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Ballot swap puts heat on Mallory

Ballot swap puts heat on Mallory
Residency concerns drop Poast; Hale joins race in 32nd


Facing concerns that his questioned residency may cost him the election, Mike Poast will drop out as the Republican candidate for state representative in Cincinnati's 32nd District, to be replaced on the ballot by Kimberly Hale.

Hale's entrance in the race also portends a more aggressive GOP attack on Dale Mallory, who was removed as West End Community Council president this year.

"Dale Mallory, with all of his problems," should be concerned, said Brad Greenberg of the Hamilton County Republican Party.

Dale has reason to be concerned...

Mallory has been on the receiving end of attacks from his West End neighbors over his support of the CityLink social services center. Hale was part of a neighborhood coalition that removed Mallory from the community council post over the CityLink controversy.

The Enquirer later reported that Mallory, then a consultant for the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp., was billing the federally funded agency for his work on the project.

Hale's entrance into the race is likely to push that issue to the forefront of the campaign. She is president of the Dayton Street Association in the West End.

Hale doesn't seem to be a typical Republican, and web searches cannot find her previously running for elected office. She has emerged as a leader among many passionate people involved in the West End and surrounding communities in the downtown basin. This doesn't look to be a battle down partisan lines, but instead one of concerned citizens that have finally had enough of the way that Dale Mallory and crew do business on behalf of the constituency.

Dale Mallory was impeached and removed from office from his own community council. Months after being removed from office he cleaned out the community's bank account. He has yet to be prosecuted for that crime. Dale hopes to represent the entire 32nd district by riding on the back of the Mallory family name. The challenge to Hale will be getting the facts of these incidents to the voters. It is a daunting challenge, and Kimberly should be applauded for taking on the task of speaking truth to the Mallory political machine.

Prediction #1: Don't expect Dale to come close to touching a debate with Kimberly Hale. It would be political suicide for Dale. He isn't very quick on his feet to begin with, and the facts are not on his side. He can't explain away the obvious felonious action of cleaning out the bank account months after being removed from office.

Prediction #2: Dale will have his minions, (Nate on the blogs, Markus and others on the Buzz) claim racism in one form or another. It has been the only campaign strategy that Dale has ever had.

Let the fireworks begin. This is no longer about some bible thumping cooking oil salesman from College Hill giving speeches about God, Flag and Country. This is about someone on Dale's own street confronting him with the facts of selling out his community and shedding light on his criminal activity. The rules of the game just changed.

Good luck Dale, you will need it.

Politics Extra: Post Poast: Hale takes on Mallory


Anonymous Carstairs said...

Although Kim Hale will put that heat lamp on Dale, making it a headliner in the campaign, which she needs to do because there's hundreds of the clueless out there, I hope she puts together a little something for those who have been lamely represented by Cathy Barrett.

There are many neighborhoods in the 32nd who haven't received even a thimbleful of help, let alone representation from Barrett. These areas are suffering from the lack of state services & funding.

Your Prediction #2 is an absolute given. Actually, I'm surprised N8 didn't do a blog bulletin, stirring up the racial pot. Actually, what else is left to provide cover for Dale? Someone stated a few days ago that N8 not so secretly revealed that Dale is guilty, something the TS knew all along!

Honestly, that's the only excuse some of these criminal factions have left to utilize. When all else fails, drag out the race cards & flip 'em around. See if we can make them guilty by association or on mere appearances. They've failed to wake up all these years. After 2001, folks began to ignore the race game. Now, they've numbed themselves, knowing full good & well that's the last piece of ineffective ammunition that's left in the arsenal.

Turn up that heat! Hattie's still minding the pot!

All Hale! Hale YES!

(Thanx to the contributor for the May primary breakout results. Kim can effectively & victoriously pull this off!)

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just drove south on Linn and saw Peterson's garage door was "tagged" last night.
I guess the terror tactics of the ez/beatty/mallory cabal continue.
I'm sure he will continue the Truth Squad cause.
The Thugs S.O.P. won't work with brave people on a truth mission.
This kind of crap has lurked in the background for 40+ years....It's time to break this cycle of corruption.
HALE, yesss!!!!!

