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Dale Mallory Issues Press Release

Personal attacks over neighborhood role uncalled for

Click the link and check it out.

I would first like to object to the by-line, I do not honestly believe that Dale Mallory wrote this press release. Dale doesn’t like to comment to the press. An editorial piece like this gives his handlers the opportunity to give a finely scripted message without having to answer any questions. And Dale Mallory doesn’t like to answer questions.

“I have recently come under fire for my job as a neighborhood development liaison with the Cincinnati Empowerment Zone. However, according to a report issued by Empowerment Zone attorneys and reported in The Enquirer on June 19, I did nothing illegal.”

For the record, the Enquirer just reported what the Empowerment Zone’s own paid attorneys told them. And the Enquirer reported them as stating that Dale “probably” did nothing illegal, not a certified statement that Dale did nothing illegal.

Did Enron attorneys break the Enron scandal? Nope. Are the CEC’s paid attorneys behind the recent demands for investigations and audits by HUD and the City of Cincinnati? Nope.

And why is that? These attorneys have reviewed the documents, why didn’t they call for a full scale audit of the CEC when city officials and HUD representatives did? Could it be because they are paid to be advocates on behalf of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation?

Dale is basically saying: “My lawyers have investigated and found no evidence of criminal conduct”. Couldn’t that quote be written by every criminal defendant in the country? Wouldn’t it be super if I could get out of jail by hiring a lawyer who said I did nothing wrong?

The West End Community Council voted against CityLink in December. In January, Dale hired a lawyer (Former Hamilton County Democratic Party Treasurer Jim Carroll) to tell people that the vote didn’t count. Dale then claimed that the vote didn’t count because obviously a lawyer said so. Later on, he claimed the impeachment didn't count because his lawyer said so. His case was thrown out of court. Now he is claiming his lawyer says he did nothing illegal. What I am saying is, Dale Mallory's lawyers have a bad tract record. They are batting 0.00% thus far.

Does Dale realize that in every case in our judicial process we have lawyers on both sides? In our system of justice, the arguments and presentation of facts of lawyers on different sides drastically differ. One side says yes, the other side says no. Cases don’t get decided just on what one side paid a lawyer to say. That is only half the bargain. Kenneth Lay’s lawyers argue that he did nothing illegal. Bill Erpenbeck’s lawyers argue that he did nothing illegal. The Cincinnati Empower Corporation’s lawyers argue that nobody has done anything illegal. It is shocking news that paid advocates tend to advocate on behalf of their own clients? I don't think so.

Let’s take a venture into the twilight zone, into another world, and another dimension in an opposite universe. Let’s say that General Electric’s lawyers started issuing press releases that GE broke the law. It might be a great news day for the press, but I will tell you one thing. The very next day they would no longer be paid advocates for General Electric. Would you pay a lawyer that argued that you are a criminal? I wouldn’t. The Cincinnati Empowerment Zone wouldn’t, and Dale Mallory wouldn’t either.

“I worked with the Empowerment Zone for nearly a year, and in that time, I helped get the ball rolling on a lot of projects that will be very beneficial to some of Cincinnati's most impoverished communities.”

Did anyone notice Dale couldn’t even hang his hat on one specific project? And this wasn’t a press conference where reporters could ask questions, this is a press release printed by the Enquirer. The CEC's own invoices show that he spent the bulk of his time on promoting the CityLink Homeless Mall. Crossroads Community Church should be proud by association.

“I also had meetings with the proponents of the controversial Citylink project. As I've already said, I was simply meeting with them in my capacity as a neighborhood development liaison. Citylink was a major development being proposed in an Empowerment Zone neighborhood, and I thought it was important to get the facts on what was being proposed and find out the impact on the community.”

CEC documents reveal that Dale Mallory met with CityLink dozens of times. Some of those meetings were for developing a plan to “overcome community opposition”. He wasn’t a neutral player, he was developing a game plan against his own community. The CEC also paid another consultant, Kathleen Norris to lobby for CityLink’s behalf. Dale wasn’t just trying to get the facts, and neither was the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. For the record, the CityLink property isn’t even located in the Empowerment Zone. That property would legally never fall under the jurisdiction of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation.

“There were some people within the West End Community Council who opposed Citylink, but most of the vocal opposition came from developers and people from outside the neighborhood. I suggested that we at least give the Citylink group a chance to come in and make their case.”

