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More Self Dealings?

According to Cincinnati Empowerment Zone's website, the CEC funded DevCorp Consulting Corporation and Inner City Health Care, Inc. (among others).

DevCorp Consulting is a foreign/for-profit Corp. They filed articles of incorporation in January 2003. The Statutory Agent is Ayana Sloan, Esq (McMillan Avenue). In the 2001 EZ Annual Report, Ayana is listed as being on the Board of Trustees (pg 3) and is a member of the Civic Infrastructure Committee (pg 11). Lastly, Ayana is listed as a member of the Governance Body (pg 23), which is referred to as the "main governing body".

Inner City Health
was incorporated by three trustees, one named Janie Allen-Blue. Janie is also listed as the Statutory Agent. In the 2001 EZ Annual Report, Janie is listed as a member of the Individual and Family Well-Being Committee.

Please note as outlined in the report, all committees review and/or approve funding for applicants.

Both DevCorp and Inner City Health have a person/people that sit on EZ committees. Both of these companies received EZ funds.

Seems like more self dealings to me.


Anonymous Carstairs said...

Ayana Sloan, Esq., huh? Well, well. This is certainly very COZY. COZY indeed.

Truth Squad, put the beers on the table & sit down. Ayana Sloan is Ayana Love & she once was one of the Associates, as in KENNETH LAWSON & ASSOCIATES. It's been over a year since she left his employ. I'm not spoofing you.

Was out to the Pleasant Ridge Parade today. Talked to anyone who would listen. Politicos & staff of politicos agreed seeing the CPD caved in to the Mallory Mafia, go to Joe Deters' men. Seek counsel. Not satisfied? Go see Semper Si.

However, make sure all the ducks & paperwork are in a row. Be clear, concise & right to the point. Documentation? Copy it & index it so they can zero in on the stuff they believe to be top drawer.

Think $1,000 a minute in legal fees here.

Has anyone received any feedback to date from the Federales? I'd also stay on Mike Cervay's back. Stick to him like wet toilet paper. Ditto for these City Council people.

We still have several other options if the local law agencies don't want to get their hands dirty. At least they can't say we didn't play fair.

We're going to win.


5:42 PM  
Anonymous carstairs said...

From Sunday's Edition of the Whistleblower:

"Did you ever wonder why Cincinnati lacks the funding resources for projects? wonder no more. Just check out the 2004 Empowerment Zone budget. Note $630K for salaries to "manage" giving federal dollars to the "poor" neighborhoods:

Health insurance for the Empowerment zone employees $115K

Auto allowance $6K

Office lease 60K

Legal fees $66K

It's our understanding that guy running the Empowerment zone was drawing $95K plus a $6k car allowance. How much of the millions of dollars in this fund has ever made it to our community?

Please be sure to check out the “no to citylink” web site for the latest information."


7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are way low.
Cleveland gets $130,000/yr salary, 35,000/year pension contribution, bennies and car.
He also is full time law student.
All told $200,000/year to do nothing but dance to the Mallory tune.
What's the link to the whistleblower story?

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Truth Squad summit.
Made it home without a DUI (I've got to give Chris Henry lessons).
The host and hostess really know how to entertain. Thank you!
The 20th will be real interesting.
Tim Burke, tick, tick, tick, tick.

12:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truth squad members.
Remember when we were looking for a lawyer.....Ms. Sloan was being pushed by a certain individual.
It's a good thing that our "bull s**t detectors" were working well that day. We saw that we were being set up by the Mallory Mafia.
As it turned out, Dale sued a few days later and we found Bowtie Bob.
Bowtie Bob is a first class lawyer and did a great job.
But it's scarey how the Mallory Mafia ALMOST planted a mole and ALMOST got double agent Sloan on the Dale lawsuits.
Now the Mallory Mafia can worry about the Truth Squad moles that are in their camp.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Here's a link to Sunday's Whistleblower:

Generally he sends his stuff out via EMail, but Cincy Nation provides links.

You know, the Truth Squad may want to utilize the 'Blower to get the word out there & keep it out there. Perhaps we can give him a new axe to grind. After all, he's been grinding ridiculously on folks such as Jean Schmidt, Dusty Rhodes, Greg Hartmann, etc.

Anon 1:11, I just copied & pasted what I saw in the Whistleblower. I'm sure Cleveland rakes in plenty of taxpayer dollars to stay smart looking & quite cushy. It's one way to get out of the ghetto & be a pretender.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Blanchard said...

On February 19, 2004, President Eugene Ellington of Ellington Management Services (EMS), Inc. officially notified DevCorp Consulting of their default on a Contractor Agreement - claim amount $10,500.00. Apparently, DevCorp hired EMS to help implement the Local Contractor's Development Program (LCDP).