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh oh. The Drama Dwarf is starting. Currently, N8's putting it under the cover of Strickland not giving a hoot about black folks.

"White Dems don't just fight Black Dems, they join white Republicans in fighting Black Dems. That's the situation in the race between Dale Mallory and Kimberly Hale-McCarty. Pepper and Eve Bolton are supporting the white Republican over Mallory, the Black Democrat."

Anon 11:50, Petersen & his family are always in my best thoughts & prayers. I hope he can remain strong throughout this juvenile baloney. Thanks for the update. I hope CPD is getting up off their duffs & seriously investigating these criminal activities. It would be interesting to see if they have "a conflict of interest" in pursuing justice for an innocent person & his property. It really stinks, you know?

I hate to think what would happen if we banded together & engaged in such thuggery. Gawd, the ACLU would shove the Collaborative down our throats, the Rhetoric Reverends would be after us, we'd be hung out to dry & shoved in the cell next to Howdy. Perish the thought. We've got better sense than that & we're doing our job quite well, so well, everyone's talking. We just need a bit more action.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous carstairs said...

Hang on. The Drama Dwarf is getting cranked up here. And this is a good one to save. I've got it backed up. He's calling the TS "klan". Talk about racist. This puts the race baiting right back in their corner & that's where we want it.

From the Enquirer blog:

at 8/12/2006 3:13 PM Nate Livingston said...
"During last year's campaign between Mark Mallory and David Pepper, David bragged about his support from Dayton Street Neighborhood Association president Kimberly Hale-McCarty. David lost the election but he never called off his female attack dog from Dayton Street.

From the very beginning, the people have seen through the hate-Mallory Klan's charade. They haven't been tricked by the Enquirer and mainstream white media.

The hate-Mallory Klan predicted that Eve Bolton would defeat Dale Mallory. They were wrong.

The hate-Mallory Klan tried to impeach Dale from his position as West End Community Council president and failed.

The hate-Mallory Klan claimed that Dale had broken the law and promised he would be investigated, indicted, and sent to prison. Didn't happen.

Along the way, the hate-Mallory Klan has engaged in fraud, forgery, and theft but very few people have noticed. The white media certainly hasn't investigated or reported this.

So, now, with the help of Brad Greenberg, the hate-Mallory Klan is back. (Since when did the GOP start endorsing thieves?) They now promise that Hale-McCarty, with help from her stay-at-home dad husband Chrissy, will defeat Dale in November. What a bunch of confused morons!

What will it take to wake these fools up. Dale will smash Kim in November. Period. The sad part is that the hate-Mallory Klan will keep coming up with more lies, smears, and distortions, even after they get served with another loss. And, unfortunately, the Enquirer, Kimball Perry, and the white media will keep publishing their lies.

Why is the media so gullible? They aren't! They are willing pawns in this game. They know that dirty David Pepper is orchestrating this whole thing and they want to help him however they can. I guess they feel like they didn't do enough to promote his candidacy. Go figure!"

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Street grapevine says JB and his minions are gossiping too much about actions taken against Petersen. Follow up on that, Truth Squad. The main thought is that a lot is to be laid at JB's door. Look at the lead photo in the post...who's lurking in the background? Freudian slip? I think not---it's very telling.

2:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 3:42, yeah, JB has been floating to the surface on a frequent basis. Many posters have been looking in his direction on all sorts of incidents & items.

The one thing I'd like to see solved is that Detroit connection he has. I'd be interested in knowing what that's all about & just how that serves JB's enterprises. Who else in this gang is benefitting by this connection?

This would be a good starting point for the FBI. Georgie has had his fingers in too many criminal pies in this city for far too long. And he's always looking for the next big deal. Having bro Howdy behind bars hasn't deterred his plans at all. Actually, he hasn't missed a step. He does deserve a closer look.

