Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ever Wonder Why?

It always seemed a little odd to me why the Cincinnati Empowerment Zone chose to use as its website address.

In 1998, the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp. filed its Articles of Incorporation. There were four people listed as initial trustees/incorporators. One name to remember - Jerry Pryor.

(According to a 2001 Annual Report released by the CEC, full funding was unleashed in late 2001 – 2002).

In February of 2001, Empower Cincinnati Investment Corporation filed its Articles of Incorporation (for profit) with a stated purpose of …”To provide an investment vehicle for minority business development”. Three people are listed as incorporators. Again, one is Jerry Pryor.

When flipping through the 2001 Annual Report, it is interesting to point out that Jerry Pryor not only incorporated the Cincinnati Empowerment Zone (CEC), but he’s also listed as a staff member in the annual report (pg. 4) – specifically he is listed as the Director of Economic and Workforce Development. The stated goal of the Economic and Workforce Development Committee is to review and/or approve projects as recommended by the CEC staff. To summarize, CEC staff member Jerry Pryor has the power to approve funding to applicants and he, himself incorporates a for-profit entity (Empower Cincinnati) that is presumably permitted to apply for funding from CEC.

Both the CEC and Empower Cincinnati Investment Corp. are active companies. They have different addresses. The CEC curiously uses as its website. Both companies have one incorporator in common – Jerry Pryor.

Interestingly, Empower Cincinnati Investment Corp’s other two incorporators listed are Corrine Kinebrew and Asa Olusola. The statutory agent is Perry Ward.

Corrine Kinebrew is listed in the CEC 2001 Annual Report as a member of the Finance Committee (pg 3) and Economic and Workforce Development Committee (pg 4).

Asa Olusola is listed in the CEC 2001 Annual Report as being on the Board of Trustees, a member of the Executive Committee, Finance Committee (all pg 3), Economic and Workforce Development Committee (pg 4), Civic Infrastructure Committee (pg 11), and is listed as a Governance Member (pg 23).

Perry Ward is listed in the CEC 2001 Annual Report as being on the Finance Committee (pg 3), Economic and Workforce Development Committee (pg 4), and Individual and Family Well-Being Committee (pg 16).

All of the committee’s have a stated purpose of reviewing and/or approving projects for funding.

Here you have four people, all in positions to approve funding from the Cincinnati Empowerment Zone, incorporate Empower Cincinnati Investment Corp.

There is more. On the exact same day in February 2001, the same four people incorporated a company called Ujima Worldwide Incorporated. A for profit company with a stated purpose of …”To undertake community development in the areas of, but not limited to, the community’s health, education, housing stock and business development.

George Beatty’s name was listed throughout the report.

I will mention one last curiosity. John Shirey, former City Manager. Coincidental or not, in an Enquirer Article dated February 7, 2001, Cincinnati’s top administrators were accused of hiding a police report with damaging information about the administration as it related to the Genesis (West End) scandal. John Shirey denied the acquisition. In the 2001 Cincinnati Empowerment Zone annual report, Mr. John Shirey is listed as a member of the Finance Committee and a member of the Governance Committee. Genesis was unraveling at the same time the CEC was winding up and Mr. Shirey had a hand in both.

It is hard to tell who, if any, of these people are still working the well of EZ funds and anything before 2003 is beyond the statue of limitation for fraud. I suspect they are nearby if not directly in the thick of it which is promising because each act adds on another three years of limitation. Rest assured, the CEC still being run this way, if not blatantly worse.

Harold Cleveland came on board in 2003. Harold? You’re a full-time law student. Certainly you realize that what you did yesterday, today, or have planned for tomorrow gives you three more years of sweating it out.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blanchard's been doing his/her homework. Very impresive.
I almost feel guilty taking a vacation when Vlad's cheering on 3N (Norbert Nails Nadel).
Say hi to stumpboy as he talks to 3N about the blog posting he tried to delete.
Dirk Digler

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Say hi to stumpboy as he talks to 3N about the blog posting he tried to delete.

DD: N8 did delete it, right after people picked up on it & finger pointed. If you recall, around the first part of April, N8 was supposed to have been going to Clermont County to get his conceal & carry permit.

