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The Dean chimes in on Dale's checks

Update: Nathanial Livingston is apparently back.
He is participating on a thread at the Beacon linked below. Among the things that Nate is claiming:

Dale Mallory is still the WECC President.
Dale Mallory still holds meetings of the "real WECC".

When it was first announced that the Cincinnati Police had begun looking into the impeachment instead of Dale's obvious crime, I wrote a post about it here.

This is what I said then:

On April 24, 2006, Dale Mallory stated that he had no intent on remaining President of the West End Community Council. That isn't hearsay, that is what Dale Mallory told a court of law. He openly admitted for the record that he was giving in and he wouldn't fight the impeachment, and that he had no intent of holding the office.

Two months later in June, Dale Mallory was cutting checks and closing down bank accounts of the West End Community Council. In his own defense, he is now claiming that he is still President of the West End Community Council.


This is Dale Mallory's last chance for freedom in this world. He needs to convince the Cincinnati Police Department that he is still President of the WECC, months after being impeached.

The Dean just chimed in with a post about Dale's checks.

Seems that he is asking that same question that occurs to all of us, namely "Why don’t these checks provide enough for a formal investigation?" Nobody here seems to have a reasonable answer.

The timeline post on Dale Mallory's checks is here: Dale Mallory's Felony Investigation.

An article ran a while back that got past this blog's attention. It is about Cincinnati's Community Council system. Check out Micro Democracy.

It touches on the Genesis Redevelopment Scandal of the recent West End Past, and then goes on to say:

But the West End group again is embroiled in dispute after it voted in February to oust Dale Mallory from office. Several members were upset that he used rules to block a vote to oppose CityLink, a proposed one-stop center for the homeless and mentally ill that business and church groups want to build in the neighborhood (see "CityLink Divides West End," issue of Dec. 21-27, 2005).

Since Dale Mallory's impeachment, it was revealed he lobbied for CityLink while working for the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp., which administers federal anti-poverty funds. The board of the Empowerment Corp. didn't know about the arrangement and cancelled Mallory's consulting contract.

I am not sure how accurate that last statement is. Some Board members seemed to be directly responsible for that contract and it's administration.

The article also stated that some "business and church groups" were behind CityLink. Church groups for sure, but business groups? I am not exactly sure who they were talking about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dean has seen the light and has defected from the dark side.
It's ez to do.
Daddy Mallory had Socko to clean up his dumb deals.
Dale will be followed by the Truth Squad.
Dean sees the truth.
Whistleblower sees the truth.
Channel 12 sees the truth.
Korte sees the truth.
Monk sees the truth.
WECC sees the truth.
Soon the FBI will see the truth.
AND......a book deal is in the works (working title: The FATHER of the West End).
Murder, fake family, theft,bribes, drugs, Socko stories, extortion,
voter fraud, embezzlement,gun running and that's just the prelude.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dean defended Mallory at first glance, he doesn't defend him now. People here bashed the Dean when he asked tough questions and was critical of the assumptions of this blog. That is what the Dean does, but when the dust settles he makes his own call based on the facts. The facts don't look good for Dale. The checks don't look good for Dale. I don't think that the Dean is unique or alone in his changing of opinion. Many people are starting to question the Mallory clan. This whole shit stinks to high heaven. I didn't believe half the things said at first on this blog. I read it for entertainment. Now I can see it is true.

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Kudos to the Dean for asking the hard questions and changing his mind when he saw the mountain of evidence.
I didn't see anon 12:02 as a Dean bash. He/she welcomes Dean as an honorary truth Squader and just acknowledges there was a change of heart.
The Truth Squad welcomes all of those in the Mallory camp that see the light and will now flee that rotting camp now that the truth and evidence is known.
The Mallorys are master liars....many of us were fooled for a long time.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dean and whistleblower now on board.
This is gaining blog momentum.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lincoln Ware is nothing but a loud mouth talk show host ... he'd sell his mother to get folks to call in to his show ...

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Wolverine Jr said...

Does anyone know if this Norris woman ever worked for or with Dick Weiland on his many civic projects?
Is KN affiliated with Cincinnati Ballet or the Greater Cincinnati Foundation?

Is she the same person who used to help connect SenatorM to community councils and civic groups during the campaign against Pepper? At the ULGC/WCVG radio broadcast SenM's people called the hosts to say he could not make it from Columbus and he asked his assistant to set in his place to field questions. I was helping with sound and Fannie was there, pretty forceful about the matter, but the moderator got on her broomstick and said it had to be Senator M or no one. The Mallory people stayed as audience and asked their questions, getting good support from the floor.

Did Norris attend the meeting held by Weiland for the WECC to get D4S off the hook there? (Who did attend that meeting? Who did Weiland go on record as representing? Dale, or his buddies Chris Finney and Tim Burke who represent for CityLink and OneCity?)

