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Mayor Mallory involved in Coverup

It has often been said, "It is not the crime, it is the cover-up".

The crime in this case happens to be the fact that Dale Mallory was writing checks and shutting down the multiple WECC (West End Community Council) bank accounts months after being removed from office.

Ordinarily, that would not have any adverse affect on the Mayor of Cincinnati, but in this case the Mayor happens to be Dale’s younger brother Mark Mallory.

I got a phone call tonight.

I have sources at the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) that have confirmed to me that the Mayor and his family are actively working to squash the investigation.

Sources deep within the CPD have told me that Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory has contacted prominent members of the CPD, and that they have had several “conversations”. According to those sources, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory directed the Cincinnati Police Department to look into the legality of the impeachment proceedings, and not the actual subject matter of the crime involved.

Dale Mallory’s checks have ceased to become the obvious focus of the investigation. Instead, Mayor Mallory has the CPD investigating the new members of the WECC. Mayor Mallory has effectively ended a criminal investigation.

That isn’t the end of it. Dale’s father, William Mallory Sr. has also continued to lobby against this investigation. It is a family affair.

It doesn’t stop there. The Mallory family is outraged that the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation is undergoing an audit. They fought tooth and nail to make sure that did not happen, and they will continue to fight to suppress any findings.

Take a close look at the selection of the auditor of the CEC, because I suspect they will be shopping for an opinion. Take a close look at the auditor selection process. The Mayor doesn't want anything found. The message is out there, and people have been given their marching orders.

From what my source told me they are winning the battle.

Don’t expect any indictments against Dale Mallory this week, or indeed ever again. He has become an untouchable. This investigation is over for all intents and purposes. The CPD is under the close watch of the Mayor Mark Mallory. If more money was still in the WECC accounts, Dale could still be writing more checks today for all they care. They have their marching orders.

It is a sad day for the City of Cincinnati.

It is time for a new plan. The CPD has failed us. Over a month has passed and they haven’t even begun basic requests for the records. This isn’t an investigation, it is a stone wall. I wish that I had better news to tell, but I don’t. Dale Mallory is going to get away with criminal activity. The CPD isn’t unknowing or powerless; they are actually complicit in the cover-up by the Mayor Mark Mallory.

I never expected this. Crimes have been committed, and it is about time somebody started to investigate them. The only investigation going on right now seems to be on the people that voted (by over 76%) to impeach and remove Dale Mallory from office. Dale Mallory was removed from office four months ago. Even Dale Mallory himself admitted in court that he no longer was the WECC President. Even after those events, Dale Mallory continued to spend WECC funds and was even closing down bank accounts. Dale decided not to transfer any records, because he conveniently spent everything.

Mayor Mark Mallory is making everything go away. His older brother Dale is about to become State Representative in the “family” seat, despite his documented criminal activity. As far as I can tell this is Mallory family business as usual, and our cries for justice are going unheard.

So here we are. It isn't a pretty picture. Don't kill the messenger.


Anonymous Greg Foster said...

We can't let this die now. We have come to far. Somebody that has contacts with Joe Deters needs to get on the phone. We need to start a public email campaign. Anything. This can't be allowed to happen now.

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Props to Martha Gitt,
The Xena Princess Warrior of the year award goes to Martha Gitt. Princess Gitt was published in today's "Your Voice" section of the Enquirer.
With Xena on our side, girlie man 3M, and Burke will crumble and die. Wife beater D4S will do the perp walk to jail:

It's time to fight off CityLink
The next stage in the battle over CityLink will occur July 20 in the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas. Lawyers for CityLink will have to prove that the 100,000-square-foot campus of care for the under-resourced is not a community service facility, and as such will not inhibit development in a manufacturing general zone.

CityLink has millions of dollars and the hot-shot lawyer Tim Burke on their side. Burke is a gifted spokesman and is well known for his ability to maneuver in difficult circumstances. He will need all his powers of persuasion to cloak this facility in legalese while CityLink founders find additional faith-based millions to run this huge, nonprofit, non-commercial facility. Their hearts may be in the right place, but their mission does not belong at 800 Bank St.