Dale Mallory was impeached and removed from office by over 75% of the vote of the West End Community Council. You can find links to news stories about his impeachment on this blog. You can watch news video of his impeachment on this blog. You can view the copy of the impeachment petition on this blog. Dale tells us that “some people within the West End Community Council” were opposed to CityLink. In December, the Enquirer reported the vote on CityLink to be UNANIMOUS. By saying “some people”, Dale actually means “everybody that voted”.

For Dale Mallory, the best part of this press release is simply that it is a press release and not a press conference. Dale Mallory is currently under criminal investigation for cutting checks and closing down the WECC bank account four months after being impeached and removed from office, and two months after he personally and publicly admitted in a court of law that he is not the WECC President. The Enquirer prints Dale's press release for free, but they have not as of yet made a comment on the ongoing criminal investigation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. dallory,
As usual, your insightful perspective is on target.
Your take on Dale's cry-baby puff piece calls it like it is.
I did take you to task on your preaching to the Truth Squad for playing with the CiryBeat "where the boys are" line. Those comments are on the earlier blog entry.
The few digs were lighthearted and not disrespectful of the gay community.
But I digress.....this particular analysis of the Dale Enquirer piece is so spot-on that it needs to be shared with a larger audience (knowing full well this blog RULES the Cincinnati blogosphere!)
Maybe City Hall and Crossroads flyer handouts?

5:39 AM  
Blogger westender1000 said...

Wonderful response to Phenicie's ignore/deny/attack piece.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet Dannie Phoneysi bills the EZ for that Enquirer piece.
Thank you Male D. for your insite.

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Dallory,
Good comments.
Let's remember that Nate Livingston is part of Dale Mallory's crack legal team.
While Nate erased his recent post is which he told the world "the Beattys" killed Oba to assert their control of the City, he kept his April blog entry regarding the Newman letter regarding unfounded personal attacks.
So Dale's paid legal agent Nate Livingston is making "vicious personal attacks" on Dale's adversaries. And now Dale cries foul.

N8's blog entries and letters are pasted below:
David Petersen and his white buddies in the Dayton Street Neighborhood Association can dish it out but they can't take it.

Earlier today I got a letter from "Bowtie" Bob Newman The Clown. The letter reads:

Dear Mr. Livingston:

In your Cincinnati Black Blog which I attach, you state that "David Petersen......and other white folks are paying Omar - an Avondale resident - to terrorize, threaten, and attempt to intimidate Black people in the West End..."

That statement is untrue, outrageous and defamatory. You have no factual basis for making that statement.

Mr. Petersen demands a written retraction and apology on your Blog.

In addition, please advise me of your legal counsel in this matter.

Faithfully yours,

Robert N. Newman

I'll post my response to Newman up here this evening. Until then, here is the short version.

Bowtie Bob:

You and David Petersen can go to Hell.... If you don't like what I write on MY blog, don't read it! You punks don't scare me. Fuck off.


It hardly seems fair that The Simpsons get an interesting character like Sideshow Bob but in Cincinnati we only get Bowtie Bob to kick around and laugh at.

posted by Nate Livingston at 12:14 PM | 7 comments | Trackback |

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Whistleblower comments on the mallorys

Do Cincinnatians dare hope that Dohoney still has his magic touch for dumping more millions into public housing? Good Grief!

Lets see, that last City Manager was BLACK and the new one is BLACK, the last three Failed Cincinnati Public $kool$ supers have been BLACK, the Fire Chief is BLACK, P-P-P-Pat DeWhine's former floozie was BLACK, all those swimmers from Woodlawn are BLACK, and our Girly Man MAYOR is BLACK, along with his beefy BLACK bodyguard/ companion. The white chief of police has his hands tied. Crime is rampant and the whites are leaving in droves. The City is going down the crapper. Does anybody see a pattern here?

The Cincinnati Police Department is looking into whether Dale Mallory's impeachment was conducted to the letter? Give us a break! We expect more from the boys in blue. Sure, they ultimately report to the Mayor, but if this gets covered up because of that relationship, it'll be another sad day for our City. We need justice!

It surely seems like someone is looking for an excuses NOT to prosecute this fool. Let's for a minute just humor ourselves. Let's say Dale was not impeached, he still has no right to spend council money without council's approval. We hope that this doesn't get muddied by a "Mad Dawg" Lawson defense of impeachment technicalities.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impeachment Technicalities?
Dale and Kennie lost in court.
The CPD was part of the defendant group that won.CPD knows this better than anyone.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"While Nate erased his recent post is which he told the world "the Beattys" killed Oba to assert their control of the City,"

N8 wasn't fast enough in erasing the post. Everytime this Flake gets to ranting, basically running his mouth, he drops damning prosecutorial ammunition. An honest person has to think like a criminal, pick up these pieces & take them to where they'll do the most damage - blowing the Howdy the Hitman case out of the water, for starters. Then you can move the stuff across the board to Jail4Dale.

