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Who is a big fan of two faced Mayor Mallory? Not Leslie Ghiz.

A couple of posts on the blogosphere today about Mayor Mallory:

The CityBeat Porkopolis blog:

Tardiness Starts at the Top

Apparently the Mayor’s philosophy is ‘Do as I say, not as I do’. The Mayor is writing memos imploring people to be punctual, and yet he reports over half an hour late to a meeting the very same day he wrote the memo.

It is the latest instance where the rules don’t apply to Mayor Mallory.

An article on crime was published in today’s Enquirer.

Streicher attended a violent-crime seminar in Washington last week with Mallory. He said when the mayors and police chiefs from other metropolitan areas heard about the city's homicide rate, they laughed.

"We really don't even have an issue," compared to other cities, he said.

I hope that Mallory had a good laugh. We have nothing to worry about. Nothing to see here, move along.

One thing that strikes me is; why is it that Mallory has a bodyguard if everyone is 'safe'? How two faced is it to do away with all City Hall security and then hire a bodyguard for your own private security? The Mayor now has a personal driver. But it isn't just any personal driver; the Mayor's need for a playmate has taken a veteran cop off the beat.

Phil Bates just got gunned down right in front of his beautiful home in North Avondale. His wife was upstairs asleep while he bled to death on the front porch. Three kids and all, lives torn apart. He had just come from a ceremony for another murder victim. A woman who attended his vigil then got robbed at gunpoint and luckily escaped the same fate. But that doesn't matter, we are safe. If you think otherwise it is worthy of a good laugh. And Nero fiddled while Rome burned...

I hope the Mayor got a good laugh in DC. He doesn't have to worry about safety. They bulletproofed City Hall chambers and they gave him a body guard. And it isn't like he actually lives in the West End, that is just for photo ops. Nobody in the press ever calls him on that lie. The man is a two faced son of a bitch and he is doing nothing for this city.

And Nate will tell you that David Pepper paid me to write that. That isn't true. I don't mind Nate saying it, but I would like it more if Pepper started sending some checks. Dave, if you read the blog I would like some cash to bullet proof my house. I would also like to have a full time police bodyguard, and an expense account where I can jet off to DC and laugh my troubles away. Hook a brother up!

Speaking of Pepper, remember when he got abducted at gunpoint in Mt. Adams? Anyone who goes through that doesn't think that the crime wave is mere laughable media hysteria. And the truth is the Mayor doesn't think so either, that is why he had council chambers bullet-proofed. That is why he has a body guard. And that is why he was ducking under his desk at City Hall when he heard the shots and the YEEEEE HAAWWWWW! from the City Hall hitman / functional illiterate dishwasher Howard Beatty. Mallory may tell you that you are safe. At the same time he might piss on your leg and tell you it is raining.

Leslie Ghiz doesn't trust him according to the Dean:

Leslie Ghiz Does Not Trust Mallory

Click the link and read the article.

“Given the behavior and secrecy of the mayor since he took over at council, I am not inclined to give him any more power to ‘legally’ have meetings behind closed doors,” explains Ghiz. “It’s that simple.”

Sexy Leslie isn't against executive sessions on principal, she is actually an advocate. She doesn't want to get behind closed doors with Mark Mallory. I have sources that tell me she has nothing to worry about in that regard.

The Dean also broke the news about how the Mayor left Jeff Berding out to dry on the whole affair. Berding is a good guy in my opinion, and he has certainly tried to work with the Mayor to move the city forward. If Mallory set him up to it and then shot him down with political posturing he may have just lost his closest ally. I don't think the Dean is making it up. It think it could be a bad situation for our two faced Mayor.

People have been losing trust and confidence in Mallory for months. His duplicitous nature has been exposed. He will say one thing and do another. He even lies about where he lives. He likes back room deals that avoid the spotlight.

Far be it from me not to mention the Mayor's role in squashing two potentially volatile investigations into the Mallory family's connections to criminal activity.

It took a week before anyone knew that the City had resumed funding of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. After freezing the funds in June and calling for a thorough investigation, the City hasn't even selected an auditor. By the time that they do, the findings won't be due until well after the Mayor's brother, Dale Mallory is on the ballot. Justice delayed is justice denied.