The CityLink opposition has been mischaracterized by Dale Mallory and other CityLink proponents. Most recently Mallory stated that "most of the vocal opposition came from developers and people from outside of the neighborhood" (Enquirer, July 1). Mallory conveniently forgets that more than 30 people, most of them low-income African-American West End residents, spoke out against CityLink at the November 2005 City Council meeting.

The CityLink opposition is composed of low- to middle-income homeowners and renters in the West End, Over-the-Rhine and Clifton Heights area who have a different vision for our neighborhood. We who live here love our diverse community and have been working hard, some of us for decades, to increase the area's stability. We have made investments in our homes, in our relationships with our neighbors, and in our community councils to work toward the kind of city that will attract and retain residents and businesses.

However, a social services megamall is more than we can take. We have spent thousands of dollars fighting the zoning case and have to raise thousands more to cover the costs of the July appeal. While Mayor Mark Mallory encourages development in Over-the-Rhine, his older, less politically experienced brother seems intent on keeping the West End community poor.

I'd like to meet the "developers" who oppose CityLink. We could use your help in funding our fight. For information, go to

Martha Gitt is an environmental economist who lives in Over the Rhine.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Martha Gitt know Martha Good?
There is no Martha Gitt.....I've said so in my blog.
N8 Stumpboy Livingston

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Xena Gitt scares me.
Your pal,
Vlad the Impaler

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the sword man.
Her sword is mighty.
And her words are mightier, they're the mightiest, they are invincible.
Your pal,
Helen Reddy

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u go gurl

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3M's having a bad Dow day.

3M says LCD woes, optical films to cut into profit
CEO says TV demand for World Cup viewing 'overestimated' by industry
E-mail | Print | | Disable live quotes By Padraic Cassidy, MarketWatch
Last Update: 1:17 PM ET Jul 7, 2006

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) - Lower-than-expected sales and higher startup costs at 3M Co.'s optical-films business will crimp second-quarter results, the maker of consumer, industrial and office products maker said Friday.
The announcement surprised investors and dented the shares, which fell in recent trading by 7.5% to $75.31. It was by far the worst-performing component of the Dow Jones Industrials Average, which was off more 73 points. See full story.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wrong 3M dummie,
Just came out of Nadel's court. Learned that the cops followed Howdie onto Eastern Avenue where Howdie tossed his revolver on a lot next to Junebug's house.
Esther (the impeached WECC treasurer) was there with her crackhead tina turner psycho-hair.
Junebug got his pony tail permed and wore a suit, but da dude forgot to wear sox.
Carstairs and Vlad were there in the back taking notes.
I remained incognito. I was passing out Xena "your voice" handouts to all the Beatty Klan so they would know what was going on with the CityLink trial.
To all Truth Squaders....have a great weekend.
To the Mallory s**t and die.
Your pal,
3N in the blue robe behind the curtain

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

While Vlad & I were in the last row, backs to the wall, we discussed these latest developments. I gave him 2 contacts at Joe Deters' office to seek advice & counsel. Not that they can do an investigation to leverage an indictment, but they'll have ideas & methods on how to bust up this stone walling to get the indictments. Push gets to shove, go see Semper Si. It'll be a frosty day in hell that he'll let the Mallorys tell him how to run law & order in this county. Frankly, I'm really hacked off at CPD for buckling under. This is West End residents' money, this is taxpayer funding that they've successfully stolen.

People, we cannot let this die on the vine. We must take the Mallory Mafia down.

On the Court Room front - the Prosecution rested it's side of the case this afternoon. Prosecutors Rick Gibson & Mark Piepmeier did their usual, stellar job. Lawson tripped all over his fat mouth. He got a real fixation for Weaver Alley (on Plum between 9th & 7th) attempting to conjure up there was a boogey man in the alley who killed Kabaka.

KENNY LAWSON IS GUILTY OF RACIAL PROFILING. Lawson brought up the word "feud", the disputes between Kabaka & the West End girls. "Feud. Makes me think of the Hatfields & the McCoys." Racial profiling & cultural degradation here folks. Had we spun it around in a black context, the black klan would be out to lynch every one of us.

