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CityLink Disrupts a Community Meeting

Kathleen Norris, lobbyist for CityLink & The Empowerment Zone was paid to disrupt community meetings.

I will have more commentary on CityLink, Crossroads Community Church, and the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation tomorrow. Kathleen Norris represented all three. This is a picture of her unplugging the microphone and disrupting our community meeting in December.

And now, the rest of the story...

The December Meeting was a memorable event.

At least two people in attendance were getting paid by The Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation to support the CityLink Center, lobbyist Kathleen Norris and West End President Dale Mallory.

The December meeting was planned by Dale Mallory and Mark Stecher of CityLink. The plan was to have Dale Mallory start the meeting and announce that no vote would be taken. This would be followed by a presentation by Larry Harris (thanks Larry!) on why CityLink is a good idea that conformed with the West End Comprehensive Plan. After that presentation, everyone was invited enjoy the food (catered by Junebugs (board of the C.E.C.), and the drinks and cookies (catered by CityLink.)

CityLink planned our meetings. They catered our meetings. Crossroads Community Church asked their congregation to attend our meetings and applaud for CityLink. The Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation paid off our community council President for CityLink. Some people were paid to pass out pro CityLink material. And that witch Kathleen Norris was paid to unplug the microphone and disrupt our community meeting just as we were taking a vote of opposition on CityLink.

Dale started out the meeting and told us we couldn’t vote. People demanded to vote. They had already been denied a vote in October and November. Dale said there would be no vote and introduced Larry Harris to explain why CityLink was such a great idea. Nobody wanted to hear Larry Harris (thanks Larry!) shill for CityLink, they wanted to vote. People demanded the vote. Larry Harris got his panties in a bunch, and Dale Mallory decided to close down another meeting without a motion to adjourn. Dale just walked out.

Nobody left with Dale, the members of the council stayed put to reorganize and vote, Dale or no Dale. With Dale out, Shirley Colbert came forth to run the meeting.

Out of nowhere comes this blonde witch, Kathleen Norris. Norris unplugged the mic and stood in front of the outlet holding it in her hand. The picture above is actually a few moments later, when a Cincinnati Police Officer came over and instructed her to plug the mic back in. A pro-CityLink lobbyist paid for by the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation was doing this at our December meeting. It happened, and you can view the photo above.

Thanks Larry!

A question for Larry Harris: were you getting paid? Everyone else was getting a check. If I was Larry, I would be ticked off if I found out I was the only one there who wasn’t getting paid. Even Nate Livingston can’t stand the fact that he was shillin for free when everyone else was on the payroll.

Memory Lane

This photo was taken from the media archive. They have archived other articles on the December meeting to help you stroll down memory lane.

Community votes against center

"We are going ahead with our plans," said Rodger Howell, executive director of CityCure, one of the five social service agencies planning the center. "The city zoning allows us to build the center. It doesn't matter what the council says."

That was the only time to date that CityLink has been honest with us.

West End can't stop mall
CityLink Center would serve addicts, ex-cons, homeless

"Once they buy the property, no one has the authority to stop them.," said CityLink supporter Dale Mallory, president of the West End Community Council and brother of Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.

"Howell estimates CityLink will serve 35,000 to 40,000 people a year."

"Mayor Mallory has declined to answer questions about the project, calling it a "neighborhood issue."

Tensions Flare Over CityLink Center Plans

Watch the video


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That gals in deep de-nile.
She was paid by the EZ last Oct-Dec to work with Dale4Sale to ram CityLink down the WECC throat. She had her arm around pappa Bill and D4S that night.
Pappa Bill introduced her as the "CityLink Lobbiest", yet she denies a CityLink connection. She attended the CityLink zoning hearing , but refused to sign in (I witnessed that move).
Her almost $30,000 EZ billing says little more than "services rendered".
This gal got paid 5 times Dale's hourly rate, but virtually all of the paper trail is in Dale's invoices. Kathy worked REAL hard to avoid a paper trail.
Kathy Norris' perported mission was "fund raising".....her real mission was to overcome WECC resistance to CityLink and work with Dale to ram CityLink through without anyone knowing our tax dollars were paying Dale and her for this big lie.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone have kathys address?
I am wondering where she lives. I would be willing to bet top dollar she doesnt live anywhere near the City. She is a total NIMBY

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a trip down memory lane!
The lies told by CityLink
Then the lies by the Mallorys
Then the lies by the EZ
The Truth Squad kept on digging and uncovered these lies.
The EZ/Mallory/Beatty cabal are now sending "messages" to those Truth Squaders that dared to mess with the status quo poverty pimp corruption.
These "messages" are now in the hands of the CPD/FBI and media.
More to follow.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A pricy little estate in Hyde Park.

Send Christmas cards to:

Kathleen Norris
2928 Linwood Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45208-2827

1:40 PM  
Anonymous matt said...

I've been trying to find info on her too. she's not a lobbiest at least not registered. Anyone have any info or a clear picture of her?

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just recieved an email showing that Dave Petersons house was vandalized. He was pretty clear in indicating that it was someone that is upset with his work to expose the coruption. I applaud Dave for his efforts. He is a real hero in my mind.

Dave keep up the good work we appreciate you.

Tax payer

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mallory and Norris did everything they could to not let the council vote. What was so important?

3:18 PM  
Blogger Deep Throat said...

You mean other than the region's largest social service center right next to three schools? Yeah, what was so important.

Everything the impeachment claimed turned out to be dead on. That is what I like best about taking a second look at the December meeting.

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

"After that presentation, everyone was invited enjoy the food (catered by Junebugs (board of the C.E.C.), and the drinks and cookies (catered by CityLink.)"

Friends, after re-reading this story, a bit of sage advice came to mind.

Sitting down & breaking bread is sacred. Never, ever sit down & have a repast with your enemies. This includes people whom you don't like, don't trust, those who've done you wrong, the whole bit.

It opens the door for them to continue to persecute you. It gives them license to do as they see fit.

Think about it & keep it in mind. Who in the world wants to eat mac & cheese with the Devil? It makes for an uncomfortable situation, not to mention indigestion. Avoid doing this in the future at all costs.

(My Irish grandma & my German grandma told me this so long ago. It might seem like an old cultural tale, but it is so true, especially today when there's so much wrong-doing out there.)

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carstairs, that great advice you got from your grandmothers is from the Bible, Proverbs I think. I agree with it.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Wolverine Jr said...

Thanks for the redirection, Male Dallory...
Does anyone know if this Norris woman ever worked for or with Dick Weiland on his many civic projects?
Is KN affiliated with Cincinnati Ballet or the Greater Cincinnati Foundation?

Is she the same person who used to help connect SenatorM to community councils and civic groups during the campaign against Pepper? At the ULGC/WCVG radio broadcast SenM's people called the hosts to say he could not make it from Columbus and he asked his assistant to set in his place to field questions. I was helping with sound and Fannie was there, pretty forceful about the matter, but the moderator got on her broomstick and said it had to be Senator M or no one. The Mallory people stayed as audience and asked their questions, getting good support from the floor.

Did Norris attend the meeting held by Weiland for the WECC to get D4S off the hook there? (Who did attend that meeting? Who did Weiland go on record as representing? Dale, or his buddies Chris Finney and Tim Burke who represent for CityLink and OneCity?)

2:24 AM  

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