance/EZ capers. Don't worry. as I get it, it gets handed off. It's the least I can do, as I consider it an obligation.

"N8 you are even dumber than Dale" Nate Livingston has to be the most stupidest person existing, breathing & walking on 2 stumps. That boy will never be smart or slick. Every police officer in the City & County watch for him continuously. That's why N8's the go-fer boy, licking & sucking up the criminals & taking their orders. The boy doesn't have a full load upstairs. He could never have pulled off what Jail4Dale has done because N8 can't keep his mouth shut.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corner anyone on City Council and ask them what they personally think about the Ez and they will roll their eyes or freeze or try to change the subject.
In a candid moment they will say "it's corrupt" "too many people lining their pockets and no real benefit for the intended neighborhoods".
This is a political embarrassment. The Mallory name and Mallory fingerprints are all over the pappa Bill and Mayor Mark are all over doing damage control and working every angle to keep a lid on things.
This tidal wave of corruption can't be contained.'s never the's the COVER UP. Mallory Mafia working overtime to cover up.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous carstairs said...

"Mallory Mafia working overtime to cover up."

More time covering up, less time for campaigning. This is playing right into our hands.

Yeah, I got that same "in your grocer's freezer" look when I'd mention EZ, Jail4Dale, etc. But, I'd continue to run my mouth just the same, in hopes someone would wake up & DO SOMETHING!!

Oh no, this is beyond being kicked under the carpet like Genesis & Pettus-Brown. The fan & the mess all over the wall in the leading article says it all. It's hit & it's splattered all over. It's way past being able to cover it up. I'm hoping we get some redemption off the Genesis business in the bargain. Other players associated with that are still alive & kicking - the Kirkland branch of the Mallory Mafia, as an example.

BTW, where's Blanchard? On vaca? Miss you!

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Gen.Nikki X said...

You people don't have anything on Brother Nate. You are all a bunch of white devils. It was Norma Desmond that killed Kabaka.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Clean said...

"I'm saying there are people here to answer any questions"

I guess this was my big mistake when I called over to the plush EZ offices, asking to see their public documents. I should have asked to speak to Robert O'Neal. My bad. We would have had iron clad proof by now. Of course he would have cheerfully cooperated, he says so right here:

"We're willing to work for the community and do the work we are supposed to do."

Gosh, does this ever stink & smell totally rank. Whee! PeeYew! Naw, this doesn't pass the BS detector. Not on my worst day, which would be O'Neal's best day.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Blanchard said...

Carstairs,........I'm still here.

11:19 PM  

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