However, the one Stumpboy posted on this blog last week is equally damaging. There's no way the Judge is going to entertain manslaughter.

I'm going to save a spot on the last bench, against the wall in Nails' Court Room so Vlad & I can cover the gavel to gavel action. (Vlad, we're covering our backs with a solid wall here. Trust me on this.)

Blanchard, this is Top Shelf research once again. You continue to out do yourself every time! I hope the auditors & investigators continue to monitor this blog. This is a great bone to gnaw on!

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" This is a great bone to gnaw on!

11:39 PM "
That reminds me....Last week Rush Limbaugh was busted in a Palm Beach airport with a suitcase full of Viagra. 3M was busted at the adjacent "where the boys are" airport after he skipped out on his long scheduled meetings with constituants.
We have long known that the Mallorys have been "in bed" with republicans.
Now we have a Mallory/Limbaugh connection to investigate.
What is 3M gnawing on in Florida with Limbaugh?

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dirk, is that you?
Male Dallory gave STRICT instructions about glbt jokes.
They offend too many folks.
I assume that was your attempt at a joke.
Or, was it cutting edge political investigative journalism?
Male Dallory......please give us your ruling on this.

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dirk Digler sent in this report to City Beat:

Anonymous said...
Is it too late to post a comment?

Concerning Fort Lauderdale:

Fort Lauderdale (especially our little city within a city, Wilton Manors) is indeed famous as a Gay Resort. Which doesn't mean if you're Not Gay, and Never Wish to Become Gay, that you shouldn't visit here anyway.

Why: we have the best beaches, wonderful restaurants, great shopping, a Performing Arts Center that certainly rivals the Aronoff Center......but most of all: The Best Beaches...and it breaks my heart when I hear about all the Buckeyes who for some reason or other choose to travel to Destin,FL, or Daytona Beach, or Myrtle Beach, SC.

But certainly, if you are gay, and especially if you are male and gay, then you already know all about Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors.

Now if I happen to see Mayor Mallory this weekend, I will definitely snap him with my Cellphone Camera and send you the pix!

There are many reasons why Mayor Mallory might be coming here, aside from Wilton Manors: we're close to South Beach, in neighboring Miami -just a half day's drive from Key West and we also have one the US's biggest ports - Port Everglades.

So maybe Mayor Mark was coming to Fort Lauderdale to go on a 3-day, 4-day, 7-day or longer cruise.

Or maybe he was coming to visit friends in Wilton Manors. Not only is the mayor Gay, the former mayor is Gay....just about everyone, in fact, is Gay. There is a gay man, Ken Keechl, who is running for County Commissioner, and he openly acknowledges his partner of nine years, a realtor.

As for Wilton Manors - in case you're Not Gay and don't already know this, in one upscale shopping center there is a famous bar - Georgie's Alibi, nice shops including Gay Mart, Try My Thai, Java Boys Coffee, Tops and Bottoms (clothing store), Side Pocket Billiards, a realtor, an optician, and more. Nearby you'll find Hamburger Mary's, and many trendy bars and restaurants.

There's also a Skyline Chili conveniently located on nearby Federal Highway.

For people who are Not Gay, and who Never Ever Wish to be Gay, we have the Florida Marlins and the Miami Dolphins. We also have gorgeous beachfront hotels hosting Wet T-shirt Contests and reasonable Happy Hours. There are outdoorsy activities like drift fishing, scuba diving, lots (and I mean lots) of Golf --all now on summer discount.

For the certifiably Religious and Utterly Disaproving of Gay, there are three Big Box Churches to choose from, and many small ones. The biggest one is Calvary Chapel - as big as a small college; Coral Ridge Presbyterian -- where Senate Candidate Katherine Harris gave a fundraising speech, and First Baptist Church, where several prominent Miami Dolphins attend.

There are many reasons why Mayor Mallory may have chosen to skip some tiresome housing event or whatever, to come to Fort Lauderdale on vacation.

You should tell Jim Tarbell that it is Fort Lauderdale, and not Nancy, France, which should be Cincy's Sister City -- (cheaper round-trip airfare just one of them).

