Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where are the Dale’s records?

Dale Mallory was President of the West End Community Council for five years. In February of this year, Dale Mallory was impeached and removed from his position of President by over 76% of the vote.

In March of this year, the West End Community Council undertook the process of rebuilding the Council from Dale’s shattered remains. Dale responded with lawsuits, suing over two dozen people in the process. The outcome of those lawsuits is no longer in question. One was withdrawn out of embarrassment. Dale Mallory faced a deposition where he had to go on record, and he withdrew his frivolous lawsuit. The other lawsuit was thrown out of court because it had no merit.

Dale Mallory has long claimed that he is still President of the West End Community Council, and that the court findings would bear that out. Dale Mallory has had his day in court, and his case got thrown out on its ass.

This leaves us with the simple fact that Dale Mallory has been legally removed from the West End Community Council. He tried to adjudicate his argument in our justice system, and that is his legal right as an American. When problems and conflict happen within our system we look to the courts to sort things out and make it right. Dale did that and lost because his case had no merit. That goose has been cooked.

Why am I restating this?

After the February meeting where Dale was impeached, he had decided to hold his own “Real” West End Community Council Meetings. The first one in March he cancelled either “due to the weather” or due to the fact that he lacks either legitimacy or credibility.

The second meeting in April was held at the West End YMCA, with a couple of his friends. He gives no public announcements to theses meetings, and they aren’t well attended. He sent Nate Livingston out with a bullhorn in April to try to drum up support, and they still had less than 10 people, and two of those were there just to keep a tab on what Dale was doing.

So here we are today in May. Dale’s lawsuits have either been abandoned or thrown out of court. No sane person still believes that he is still West End Community Council President. Does Dale Mallory still hold covert meetings? Nobody knows, because he doesn’t announce them. Does Dale still claim to be President? Who knows the color of the sky in Dale’s world?

What we do know is that Dale Mallory has failed to transfer any of the records of the West End Community Council to the new administration. All historical records are now and have always been the property of the West End Community Council. Dale Mallory is no longer a part of that, and they are not his property.

Some of the important records, like bank accounts, historical memberships lists, and so on are relevant and crucial to the proper functioning of the council. We don’t have them.

Someone needs to ask Dale:

Do you think you are still President of the West End Community Council?

If so, why?

If not, where are the records?

Dale Mallory was on the Board at Invest In Neighborhoods. He is a longtime friend of Gerald Tenbosch, who was Executive Director. Tenbosch managed the flow of funds from the City to the Community Councils, and he cut off West End funds before his recent resignation amid allegations of fraud and corruption, including his own indictment on felony charges.

The City administration is currently auditing Invest In Neighborhoods. To audit funds that are disbursed from INN you also have to check the community councils that receive the disbursements. No way around that. If they choose to audit funds from the West End Community Council, the West End Community Council will have to inform them the plain and simple truth: we have no access to any financial records. No bank accounts, no statements, no transactions, no anything for the last five years or more. How can you perform an audit? The people of this community are interested in what has happened to the funds and the membership dues, as well as any disbursements from Invest in Neighborhoods and the Empowerment Zone. We have no answers.

It is time for the City Administration to take a stand and demand the records that our own community council cannot commandeer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale4Sale's records and papers? Probably under one of his many beds or Scotty’s guarding them in the strongbox at city hall. Dale’s fake ass meetings are still being portrayed for public consumption as he is the president of the WECC still and he is being presented by lobbyists and fundraisers in Columbus and around higher tiers of Cincinnati society. Dale and one brother are the rising stars of Uncle Dickie’s stable boys as they are strutted out for the beautiful people to see. Startling findings beginning to simmer over at the NH8 Mallory bog. Every time NH8's beaufriends over in the House of Mallory get a bit upset or they know they allow themselves to be used and abused they send out ol NH8 to stirs things. This keeps the sheets shorted and the smoke blowing to cover some real gems percolating behind the scenes. Uncle Dickie and Cousin Timmie like to keep their boys in line. Perhaps Burkeman has the papers in his safe keeping; everyone knows his partner Robert wanted nothing to do with the mess in his offices.