Not surprising his thugs are motoring the mouths. N8, the Drama Dwarf is just getting started again. Carstairs is right. The CPD need to be pursuing these criminals & their destruction of private property on a full scale. I don't want to hear "conflict of interest" on this issue!

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Angry Black Man said...

Nobody in the black community listens to Nate Livingston. Even in the West End people know that doesn't even live in the West End or the 32nd district.

He has a duty to perform in promoting certain interests, and he gets paid to do that. No black man pays attention to him on things that matter. Nate was a huge backer of CityLink despite the black community's response. He openly attacked the motives of black people in the West End for opposing Citylink even though he lives in Northside. If they tried to put CityLink in Northside people would go crazy.

The people of the West End don't want CityLink next to our schools and children. White people like Brian Griffin of come to the conclusion that having the Drop Inn Shelter next to the school for the creative and performing arts is not feasible.

Why is that not feasible? Because gifted white students shouldn't be put in that environment? But the same liberal white people think it is fine to have CityLink right next to three black schools and a playground. We can't have white children next to a homeless shelter, but having the largest concentration of social services next to three black schools is fine by them.

Nate Livingston lives in Northside. He thinks it is a good idea to move homeless shelters and soup kitchens from Over the Rhine to the West End, right next to schools and children. And he doesn't even live in the 32nd district. Could someone tell me again why his opinion matters?

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Wolverine Jr said...


One day when we begin to post D$4$S
words on this site showing how his 'work' was made up on conversations and meetings he had, the next team of auditors will have a field day. Seitz penetrated the veil when he said Dale was employed to get a job done; the job was CityLink. He was not going to kill it.

You are right, N8 is a noted muddler designed to stir the fog and the brew for some Mallory stew.
Had D4S noted his work and intent to be the stronger man here, perhaps dialogue would have been pursued. Dale was assigned the handlers of Tricky Dick, Timbolo,
brudder Joe and Phantasy, along with mouthpiece N8. Come on, that crew would drive anyone to dive off the deep end. The more I show the Dale papers to his 'contacts' the madder the noted ones get. Dale's being hung out to dry due to Christian exuberance and pandering greed and he can't see it headed his way.

ABM thanks for clearing the air on the mayor and George's hired mouthpiece. Let him go mouth over with Northsiders who'll kick his ass, and carry on with the 3M circus somewhere else. He's seated right in there with Burke and Weiland knowing Mark's footed his bill for his blog for another month or so. Dale's under Old Man's eye and arm, not able to talk to anyone, while Momma is no where to be seen. Check out this week's appearances as they come up.
Noshows in a lot of places afraid of the shadows. Wonder why all the folks who were in from DeeTroit are suddenly not here. Tick...tick...toxic

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Wolverine JR said...

I should have added, Dale being hung out to dry needs to do the most needed public service he ever done. Take the whole ship down with him. Grab everyone of the dubious hidden bastards and expose them for what they are and are about.

His handlers will sidestep any debates, run at the first sight of people who will not back down from them, and use old DM as their shield and fall guy to keep 'family' together and codify dysfunctional as diss-functional toward taxpayers.

3M's Columbus catalysts are now up on the fact that they have been duped. The ones that refused to follow in lockstep for the last 3 years were shoved aside and won't work for this continued guise of governmental corruption.The ones who were put in place are just as nervous as DM as they are still serving Dickie and Timmie on more appointed rounds.

Wonder if the feds would like stepping into dickie's Mt. Sat morn meetings where you hand over the dough and he pulls the..... Tick, tick, tick....damned little bugger keeps going off quicker and quicker.....strings at city hall for you on Monday morning for whatever work you.....tick, tick!...darn it!...need. The tock clock, little men, ends with a whimper.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Wolverine Jr.,
Sorry I mistook you for Wolverine when I alluded to a Hale run at the 32nd seat last week.
Wolverine is a solid Truth Squader. I now think I know who you are and your Wolverine connection.
Hale will be official on 8/21/6 when the republicans meet.
As a long time democrat, I'm glad to see party unity does not extend to thieves and drugged out gangstas like Dale.
Hale a progressive lady and not your typical red state republican.
She wants to attract business and end the cycle of Mallory Mafia poverty.
The only ones that prosper are Mallory mafiosa and then they move to Mt Airy.
Hale has lived in the hood for 7 years and provided good clean affordable housing to City taxpayers. She is actually helping the City. The Mallorys are chasing businesses like Central Lighting away.
Hale yessssss!