10:09 PM  
Blogger Male Dallory said...

I don't have the answer to your questions and I hope that somebody might. I do think you might have a bit better luck posting that question on the thread specifically devoted to Kathleen Norris.

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did the Dean's site crash yesterday? I replied but I don't think it ever made it on the website. And last night you couldn't access the beacon.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us a heads up that N8's back. The orders must have filtered thru the Mallory ranks for him to do a half baked job of some sort of damage control. Poor little runt. Once again, he's done a miserable job, which furthers the cause of the Truth Squad. Don't you love it when the goods get dropped on your doorstep rather than having to go searching for them? Oh, what a feeling!

Let's see if he reveals exactly where this "real" WECC tribe holds their meetings & who are the "real" people running this so-called legit WECC.

BTW, if someone from the recognized, honest WECC hasn't done so, get with the community council liaison folks at City Hall & get the records updated. I say this as a safeguard to firmly establish the true legitimacy of the community council folks. I know there's plenty of documentation out there, but get this carved in stone with City Hall.

Then that runt Livingston can blow his horn all he wants, completely bastardizing Dale's West End Community Clown-cil. But by now, N8 is such small, insignificant potatoes, hearing from him is a nice change of pace, adding plenty of comedy relief. Gosh, it's about time that the little runt boy has finally been zeroed out.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous watchdog said...

Nate is looney tunes.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Blanchard said...


Dick Weiland invited Shirley to his home/office to discuss the impeachment. These people attended the meeting; Shirley Colbert, Dale Mallory, Dick Weiland, David Phillips, George Beatty (Junebug) and Marcus Jenkins.

I would guess that Dick acted the "middle man" during the meeting, but in reality he was much more.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't Killins there too?
And who is david Phillips?

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Wolverine Jr said...

You're back. Beginning to wonder if you'd stepped into one of those "One Minute Gangsta" books like one of your namesakes wrote about managing.

kathy.calloway@cincinnati-oh.gov e-mail and call her. Should be in solicitor's office.
and we cannot forget to skip down to the Mayo's office and say hi to LaShawn Butler who is one of our fav-0-rite men in black and does the lee-a-shon to the neighborhoods gig for 3MPO. Make sure both parties note for the record what day Killins took office. Take bug spray with you. JBug hovers near the nest there. Careful if you see N8 and his deadly Blackberry hunkered down on the steps.

David Phillips is a middle-aged philanthropist whose group found and works a job search and retention group called Cincinnati Works. It has a high success rate and is not a typical build you up and forget you later agency. It does real quality work with the folks passing through their doors.

Weiland at a table with a decent joe like Phillips must be part fluke, but the OneCity group has partnered with the Works group especially on felons according to severa of the folks over at Jobs and Family services.

Wonder if Burke set this up for such a meeting. Is his co-counsel at CityLink Weiland or Chrissy "I'll do anything for Phil and Mark" Finney? Did Timmy just come into this mess or did he take over after Uncle Bob's heartattack the day after Dale got a second no vote from the Dems in Norwood?

Two leads on Norris. More when I'm back from the wilds of Anderson.

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Woo Hoo! It's sooo nice to hear from Blanchard & Wolverine, jr. again. I figured the reason why these stealth forces were quiet is because they were digging!!!

"Is his co-counsel at CityLink Weiland or Chrissy "I'll do anything for Phil and Mark" Finney?"

Timbo the Bimbo Burke is rather lame, but I don't think he'd be outright stupid to have that slithering lizard, Dickie Weiland as co-counsel.

If you recall, Weiland is no longer in a position to practice law in any form. His greediness & wrongdoings got him a certain coziness with the Federales. If he's practicing law, it's the junk that the magpie runt N8 dabbles in.

I'd like to lean toward Chrissy Finney & I'm sure someone will confirm this.

I also hope we get a glimpse, a bit of insight on what happened at Dickie's little round table mediation.

Wolverine jr., I went sniffing around on Kathy Norris. I believe she has some sort of a dalliance with the Gr. Cinti Foundation & the Ballet. She was once associated with Playhouse in the Park. I think she's still with the Downtown Council (DCI).

If I was sniffing correctly, she's a sort of a gadabout - into this, into that, plugged in here, plugged in there - that jack of all trades, master of none thing. Just like her buddy Weiland.

She engages in PR work, has her own paper company, which specializes in grant writing, especially for not-for-profits, does some freelance writing, that sort of thing. Always on the scene, accomplishing nothing but lining pockets.

(I got a bit confused, because there's 2 Kathleen Norrises in this city doing a bit of this & that. I hope I'm not going down the wrong trail & besmirching the reputation of an innocent person. But I'll keep digging.)

8:17 PM  

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