First there's the upcoming move from one court to the other of William, Jr. The man could accomplish on his own, he's that smart a legalist. However, the baggage that is being constructed to follow him on the bench is designed to lift and elevate (separate would be better) the graftiness of Lawson to the bench to keep his mouth shut about any and all Mallory mess. Think about this, and if your skin don't crawl, Bailiff NH8 and his bullhorn in one of our courts should give you a case of the howling scabies. (Sounds like a rock group at Alchemize.)

NH8 is now 'horning' on Mike Poast and Robert Killins Jr as not living in the 32nd, and being a Republican (just because he works at P&G?), respectively. Sounds like NH8 is headed for his own quarterfinals here, sort of like what he pulled with the Reece family. Poor NH8, he thought he had it then reality bit off another part of his anatomy and the Vice-Mayor ko'ed his ass. What NH8 can't see is that with his little buddy Dale dug so deeply in to the Tim Dick graft garden NH8 is only the limp pickle on the side of the Dagwood Mallory sandwich with the Burke bun, Weilandwurst, limberger Lawson and side of white chips. NH8 shilling for the white men is so appropriate at this point. Dale's donor list for funds should allow him to pay back what's in the WECC pot. Need to hit the roundup at the Lindner Y and see who's on the list of diggernataries for the grand opening and who sits on the board these days. Interesting reading.

So where are the Dale’s Papers? Would even a Quinlivan investigate that? Probably not. Will take beyond November for the matters to be looked into. The Mayor has to find the right movie to watch to tell him what to do.
Wolverine, Jr.

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Dawn Rogers said...

Who knows the color of the sky in Dale's world? You have a knack for coming up with phrases that sound vaguely like real phrases.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Dawn Rogers said...

Also, I would like to throw my hat into the ring for WECC president. I have vast administrative experience, but compliance is not my strong suit. This should make me the ideal candidate.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate is the man. According to Nate, Killins is pres of the "fake west end council".

Hey nateball, where does the "real" west end council get together? Who can I contact about joining?

I think Dale Mallory is still claiming to be President.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate thinks that people love Dale Mallory. If it wasn't for the Mallory name Dale would be just another punk. People vote for Mallorys, and Dale Mallory will be the next State Rep even if he goes to jail.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fired from GE for doing drugs.
Appoints city hall murderer.
Won't come clean on EZ gig.
Pimps ex-wife for drug money.
yeah......that's the guy we need in Columbus

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget....
Owns"blight of the week".
Doesn't pay taxes on 925 Dayton.
Uses 925 Dayton to falsify lawsuit plaintiff address.
Acquires 925 Dayton by manipulating CMHA and using inside info.
Copies Tenbosch and steals WECC funds.
yeah.....that's the guy we want in Columbus.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Killins have Esther arrested yet?
If she doesn't return the loot, send her ass to jail. Send D4S too for aiding and abbeting.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

The Cincy blogosphere is overrun with bleeding heart liberals.

Andrew Warner is an assclown. The Dean has some sort of fixation with Nick Spencer that is downright unhealthy.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out Saturday's (5/20) Enquirer. Not only is the Community Development Department going to do a rake on IIN & NSP books, an independent auditor is going to be brought in to take a gander.

Nothing was mentioned about Cincy EZ. While they're at it, the taxpayers might as well get their money's worth - turn both Community Development & the auditor loose on that mess, too.

Memo to City Hall: Let's get busy here. Something stinks & it's about to choke all of us to death.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Male Dallory said...

you got a link to that article?

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Male Dallory, here's that link to Saturday's E-quirer:


8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Local news

Cincinnati.Com » The Enquirer » Local news » Briefly

Last Updated: 8:37 am | Saturday, May 20, 2006



The city will launch two audits of Invest in Neighborhoods Inc., the non-profit contractor that administers $815,750 in city grants to neighborhoods, after its executive director was charged with embezzlement from an unrelated organization. Police say Gerald J. Tenbosch took $16,500 from the Finneytown Athletic Association, where he served as treasurer. He has not entered a plea, but told The Enquirer that he has medical problems and can't remember what happened. City Manager David Rager told City Council that the Department of Community Development and Planning will begin its annual audit of Invest in Neighborhoods next week. He said the city will also call in an outside auditor to make sure no taxpayer money is missing.

8:59 AM  
Blogger Male Dallory said...

Thanks for the link. I posted the info on the big board.

12:00 PM  

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