And don't forget Dale Mallory's forgotten felony investigation. That was pushed aside by the CPD by an 'appearance of a conflict of interest' (WTF?!?!) of Mark covering up for his big brother.


Dale Mallory walked into the bank three months after being impeached and removed from office. He cleaned out and closed down the WECC bank account, and if you read the check you will notice it was written to CASH. Not the YMCA. Not to Save the Children. Freaking Cash. He cashed out the bank account and Dale took the proceeds home. Two weeks later he gave some of the money to the YMCA. When the WECC complained, nobody listened.

It has now been 112 days since Dale Mallory cleaned out and closed down the community's bank account. Despite being given copies of the checks, no law enforcement agency to date has initiated an investigation. I am sure it will happen any day now.

The West End Community Council is going to ask about the status of their complaint concerning the criminally fraudulent behavior of Dale Mallory. It is about time we got an update. I wonder what they are going to say now.

We have two sets of rules in the Mallory regime. One rule for the "safe masses" that shouldn't question or listen to the hysterical media, and another rule for the Mallorys: The Mallory’s rule.

I might as well throw my own little piece out there for the hungry herd to chew on.

I had a reliable source tell me that the reason Mark Mallory relaxed security at City Hall was because of the sign in sheets. He didn't want it on the record that known gangsta George "Junebug" Beatty was visiting him on a regular basis. I don't have multiple sources on that, and I have no way of confirming it. But the guy who told me is rock solid. It wouldn't surprise me. I just wonder who is giving the orders. It would also tie in the Kabaka assassination with why now the mayor would fear for his life. It fits quite nicely in that respect. If Mallory is that involved with Junebug, he has good reason to want a bodyguard. At first I thought it was ridiculous to ban people from the upper deck of City Hall for fear of Snipers and for bullet proofing the chambers.

If I was up to neck deep in this shit, I would be doing the same thing. The title to the HNIC thread "Is this why the Mayor needs a bodyguard" seems pretty accurate with that added dash. That info gives one pause and a change of perspective.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale Mallory and the Beattys are behind a good number of crimes that the police just won't do a damned thing about.
Why not go to Si?

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Mina said...

All of this crap is just a damnable shame. If my child wasn't still in high school, I would leave this city in a heartbeat. I am so ashamed that I voted for 3M. Makes me want to upchuck. Just pisses me off. He's not just 2 faced, seems like 3-4 faced to me, IMO.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Tim Burk said...

The truth will prevail.
The Mallorys kept their dirty little secrets back in the day.
In this day of the blogs, the generation of gangstas like Dale, the overreaching of 3M and the philandering old man, it's tough to keep a lid on things.
Their big mistake was to lie about CityLink. When Dale spent Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb selling his neighbors down the tubes to CityLink/EZ, the Malloty house of cards was doomed. When he employed JB and Howdie hitman to menace the WECC, all could witness his outrageous corruption.
All their lies and secret deals were there for the Truth Squad to find. The Truth Squad will continue to push for justice.
Dale is a thief. We will not rest undil he is indited and tried in court. Hale yes!

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mallory has a bodyguard because he is close to the situation and the Beattys. Howard is a foot soldier and Kabaka's killing was organized hit.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

"...yet he reports over half an hour late to a meeting..."

Friends, let's not forget how he completely blew off several meetings with community volunteers because he had to take a much needed vacation right then & there. These community people were left sitting in the room until someone had the backbone & fortitude to tell them it had been cancelled. To this date, I don't believe Mallory has ever rescheduled those events.

I'm with a bunch of you, I wish I had a round-the-clock police officer. I've got some jobs around the house that I could use an extra pair of hands. Sometimes I get so busy, that help could do laundry, mow the lawn, the whole bit.

You know, this business with 3M having a bodyguard & now a driver, the idea of playmates entered my mind, too. I'm wondering how much the people in Columbus were paid to seal their mouths about his past. The GLBT people attempted to call him out back in June. His carrying on is a personal affront to our friends & neighbors.