I might be old, but N8 just isn't quick enough. I see it, print it & off it goes.

"Nate Livingston is part of Dale Mallory's crack legal team." You are making jokes here, right? Don't give N8 such glowing creedence. He'll puff himself up so big (if that's possible for a midget) that he'll pooch out of his daughter's jeans & Howdy's Sunday-go-to-meetin' white shirts. That & those cheap ghetto suits he wears that smell so ghastly. The boy isn't collecting a paycheck because his Massa Boss Man has cases of his own in Court - like trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip.

I'd take Anon 6:39's advice & get the analysis of Jail4Dale's damage control puff piece out there. People need to see this. Voting folks need to wake up & realize the Mallor name is no longer platinum, standing for honesty, purity & justice for all.

Excellent analysis.

(I also want to extend my apologies to the GLBT Community for any discomfort & disrespect they may have incurred. Without the GLBT residents & business owners, the rich fabric of our neighborhoods would be tattered & a bit threadbare. Thanks to you, you help to set a standard in quality living in our communities.)

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear 12:09,
You forgot trans-species.
Nate "loves" his dog in a very physical way.

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"you're making jokes here"
Surely one does not joke about a legal team so well versed about 400 years of slavery, Jim Crow, KKK, Nazis etc.
Kennie and N8 found that our CPD and the Sheriffs are the direct link to all these horrors.
The CPD took away Dale's VOTING RIGHTS because their very presence scared Dale so much. His 70 year old mommie and his 74 year old daddie were not afraid of the CPD...they voted. Dale even brought in the Mayor and his men-in-black minions.....but Dale was too intimidated to vote.
We never realized how sensitive Dale's feelings were.
No, we have the highest praise for Dale's highly trained Lawson legal group. Their professionalism as evidenced by Nat's blog, the suits and Nat's letter above "speak for themselves". The world can see how fair, logical, and professional this "crack" team really is.
"Crack" may be taken 2 ways. However, I only meant it one way.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK I get it.
you were joking.
it took me awhile to get it.
I need my Sunday morning coffee.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The crack team needs its'fix too

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deadbeat Dale

Dale's in court as much as N8. Da dude is a true deadbeat and never pays taxes or debts. Cases listed below:
MALLORY DALE B 0084009502

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Regina is now a $20 trick on drugs.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mommie....Those bad white people are picking on me again. It's not supposed to be like this.

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AKA "the Honorable Dale Mallory"
Or inmate 4NIC8-4Q2?

Dale has many "AKA" names in his court records. Is this the kind of rep. we want in Columbus? or jail?

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

I believe it would be a good idea if the Truth Squad Special Forces list all these Court Case numbers along with the analysis on Dale's damage control whine time. Just the Court Case numbers. Better still, take the summary sheet from Hartmann's website. (He's got that damned padlock on all those documents for the time being until he figures out what he's going to do. It makes sense to figure out the process first & then put those ridiculous locks on, but, we're dealing with lawyer-type politicians here.)

The voting public needs to have this brought to their attention that Dale is a Deadbeat. The lustre of that Mallory persona has tarnished tremendously. Common criminals not yet added to the City's statistics.

Deadbeat Dale is going to Columbus all right. First stop is the Orient Welcome Center, just outside Columbus, where he'll stay until the Dept. of Corrections finds a bed in another house for him. However, that will be off if the Federal G men decide they want the action. Then it's the Big House.

Go Truth Squad!

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EZ hourly rates:
Dale 4 Sale.......$25.66/hr
Kathy Norris.....$120.00/hr
Brown, the
Mallory Center
"Bean Counter"...$240.00/hr

Dale bills 4-6 hours of work for a one page weekly timesheet (~$125.00) a normal person would do the billing for free or charge 5 or 10 minutes for this simple task. Dale's asswipe Danny gets twice the rate Dale does. Norris gets 5 times as much. The king of the Mallory pork barrel at Daddy's pork barrel center gets almost 10 times as much as Dale. Brownie must charge a thousand bucks for a time sheet!