Ellington Management filed its articles of incorporation in May of 2002 - same year full funding was released to the CEC. Why does it seem that every company involved with the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp has just opened shop? Kind of makes you think that they realize the EZ funds are there for the taking, then jump right in!

Is it safe to assume that LCPD was another failed, self dealing program coming out of / and funded by the CEC? Sure looks like another bogus revenue stream to me.

Eugene Ellington sound familiar? It should. Ellington is a Pastor in Mt. Auburn and one of CityLink’s biggest proponents. Among other things, he appeared on CityTalk Radio with Tonia Elrod, spokesperson for One City, which is proposing CityLink.

Way to go Mark Stecher - another tie to the crooked CEC. Hang on!

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cleveland just appeared on Dan Hurley's show to do damage control.
Cleveland admitted that Junebug's, and 800 Bank Street and most of the West End is NOT IN THE EMPOWERMENT ZONE!!!
Why was the EZ paying Dale for all this work in NON EMPOWERMENT geography?

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

When is the next meeting of the EZ board, or what's left of these crooks?

Cleveland's damage control sucked. He's opened up yet another can of worms & prosecutorial information. What a dumb cluck. He's going to go down with Jail4Dale. Apparently, he isn't getting it. And he's in law school?

Ayana Sloan...Eugene Ellington...Janie Allen Blue...Cleveland...July 20...

Tick. Tick. Tick.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Wolverine Jr said...

Got to the minimum wage rally late yesterday noted 4SD slinking into the crowd. The bandstand speaker people were still in the crowd and Edwards had not arrived. Lots of union types out from my steelworker days. Rank and file do not like how this is going with some local burkecrats pushing union leaders to support 4SD. They acknowledge that contacts in the CPD allow themselves to be ineffective to stay on a safe trail with 3M and his new city manager.

The work of the Truth Squad has opened many eyes but people are so fearful of being hurt. One older lady from College Hill wearing a Wulsin shirt said democrats have no leadership here and that real leaders are having to fight through the logjams of apathy and old loyalties that have not been earned by this new crew. She lives on the same Mt Airy street as 3M, Bill and Fannie and said good democrats are choosing to attest to lies to stay in good graces.
People should not have to feel or be intimidated serving either of the two major parties as the voice of the people. Are there not democratic leaders we can take this to who would look at the material and help?

Spoke with many democrat ward people who "just do not want to talk about" the 4SD matter. either scared of the Mallorys or TBs venom tirades. Two state candidates referred me to the tall chick who worked on 3Ms neighbor and community council campaign . She was talking to Pepper and Warner from the beacon then lapsed into conversation with senater (does she not look like a voodoo queen?) Prentist, one of 3Ms buddies. Heard the senator ask if everything "is okay now with the people we placed in office to help Hamilton County?" and the kid said "hell, no, what do you think when you take away the voice of the people and lay in flunkies from your back room deals?" CJ tried to counter about something of "well you are helping that Mallory for office" and the kid says "brother Bill needs no help, and you do not want to dip into that other confusion" so I am unclear as to where she stands with the party people and on 4SD. Lady took her pictures,videotaped Edwards, talked to a few folks like Portune,Wulsin then split before I could ask her some questions.

Retired steelworker said that many people will refuse to vote either way in the 32nd, but that rumor is Republican will throw a firestorm in there if 3M and TB are not controlling their deals with some lobbyists, whatever that means. Sounds too dysfunctional for thought. Hmmm? Is it the saying that "the dysfunctional family who preys on others together,stays together?" Mallory rule #3.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"brother Bill needs no help"

He's gonna need all the help he can get. We aren't voting in a Judge Joe Brown Court TV Show wanna-be to the Common Pleas Court. We're re-electing Dennis "The Hammer" Helmick.

Bro Bill can continue to sit down in the cheap seats & hear the weed ticket cases, have the prostituties shimmy in & tell their story...the minor leagues. Bill will never be ready for prime time & we can't afford to have a full court press on all political fronts by these confounded Mallorys.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the mallorys can continue their voter fraud as they did for mark in november and dale in may.
The chicanery with joe and bill cheating in the election office and manufacturing enough votes to win in the last "late" ward each election night.
dale will blow the whistle if the mayor doesn't cover up the ez audit and cpd investigation.
hell. he might sic junebug on mark...that's why he needs scottie.
jennie b good

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks one correction ... sorry I'm late but Ayana Sloan and Ayana Love are NOT the same person. I know both and they are definitely not the same individual.


1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Esther "crazy hair" Williams IS not Xena Warrior Princess Gitt.
Carstairs, We LIKE XENA, Esther is a pshcho D4S wacko that stole WECC funds.
Also Caleb Faux is a certified good guy.
Don't mess with Caleb and don't confuse Xena Gitt with wacko Esther.
No soup for you!

11:14 PM  

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