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Wolverine JR said...

Thanks for the perplexing thought, but then Pops has his way of getting us kids up, attem, and about ---- and tying us in a knot of we don't toe the line. Most of the time it's just keeping a watch on parts of the whole neighborhood.

One of the biggest matters that confronts this city is the lack of interconnection of neighborhoods and just who is you councilmember. Then there is the lack of contact between us as citizens, councilmembers and who the councilmembers actually talk to and connect with in Columbus. We have to do a better job of this and cut out the freakin' middle lobbyists who have sold a few mothers and father down the pike.

When this whole thing is over we shall get the whole family together and see the clear parametersof the work that is done in DC, Columbus and here to make much better connectivity than has been done in the past. We need our represetation to be better connected, but they, like us, have families and duties we may not be aware of on the surface.

Our individual neighbors have to get connected with one another, too. Anyhow, we are on a cutting edge of getting our city back, we have to be determined and not afraid.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

"Nate Livingston lives in Northside."

Not anymore he doesn't. Joy Rolland put out the broadcast & I went looking for him, as did the police. The cops got him before I could find him & they made him sweat.

Got the address where he was bunking & called the slumlord. He was no longer in residence by that time.

However, while he was living in Northside & buying dope down at Witler & Blue Rock, he didn't go stirring up his crapola.

You're absolutely right he would have gotten the mess kicked out of him in Northside.

As I understand it, he moves his tribe around like a bunch of gypsies. Cops draw a bead on him, he's gone. Bill collectors sniff around, he's gone. A loud mouthed no load.

And the little Drama Dwarf found some gonads, & pasted them on to show up in Westwood tonight. No kidding. Somebody needs to wipe that silly smirk off his face. The footwear he had on was hilarious. Brown hightop suede hiking boots & it's 90 degrees out there. I guess he was wading thru poop all day.

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I attended the Westwood meeting tonight the topic was building a new jail. The majority of folks seem to support a new jail but also want a temporary one now. Most people dont want to pay more in tax but they seem to be pushed to the wall and are willing to do it. Many people criticized the commissioners for waiting so long to clean up crime. There were a hand full of whacked out social service geeks from the east side that proposed more love and less prisons. But they were laughed off.

I saw Carstairs tonight I must say that lady rocks! Big mama social service queen threatened to kick her but. Carstairs is not a large woman but her heart is BIG. She wasnt taken BIG momas crap. BIG mama walked away Carstairs went chasing after her. Some guy reached out to restrain carstairs from opening a can of whoop ass on BIG moma. Hats off to you carstairs for standing your ground and not letting BIG moma walk all over you. I am proud to be an American and know people the likes of you. You are the kind of role model our communities need.

Proud to be an American

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was also at the Westwood meeting last night. It was well attended. I was suprised when David Pepper got up to speak. it must e awkward for Phil H to have to give the floor to David and have him jump all over the Phil plan. Good job David!

I also saw David spending a lot of time talking to some lady. Can someone verify if that lady was Kyhm Hale? Isnt Kyhm Hale a republican?

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are PRICELESS!.....Nate is virtually HOMELESS! wonder Nate wants CityLink! He wasnts to live in the West End near his massa Dale and drug lord Junebug.
What a trio.
One more reason to kill CityLink. Who wants the dimwitted drama dwarf next to 3 schools? Nate's one pedophile that blends with his victims. Those kids should kick his butt silly.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone see the swear in for the new City manager? I must say that as a democrat I am very embarrassed by this mayor. This guy is completely incompetent! I have to shamfully admit that I voted for 3M for mayor. I was hoodwinked! I will not make the same mistake with his free loading unemployed poverty pimp brother!

