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CityLink claims to have "to much invested" to walk away, vows to continue fight

Look behind Mark Stecher. His property is now overgrown with weeds. The West End Community Council is organizing a community cleanup of the Bank Street property owned by the OneCity Foundation.

Ruling is against Citylink group

Citylink, the consortium of churches and social service agencies, has suffered another legal setback in its quest to locate a five-acre social services mall in the West End.

A Hamilton County magistrate ruled Friday that Citylink is a "community service facility" barred from locating in a manufacturing-zoned district. That decision upheld a 3-2 vote from the Cincinnati Board of Zoning Appeals in February.

As reported here on Friday, CityLink has lost yet again. It has been clear from the beginning that what they are trying to do conflicts with the zoning laws. This was expected and did not come as a surprise.

But Citylink's president said the group has too much invested in the $1.4 million Bank Street site to walk away from it. He said the board had already decided to take the issue to Common Pleas Judge Ralph E. Winkler, who can overrule the magistrate's decision.

"We know what we're about. We're about fighting poverty," said Mark Stecher. "We're going to keep on doing that and do that even more aggressively."

Work on putting together the center's operational plan will continue even while the dispute over its location works its way through the courts, he said.

Curious quotes by Mark Stecher. He claims to have too much invested in 800 Bank Street. Try driving by 800 Bank Street sometime. The site hasn't been touched since they bought it and is overrun with weeds. They haven't started construction and they don't even conduct regular maintenance on the grounds. CityLink likes to talk about community cleanups, but they don't clean up their own property.

How can they possibly have too much invested? All they did was purchase a property that doesn't meet their zoning requirements. They haven't made any improvements to the property. The site looks more run down at this point in time that at any time in its entire history. Can't they can simply sell the property? That way they wouldn't have "so much" invested.

I get a creepy feeling about the whole affair. Mark Stecher, CityLink and the OneCity Foundation have always been dead set on this one location. The fact that this location is right across the street from three schools and a playground has upset many people in the downtown basin and on the hillsides. They have never appeared to be open or flexible about changing the location.

"We know what we're about. We're about fighting poverty," said Mark Stecher. "We're going to keep on doing that and do that even more aggressively."

So far the only thing that they have done is purchase a property and let weeds grow on it. From now on though, the gloves are off. Mark Stecher is going to let those weeds grow even more aggressively.

To put a stop this aggressive weed growing, members of the West End Community Council and the Dayton Street Neighborhood Association have banded together and have committed to clean up the Bank Street property. We the people have far more invested in our community than they do. If they aren't going to give a damn about that property we will take care of it with God's good grace. Frankly, I am sick and tired of looking at it.

The proposed CityLink Center has no place in any neighborhood, much less one like the West End that still struggles with open air drug markets. Bringing people with drug addiction to the West End is like having an AA meeting in a bar. It is just a bad idea. It is also a bad idea to locate a housing program for court ordered pre-release and post-release felons next to schools and homes. It isn't a good placement for the people that CityLink is trying to serve, and it isn't good for the community. It is bad for everyone. Their target population has high rates of mental illness, violent crime, as well as high rates of recidivism and re incarceration. Maybe those people need to get away from areas that struggle with crime and open air drug markets. Give them a fighting chance.

The article also talks about my good friend Dale Mallory:

The West End Community Council - which had removed its previous president, Dale Mallory, from office over his support for Citylink - intervened in the court case.

Dale Mallory was impeached and removed from his office as President of the West End Community Council by over 76% of the vote. Three months after being removed from office, Dale Mallory criminally cashed out and closed down the community's bank account. You can view the timeline here.


Anonymous Carstairs said...

Call up the City's tall grass & weeds police. Get'em to issue wiseacre Stecher a citation. By allowing these hotshots who think they know it all to permit 800 Bank St. to stand fallow, is creating yet another eyesore & further diminishing the quality of life in the West End.

Let em invest more money in the area by paying off the fines & costs associated with their selfish neglect of the land.

You mentioned the drug dealers in the West End. Yesterday during the BFR Parade, I talked with a gent who resides in the area & who knows about the goings on. I remarked about City West & the Sheriff's Deputies' substation. I was appalled to learn City West is infested with dope dealers. The gent told me that the dope boys moved their families in & just took over. One dead giveaway - look at the windows in some of the buildings. Some don't appear as nice & pristine as others. Frankly, this is a crime & yet another initiative gone horribly wrong.