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Brownie work at FEMA too?
Both are disaster areas and just about as efficient.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, the King of pork is Harold Cleveland.
Pay............. $130,000/yr
retirement fund.. $35,000/yr
other bennies.....$30,000/yr

So Harold pulls down ~200 large gross per year, and he's a full time law student at Chase law school? Garrett give Cleveland the raises and Clevland gives Garrett the keys to the looney bin.....yeah, that's the ticket!

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Blanchard said...

In late 2000, and under Dale's reign, Dale "acquired" vacant properties 908, 912, & 916 Poplar Street and in the name of the WECC. Since this acquisition date, zero property taxes have been paid - all three are delinquent with a total due of $3,724.52.

Interestingly, prior ownership information before this transaction does not exist.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These were some of the WECC secret assets Dale hadn't stolen yet.
No wonder he wanted to stoy on as Prez. he hadn't empties the piggy bank yet.
The secret bank accounts and hidden property transactions are amazing!:

Parcel ID Address Current Owner Sale Date Sale Price
521-0005-0051-00 915 POPLAR AVE TAYLOR GREGORY N 10/19/2001 $405,000
184-0002-0056-00 908 POPLAR ST WEST END COMMUNITY
184-0002-0057-00 912 POPLAR ST WEST END COMMUNITY
184-0002-0058-00 916 POPLAR ST WEST END COMMUNITY

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Blanchard said...

Mr. Dale Mallory is $25,000 richer. 925 Dayton Street SOLD. Mallory acquires the property from CMHA in 2003 for $0. Nice return on investment.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's good to be king.
Only the little people pay taxes.
"Let them eat chicken wings"
It's a Mallory seat
It's a black seat.
I paid my dues
It's my turn
CityLink is only a word
Are we going to send poor people to the moon?

D4S notable and quotable

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found the skinny on Dale’s campaign loans, contributions, and expenses. May be found at:
Go to Campaign Finance, then search Candidates and Committees.
Click on Candidates/Committees and put in information on Dale Mallory, 32 House District.
Some really interesting stuff here. Like:
- $150 from Jeff Berding

- $200 from Tim Burke

- $200 from Anne Mutterspaugh

- $350 from Mark Stetcher

- $200 from Chris Finney
Plus of course the early report of $1000 from Henry Heimlich, $1000 from Stan Chesley, $250 from Richard Weiland, and $25,000 in loans from his family. Oh, Dale pitched in $100.
Dale spent $21K, Eve spent $4K. Dale had name recognition, and about 5 times the money spent and he almost lost. Eve spent $1.98 per vote (2,015 votes) and Dale spent $9.29 (2,181 votes).

1:09 PM  
Blogger westender100 said...

Here it is:

Empowerment Corp. debtor had business ties to board
Cincinnati Business Courier - June 30, 2006by Dan Monk
Print this Article Email this Article Reprints RSS Feeds Most Viewed Most Emailed
Another week, another quirky business deal involving the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp.

In a February bankruptcy court filing, an attorney representing the nonprofit poverty-fighting agency accused one of the agency's debtors of trying to conceal assets in a development company with ties to an Empowerment Corp. board member.

Two agency board members recently resigned to protest conflicts between agency officials and contractors.Cincinnati City Council members Chris Bortz and Jeff Berding asked the city manager on June 7 to freeze the agency's funding until a "full audit" could be conducted.

The bankruptcy dispute involves Thaddaus Dawson, a former Avondale Community Council president who sits on the city of Cincinnati's zoning board of appeals. Dawson's company, Big Dollar LLC, borrowed $125,000 from the agency in January 2002 to start a discount store in Avondale.

In February, Empowerment Corp. attorney Greg Berberich alleged Big Dollar owed $136,000 including interest.

Berberich accused Dawson of hiding $500,000 in assets from creditors by failing to file details on property he owned through development company Ca-Josh Development Ltd.

One of Ca-Josh's holdings is a former nursing home in Avondale, valued at $641,000. Records show Ca-Josh acquired the property from Queen City Youth Development Foundation Inc. in October 2005, then transferred it back to Queen City in March.

Queen City was founded by Empowerment Corp. board member Ozie Davis.

"Ca-Josh purchased the property from (Queen City) for $1 and promised to provide jobs and internships during the summer when the property would be developed," said Dawson's March bankruptcy filing. "Ca-Josh did not believe it could develop the property in the foreseeable future and offered to transfer the property back."

Dawson denied concealing assets and settled the case June 26.

Berberich said the Empowerment Corp. now has an option on the nursing home property, which it could sell or redevelop to recover the cost of Dawson's loan.

