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Front Page News Above the Fold: Mallory A Paid Shill For CityLink

Greg Korte's article on Dale Mallory is on the front page of today's paper. In it he documents how Dale Mallory was paid to shill for CityLink.

Mayor's brother scrutinized
Dale Mallory billed agency for work promoting Citylink

Check out the mug shots on the left. Dale had some fine company. He was paid to talk to hit man Howard Beatty, June Bug, and Len Garrett. He got all those people on the empowerment zone board, and in turn they hired him. Dale is getting paid to talk to his friends.

You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps. Check out the mug shots right here. And what a nice photo of my good friend Mark Stecher. His neighbors in Mason are surely impressed this morning.

Speaking of Stech, I remember when Dale was impeached in February. One of the allegations against Dale was that he had secretly met with Stecher several times. When this part of the impeachment petition was read, Mark Stecher yelled "That is a lie!"

But that is not a lie according to the facts that have recently come out:

"Mallory's consultant reports detail at least 22 meetings and phone calls with CityLink President Mark Stecher - introducing him to Empowerment Corp. CEO Harold Cleveland, strategizing about how to overcome opposition and encouraging the Empowerment Corp. to become actively involved in the project.

Several more contacts were with other CityLink staffers, and at least four times he discussed CityLink security with Duane Weems, president of Roselawn-based Elite Protective Services. Mallory has advocated using city tax money to have Elite patrol the West End - a proposal police have resisted."

22 meetings with Stecher and several more with other CityLink staffers. CityLink staffers even appeared on his campaign material in his run for the statehouse. Dale has long claimed to be neutral, but Empowerment Zone records show him selling CityLink to Empowerment CEO Harold Cleveland in an effort to get EZ support. CityLink Director Mark Stecher denied the meetings, and he is a bold faced liar. You can start to see what depths CityLink and Crossroads Community Church would sink to get their way and force their will on the people of the West End.

The truth has come out. Dale Mallory was getting paid to promote CityLink. He met with CityLink dozens of times, (even after his own community voted against CityLink). He even plotted with CityLink on how to "overcome community opposition". How can the President of the West End Community Council, or any community council sell out his community so boldly? He has been actively working against the interests of the West End Community Council, and he was getting paid to do so. "Dale For Sale" is a pretty accurate nickname in light of this news.

I didn't see the Enquirer touch on the subject of checks and the missing funds and records. I am hoping that is a subject for another day. You have to wonder what Dale Mallory is still doing with all the West End Community Council records. I wish a reporter would ask him about them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice company he keeps. The Beatty Brothers, Broadnax and Len Garrett. Looks like they are putting the band back together.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dale is a criminal

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Gary Griffin said...

I like how he billed for attending WECC meetings. I'm gonna start my own council and bill some government agency. Then I'll change my billing methods to muck up the trail.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Mark Mallory said...

I think I'll just divert the issue by attacking the motives of the opposition.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Mayor" Confirmed Bachelor" said...

I can't wait till my bro heads up to Columbus. Columbus has more gays per capita than San Francisco so I'll be spending a lot of time up there.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to see some of the reports that he turned in to Harold Cleveland. I didn't know that Dale could read and write.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mugshots are priceless!
Did Male Dallory or Jimmy Carter send these in?

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of you guys like to attack the mayor just because he is gay. Are you homophopic?

12:23 PM  
Blogger westender100 said...

You're right. All the WECC embezzlement stuff is missing. The Business Courier carried that and maybe the Enquirer wants the actual charges from Deter first.
Don't forget campaign manager Phenice got EZ money.
Don't forget voting activity funded by EZ.
Don't forget the K. Norris bills.
Don't forget pappa Bill's 1/2 million a year in pork.
All this and other stories will come from the thousands of pages of EZ invoices. All the media knows this and they will publish piece by piece a la Watergate.
Tick, tick, tick.....when will the next Dale bomb explode????

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's revisit Dale's impeachment charges.
These invoices are the "smoking gun" that prove Dale lied for almost a years and that he screwed over his neighbors.
The WECC got it right by impeaching Dale.