But it's a fact that you locate a help center in close proximity to the action zones, it's going to amount to another failed attempt. Why can't those idiotic people at CityLink understand this? Why take addicts & criminals, promise them a new start, while at the same time, set them up to fail?

Money. Greed. Crooked deals. Criminality. Fraud. Abuse. Scam.

I want to believe Ted Winkler will put paid to this once & for all.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I for one am glad that Mark Stetcher and CityLink are not folding up and working with the City. With this behavior they continue to alienate themselves and look even more folloish. They will continue to erode any support that they may have had. i find it very alughable that Mark Stecher and many of the others that push these bullshit programs all seem to live far from the City. Mark Stecher lives in Indian hills for example. Also keep in mind that Mark doesnt have a real job he is a social worker that has found a way like Dale to rob the tax payers and those in need of help to creat a luxery lifestyle for himself.

What a piece of work!

Props to the truth squad for your conintued efforts. Know that you you are supported around the City.
Vote Hale YES!

Tax payer

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The article below was forwarded to me. I think the truth squad can rest assure that your bravery to stand up against these poverty pimps is catching on. You are leading the way for our city to stop being a dumping ground for these agencies. Keep up the good fight!
Park board bars social services from Washington Park
> By T.K. Hall
> Photo By Jared M. Holder Bob McGonagle says his church should be allowed
> to feed homeless people in Washington Park
> ------------------------------
> Charities are no longer welcome to operate in Cincinnati parks. In April the
> Cincinnati Park Board quietly changed its policy, indefinitely suspending
> social service permits for all parks in the city.
> "The park board refined its special-use permit policy regarding requests by
> charitable groups to use parks as distribution sites," says an e-mail to
> park staff from Jude Johnson, assistant to the director of the Parks
> Department. "The current policy is that the park board will not be issuing
> permits to individuals or organizations to disseminate food and/or clothing
> to the less fortunate in Washington Park."
> When asked for a copy of the new policy, Johnson provided a copy of his
> e-mail.
> While all parks are included, Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine was singled
> out because of its use as a staging area for food and clothing distribution
> for the homeless.
> "The reason for the new policy is that city parks are not equipped or
> licensed to operate as a social service venue and these activities are
> creating adverse conditions, such as excessive litter and potential health
> issues surrounding the distribution of food," Johnson wrote. "Although the
> intentions behind these activities are good, they are at odds with our
> function, and the situation is having a negative impact on the park."
> *Give and run *
> If the problem is litter and health risks, including rat infestations, from
> overnight dumping of food and clothing by unknown sources, social-service
> agencies question why the policy restricts groups that don't operate that
> way, including the United Church of Christ in Camp Washington, which has
> served the homeless in Washington Park for years.
> Like some others, the United Church of Christ has found a loophole in the
> new policy: set up shop just outside the park. Already kicked out of the
> park for failing to obtain a permit, the United Church of Christ has the
> blessing of the City Gospel Mission to distribute meals from its property,
> just a block up from the park.
> "I believe that at least once a week there should be a venue for us to be
> allowed to feed in the park," says Bob McGonagle, a United Church of Christ
> volunteer and former homeless person. "They know us. We've been doing this
> for five to six years."
> Social services that have used the park argue that, after serving meals,
> they check for litter.
> "We will go to the park at the end to make sure there's no trash," says
> United Church of Christ volunteer Michele White. "We don't want to give
> anyone any reason not to allow us down there."
> While UCC and others use adjacent sidewalks to continue their missions, the
> Parks Department hopes to funnel groups that want to help through
> established organizations such as the Drop Inn Center.
> "It's just a matter of saying that, 'We're a group that has food and
> clothing. Can we schedule time to feed the less fortunate to coordinate
> efforts?' " Johnson says.
> Johnson, who helped draft the new policy, and two others from the Parks
> Department met in April with Pat Clifford, coordinator of the Drop Inn
> Center, to discuss the issue. Clifford said he thought the Parks Department
> was cracking down on groups and individuals not getting permits. While he
> sees no problem coordinating relief efforts, he wonders why groups that are
> equipped and apply for permits are being rejected.
> "From what I remember from (the meeting), it's a burden for the parks for
> groups to come down and dump out clothing or a group without a permit who
> pass out plates and wrappers when there's no adequate notice or facilities
> to dispose garbage," Clifford says. "The question was would we be willing to
> take referrals for people who want to serve here, and that'd be fine.
> "If we're talking about effective service to the poor, we're on board. But
> if it's about trying to move homeless or people who look different out of a
> public park, we're against it. We're for a public park being public."
> *'People aren't hungry' *
> Johnson, however, said there was never any need for social services to in
> the park in the first place.
> "The truth is that people aren't hungry," he says. "The Drop Inn Center
> feeds them three times a day, and there are other organizations. They know
> where to get food."
> The park board's change in policy serves no purpose, according to Georgine
> Getty, executive director for the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the
> Homeless.
> "The churches that are doing it right are willing to get the permits, clean
> up after themselves and they have relationships with folks down there," she
> says. "This across-the-board banning of it is punishing the people who do it
> right and not getting those who do it wrong."
> For Getty and Clifford, dump-and-run donations at the park are an inhumane
> way to provide assistance and rarely help anyone. The resulting mess ruins
> the park for residents, Johnson says.
> "Over-the-Rhine wants their park like Ault Park, and that's what the
> community wants," he says. "Everybody wants it cleaned up, but as inclusive
> as everybody's backyard."
> The Parks Department has stepped up its effort to clean up the park by
> staffing it with two permanent workers and encouraging new programming.
> "They won't receive a permit to just hand out food and clothing," Johnson
> says. "If they come in and say they'll have a concert or a festival -- where
> it's going to be a full-blown festival with maybe face-painting, kids'
> games, things of that nature -- we understand with those events you have
> give-away hot dogs or something like that. But the hot dogs or the
> hamburgers, that's not the main focus. The main focus is kids running around
> here, having a good time. Everybody feels safe." (c)