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How close do the dots need to be?
Give me a break!
Thadius Dawson is in big time debt to the EZ. The EZ is PAYING Dale Mallory to PIMP CityLink. The EZ wants Thadius to vote his zoning vote CityLink's way.
Thadius does EXACTLY what the EZ wants!
Thadius had a BIG TIME conflict of interest. Thadius does not disclose the conflict and does not recuse himself. Auditor....WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!
The Thadius/EZ/CityLink/Mallory dots are so close together that they appear to be a straight line.
Oh, by the way, the police are dragging their feet on Dale's criminal theft of WECC funds because "we work for the mayor".
The corruption is totally out of control. And we wonder why the city gets poorer and honest people are leaving in droves.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard Thadius was on the EZ board. Can a Truth Squad member verify this?
The debts are enough for Thadius to recuse himself. If he were on the EZ board, that would increase his jail sentence and the sentence of Cleveland, Beatty and Garrett too.
Dale will be in jail for theft of WECC funds.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I heard Thadius was on the EZ board. Can a Truth Squad member verify this?"

There's nothing on their website stating he's on the board, but that info is so wrong. They've had people bail out & they can't keep up in revising it.

But this outfit is so shady & slippery, EZ could have people on the board who dropped dead 10 years ago. Anything to rake in the cash & do nothing to show for it.

Don't bother to call over there, as you'll be wasting your time. Those crooks won't give you any sort of a straight answer.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What room and time is the Howdie circus today?
When will N8 be questioned about his role as lookout?
"The Beatty's" did it per N8 to show "they" ruled the city.
Does "they" mean Mallory Mafia?
Does 3M need Scottie to protect against Oba's Army's revenge?
Stay tuned.

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting story on the Porkopolis blog, pasted below:

Another Mallory Insider Appointed

City Council’s hectic final meeting before summer recess last week included a mayoral appointment that stirred some debate about whether the independence of the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission (CHRC) has been compromised.

Mayor Mark Mallory nominated his chief of staff, Carla Walker, to sit on the CHRC’s board of directors. Council confirmed the appointment in an 8-1 vote, with Republican Leslie Ghiz opposed.

Because the mayor’s office drafts the proposed city budget that is presented to city council every fall, and the CHRC receives funding from the city, Ghiz is worried that Mallory — through Walker — will have too much influence in the CHRC’s decisions.

“I think it’s a terrible conflict of interest to have your chief of staff sitting on the CHRC board,” Ghiz said.

The commission received $415,000 from the city in the current budget.

Mallory made no public comments about the appointment but council members Laketa Cole and Cecil Thomas, both Democrats, defended Walker’s selection. Cole noted that then-Mayor Charlie Luken appointed his aide, Bernadette Watson, to sit on the Community Action Agency’s board of directors.

“This is not a precedent,” Cole said.

Also, Thomas, who was the CHRC’s executive director until he quit to run for council, said the city manager used to appoint an ex-officio member to CHRC’s board. Ghiz replied that the Community Action Agency (CAA) receives funding from multiple sources including the city, Hamilton County and federal programs, unlike the CHRC, which relies almost entirely on the city. Further, the CHRC’s ex-officio member didn’t have voting rights and was there mostly to monitor the group’s action to report to the city. That position was eliminated years ago by then-City Manager John Shirey.

“There has to be some independence on that board,” Ghiz said. “Every time an issue comes up, they’re going to look to Carla for an answer about where the mayor stands on it.”

The CHRC’s contract with the city includes a conflict of interest section that states, “Service provider agrees that no officer, employee or agent of city who exercises any functions or responsibilities in connection with the planning and carrying out of the program, nor any immediate family member, close business associate or organization which is about to employ any such person, shall have any personal financial interest, direct or indirect, in service provider or in this agreement, and service provider shall take appropriate steps to assure compliance.”

Also, the CHRC’s previous contract with the city, from 2003, had a section entitled, “Political Activity Prohibited,” which affirmed that no “officer or employee” of CHRC can engage in political activity for any candidate, party or cause. It is not included in the current contract.

Walker is former director of the Hamilton County Democratic Party and was an aide to Mayor Roxanne Qualls.

This isn’t the first time Walker has spurred city council debate. Mallory hired her at an annual salary of $76,000, then later asked council to approve a higher range for the position, increasing the maximum amount from $64,900 to $95,500. Some council members criticized Mallory’s process, but they approved the request. Even if it hadn’t, Mallory said at the time, Walker could have worked most of the year and would leave when she hit the $64,900 mark.