January 23, 2006

Petition to Impeach President Mallory

This letter is a petition to the West End Community Council (WECC) Executive Committee to impeach WECC President Dale Mallory in accordance with the procedures outlined in Article XIV of the Constitution and By-Laws of the WECC.

Offenses for which the impeachment is being requested are:

Section 3: Conduct unbecoming an officer as prescribed in Robert’s Rules of Order. Also failure to preside and conduct a meeting in an orderly fashion.

Charge 1: In the November, 2005 WECC meeting, President Dale Mallory directed that the CityLink issue be referred to the Renaissance West Development Corporation. This referral was rejected overwhelmingly by those present and then by the members of the WECC when the challenge was made that only WECC members might vote.
President Dale Mallory was out of order in referring the matter to Renaissance Development Corporation without a supported motion.

Charge 2: President Dale Mallory improperly closed the November, 2005 WECC meeting without a motion to adjourn. This improper action obstructed efforts to have the WECC vote on the CityLink Project.

Charge 3: President Dale Mallory conducted an “Abbreviated Meeting” in December, 2005 in which he would accept no motions and votes. There were no minutes, treasurer’s report or available agenda, which are required by the WECC By-Laws and Robert’s Rules of Order. President Dale Mallory declared the December, 2005 meeting over without any motion or vote. After President Dale Mallory departed from the meeting, the WECC Vice President reconvened the meeting and a vote on CityLink was taken. All of these actions provide compelling evidence that President Dale Mallory is pursuing a personal agenda and plotting to suppress the voice and will of the WECC.

Charge 4: President Dale Mallory conducted the WECC meeting in January,2006 in which he refused to accept any motions, discussion or votes on CityLink. There were no minutes of the December, 2005 WECC meeting. President Dale Mallory presented attorney Jim Carroll who claimed that President Dale Mallory properly ended the WECC December, 2005 meeting due to the recommendations of Cincinnati police officer Davis. It is unknown if WECC funds were or will be expended for these services by Mr. Carroll. The WECC did not authorize any expenditure for these services. The refusal to offer minutes for approval and continued effort to block legitimate requests to vote on CityLink were further proof that President Dale Mallory’s conduct is impeachable.

Charge 5: Prior to the December, 2005 meeting, Vice President Shirley Colbert and Jackie Martin Carr asked President Dale Mallory for access to membership cards because there were about 100 West End residents that wanted to join the WECC to voice their position against the CityLink proposal. President Dale Mallory refused to give them the cards.
After a two-week wait, Vice President Colbert and Ms. Carr had an order of new cards printed. About 100 people were signed up as new WECC members, and there were only about 30-40 WECC members that had been previously on the paid WECC member roll. The President knew that the WECC membership roll was overwhelmingly against CityLink, so he ruled the new cards invalid. Dues money was accepted by WECC Executive Committee Members, membership cards were issued, and President Dale Mallory unilaterally attempted to disenfranchise residents of the West End.
The President of the WECC is not empowered to solely control who is permitted to join the WECC. The WECC President does not have the authority to withhold membership from community residents. President Dale Mallory’s continued blatant manipulation of membership cards to further his personal agenda is a violation of Section 3.

Section 5: Speaking out on issues in the name of the Council, unless designated by the body as a spokesperson (unless speaking as an individual).

President Dale Mallory has met with representatives of CityLink and conducted business on behalf of the WECC without notification of said meetings to the WECC. Before October, 2005, President Dale Mallory met with Mark Stecher over several hour-long lunches. He, in the capacity as President of the WECC, has misled several individuals in the City of Cincinnati Administration and Council and the general public that the WECC supports the CityLink Project. WECC President Dale Mallory has been described in the ENQUIRER as a CityLink supporter.

President Dale Mallory’s conduct has been in direct conflict with the interests and will of the WECC. His obstructionist actions are numerous and cause for his impeachment and removal from office.