Downtown resident & business owner

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is another article that was recently forwarded to me. It shows fraud in the poverty pimp business. This is exactly what the truth squad is fighting against. I think most people agree that homelessness does exist but most people dont understand how much fraud is involved in the "efforts" to help. Dale Mallory is an example of how the system is abused. Also if you click on the link there is a video interview that is worth watching.
Keep up the great work Truth squad!

Target 5 Investigates: Homeless Or Hoax?
Some Beggars Make $50 An Hour
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CINCINNATI -- Before you dig into your pocket to give money to someone you think is homeless, you may want to think twice. Target 5's Sheree Paolello went undercover to find out where those donations are really going.

It's not an uncommon sight on Tri-state street corners -- people holding signs asking for money. It may feel good to give to someone less fortunate, but are they homeless or is it a hoax?

Larry makes his living on Dana Avenue. He sits and waves to people who take money from their pockets and give it to him.

On the day Target 5 was there, Larry said he made $24 in 90 minutes -- and it wasn't even a good day.

"There was one time I stood out here, I swear to God, I was out here for about 15 minutes and made $50," Larry said.

At first, Larry said he gives the money to a diabetic friend in need. But a few minutes earlier, Target 5 watched him take a break and walk across the street where he sat down behind a bush. He had a bottle of booze stashed in the bush.

The same thing happens all across the city, Paolello reported. Minutes after donating money, the recipient will take it to fulfill their habit at the local liquor store.

Caroldeen Cobb holds sign that says: "Homeless ... Anything Will Help"

But the real surprise was on the edge of the river. Along Third Street and the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge, a group of at least 10 people claimed to be homeless.

Target 5 spent a few days watching them and found that for many of them, begging is a job. They are smart, creative and very successful at getting money.

They use different signs to prey on the good hearted. The signs read 'poor,' 'homeless' and the 'need blanket' sign seemed to generate the most donations.

"The 'God bless you' sign … just hit my heart, I guess," said Diana Rabe, a donor.

Target 5 watched as the people worked the crowd of cars that drove by without saying a word.

Caroldeen was one of the many beggars. She held a 'need blanket' sign, but when she got a blanket, she continued to sit on the corner and take money.

Then, Target 5 caught her on tape as she loaded her belongings into a van and drove away.

The next day, Caroldeen was back at the same corner with the same sad look and the same sign.