It's an absolute shame that this city doesn't have the moxey & cajones to call for a no-confidence referendum on 3M's dictatorial, ineffective hind end. A real travesty of justice & leadership. Right now, we're basically leading ourselves. Perhaps that's a very good thing.

It's real comic relief when the Mayor & Police Chief claim there's no problems here. Neither one of them have ever bothered to ask me how many times a month I run my hiney off to Court on those committing crimes against my neighborhood. These are the very individuals destroying & decaying our communities, friends. There's no such thing as non-violent offenses. Every wrongdoing starts a community in a downturn. Don't ever forget it.

I just hope to high heaven all those people who voted for 3M can live with their decision. And I don't want to hear any bellyaching & complaining from them about what he does. The rest of us are suffering as a result.

Think New Orleans & Ray Nagin here. Those damned fool people re-elected him & they're still displaced, down on their dough, some are trying to survive in the muck & filth. What's Ray doing? Mouthing off about New York. You've got the exact same thing going on here, today.

Memo to Mina - Kabaka's sons' names are in the last post. I found them late last night.

I'm finished being upset for the day. I think Leslie Ghiz will do what's right for the residents. One great thing, she doesn't trust 3M & she's a strong supporter of residents in fighting crime & she wants the streets cleaned up. Pronto.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I had a reliable source tell me that the reason Mark Mallory relaxed security at City Hall was because of the sign in sheets. He didn't want it on the record that known gangsta George "Junebug" Beatty was visiting him on a regular basis. I don't have multiple sources on that, and I have no way of confirming it. But the guy who told me is rock solid. It wouldn't surprise me. I just wonder who is giving the orders. It would also tie in the Kabaka assassination with why now the mayor would fear for his life. It fits quite nicely in that respect. If Mallory is that involved with Junebug, he has good reason to want a bodyguard."

I see you don't have too many dissenters to your line of thinking over here, which tells me you don't really welcome constructive dialogue. The beat cop you mention as Mallory's bodyguard was not actually a beat cop at all. He has been on the force long enough, and is intelligent enough to be promoted to Detective. I know this personally because he was the partner of one of my best friends, who is also a detective. Beat cops to me imply that they are still in uniform patroling the streets. Mallory's so called bodyguard elevated past that rank a long time ago. Talk about what you know. You want to talk about being two faced? Ghiz is as two faced as they come. Now if Junebug is in tight with Mallory as you say, and he is as unsavory a character as you seem to think, then wouldn't it stand to reason that Mallory knew what Junebug's brother was going to do? And if that's the case, then why would Mallory have a reason to be in fear at the time Howard committed murder/voluntary manslaughter/ self-defense or whatever people are calling it these days?

10:59 AM  
Blogger Tim Burk said...

Anon 11:59,
You got published, didn't you?
You are right, Scottie was a Lt/Det......not a beat cop. The point is he could be working on fighting crime rather than being 3M's driver.
The ties to the Beattys are based on many pieces of evidence documented by the TS.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Mina said...

I cut this piece out of an Enquirer article I found very interesting. I'm posting the link, but I have to include the particularly interesting part in this comment. If I'm breaking some blog etiquette, please excuse me.

Lou Ginocchio, who lives on Rose Hill Avenue near the Bates' home, said two of his daughters have recently moved into North Avondale at his urging. He said that might have been a mistake.

"I'm not sure people on council and the chief understand the depth of outrage," Ginocchio said. "When I read (in the newspaper) that at some meeting in Washington, people laughed at our crime statistics, I can tell you this, no one at the vigil for Phil Bates was laughing, no one in the neighborhood was laughing when another couple and their children were assaulted returning from the vigil, no one in the neighborhood is laughing about the home invasion that took place a couple of nights ago. It's not funny to us." Ginocchio was cut off midsentence because he had reached the two-minute limit for public comment. He said he would speed up his comments, but Mayor Mark Mallory gently told him time was up.

"Well, I will make one exception," Ginocchio said. "You, Mr. Mayor, do understand the problem because you're the one with the bodyguard."

That speaks volumes, huh?