Respectfully submitted,

John Hennings

CC: West End Community Council Executive Committee

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

N8' back.
I cut and pasted his comments because he didn't do a knee jerk D4S defense. Even N8 is troubled by D4S.
Is N8 going to throw D4S under the bus?
Is N8 going to change his mind and delete this hisoric blog entry.

How does Dale Mallory defend the things reported in this Cincinnati Enquirer story?

As you can tell by the lack of blog entries from me over the last few weeks, I'm too lazy to do detailed blogs these days (actually I'm way too busy with family, work, school, and community projects but I could find time if I tried harder). Still, since I've taken time on this blog spot to state a position on CityLink, my views on the Empowerment Corporation (I support it and think it is a crime the City of Cincinnati never funded it as they promised they would to the federal government), and on Mayor Mark Mallory (a lot of the attacks on him, including over his selection of the City Manager, are unfair and wouldn't be happening if he were white), its only fair to write a few words about this story and the story in this week's Cincinnati Business Courier.

I'm not going to go research to find story links, but I know there are several stories wherein Dale explicitly denied supporting CityLink. He said he was neutral. But the news reports suggest that he was being paid by the Empowerment Corporation to promote CityLink. I'm curious to hear Dale's explanation, but it seems that his statements were inconsistent.

Why does everyone have to get paid to support a good idea. CityLink was a good idea and would've been good for the West End and the entire city. When reports come out that activists and community leaders got paid to support the project -- either by CityLink itself or by some agency like the Empowerment Corporation -- it makes their support seem suspect.

I think the allegation that Dale billed the Empowerment Corporation for attending a meeting of the West End Community Council, when he was the volunteer president of the Council, is troubling. If this is just another case of Greg KKKorte trying to make Dale and, by extension Mayor Mallory, look bad it worked.
It looks like the anti-CityLink people and the mainstream media are using one person that they don't like -- Dale Mallory -- to make a good project in CityLink and a needed agency in the Empowerment Corporation look shady. That's a damn shame. Dale Mallory isn't the face of CityLink or the Empowerment Corporation.

I think it's important to also mention that yesterday former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell was sentenced to do 30 months in federal prison for crimes he committed while in office. The people leading the attack against the Mallory family haven't been shy in their accusations that Dale has broken the law and should go to jail. And if white people were able to send the top Black man (former Lt. Col. Ron Twitty) to court for a car accident, don't think for one minute they can't get Dale in trouble over what they feel like is their money.

Read the stories for yourself and feel free to post your comments below. I've got some old comments waiting to be approved and hope to get to them today. Likewise, I'll try to get comments up as fast as I can.

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate Livingston is leaving a sinking ship. I didn't realize how bad the situation was.

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate's change of attitude towards D4S is interesting. A friend suggested (I'll give him credit for the thought) that N8 turned on D4S because it finally dawned on him that he was the only one not getting EZ money.
He has beem pimping D4S and CityLink...pecking all day on his blackberry...FOR FREE!!!
Now he learns D4S gets EZ money to pimp CityLink....and now he's pissed.
N8 the people on this site have told you you are a dumbass for buying Dale's lies. Now you know.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mallory at City Council today.
Was 3M on the rag or what?
All 9 council members thanked the doughboy before and after each of their time segments. Ghiz had the best questions.
At the end, 3M ragged on the doughboy. rapid fire questions...NO charm, just a kick ass "i"m the boss" performance.
He also told us for the millionth time "I'm a TRAINED MANAGER"...well woop de doo.
It was the must arrogant and outrageous display I've seen in awhile.
Did anyone else have a similar response?

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 6:16, I sat thru most of the grilling, er, interviewing of Uncle Miltie. The bottom line is Miltie is not ready for prime time Cincinnati. Ghiz & Cranley asked pointed questions on dealing with crime & this guy couldn't get to it.

In addition, he kept talking about strategic planning. However, he couldn't provide Ms Ghiz with any examples, even a sketch of his strategic initiatives.

