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Mallory's bills 'troubling'

Mallory's bills 'troubling'
Mayor's brother asked to repay some money; he says no

As you read the article, keep in mind that the report was submitted by the CEC's own lawyers. They can't even buy a favorable opinion.

Lamont Taylor has stepped down from the board. Things could be coming apart at the seams over there. An interesting passage:

The board member who worked most closely with Mallory - meeting with him at least 84 times, according to an Enquirer review of Mallory's billing statements - was Chairman Len Garrett. He did not return calls seeking comment.

Board Treasurer Lamont Taylor resigned from the board Friday, saying Garrett "kept the board in the dark" about the contract.

Is the Len Garrett who met with Dale Mallory 84 times the same Len Garrett who said he had no idea what Dale Mallory was up to? Again, this is what Len said when he was still speaking with the media:

“Empowerment Corp. board member Len Garrett said he wasn't aware that Mallory was holding regular meetings with CityLink organizers. Garrett said Mallory's contract called for him to act as a liaison between the Empowerment Corp. and neighborhood community councils all over the city -- not to work on specific developments.

"If I had known he was working with CityLink and billing us, I would have stopped it," Garrett said.”

Len Garrett had the most oversight of Dale Mallory, and it appears that Garrett directed him the lawyers reported. Interesting that Dale Mallory is the one who got Len Garrett appointed.

People are starting to see the type of people that Mark Stecher and Crossroads Church were willing to go to bed with to push their agenda against the will of West End residents.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's keep Len Garrett under the microscope. The boy talks out of both sides of his mouth; in other words, he can't keep his lies straight. I've got the feeling there's more to this boy that we know to date.

I'm glad you clarified the position of the 2 attorneys doing this "investigation". I was a bit confused on Korte's article, although it was top notch, grabbing headlines.

I'm certainly surprised at attorney Steve Goodin. I really am. Goodin was a top gun assistant prosecuting attorney under Deters & Mike Allen. Then he went out to Adams County & served as the prosecutor in that county for sometime. Now, Goodin is in private practice doing mainly civil cases with a few criminal sprinkled in. However, I've got to give the CEC credit, although it pains me, they picked a decent, credible attorney. I'm wondering how bad Cleveland chiseled him on his fees.

Regardless, had it been any of us or all of us who pulled a shafty deal like this, we'd all be guests of the Sheriff, wearing flip-flops & the unmistakable stripes. How glib of Jail4Dale to impart he isn't going to pay back the money. It's the Mallory Mafia showcase working in high gear here. He doesn't have the funds to pay it back, boy cracked it all up.

Let's don't give up hope - the other investigations are continuing. This is just one side of the coin & hopefully, the other investigators are going to dig further & deeper.

I agree that Blanchard so deserves headlines & full contributorship. The information has been wonderful & helps to get everyone on the right track. Rock on, Blanchard!

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Pokey Reese said...

How do you know when Marc Stecher is lying?
His lips are moving.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Taxpayer said...

They should be asking who hired Dale. I am curious to know about that process.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think it will make the front page once Dale gets arrested for cutting all those checks?

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He will be impaled.
Your pal,
Vlad the Impaler

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope this goes somewhere. Seems like articles are printed but no charges filed or anything. Seems ironic since D4S loves to file charges when folks piss him off.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it'd be so easy for him just to return the $800. what a moron!

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's Korte's next story?
1)Dale is formally charged by police for theft of WECC funds?
2)EZ funds used to pay campaign manager Phenice?
3)A review of Cleveland's conflict of interest in the Junebug building sale?
4)A probe of the Norris/CityLink/EZ projects and the story behind that mess?
5)Dale's use of job-core kids in Queensgate paid by EZ to work his campaign.
6)A probe of the "mugshot" EZ board and their ties with Genesis and their ongoing conflicts of interest.
7)Meltdown of EZ with all members tossing Dale, Garrett and Cleveland under a buss.
This poll goes by Mallory eartl and often. Spring Grove residents welcome.

6:57 AM  
Blogger westender100 said...


Cincinnati.Com » The Enquirer » Opinion » Dale Mallory should mend ethical lapse

Last Updated: 5:22 am | Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dale Mallory should mend ethical lapse
Dale Mallory appears to have been playing all three sides of a relationship between the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp., West End Community Council and Citylink - a dance that while apparently legal does not represent the kind of open and transparent conduct we have a right to expect from our civic leaders.

He had a contract with the empowerment corporation, a federally funded anti-poverty agency, which he used to lobby for Citylink, a proposed community social service center, which was opposed by a majority on the West End Community Council, of which he happened to be president. As president of the community council, Mallory argued for Citylink, but his support for the 10,000 square-foot project over the council's opposition led to his impeachment as president in February.

Lawyers for the empowerment corporation have said the bills for about eight hours of work submitted by Mallory "raise troubling questions" about how the agency hires consultants and potential conflicts of interest. The time in question apparently was for work he did with the community council while he was its president. As president of the community council, he also appointed members of the empowerment corporation board - the board that then hired him as a consultant.

The empowerment corporation ended Mallory's contract and asked him to return about $225. He said he won't return the money and said raising such questions are "beating a dead horse."

That's the wrong line for Mallory, now running for a seat in the Ohio Legislature, to take. Mallory may have seen his work in supporting Citylink as part of economic revitalization, but his leadership in the community and as contractor for the empowerment corporation should have remained separate to avoid any conflict of interest.

Mallory, a lifelong West End native and brother of Mayor Mark Mallory, has a lengthy history of community service there, advocating economic empowerment and anti-poverty efforts and mobilizing citizens to fight crime.

A good first step to correct "the appearance of impropriety" related to billing questions would be to acknowledge the discrepancy, repay the fees and move forward with issues that he can frame as the November elections approach.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Tim Burke,
We told you Dale would continue to haunt you. Since that warning:
1)Business Courier's Monk tells of Dale's theft of WECC funds.
2)Korte's front page EZ story and the "mugshots".
3)Yesterday, another front page story about questionable EZ invoices.
4)Today's editorial slams Dale on Ethics.
Tim, this is only the beginning.
The media has enough dirt on Dale to run a front page story every week for the rest of his sorry assed life.
Do everyone a favor and take him off the ticket.
your friends from,

4:21 PM  
Anonymous The Ref said...

Can I get a Truth Squad t-shirt?

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Memo to Robert Killins:
You want a fund raiser for WECC???
There is a big market for "TRUTH SQUAD" and anti-Mallory Mafia T-shirts.
JD knows T-shirts.....all the brew district ones.
Print up a batch and sell em for $20 bucks each.
Theat $20 would be better spent on a WECC t-shirt than on D4S's druggie 2nd wife (weighs 70 lbs. hooking in OTR)

8:33 AM  

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