Do you give money to beggars on street corners?
Yes, always.
It depends on the sign the person is holding.
No. The money would be wasted.
No. But I donate to shelters and food kitchens.

Results | Disclaimer

While holding a sign reading poor, she didn't seem to be generating much money, so she switched to a sign reading, anything will help.

That sign didn't bring in much money either, so she went to her van, removed a shopping cart and tried another sign. The switch brought in several donations, but not enough. Finally, an associate made her another sign, adding the word homeless.

The Target 5 crew followed her van to an apartment. It turns out that Caroldeen isn't homeless at all.

When confronted, Caroldeen invited the crew inside her three-room apartment. It's small and modest, but it is a home.

Reporter: "I saw you have a number of signs that you use."

Caroldeen: "(I) sure do."

Reporter: "It seems kind of like a scam."

Caroldeen: "It's really not a scam because I don't say I'm homeless."

Reporter: "Yes you do."

Caroldeen: "No I don't. That's Austin."

Reporter: "You had it on Friday."

Caroldeen claimed the only reason she used the homeless sign because she forgot hers.

"Oh! Because my poor sign was here," she said.

No, it wasn't, Paolello reported. It was in her basket while she held the homeless sign.

Reporter: "The bottom line is you still live in a house. You're not homeless."

Caroldeen: "Well, we're all one paycheck away from being homeless."

She said she has heart problems and uses the money to supplement her income. She also said she uses her income to help clothe and feed those who do live on the streets.

Caroldeen admitted that it's easier to sit on a corner than to get a job. Her daily goal is $100 and that at the corner of Beekman and Colerain, she can make $50 an hour.

"Women make more money. People feel more sorry for women than men," she said.

In fact, one woman made $200 in one afternoon -- and she wasn't homeless either. Caroldeen said the woman and her boyfriend live in a downtown apartment.

"Now, the next time I won't be so easy to give up my money," Rabe said.

Georgine Getty works with the Homeless Coalition and wasn't surprised at the results of the investigation. She insisted people like Caroldeen are not the majority of people who need help.

"They're giving the whole group of people a bad name," Getty said. "The folks you see panhandling are really just one percent of the homeless population. The vast majority of homeless people are in our shelters or they're hidden out of sight."

Getty recommends donating to a shelter or food kitchen, instead of giving on the street where citizens can't be sure where their money is going.

Reporter: "Are you a con artist?"

Caroldeen: "No. No, I'm not."

Reporter: "Why should I give you money?"

Caroldeen: "You don't have to. That's the choice you make."

There are about 60 homeless shelters, food kitchens and support programs in the city that care for an estimated 25,000 truly homeless people in Cincinnati.

Downtown resident & business owner

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Mina said...

You are exactly right that this is about as smart as putting an AA meeting in a bar. I hope for the sake of the whole area that Citylink is unsuccessful in their appeal. Let them try to put it in their own backyards(Hyde Park or Mason, anyone) and see what happens!

3:20 PM  
Anonymous The Kaizer Soze said...

Mark Stecher lives in Mason in a 600k home. Don't expect him to have anything like this in his neighborhood. People like Mark Stecher live in Mason for a reason. When the lights go down and the place locks down, Stech will be riding his SUV back to Mason.

Mark Stecher
6499 Neville Ct
Mason, OH 45040-4636 US

This is how he will get home from the homeless Mecca:

800 Bank St
Cincinnati, OH 45214-2220, US

6499 Neville Ct
Mason, OH 45040-4636, US

Directions Distance
Total Est. Time: 32 minutes Total Est. Distance: 24.41 miles

1: Start out going WEST on BANK ST toward AMITY ALY. 0.4 miles

2: Merge onto I-75 N. 20.4 miles

3: Take the TYLERSVILLE RD exit- EXIT 22- toward MASON. 0.2 miles

4: Turn RIGHT onto TYLERSVILLE RD. 1.3 miles

5: Turn LEFT onto BUTLER-WARREN RD. 1.4 miles

6: Turn RIGHT onto HERITAGE CLUB DR. 0.4 miles

7: Turn RIGHT onto NEVILLE CT. 0.1 miles

8: End at 6499 Neville Ct
Mason, OH 45040-4636, US

Total Est. Time: 32 minutesTotal Est. Distance: 24.41 miles

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way back in December I had and open mind on CityLink and all I wanted was straight answers and an HONEST dialogue. Stecher said "have faith".
My letter to the Enquirer said trust is EARNED. CityLink blew it.
Letter pasted below:


As an eight-year West End resident and homeowner, I was very interested in Peter Bronson's column "Poor need a 'YIMBY' strategy" (Dec. 8). I attended last month's West End Community Council meeting to listen to the CityLink presentation.