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The D4S investigation is alive and well.
The FBI was an effective stall tactic, but the check is real and won't go away.
tick tick tick.
D4S you know your days are numbered.
JB, you can't hide in Florida.
Bad boys, bad boys what you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you?
This episode of Cops will have D4S and JB do the tot lot perp walk.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

"...then wouldn't it stand to reason that Mallory knew what Junebug's brother was going to do?"

Anon 11:59, he knew exactly what was going on. At the first crack of gunfire, 3M recoiled on his throne & ducked. Meanwhile, the city council was looking around, puzzled. It wasn't until the 2nd & 3rd rounds that they started to duck down & then 3M called the meeting adjourned.

I watched City Council live that day & I've watched the replays. It wasn't until the 2nd round was off that I realized what was going on. I gave the benefit of the doubt the 1st crack was a vehicle backfiring.

However, 3M was extremely well orchestrated. It was as if he'd rehearsed his moves several times, the 3rd act of Hamlet, or some classic play along those lines. That was the absolute giveaway that he knew exactly what was going on. He knew Howdy was going to off Kabaka. Kabaka had plenty of goods on a lot of people. Damaging goods. I defy 3M to tell the public otherwise. Folks in this city aren't that damned stupid & naive.

And so what if Scottie Johnson is a Detective or Lt? I'm paying a portion of his salary, like other taxpayers, to get out there & investigate criminal activity, not be a teddy bear comfy pal to this wuz of a Mayor.

The other chilling thing about those damned City Hall sign in sheets is that 3M can review those at will & share the info with his mobsters. Who would question that? It'll be a frosty day in hell before I go in there again & when I do, I'm signing in as Chuck Roast. Screw 'em. 3M doesn't need to know my City Hall business. He isn't paying my freight. I'm paying his. Sneaky lowdown snake.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Everybody, it's time for the meetin!

Dean has it on his blog the dates & times of the Mayor's Night In. The fall season starts with Tues. 9/12 from 5-7PM. Sign up & stand in line starts at 4:30.

Remember, you gotta sign in at the desk so the mobsters can see who's been visiting their boy. You become a nuisance or a threat, you're on the list to get capped.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Not MarK what's his name said...

This sign-in shit is thick. First there was, then there wasn't. Everytime I head to one department of the other during the last few weeks I've been asked for my ID and signin. Last Wednesday in August there was a line around lunch. Six or seven people backed up. Guy on duty was not nasty, just business; I'll buy that. Doing his job.

All of a sudden one of the mayor minions heads in with a lunch, stops by the security guy and nods back at someone in line. Security boy says to this lady in front of me, "M'am, your cleared to go ahead." Says it twice until the lady looks around, notices she the only woman in line, and declines to go ahead, says, "I'll be okay waiting".

Screwy? Catch this. Man says when she gets there to show her ID, "M'am, you could've gone ahead. Mayor's office okayed you to come there." She was warmly polite like toast and a bit cold as ice. "Sir, I'm signing in to the see the solicitor for paperwork. Why would the mayor's staff clear me? Shouldn't all citizens declare their business at this desk?" All he offered was a, "Yes, m'am."

Up in solicitor's she was out as I was going in. Seated outside looking at paperwork when I left. Offered my name and asked why she just didn't jump line. She recognized me from a WECC meeting last year, asked how the positive efforts were going, said she had friends working hard in WE. Wished me luck leaving the elevator. I asked again why she did not cut line. Said something about if all citizens have to sign in, then ALL citizens need to sign in, not a select few getting passed.Said that was not great securrity. Never said her name when I asked again, just said, "Tell Mr. and Mrs. Wolverine and Jr. I said hidy."

Guard had no one at the desk so I asked who she was to get a pass and not take it. Ol' boy said as he covered the list, "Nope, boy, that woman there WILL bite you. Nope. Nope.Nope. Nice and sweet but she leads a citizen group. No one to play with. Straightlaced. Are you through here? Sorry to be abrupt."

So.....the names of who goes in and out. WHO makes and keeps those lists that should be public record. If one of us signs in, all of us should. She's right. Got into a pretty antiqued beauty of a 380 Z down near the synagogue.

So today, I'm, keeping my trap shut....could get bit.

8:18 PM  

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