Since taking office in December, Mallory also has appointed another aide, Shawn Butler, to the CAA’s board; and appointed his father, former Ohio House Majority Leader William Mallory Sr., to the transit board that oversees the Metro bus system. Like Walker’s position, the board appointments are voluntary and receive no compensation.

— Kevin Osborne

posted by Greg Flannery at

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think 3M should have appointed his Daddy, D4S, Phenicie and Kathy Norris.
They are the type of Mallory appointments that will enhance the exodus and achieve a 100% Mallory Mafia Cincinnati population by 2009.
Who else but a "family" member would live here?

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Mallory Political Machine said...

The political winds have shifted and they favor Dale Mallory. His P&G/Crossroads braintrust is too smart for you blog losers. I'll take Dale Mallory over white devils any day.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

White Devils?
All the WECC officers are AA.
About 3/4 members are AA.
The AA in the neighborhood H8 D4S cause he sold them out.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Mallory Political Machine said...

I've no doubt that the counterfeit WECC has a drinking problem. However, I doubt that most residents are in AA.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Cincinnati,
The weather in Fort Lauderdale is 3Marvelous darling!
Dirk Digler

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Anon 7:31 - Howdy the Hitman's Circus is continued to Friday, 7/7/06 in Judge Nadel's Court up on the 5th Floor of the Court House.

It's a Bench Trial, not a Jury Trial. For some reason, Lawson waived out a Jury Trial. That wasn't a smart move.

And just as I had hoped, N8 was served a subpoena to testify on 6/30. I knew that last little statement he made was perfect prosecution ammunition. It got to the right hands.

Even though Greg Hartmann has the records blocked, you can see who's all lined up for testimony - see case B0603223. We're talking psycho Smitherman, Bill Cunningham, Keith Fangman, General Nikki, a whole comedy cast of characters here.

With this being a Bench Trial before Judge "Nails" Nadel, this is over before it starts. Actually, this case has rolled to the most perfect, active Judge. The only other one I'd like to have seen take it would have been they rolled retired Judge Fred Cartolano out of bed to try the case. That man is still a Cannon.

(Anon 7:31, hopefully, I'll be able to swing around that way on Friday & we can sit in on the testimony. I'd love to hear this blah-blah, especially N8.)

Parade update: yeah, Deadbeat Dale was at the Northside parade. I'm not surprised, seeing he still believes he's a vestal virgin.

What's this zip-a-dee-doo-dah from the trolls about white devils? Never trust a black klan person. If they can't steal you blind, they''ll kill you to get it.

Truth Squad Power reigns SUPREME in Cincinnati!

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See you Friday!
I'll bring the popcorn.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Vlad, everyone, it's Lawson who's putting N8 on the stand. Regardless. Piepmeier will take care of him.

There should be enough room for all of us to squeeze on a bench, as all these so-called witnesses have to sit outside.

Dumb Lawson is gearing for "manslaughter" now. He never had anything to support his lame self defense theory. And this idiot has a license to practice law?

At any rate, Judge Nails Nadel will take care of the entire enchilada here. Show starts Friday long about 10AM. Get there earlier so you can get thru the metal detectors & you won't have to sniff the smelly, unwashed people in the long lines.

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Blanchard said...

Carstairs, could you post the blog entry Nate posted (on his blog spot) and quickly removed? Curious to read the text.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Blanchard, I don't have the one that N8 removed. I handed it off. (My bad. I should have kept a copy.)
N8 ran his mouth saying... "I was in close proximity to City Hall at the time..." the action took place.

What is in quotes is his exact wording.

Whether the prosecuting attorney is going to find this good remains to be seen.

Lawson's office is at 808 Elm St, a stone's throw from City Hall. According to the tape out of the street camera, it appears Howdy was headed west on 9th St., & swung left on Plum, shot Kabaka & sped off. However, the rumor has been swirling that N8 made the phone call. It was immediately after that statement hit the blogs that N8 redacted his statement.

The prosecuting attorney also has the damning statement N8 made on this blog last week.

(It's been so long ago when that statement was made, but let me see if I can't perform some sort of recovery operation on the computer in an attempt to retrieve it.)

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

The reference was in this psycho rant. When N8 decided to do an update & saw that posters were fingering him, he redacted his statement. (See where the 3 tiny stars are.)

(In the meantime, I'll continue to do some surgery on the computer.)

9:26 PM  

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