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An Entry Worth Headlining?

Original entry can be located as post 29 in "Genesis Rears It's Ugly Head".

anonymous said...
A note to the wise:

Use this blog to INFORM the public of what is going on with the various cases. Do NOT...I REPEAT...DO NOT give up ANY more information other than for the use of PUBLIC AWARENESS. These S.O.B's have folks monitoring your posts and it is imperative that you begin to operate more from of a position of SILENCE. This town is waaaaaaaaaaaay TOO small and people TALK! Less is MORE!!!!!

Godspeed, Truth Squad---take 'em DOWN.

Anon, rest assured the information hits this board long after wheels are in motion and claws are secure. If you think the Mallory Mafia is big, you'd be proud to know the true depth of the Truth Squad. It's monumental.

Tick, Tick, Tick...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blanchard, thanks for the clarification. The noteworthy post had me thinking & gave a bit of concern.

I had already deduced that the Mallory goon patrol has someone seated in front of a screen doing round the clock monitoring for "chatter & intell". That was a given a long time ago.

11:35 AM  
Blogger westender1000 said...

I'm sure the Mallorys would love this blog to go silent.
The flow of information on the impeachment, the EZ fraud, Dale's theft of WECC funds, the Hitman/Beatty dirt, the Cleveland mess,the FBI,the CityLink lies, the zoning victory,the failed D4S lawsuits, the EZ fund shutdown, the saga of Wm. Sr. 3 illicit families, the Mt. Airy move all started here folks.
Like the energizer bunny....we keep going and going and going.
The Truth Squad will keep investigating and shining a light on these crooks.
Why in the world should we keep quiet now????????????????

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHOOOOOOOOA, Kemosabis....That post wasn't intended to silence anyone---quite the contrary. I'm very, very, VERY glad to see a GROUP of people who, not only KNOW what the hell is going on but are WILLING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! And thanks for the clarification--I'm glad to know that wheels are already in motion before the posts are going up. With N8Dawg reappearing here and there and their other minions lurking about, my concern was that they could be gathering more info than they needed. I've seen how these bastards operate, up close and personal---it isn't pretty. BUT...TRUTH ALWAYS WINS and that's the comfort.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chicken or egg?
I've often wondered how the whole Dale4Sale mess started. I think I've pieced it together. Truth Squad chime in if I'm missing key pieces or if my interpetation of events is faulty.
1)CityLink had their "mission" and decided to locate at 800 Bank in early/mid 2005.
2)The CityLink leaders were told they needed to clear it with 3 key people 1-WECC's Dale Mallory 2-key preacher Gerry Bates 3-business leader (Central light prez?).
3) Bates said "hell NO!". The Central Light guy was leaving anyway (running from a Dale led EXTORTION PLOT). This left Dale as the sole "Go to" guy.
4) Unemployed/neveremployed Dale always looked for quick cash to sell his WECC/family connections. Dale was the willing seller. CityLink the willing buyer.
5) CityLink backers....Heimlich, Lindner, Burke. These power, backroom guys were folks Dale wanted to deal with.
6) Dale wanted 1-cash 2-32nd seat 3- some "accomplishment" to give people the illusion he was qualified for office.
7) The EZ was a source of money (old man Mallory had been getting 1/2mil/yr for his center). Also Junebug and Howdie and Garrett were placed there for Mallory control.
8) Dale had the perfect opportunity. Gain "political chips" with Heimlich, Burke and Lindner.....get income....get stuff for his empty resume. Milk the EZ.
9) All Dale needed to do was facilitate the CityLink entry to the West End.
10) Dale and the CityLink folks secretly met to slide the project through the October WECC meeting.
11) A few savvie WECC folks smelled a rat and asked tough questions and the WECC response was delayed till Nov.
12) Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb are well chronicled in this bolg.....Long story short, Dale's plot was discovered and Dale was impeached.
13) While these ugly facts are irrefutable, Dale and asswipe N8 still claim he's WECC prez.
14) The theft of WECC funds seems to be a way for Dale to temporarily hide bank transactions that will almost certainly proove bigger theft evidence.
15) The Truth Squad may want to get the REAL story why Central Light sources says it was a Dale lead extortion gone bad......Dale responsible for a big business fleeing the city.
That's my take on things.
The Dean wanted to see the "big fish" part of the story.......Dean, How am I doing???? I think this outline ties in the big fish with the known facts.
To the unnamed author that is considering a book in the city hall hitman, 3 illicit families, the "socko" days, the girly man, election rigging with 1/2bro joe and big daddy on the rules committee. Sound like the bones of a juicy story to me.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Wolverine JR said...

Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen: Big Daddy always calls the shots. Dale fielded this ball when the family left the war zone and was doing well until BD wanted to tell his and Fannie's oldest son HOW to do things.

Mallory was sweating the primary, and even the end vote. Before the primary in September Burke was holding onto Pepper until he saw the close race and some of the tough horses SenM had in the field working for him. Then he flipped off Pepper and began the cultivation of the DBM. Ask the Pepper people how often they saw Timbo after the primary in September. Then aong came....Dick and Dick and Stan and all of Daddy's old buddies from Columbus days.,,,and Timbo was just at home.
And Dale thought it was okay but he forget people think and remember. How many of the folks that Dale had meetings with did he Really ahve meetings with? Cookin' more than Bob-o-que...more like books.

Boys, TBs been looking for that damned Tick, tick, tick clock in his awfice and wants you to stop. He needs to win his cases this week and next.Have all his wits about him without you fellows showing up at his shindigs. Needs to look right for all the big boys at state. Can't you help him by taking away that damned clock.

You say what?? Oh, Uncle Bob told you to do it. Hell, Uncle Bob told us to do it....we better damned do it.... all together now.. tick-tock,tick-tock,tick-tock,tick-tock....

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 8:06, sounds like a good synopsis. What's this about a book deal? I think I heard something about that on a comment somewhere else on this blog. Sounds like an eye-opener for most of us who had no idea what was really going on here.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Antares said...

TS people:
I have been trying to follow this whole series of escapades as someone who spiritually supports another who supports the transparent and open conversation between the various groups. Living in Butler County and commuting into the city to make sure my friend is okay during these crazy days has been wearing. Then I have to realize that many of you folks stand in the midst of people who do not care about their fellow citizens. Do not care enough to have an understanding of how life REALLY goes on on Dayton, Linn, Central Parkway, Bank and other of the living breathing streets of a city.

My work brought me through the West End six weeks ago with members of a real estate team who were 'just looking'. I do not have to tell you the classification that people use in business when they are just looking. Their tour was dull, lifeless, knew all the big shots

Last night my friend drove my son and I through from downtown all the way through to Camp Washington, criss-crossing the area like it was wonder land. The historical, cultural and personal approach was a most enlivening home tour. It was not black and white, it was "Miss Sims' place", "the retired teacher from over at Hughes lives here", "Joe rehabbed that one and Keebo is working on the wall so he can get on with the other work to this home". A personal tour. A very personal tour of the West End.

Did the CityLink folks ever take a walk, a ride with people who live in the community that their 'vision' would effect? Or did their 'visionary' concept just try and roll over the neighborhood in a "for your own good" attitude?
Did they consider or speak with people at the St. Vincent's group,
The CAT house, West End Health Center before they jumped in?

You all have a precious piece of paradise that could be transformed to an ebb and roll place like Savannah. Walk people through YOUR visions.Take walking tours of your homeplace.

So in surfing through the rounds of the day, noticed the youngster over at the Black Blog had opened up shop again. And the post of the following leaves me to wonder, does he ever fully think before he/she speaks? There's the pandering of "white people don't want to help poor and sick people"
and the same shrill note from Mr. Dale Mallory about his Daddy raised him to help people, so he plays the color card, too. Sorry to hear the brother of the man who said something like neighbors to neighbor, each block by each block be so devisive. And his young friend on the black blog flip flopping with this:

"Why is Cincinnati, and OTR specifically, a dumping ground for sex offenders? If the Volunteers of America wants to run a residential treatment program for sex offenders, they should do it in a remote area where their residents won't have the potential to harm people living around the center. Put it in the country somewhere."

So as the young NIMBYist cartwheels from one area to another, changing mind as the wind changes, or the favors, did the CityLink people ever ponder having a sexual offender program on their site?
Their lists were so inclusive. Was that one of the concerns so close to the schools?
Keep up your blogging and posting. Make sure your bricks are solid before they are offered up. Don't let the little pigs, and the wolf tear your neighborhood down.


