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The Federal Bureau of Investigation

Cuff them both now and save me some time!

FBI Joins Empowerment Investigation
WKRC Local 12 News
LAST UPDATE: 7/15/2006 7:28:31 PM

Click the link above and check it out.

Local 12 broke the news that The FBI is the newest entry to the investigation of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. The FBI joins HUD as the second Federal agency to investigate the ongoing criminal activity at the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. HUD is currently auditing the improper conduct of the C.E.C. Cincinnati City Council also called for an audit of the C.E.C. This article breaks the news that the Cincinnati Police Department has also been on the Empowerment trail. That is a new development.

Over the years Federal funding for the CEC is into the tens of millions, and over 80% of the loans are reported to be delinquent. This despite the fact that CEC loans were given at below market interest rates (3%), which make it easier to pay back the money. Even with that built in construct, the CEC is only getting pennies on the dollar for what they are giving away. In addition to that, they are paying the better part of a million dollars every year in salaries and administrative costs just to give money away. The CEC provides no direct service, they exist only to give millions of dollars away.

Some of those funds were given to Dale Mallory and Kathleen Norris to promote a project that wasn’t even in the Empowerment Zone. 800 Bank Street is the proposed location for CityLink, and that property doesn't fall within the boundries of the Empowerment Zone. The C.E.C. had no authority on CityLink because it was outside their legal parameters. That didn’t stop them from spending tens of thousands of dollars of public money on the project.

CEC money was given to insiders, friends and relatives. A small cadre of people (the Mallory West End Cabal) has controlled the public spigot of funds.

The FBI is involved because the Mayor’s big brother is the subject of the investigation, which the Mayor and his family have been actively trying to suppress. This development makes that matter more difficult for them. The more Mayor Mallory works to suppress a felony investigation, the more he becomes liable to be the subject of the investigation himself. Implicitly, having the FBI involved puts everyone “on notice” of this fact.

What has always confounded logic is the West End Community Council checks that Dale wrote in June. He had no reason to write them. He had been impeached and removed from office four months earlier. He even admitted in court that he had no intention of holding the office.

He had two court cases for his reinstatement as WECC President. One was thrown out of court. He dropped the other one, and in dropping it he admitted that he was no longer WECC President.

Four months after the fact Dale was still cutting checks and closing down the WECC bank accounts. The West End Community Council filed a complaint, and as of yet we have no reason to believe that anyone has taken constructive action on the investigation. I applaud the FBI investigation of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation, but the obvious felony up for grabs is Dale cutting those checks.

Dale's checks haven’t been widely reported. Hats off to Local 12 for breaking this news, but they have never spoken about Dale’s checks. The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Cincinnati Post, and the Cincinnati Herald have never made those checks an issue, or even given them a mention. If we didn’t have Dan Monk at the Cincinnati Business Courier, Dale’s actions would be facing a total media blackout. That is what the FBI should be investigating.

It really is an open and shut case. Dale cut those checks after being removed from office. He closed down the WECC bank account. It happened. The WECC filed a complaint and demanded an investigation, and according to Dan Monk, the only response was that the CPD started investigating the impeachment of Dale Mallory, instead of Dale Mallory's obvious felony.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Dallory,
Thank you for the update, it was well worth the wait.
Welcome back to Cincinnati, we missed you.
Regarding Dale's theft, the cancelled checks and police report are available electronically. It would be useful if you would post them for our viewing pleasure.
I also have recently seen a great shot of Katheleen Norris tampering with the microphone at the 12/20/05 WECC when we were voting AGAINST CityLink. Kathy was secretly being paid $120/hr illegally that night BY THE sabotage legitimate WECC business and push the CityLink agenda. Please let us know if you need these files, if you do we will find a way to get them to you.
Mr. Dallory, you are the West End/OTR/CUF answer to Clark Kent/Superman. The whole Mallory Mafia are villians living in a parrelel universe where bad is good and wrong is right for them.
Mr. Dallory the Truth Squad stands for truth, justice and the American way. God bless the Truth Squad and God bless you Mr. Dallory!
LaFawnduh and Pedro

5:53 AM  
Anonymous Blanchard said...

About the same time Channel 12 was breaking the FBI/CEC story, I got word (straight out of the mouth of a high ranking CPD officer) that the CPD turned over the investigation of WECC's complaint of Dale Mallory (improperly writing checks)to the FBI.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanx Blanchard.
With the FBI on the WECC's theft, J4D is assured.
Nate, throw him under the bus and you may save yourself.
Cleveland sure will if he gets the chance.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Mr. Dallory, Blanchard, thanks for these delicious, timely updates. As always, you move to the front with the very best info!

Memo to the FBI: Don't hestitate for a second to contact the Truth Squad. They will mobilize their loyal foot soldiers & together, we will help you with everything you need.

Please dig deep. The criminals you are investigating are professionals at doctoring documentation. They've done it before (Genesis & other schemes)& they've done it now.

I have to give the CPD credit & I'll take back my disappointment with sincere apologies, in that this mess is huge & they believed the FBI would do a much thorough job with their cooperation.

I dare the Mallory Mafia to threaten the FBI. I truly do.

Friends, we're not talking state prison. We have that with the last checks Jail4Dale wrote. Oh, no. We're looking at hard time in the Big House here.

Again, a fabulous job. What time is the WECC meeting tomorrow? 7PM?

(N8 can't run away from this to save himself. His honking lawyer boss man represents the Mallory Firm. They're all in this up to their eyeballs. Cleveland might try to run, but Stumpy N8 & Honking Lawson are stuck.)

12:33 PM  
Anonymous The Whip said...

The FBI doesn’t investigate every crime, they are a specialized organization. When it comes to the topic of Public Corruption, the FBI has established itself as the lead player in the history of this nation. They are specialists and they are very good at what they do. The people assigned to this case have had extensive training and preparation for this moment in time. Indeed, someone from the FBI could make a name for himself in this case.

I stopped reading after this very gay paragraph.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 6:58, I agree that posting the checks and report could be useful.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

need the Hurley link too!

2:35 PM  
Blogger Male Dallory said...

Hey Whip, point taken. Brevity is not my strong suit. I need an editor to cut stuff down to size. Like the energizer bunny my posts keep going and going and going….

Anon, I just got the link up to the Hurley interview. Enjoy.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why in the world haven't the Dem's pressured Dale to drop out of the race?!

Many people questioned his qualifications to begin with, and he received less than 50% of the vote in the Democratic primary in a disctrict that was represented by his brother and father. Are the Dem's really so desperate that Dale Mallory is their best candidate?! Doesn't the Mayor see how is brother will bring down the family name?!

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale was given the deal by CityLink lawyer Tim Burke, Chairman of the Democratic Party. Burke endorsed him and fought for his case.

Burke even had Sam Herd drop out of the race on the last day so that Dale could run uncontested. Dale was given the family seat. In turn, he gave up the West End for CityLink.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not most Dems. Most Dems don't know or care what is going on. Many want to keep their seats and positons so they look away or remain silent. No one asks the hard questions except a few. Burke keeps control by not keeping Dems in the know. Mushrooms. They ceased being a party of the people when Clinton and comany started the lobbyist frenzy of graft and corruption.

10:11 AM  

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