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Open Thread

In an effort to keep posts on topic, I am posting an open thread.

I will try to keep in under the most current post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's test HOW open this "open thread" is:
Dale's 2nd wife (ANNA) is a crack ho japanese-AA woman that was often seen near her downtown crack house.
Anna has not been seen in 2 weeks. It's said Junebug's Detroit connections grabbed her and hid her in Detroit while the FBI spotlight is on Dale.
If Anna winds up floating in the Detroit river, I hope the feds look at the Mallory Mafia and Junebug motives and deeds.
Better yet, find this woman before it's too late. Dry her out and let her spill her story on Dale.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous carstairs said...

Mr. Dallory, this is re: the spreadsheet I sent you. Perhaps you might want to pencil in or add a column for C&H Renaissance/OFRP. Theo Holmes, L.W. (Linda) Clement Holmes & J. Denise Clement should go in that spot.

Seeing Mr. Seitz highlighted them in his July 17, 2006 letter to HUD & they are persons of interest in this entire matter, I guess they ought to be put on the "road map".

Actually, I'll attempt to update the lists later in the week & patch it off to you. As I explained in an Email, that list is not anywhere near being definitive.

I agree, let's give it a go with an Open Thread ever so often. I would rather see specific topics stay on that line of thinking. I realize people want updates on "the neighbors", etc., folks find other nuggets of info, & want to get it out there, so, an Open Thread would fit the bill for that sort of thing. Thanks for adding the feature!

Stopped by Judge Nadel's Court this morning. Howdy the Hitman will get his sentence next month. The date hasn't been set in stone yet. I'll stay on this & provide updates as I learn more.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for the Open Thread! If you haven't seen this, give this blog a gander... see what folks who don't contribute here are saying about this shee-bang.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's make a list of all the people Junebug has threatened to kill.
Junebug was on a roll at the January and February WECC meetings.
Junebug had his thugs with him to try to control the meeting. Three individual WECC members were threatened on those nights. Police reports have been filed and each threat was witnessed by two or more witnesses.
I just spoke to a reporter that did a piece on Junebug in recent months. That reporter told me he too was threatened by Junebug.
An Enquirer staffer that remembers the Genesis days tells of Junebugs threats 6 or so years ago.
The point is that Junebug is threatening the lives of anyone that rocks the poverty pimp boat in the West End. Junebug is the Mallory Mafia muscle of choice.
Memo to FBI......please look at the Junebug drug and racketering and extortion and murder ring real hard.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Bug, does he have to sign the paper work to enter city hall like the rest of us? Or does he get a 5+ minute pass and gets hizzoner's ear antime? Are the sign in sheets part of city hall records? they are conducted and directed by city hall security.

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the Whistleblower:

Also at the courthouse, things aren't looking too good for the LawDog. Not only will his lay-down defense of City Hall Shooter Howard Beatty soon earn his client a bus ride to Lucasville, but it seems his own problems are mounting. One of the clients is now garnishing his wages.
Another just got a judgment against him in small claims court. The LawDog didn't bother to show. And the copiers are being taken away because he didn't pay the $85 grand he owed Xerox. Our snitch says that's just the tip of the iceberg.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for making an open thread. I was wondering if anyone took a gander at this article.

Seems like the Mallory's are always getting someone else to pay for stuff.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous carstairs said...

Everyone, this is in from the Whistleblower's Thursday edition:

"Also at the courthouse, things aren't looking too good for the LawDog. Not only will his lay-down defense of City Hall Shooter Howard Beatty soon earn his client a bus ride to Lucasville, but it seems his own problems are mounting. One of the clients is now garnishing his wages.

Another just got a judgment against him in small claims court. The LawDog didn't bother to show. And the copiers are being taken away because he didn't pay the $85 grand he owed Xerox. Our snitch says that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Many folks think that there are a few reasons the Cincinnati Girly Man Mayor Mark Mallory has a body guard:

First, he has been threatened by Kabaka Oba followers. The mayor was friends with Kabaka and the Beatteys (both Warren and Howard) prior to the shooting. We understand the Mayor had a falling out with Kabaka just before the shooting and took the Beatteys’ side on the argument. Remember when David Pepper made a big to do about the mayor being endorsed by the Black Fist?

Then, of course, Cincinnati Police Officer Scotty Johnson, long time Mallory friend and supporter was hand picked by the Mayor for this special detail. Scotty will retire this year. He's expected to earn an extra $30K in overtime for his special detail. When he retires his pension will be based on his last year’s income. Because of this gravy job, the over-taxed payers will be bilked for years to come."

This is just the abbreviated version with some salient details.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mallory was endorsed by the Nikki X Black Fist not the Kabaka Oba Black Fist. He could barely walk down the street without Nikki X bum rushing him and proclaiming her support so she could ham it up for the cameras. Though Mallory never publicly rejected the "endorsement of one" (like the army of one), he certainly didn't list it on his website along with other endorsements.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that former board member Lamont Taylor strong armed a deal thru and may have received kickbacks and jumped off the board once others got wind of it.
He didnt want it to jeopardize his chance to win some haughty taughty award for being an up and comer king of board position thingy. Can someone find out why he went under and hasnt come up for air? Also I understand the rich guy received a six figure loan that is questionable, Some yogurt place up in Clifton. Can anyone check that out?