1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to the TS!
"Christain" CityLink never reached out, never listened, never answered tough questions, contradicted themselves constantly.
Then they plot secretly with Dale and the EZ to force CityLink down the West End's throat.
They hire the City Hall Killer and Junebug and their thugs to threaten and bully those that ask questions.
These folks had their answer. Screw the West End..........what the hell do those stupid ghetto people know. The do-gooders from Mason know all,and they will spend millions to s**t all over us.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Antares, welcome to the foray! I enjoyed your approach to the entire topic. Many people utilize the little boy at the black blogspot for laughs & comedy relief. He's opened his mouth too many times & has ultimately had a sock shoved in his mouth & a boot in his behind.

"Ask the Pepper people how often they saw Timbo after the primary in September."

Wolverine jr., trust me, Timbo headed for the hills, Mt. Airy, that is. Swimming pools. Crooked politicians. The Mt. Airy Mallorybillies. And you'll never get an answer as to how much folks were paid in Bond Hill & Roselawn to swing the votes & turn in the ballots at the last second.

Actually, I love that clock. That confounded thing isn't going away until the Truth Squad implodes the entire mess. Without a doubt, that famous clock is driving Timbo beserk. Timbo the Bimbo is sweating rather heavy these days, & it isn't the high summer heat, either.

However, at last check, Hattie the Witch continues to stir that pot of simmering oil. She tells be it isn't quite ready to bubble. She's waiting for the go-ahead signal & she'll stoke the flames & get the caldron going but good. Then we'll toss 'em in. Make Junebug's look like a nursery school snack time.

Anon 8:06, thanks for the excellent job - how ya doin? It looks great, boss! The nail has been hit on the head. Keep it going!

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

11:39...."what's this about a book deal?"
A certain Truth Squader has had 2 long "brain dump" meetings with an author that is between projects. The author agrees that this story has all the makings of a great non-fiction page turner.
The go/no go date on this project will be in August.
If the answer is "go" I'm sure the Truth Squad will all meet the author and the TRUE Mallory Mafia story will emerge.
The only question is......what will the ending be?.....Will there be another Mob Murder?.....will D4S get elected or go to jail?
The open ending is the one negative against a host of positives.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 8:15, thanks for responding to my question. This is anon 11:39. I knew Mark when he was a kid, he didn't even want to be a politician, so all of this is funny as hell to me. Well, I guess it would be funny if so many people weren't getting screwed.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

You know, I wondered all along why 3M would do a backpedal from the State Senate to a Mayor's job. Most politicians go high up on the political ladder.

Pooh-Pooh on that garbage that he has to look after Mommy & Daddy because they're old.

We're seeing answers unfolding daily & there'll be more.

Answer to Anon about Orlinda Beatty's taxes - sorry I missed your post. In looking at the papers, they're not specific. Junebugs, other enterprises, etc.

What instantly came to mind & this might be a big cow - those EZ folks could, quite possibly, be taking gross checks instead of net with payroll deductions. This leaves everyone to do estimated federal withholding, state estimated & city payroll taxes. We won't even talk about social security & Medicare deductions.

I wouldn't be afraid to bet that's what's going on. Some ninny-hammer doesn't know how to do payroll in that damned outfit. Then again, seeing they're a not-for-profit, they probably believe they themselves are tax exempt. Ah, the minds of the greedy & the crooked.

Don't know anything about the book business, but I believe it would do a brisk sell. Has all those tasty & tantalizing ingredients people lap up - lies, murder, mayhem, greed, crooked deals, scandal, sex, dirty money, lush lifes, poverty, poverty pimps, whores, felons, bought votes, shady elections, a union representing those making marginal wages actually buys an election for a term-limited, washed up State Senator, etc.

Actually, the contents of this blog would look great in print, too!

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:17/11:39
You knew Mark when he was a kid?
Were 1/2 brothers joe/dwane/Wm.Jr. with their biological mothers or had Fannie started the "Family of the year" myth at that time?
Let's try to keep in touch.
The more early Mallory Mafia data, the better.
We need to document the early chronology.
What happened to those disowned girlfriends/mothers?

10:21 PM  

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