Like Cincy, we've just chosen a new County Manager (after almost a year of an interim manager)- we chose someone with 27 years' experience at a salary of $232,000 - she will manage a $3 billion budget and about 6,000 employees). We've just approved slots for local racetracks, we're struggling with crime, with affordable housing, with issues like raising the sales tax. But not for a new jail - we have a high-rise jail on our riverfront....our penny tax increase is for transportation.

So please visit us soon - and tell all of your friends!

2:48 PM

AND Maybe he was meeting Dittohead Rush

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No statute of limitations exists for fraud. It was specifically excluded.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about a "statue of limitations"

It's the one of 3M behind a bunch of weeds next to a West End gateway. The Mayor wants to limit the West End so daddy and D4S can continue to milk ez funds.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The statute of limitations for fraud goes from 3 to 6 years, with time commencing on date of discovery of the fraud, not the occurrence.

If you discovered fraud that was 10 years old, you would have at least three years to prosecute it.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous carstairs said...

Everyone, not to swing the focus away from Jail4Dale, just briefly here's an update on the Howdy the Hitman case starting at 10:15AM on Friday - Lawson's supplemental witness list looks like this:

Keith Fangman, General Nickie X (duh, Nikki/Nicole Davis), Lincoln Ware, "Know it all Paul", Kendall Anderson, Donnie Cofer, Joy Roland, Bill Cunningham, "Hustle Man", Global Bean (duh, Gobel), Sonya Staley, Lt. Jeff Butler, N8, Officer Jenkins, Scottie Johnson (3M's beefcake), Sgt. Emmitt Gladden & psycho Smitherman.

First off, N8 can't type or spell correctly. Second, N8 used 1800 Linn St. on the bulk of these subpoenas (think J4D & Marcus here).

And as I got it from a first hand, professional observer, the climate wasn't pleasant yesterday inside & outside that Court Room.

Memo to Vlad: Judge "Nails" is in Room 560. If you get there early, bring a book, some paperwork or another pleasant pastime to help with the wait. Once the Judge gets on his perch, cellphones have to be turned off & laptops closed, you know the drill. However, N8 plays with the phone & the 'berry whenever he likes in these Court Rooms. Disrespectful pile of dirt.

Vlad, I'll save you a seat. I'm gearing for the last row, close to the door, in case the stuff starts splattering all over the walls & draperies. We can get out of there fast, even though the place will be crawling with Si's boys. I'll have something so you'll be able to readily identify me & the ghetto criminals will be clueless.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Memo to Vlad, almost forgot - being outside this case as observers, we can make all the notes we want. Bring a pad & pen if you so desire.

Note to everyone: Sorry about "the great bone to gnaw on" reference. I didn't mean it in THAT context. I regret the discussion went in that direction. (It so happens when I run around in Court after these drug criminals, I'm like a dog with a bone, the criminals being my bone, that I actually carry a bone in my sack of papers as a good luck icon. Vlad, hint.)

Again, I regret the comment was taken inappropriately.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will be able to identify me by my uncommonly good looks and a trace of blood dripping from my lip.
I'll be reading up on Transylvania's history.
I will be there and you will know me.
Your Pal,
Vlad the Impaler

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The EZ money has always been about inside deals and scratching each others back. It doesn't surprise me that the people running the show gave themselves money.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That may be the EZ way.
The Truth Squad way is to shine a light on that cesspool of corruption.
Just because it's "always been that way" doesn't mean honest taxpayers need to accept this crap.
And the Truth Squad way is to fight the Mallory Mafia bully tactics to continue this fiscal fiasco.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of "bully tactics".
The Mayor is putting a muzzle on the CPD regarding arresting D4S for stealing WECC funds.
The WECC is getting the run around.
When will they make their trip to Deters office?

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Jen S. said...

Dale Mallory isn't very bright. Sometimes when he talks, he seems disjointed.

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jen S. said...
"Dale Mallory isn't very bright. Sometimes when he talks, he seems disjointed."