9:05 PM  
Anonymous T.M. said...

I don't think that Taylor has been hiding or unavailble for comment. It doesn't appear to me that he has "gone under". If the press start asking him questions and he replys "no comment" or "talk to my lawyer" that would be one thing.

Lamont Taylor pushed for the investigation into Dale Mallory and Len Garrett's actions. I heard that he claimed Mark Mallory asked them to wait until after the primary to end Dale's contract.

Dale's contract was ended as soon as it hit public light. Harold Cleveland likes to say that Dale did a great job but that the program came to a natural end (at the same time public eyes came prying). The Lawyer for the Empowerment Zone is less deceptive. He admitted that Dale was working for CityLink, and that Dale is gone and the CEC isn't for the CityLink development anymore.

Make your own mind up. I haven't heard any bad shags on Taylor as of yet, but if you come fourth with credible evidence you can share it with the blog.

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous 941? they did list the black fist for a time and eventually pulled the matter, along with other supporters, to admit the columbus power boys choir.

2:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mallory did list the black fist on his WEB site as an endorsement then pulled it after Pepper made an issue out of Mallory taking the endorsement of a racist organization

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Howard Beatty said...

It makes you wonder how we got a mayor who was willing to involve himself in the soap opera.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Mayor and family were blackmailed by Dale.
Dale threatened to take the Mallory Mafia down if he didn't get the 32nd seat.
Dale and Joe know the specific election fraud tricks that stole the election from Pepper.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Dale and Joe know the specific election fraud tricks that stole the election from Pepper."

Big Daddy had one of those famous back room meetings with SEIU Local 1199. They bought & paid for 3Ms mailings, robo-calls, adverts, the whole 9 yards. In sum, the union bought the Mayor's race for 3M. Along with payouts to folks in Roselawn & Bond Hill.

As I understand it, a volunteer in the Pepper camp started putting 2+2 together, sniffed out some election fraud, ala Kennedy Presidential Campaign. The person got some help on the research & then filed a complaint with the Elections Commission. While the process was going on, the Mallorys sent N8 to threaten & mouth off about the whistleblower volunteer.

It wasn't discovered until well after the fact, the election, that Bond Hill & Roselawn was paid off. The details of that have yet to be fully uncovered. No one wants to talk.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photo of Norris.
I remember Mark Stecher giving Hitman Howdie Beatty a high five at that same meeting. Any photos out there of that gem????
Also Kathy hugging pappa Bill and D4S.
The incriminating photo ops that night were PRICELESS.
Let's all go through our archives and collect a great album for our friends at the FBI.
Via con dios Senior Dale
Via con dios Senior Stecher
Via con dios Senora Norris a inferno

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 3:38PM
That is a very serious accusation ... you just saying it for dramatic effect or are you just speculating that there was fraud?

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mallory listed the Black Fist endorsement along with Roxanne Qualls and Bill Seitz's endorsements -- that's the only reason people knew about it before Pepper brought it up.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's much closer to pure fact than idle speculation.
I hear the Truth Squad is building a case and I'm sure the FBI will get these facts too.
Joe, Dale and Danny P. all say and do stuff that's noticed.
The EZ Queensgate voter registration work by Dale certainly will go under a microscope.
That's just about 1% of the evidence I PERSONALLY know of.
The real Truth Squaders know so much more.
The comments made on today's blog will be August front page scandles in the Enquirer.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous GDPKarnak said...

Johnny Carson's character Karnak the Great, would approach the SEIU matter using a hermetically sealed jar:
I see SEIU local 1199,
Mr. Ryan,
Compass Media of chicago,
DanDan AFL-CIO man...."

1:54 PM  
Anonymous didjumeen said...

1:58 PM  
Anonymous GDPKarnak said...

freaking comma insert you dip,
and make sure you see the client list before they eradicate it. How many Ohio legislators can you name who are FO3M, FOBMSr, FOTB...and possible friends with former auditster FOJ(deCoursey in this case)? RW is lobbying hia little heart out for me and you at city Hall and Columbus.Wonder how he keeps DandyDannyP busy wid the fundraising part of robbying?

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

This little item was in Saturday's Enquirer, under news briefs:



A church group that wants to put a social services center in the West End - and neighborhood groups looking to stop it - got a mixed decision from Hamilton County Magistrate Richard A. Bernat. He declined to rule on the Citylink Center's appeal of a Cincinnati Board of Zoning Appeals decision blocking construction of the 5-acre social services mall. Instead, he sent the issue back to the zoning appeals board, saying that the panel improperly considered new evidence at a hearing in February. Bernat said zoning appeals boards are limited to reviewing the evidence presented to a hearing examiner, who in this case approved the project.