The boy didn't talk in public administration-speak. It was basically a bunch of interview rhetoric. My advice to Miltie is if he wants to be in Cincinnati, he needs to march over to AJ Lafley's office at Procter & God. Lafley would take him in a second, because he uses the exact P&G speak as those midrange-mid-high range manager-lemmings that they love to employ.

If he flunks that interview, he can always cruise around to Cincinnati Bell or Duke Energy. They love those manager-lemmings, too.

Should City Council approve Uncle Miltie, its going to be more of the same old, same old. They'll have no one to blame but themselves. Then we need to get a no-confidence referendum going & clean out City Hall.

On Jail4Dale - all these EZ invoices. See how EZ it would be for someone to rip off the NSP funds from Invest in Neighborhoods? Birds of a feather, flock together. Anon 11:16, darned straight. They're putting the band back together, or attempting to.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the mugshots up. If Kenny Lawson & Bill Kirkland, or Timmy Burke & 3M, or Dickie Weiland & Carl Lindner were added, you'd have the 10 Most Wanted in Cincinnati.

Gawd, what a rogue's gallery! People have been laughing & talking about it all day. It overshadowed Uncle Miltie & the little pretty boy who tried to blow the police officers off the earth's trial.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary 1:19, instead of starting my own council, I'm going to open up a greasy spoon restaurant or a food trailer. Not only am I going to get some of that City do-good social service money, I'm going to get in on the next round of the government's FEMA giveaways. After all, it's hurricane season.

My man, that's where you'll rake in mucho dinero. My percentage off the drug sales & prostitution tricks, along with IIN money will be the jingle in my pocket so I look like a major player.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Burke,
Several days ago I told you we would begin a long string of embarassing revelations on our pal Dale.
Monk ran the embezzelment story on Monday.
Korte ran the first of many Dale/ez stories WITH mugshots today.
I'm told Channel 12 did a piece this morning, but I missed it.
Do you have any idea about how many incriminating pieces of evidence we have???? THOUSANDS
We will have continuous stories through November.
Even Nate and Garrett got smart and threw Dale in front of the buss.
Take Dale off the ballot so a democrat can win in November. Stop this insane show of Dale's criminal behavior every week.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, there was a news story on Channel 12 this morning about Jail4Dale.

Might I suggest that some of you re-read N8's babble?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears that N8's just regurgitating what has been put out there in the past & the recent exposes by Monk & Korte. However, it seems to me everyone & anyone is getting blamed (white folks)for these "attacks" on Jail4Dale & the Mallory Mafia.

I don't see where N8 is fingerpointing that Jail4Dale was a bad boy or a rock hard criminal & a career shyster. As I understand it, N8 pulled up just short of kicking Jail4Dale under the moving bus.

N8 won't leave the sinking ship unless he's ordered to do so. He's not a leader, he's an order taker. Besides, if he steps away from the Mafia, it's all over for him. He'll be the next piece of burnt toast in this town. As puny as he is, he'd be the burnt heel of the loaf.

At any rate, that's my understanding of his babble. The midget never made any sense to begin with. He's gotten progressively worse. Probably been buying bad rope from some of those new kids in Northside.

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"(actually I'm way too busy with family, work, school, and community projects but I could find time if I tried harder)"

What is this baloney from N8? Work? All he does is swivel in the Court House hallways in inappropriate attire that doesn't fit or he's thumbing his dopeberry. Imagine. Lawson pays him to toodle down the hallways & fiddle with the drugberry. I guess I need to find a new job & brainless boss.

School? This is a new one. I'm glad to see he's finally getting that GED.

Community Work? I guess Junebug & the Mallory Mafia have a relatively long honey-do list for this little boy.

Thanks for cutting & pasting this. It's hilarious. Certainly made my day.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Henry arrested today 4th time in 6 months.
Maybe the judge will give him community service work.
The EZ is looking for board members. It looks like Chris's mugshot will look fine on Korte's wall.
D4S could teach Chris graduate level de Nile. D4S and Chris are living in some other universe where the is no such thing as truth.

9:28 PM  

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