Mallory Late with Invitations
Posted August 14th, 2006 by
Categories: Porkopolis
Not a single Cincinnati City Council member attended this morning’s swearing-in ceremony for new City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr. The reason: Late notification by Mayor Mark Mallory that most council members didn’t even see until this morning.

Dohoney, Cincinnati’s 14th city manager, was sworn in during a quick ceremony in Mallory’s office. The event was in marked contrast with the ceremony for his predecessor, Valerie Lemmie, who took the oath of office in council chambers with most council members present.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hale is a Republican, but not your typical Republican - clear distinction....she's an Urban Republican. Pepper is for Cincinnati. Hale is for Cincinnati. If the relationship works for the people of this fine city than it can't be questioned. Cincinnati needs people like these two, regardless what side of the isle they sit on.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is it that Oakley can stop a for profit business with little to no difficulty but the West End gets hammered with the worlds largest transitional housing project ( Citylink) and is left to fend for themselves? Ill tell you why, most people have a low oppinion of the West End. They think that the West End is full of poor unorganized people and those that can lead are corrupt. Well that was true until Kyhm Hale and her posse woke from their comma. Now the poor and unorganized have honest representation and the corruption lead by Dale Mallory has been served an eviction notice.

Car wash is still a 'no'
OAKLEY - A Cincinnati zoning hearing examiner declined to reconsider his rejection of a developer's proposal to build a car wash on a vacant lot at Wasson Road and Paxton Avenue.

Two weeks ago, Steven Kurtz, the zoning hearing examiner, rejected the car wash proposal, saying it would create too much noise, nighttime light and traffic and would hurt property values of nearby homes.

Ely Ryder, attorney for developer Kevin McClorey, filed a motion later asking him to reconsider the decision. Many residents who live on nearby streets fought the car wash proposal.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Thanks everyone for your kind & overly generous comments.

Big Mama social services pusher has had an ongoing "beef" with me ever since I made comments that didn't sit well with her at the CPOP Summit in the early Spring. She crops up every now & then in an attempt to inflict her racist terrorism on me. WARNING! If you ever see her again, watch your purses & your wallets. She's a thief.

I don't let thuggery scare me off. Actually, I'm too damned old to be scared off anymore. It's all about standing up for justice & taking back our sidewalks & our neighborhoods.

N8 - oh heck yeah, one of our beloved patrol officers nailed him in Northside. The Drama Dwarf was tooling around in a white Jeep Cherokee (it was in the church lot last night), pulled him over & made him sweat. Then he followed him to a certain address. I called the slumlord & reamed him out. The Dwarf enjoys that nomad life. Went from Walnut St. in OTR to Colerain Ave. in Camp Washington, then tiptoed into Northside. Where he's at now is anyone's guess. Someone will find him. I believe he'll derive some sort of benefit dabbling in this CityLink jazz, although he's denying that our favorite soon to be Jailbird hasn't offered him a cushy position in Columbus. Obviously, he's going to have to find some sort of employment after Kenny tanks. Food stamps only go so far & he's got his portion to pay on his Section 8 voucher.

Yeah, Pepper did real good last night. Turned that heat up on Heimlich.

However, Tom Brinkman lied to the audience. Not everyone is going to see this windfall. Besides, any "bonus" has been wiped out because of that property valuation scheme Dusty conducted last Summer. Think about that.

In addition, Heimlich lied when he said there hasn't been any early releases since they've been stuffing the criminal no-loads in Butler County. I had 2 that were released early within 30 days of each other a few months back.

Jail business aside - we've got other top drawer business, including getting out there for Kim Hale. It was good to see her in attendance last night. Very good seeing her dialogue with Pepper & Ghiz.

Jail4Dale sent the Drama Dwarf. Only thing I can think of, as he didn't dare stir up the racial pot. And, he was way late in getting there!

Thanks again, everyone!

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Wolverine JR said...