Lawson puts his puppets on the stand starting around 10AM on Monday, Room 560, home of Judge Nails. Why he's got Joy Rolland testifying for the Defense is beyond me. Miss Rolland & her friends were holding vigil outside the Court House again today. Right or wrong, this is really wearing on her & it shows. I hope Monday brings some closure for her.

The Court Room was packed - Vlad & I got there in a nick of time, so we were rather comfy on the hard benches. The Hitman supporters were sandwiched in like sardines.

Truth Squad, when the going gets rough, the rough get tough & we will take down the Mallory Mafia. It's time to end the dynasty of lies, cheat, deceit & wholesale theft & criminality.

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see the updates on the website.
That updated site is needed to fight CityLink.
This Jail4Dale site is needed to prevent the Mallory theft and abuse of power.
The abused West Enders need to get out from under the Mallory Mafia's abusive control.
Shame on the CPD for their complicity.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

If the Mayor is involved in making this go away isn't that a crime?

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Peanuts Breath,
"Isn't that a crime"?
How quaint.
The Mallorys are above the law.
All their actions tell the miniamlly observant that they crave power and will do ANYTHING to obtain and maintain and build on it.
Mayor Mallory will enhance power by using CPD to avoid investigating Dale. Screw ethics, screw the law.
Why does a dog lick his cajones?...Because he can!
Mallorys use power because they can and because they believe it enhances power.
They don't give a rat's ass about the law, because for 40+years they have proven they are ABOVE the law.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell your story to the FBI. If the city police is on the take for a Dem Mayor do you think the bush FBI will let them get away with it ??

NOT !!

It seems you guys, girls are all talk and no action !!

I never see hardly any black folks out to make change in politics ??

We can't fight for action without your help, where are you ??

Should we just let the wRong wing nuts have their way ??

Should we let them suppress your vote !!

Man, when I was first permitted to vote the blacks didn't act like this !!

They were fighting in the streets for action !!

Not anymore, they would rather fight their own Mallory than fight the real enemy wRong wing nuts !!

I fought for Mallory to get elected. I felt it was progress. Now, you spit in the face of your own ?? Help me to understand !!

Should I just work for white guys to get elected ??

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Been There said...

"I fought for Mallory to get elected. I felt it was progress. Now, you spit in the face of your own ?? Help me to understand !!"

Madame/Sir, you've been had. As in screwed. A lot of whites got the Mallory weenie put to them, too. Used to work on Daddy Mallory's campaigns. Granted, he saw to it that my community was well taken care of, but had I known then what I know now, I wouldn't have given him yesterday's ice water, let alone my vote & volunteer service.

You've been used by this political machine. Currently, you're being abused by them. They don't care what color you are or how much shout you have in your pockets.

The only time you matter to them is when it's time to vote. They will promise you everything just to get your vote. When it's time to deliver, you will get bupkus.

You need to get over this "brother" & "sister" crap. The Mallorys will steal the last quarter in your pocket. I had to get that thru to Joy Rolland's friends the other day because some of Howdy's thug friends disrespected them.

I hope this helps you to understand this entire business.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Trent said...

Mayor Mallory is going down if this gets out. The "Impeach Mallory" title to this blog is going to take on a double meaning. I can see both Mallory's with their heads on the table, and the Mayor is the bigger fish to fry. If the press gets a whiff of this lookout. This could steamroll.

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to get over this "brother" & "sister" crap. The Mallorys will steal the last quarter in your pocket. I had to get that thru to Joy Rolland's friends the other day because some of Howdy's thug friends disrespected them.

Joy Rolland and her minions are nuttier than a damn bag of squirrels. You're wasting your breath explaining anything to them unless they've had their meds.

Next....Deters isn't going to do a damn thing because he has an unholy alliance with Lawson to feed his office with future convicts while Lawdawg looks like he's making a stand against "da man." Another sham.

Your best bet is to keep feeding the press..if you have a contact at the Enquirer, use it. City Beat...use themas well. The only thing that will bring these crooks down is public pressure. Godspeed, Truth Squad. Know that people believe 250% in what you're doing.

5:09 PM  

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