CityLink had no time constraints to make their case and all their spokespeople made their presentations. CityLink was not "shouted down" as CityLink President Mark Stecher's claims.

I am surprised that the West End Community Council President Dale Mallory did not understand why the 15 neighborhood churches opposed CityLink. Each church leader gave clear and reasonable arguments for their opposition.

Before the West End "has faith" as Stecher asks, I think CityLink needs to earn the West End's trust. Trust can be earned by empathic listening, encouraging participation and giving straight answers. Trust is not earned by dictating unilateral solutions to a community.

David Petersen, West End

Now 8 months later, I understand that "Christ Follower" Mark Stecher
violates commandment # 9 (thou shalt not bear false witness) whenever his lips are moving.
Dale Mallory and his Mother Fannie repeatedly lied to me about their neutral position on CityLink.
Trust is indeed earned.
The record of Mark Stecher and the Mallorys shows the world that they are not worthy of trust.
They will lie any time and any where to advance their personal agendas.

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Rodger Howell said...

"We are going ahead with our plans," said Rodger Howell, executive director of CityCure, one of the five social service agencies planning the center. "The city zoning allows us to build the center. It doesn't matter what the council says."

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "ram it down their throats" approach hasn't worked very well for CityLink and Mark Stecher. I have worked at a social service agency and this person is out of touch with reality. He acts like his is the only group that is trying to fight poverty. I think it is a bad plan. I have lived my life fighting poverty and I can tell a duck when I see it.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy doesn't even live in the City? He lives 25 miles away in Mason?

I remember when Damon Lynch used to come down from his cozy home in Amberly Village and rock the world for poverty during the riots. Over the Rhine was finally beginning to turn the corner, but the riots finished that.

These poverty pimps don't have boots on the ground. They hightail their asses home after the photo op.

People should know that. Greg Korte should write "Mark Stecher, when reached as his palatial Mason home, stated...blah blah blah. And people should have asked Lynch how the riots have affected his home in Amberly Village.

These people never have to live with the consequences of their actions. And they are backed by God himself. If you attack them you are a Godless insensitive person who hates the poor. Did Stecher move to Mason because he loves the poor? Do his children play with poor children? Do any poor people live on his street or neighborhood? Outside of the Mexicans doing the construction work (who everyone conveniently ignores), there are no poor people in Mason.

I live in OTR. They never tell you that most of the people arrested during the riots were from outside of OTR. They never tell you that most of the people arrested during the CPD crime sweep earlier this year were from outside of OTR. They never tell you that most of the preachers causing trouble in the name of God don’t come from there either. If we stopped importing all the criminals, derelicts, bums, crazies, felons, sex offenders, grandstanding preachers and poverty pimps OTR would be one of the greatest historical gems in this country.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please include links back to the original articles you are quoting. Most info junkies like to read the full article & be able to place it in context. It's also good netiquette.

2:22 AM  
Anonymous Jon Stewart said...

Your moment of zen...

Dale Mallory, President of the West End Community Group, says the clean up is needed. "We've tried to work with the city, but those efforts failed. We're thankful to partner with City Link. They volunteered to help resolve this problem."

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great vid of Dale pimpin CityLink. He got paid. I drove by bank street over the weekend. Nothing but trash and overgrown weeds on the citylink property. What an eyesore.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the addresses of the CityLink board members? Do any of them live near the proposed CityLink or are they NIMBYs? Mark Stecher lives in an all white Mayberry community. He has no clue about the inner City people of color or the areas problems. He continues to insult the intelegence of the people that live in the uran core.

Thanks truth squad for stopping this horible social experiment.

hey Mark why havent you been back to a West End community council meeting sense Dale was outsted?