Jen, That's an understatement.The boy's a tard.
Taking EZ money to stab neighbors in the back.Appointing hitman Howdie. Stealing WECC funds and leaving a huge paper trail. Suing CPD et. al. All the while denying everything.
Look at the paper trail that Korte and Monk glommed onto.
This guy spent over $9/vote and Bolton spent less than $2/vote. He won by the smallest margin through voter fraud in Queensgate and chicanery by 1/2 bro Joe. The FBI is looking at the EZ Queensgate invoices.
This tard had all the Mallory machine behind him, but his moronic behavior will bring the whole family down.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

This "always been that way" baloney is over with. You're right in saying that honest taxpayers do not have to accept such policies any longer.

As for 3M bullying CPD & the WECC, that is not acceptable. And we're not going to take it. That stringbean politician conveniently forgets that the taxpayers are his boss. Where this guy got the notion he could push around community representation (WECC) & one of our tax investment entities (CPD), is beyond me. The boy is way out of line. He needs to be put on the carpet.

It's not time to call in Deters, folks. Sorry. The CPD has to dump their findings in his lap. Then Joltin Joe will get his boys & girls to give it a rake & take it to the Grand Jury (and we've got to hope those folks had a decent night's sleep & they took their medicines - gawd, the people they sit on these Jury panels gives me the shivvers & I'm not a criminal!)

Bottom line, friends, we have to keep digging & pushing. 3M can't be permitted to dictate to the cops. It can't be open for business, the usual way you've come to know & expect. If we have to be nasty bitches about it, so be it. We will take the muzzles & the handcuffs off. We are entitled to clear answers & results.

Rock on, Truth Squad!

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will the EZ thugs decide to get even for D4S's dumb ass moves causing the Truth Squad light to shine?
Maybe Scottie needs to guard Dale.
Junebug's gonna turn on him.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Deep Throat said...

Blanchard is a great addition to the team. The people behind the Empowerment Zone like to incorporate their own companies and then give themselves funding. They also make requests for funding so ridiculous that outside firms need not apply. Blanchard sheds some light on some historical truths that we should not ignore.

Keep up w/ the research my man!

2:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deep Throat,
"My man" Do you know Blanchard's gender.
Blanchard is a wonderful Truth Squad contributor, but many Truth Squad members are of the female persuasion:

It's time to fight off CityLink
The next stage in the battle over CityLink will occur July 20 in the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas. Lawyers for CityLink will have to prove that the 100,000-square-foot campus of care for the under-resourced is not a community service facility, and as such will not inhibit development in a manufacturing general zone.

CityLink has millions of dollars and the hot-shot lawyer Tim Burke on their side. Burke is a gifted spokesman and is well known for his ability to maneuver in difficult circumstances. He will need all his powers of persuasion to cloak this facility in legalese while CityLink founders find additional faith-based millions to run this huge, nonprofit, non-commercial facility. Their hearts may be in the right place, but their mission does not belong at 800 Bank St.

The CityLink opposition has been mischaracterized by Dale Mallory and other CityLink proponents. Most recently Mallory stated that "most of the vocal opposition came from developers and people from outside of the neighborhood" (Enquirer, July 1). Mallory conveniently forgets that more than 30 people, most of them low-income African-American West End residents, spoke out against CityLink at the November 2005 City Council meeting.

The CityLink opposition is composed of low- to middle-income homeowners and renters in the West End, Over-the-Rhine and Clifton Heights area who have a different vision for our neighborhood. We who live here love our diverse community and have been working hard, some of us for decades, to increase the area's stability. We have made investments in our homes, in our relationships with our neighbors, and in our community councils to work toward the kind of city that will attract and retain residents and businesses.

However, a social services megamall is more than we can take. We have spent thousands of dollars fighting the zoning case and have to raise thousands more to cover the costs of the July appeal. While Mayor Mark Mallory encourages development in Over-the-Rhine, his older, less politically experienced brother seems intent on keeping the West End community poor.

I'd like to meet the "developers" who oppose CityLink. We could use your help in funding our fight. For information, go to

Martha Gitt is an environmental economist who lives in Over the Rhine.

6:40 AM  

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