(For friends & supporters who haven't been at the meetings, etc.)

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karnak, the list has been printed off & put in a file for safekeeping. You've noticed that it is soooo EZ to match an item in Column A with an item in Column B.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous didjumeen said...

hyphen insert, you troll!
because you probably slept through the credits let's give you the list of people compass-media has helped with issues and campaigns. anonymous 11:06 was kind enough to mention a couple of dots so lets see if a connection could exist between a union, a senator's campaign and anything else of political deftness and savvy. compass clients as listed on their website are:

"Compass Media Group and its
principals have served a
diverse group of clients
across the country. Our client
roster includes many can-
didates, caucuses, and
initiative campaigns,
non-profit agencies, labor
organizations as well as a
Fortune 500 corporation."

"Democratic Congressional
Campaign Committee

Jennifer Granholm for Governor(MI)

Margaret Workman for Congress(WV)

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
for Governor (MD)

EMILY’S List: Arizona WOMEN
VOTE! Project

Credit Union National

Credit Union Legislative
Action Committee

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin

Congressman John Barrow

Congressman Lane Evans

Congressman Jim Marshall

Chris John for U.S. Senate

AFL-CIO (Ohio)

AFSCME Council 31

AFSCME (Oregon)

SEIU (Oregon)

SEIU District 1199
(OH, KY, WV)

SEIU Nurse’s Alliance

International Union of
Bricklayers and Allied

United Auto Workers

International Brotherhood
of Electrical Workers,
Local 134

Labor Management Cooperation
Committee of Chicago

Electrical Contractors

Communications Workers
of America

National Education Association

Illinois Education Association

Illinois Federation of Teachers

International Association of

Ohio Democratic Party

Louisiana Democratic Party

Indiana House Democrats

FuturePAC/Oregon House

Georgia Democratic Party

Georgia House and Senate

Union County Democrats (NJ)

Commissioner Debbie Lieberman,
Montgomery Co., OH

Commissioner Cal Sutker,
Cook County, IL

Mayor David Cicilline,
Providence, RI

Pat O’Brien for Mayor,
Moline, IL

State’s Attorney Jeff
Terronez, Rock Island,
Co., IL

League of Conservation Voters

Colorado Conservation Voters

The Latina Initiative

Brady Campaign to Prevent
Gun Violence

Friends of Lake County
Forest Preserves (Lake)

Will County Clean Air and
Water (Will Co., IL)

Kane County Cougars Minor
League Baseball (IL)

The Nature Conservancy
of Illinois

Nuclear Threat Initiative’s
Safer World Campaign

Alliance to Keep Chicago
Buildings Safe

Chicago Coalition for
the Homeless

The Trust for Public Land

Green Building Coalition

Pennsylvania Trial
Lawyers Association

Missouri Trial Lawyers

Illinois Trial Lawyers

Kansans for Democratic

United Airlines

Conservation Foundation

Orthopaedic Surgeons

Coalition to Save
Specialty Care

Madison County Democrats

Alivio Medical Center

Chicago School Leadership

County Councilman Jeff
Wagener, St. Louis

St. Louis City Comptroller
Darlene Green

Alderman Tom Allen,
Chicago, IL

Alderman Mary Ann Smith,
Chicago, IL

John Ehrlich for Cook
County Judge

State Senator Deanna
Demuzio (IL)

State Representative
Julie Hamos (IL)

State Representative
Mike Barnes (GA)

State Representative
Hinson Mosley (GA)

State Representative
Bert Oliver (GA)

State Representative
Gerald Greene (GA)

State Senator Carol
Jackson (GA)

State Senator Robert
Brown (GA)

State Senator Rene
Kemp (GA)

State Representative
Arnie Roblan (OR)

State Representative
Deborah Boone (OR)

State Representative
Larry Galizio (OR)

State Senator Charlie
Wilson (OH)

State Senator Tom Roberts

State Senator Mark Mallory

Retired State Senator
Greg DiDonato (OH)

Assemblywoman Linda Stender

Assemblyman Jerry Green

State Senator Nick Scutari

No on Issue 15 (Cuyahoga Co.,

Yes on Denver School Bond
(Denver, CO)"

Check their campaigns under matters like BULLDOG to see if those bear any likeness to campaign materials you may have seen.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Regarding Compass Media Group & ties to the Mallorys, give this a gander (I hope I captured the entire address & warning - the Cincinnati Election Commission site acts a bit flakey at times) You'll also see 3M & his crew certainly loved to eat - eat plenty & high on the hog. Grab this stuff while the getting is good & the City makes it vanish.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous The Deputy said...

"Dale's 2nd wife (ANNA)"

Anna Mallory, aka Anna J. Griffin, Anna T. Griffin
DOB 8/19/57
Last known address in St. Bernard
6/7/06 jailed 30 days on falsification

"Anna has not been seen in 2 weeks."

She's out of jail. Either laying low or being held in Detroit. It's your call.

4:46 PM  

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