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 11:33,
Are you kidding?
ALL of the board members are rich suburbanites. None of them would be caught dead in the inner city.
They are redemptive liberals oozing in "white guilt". This coupled with opportunistic poverty pimps is the toxic blend of powers that has sent this city on a 40 year death spiral.
Many of the Truth Squaders are people that made money in the real world. They lived in the burbs and decided to move into da hood and make a REAL difference.
They are fixing up property . They LIVE there. They PARTNER with their rainbow coallition neighbors.
Who the hell wants some sanctimonious lying mega-church suburban bastard to tell us they know what's best for OUR families and OUR neighbors.
They bribed Dale to sneak this through, and lied lied lied when they got caught.
Go get em Truth Squad.
Hale yes!!!!!

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get it. What is wrong w/ Queesgate/Spinney Field/Spring Grove?

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Tuck said...

I don't think the Judge is going to overrule this case in favor of CityLink. It is pretty cut and dry that they don't fit the zoning. They had to know that going in, or they should hold their lawyers accountable.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Mrs hale get the endorsement today?

Tax payer

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that she did get the endorsement.
Also heard Dale's flunkie Markus Jenkins tried to get her name withdrawn with his racist crap.
Remember Marcus? He's the one that said he LIVED at 925 Dayton St (Dale's "blight of the week"). Marcus and Dale used that FRAUDULANT address in their frivolous lawsuit against Kim, the CPD and the Sheriff. The case was tossed out by the judge.
This is the same Markus Jenkins that Dale wasted EZ tax dollars "asset mapping". Dale had many bogus "meetings" and billed the U.S. taxpayer to pimp CityLink.
Markus was the pro-CityLink shill that went to city hall and said the white, Asian and brown West Enders against CityLink "didn't LOOK like they came from the West End." Fortunately, Laketa Cole called him out and said "the address cards tell me that they live there and YOU DON'T".
Marcus is a flunkie race baiting fool bought and paid for by Dale, the EZ and CityLink.
Kim called him out yesterday and the Republican wheels LOVED it!.
This is just one more Mallory Mafia ploy that backfired on them.
Kim proved she is a winner.
Kim stood her ground and turned that bogus racist crap right back on the poverty pimps that have no other weapons.
Hale yes!......Dale no!
Hale forever.....Mallory never!

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I understand it Marcus is also a paid consultant for CityLink. He acknolaged that at the city Council meeting

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Mina said...

Well everybody, it's official.

Who's working on her campaign? Does she have a website yet?

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

with this blog and
who needs a website?
Seriously, Kim's tech savvie, I'm sure she'll have one soon.
I'm amazazed at what she and her team have done in one short week.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Wolverine JR said...

Driving in from NY this morning I happened to think that we need a
postal gallery for view of Dale's family and buddies posted so those of us not familiar with the faces can spot them during the campaign. Guys like Garrett, PhanEZ, Norris, JoeJoe, and sparkle less Norris to name a few.

Start a post on that and as we get mug shots we post.

Markus Jenkins is a putz and tries to get folks riled with his psycho-zabble. Burke is holding the slenderest of threads on this matter with the party. Holds the same old hynotic words out over and over and the locals are lulled back into sleep for their own good. Dale's hiding and then being surrounded at Dem events so that people cannot talk to the boy. D4S is the head of the pus pocket that runs deep with Timbo, Trickie Dickie, Heimlich, 3M, Aronoff and Trickie Dickie Finan. Look at the loops they rides and hoops they jump through to get their programs seeded and sold outside of the public eye. Dale likes being used.
Most of us hate seeing a man continued to be torn down when others profess to be backing him.

when the n8h8 begins to peddle your ass you know the Mcrew is having to work harder and harder.
Everybody hits bottom some just harder than others. N8 was silenced during the 3m campain when they were riding high and only brought out when a bit of spit was needed in the wind. spit laded back on N8h8 and 3m and company breezed by. Here, it's Dale and there is continual blowback......ain't that true Bugman? Running a liquidation sale or just a buy one get one free on yo cash cows? So just MOOOve on over a bit and lets see if yo Bar-Booooo-que is tasty or there is more a kick than normal.
Rubber duck over and out

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The West End Community Council did a great job of cleaning up that site. It was becomming a huge eye sore. Mark Stecher is in the wrong line of business.

1:24 PM  

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