This should perk the street up! Our very own Mayor, Mark 'I live in the Hollow Tree in Mt. Airy' Malloree is taking up a new wheel set....wonder if Scotty gets one, too.......

Monday, August 14, 2006
The mayor's new car is a...

When the ceremonial "first bus" pulls into the revamped Government Square hub Friday
morning as the Withrow High School marching band leads the way, a special guest
will be behind the wheel.

Mayor Mark Mallory has been undergoing hush-hush Metro training, readying himself
to pilot one of Metro's 40 new buses into a parking bay in the Fifth Street for
the grand unveiling.

Neither Metro not Mallory's spokesman wanted to discuss the plan for publication.

posted by Carl Weiser at 1:45 PM

Shades of our bus driving Kabaka Man. And this all happens close to 1000 on this Friday. So all us TS kinda folks keep far over on the sidewalk. The 'sheriff' knows who we be so we have no need for Jaywalking. Wee doggies, should be fun.

Now you know we got to have ChillPillBill and his sidekick Dale4Sale on that ride along with the Malloree Maniacs and N8 the hood ornament.Dale is making Big Daddy look like Chester Goode instead of Marshall Matt Dillon and it's chafing the hide off of both of them. BDB wanted to keep Dale at home locked away and ignored like he did him for so many years but Dale's got other ideas. Everyone wave when they see Dale. Make sure he knows you are there.

Dad told me to pipe down and eat my noodles; no going to the BigShow for poor Wolverine Jr.who's been acting up so much out of town that Dad's got a headache and threatened to send me to live in the hollow mt.airy tree. Gotta WorkWorkWork and write more of those Mel Brooks sketches for the boss to go through. If this gets worse I get to warm the pew at church and make believe I'm afriend of Chris Finicky and a Phool Heimlick.

Somebody take a photo op for me and send it to the Old Wolves Home on Dayton Street so we can feel like we been participatating from the bleachers and cheap seats. Get one with the Bugman if you can; see if you can get that deranged stare in your eyes as you scowl at the camera.

Dad thinks the press in the basement with the Dale$4$Sale t-shirt stamp is a bit ttttooooooo much but I bet people would wear them. Like "I enjoy reading the Dale4Sale" blog. or "Dale4Sale made us Vote Hale!" or "say Hale-O to your next State Rep"???? (Personally, I think Dad is getting mad because I was gonna offer one free to both Tina Turner wannabees Esther and Mark and I didn't offer him one.....WolvSr just does not look right in those drag wigs and heels.....and Mom'd have a fit.)

Everybody say a shout out at LaMont Taylor who has had the only sense on the CEC to walk away.

Oh, boy, Dad's on a rampage and it's probably because Deep throat just called and said that I was not staying on subject. HMMM??
Let's look at this objectively.

All this with Kim entering the race has:
driven Mark to drive a bus,

N8 to ride in the very front as THE ORNAMENT,

Bill and Fannie to take separate seats until Dale grows up,

Burke to steer clear of the light of day,

and centrist republicans and democrats to say "What the F@$K is going on in this town?" But not on the bus cause they will throw your a&s off and cause you to walk home.
All the way to Mt. Airy, or Mt. Pilot.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Wolverine jr, thanks for the news on the bus arriving at the new terminus. I'm hoping to be there at some point, as I've got a gal who wants to be released early from jail for setting up a robbery at a check casher's place. Yeah, she claims she's learned her lesson. NOT!

I'll get a sheet of posterboard & scribble something on it. The bus driver Mayor & all his highbrow riders need to see the clear message.

You know, this isn't going to sit well with Kabaka. Mallorys driving a bus & all that. There's unfinished business. Should be interesting to see if he's moved on & has forgiven.

Everyone, once again, thank you for your overly generous comments. I really appreciate the kind gestures. We WILL win. Kim Hale WILL win.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wolverine Jr., ROFLMAO @ Mt. Airy or Mt. Pilot.You are too much.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Blanchard said...

Got some really good news today about the investigation into the WECC's complaint against Dale Mallory. Hang tight. Let this thing work itself out for a week or so,.....then hang on.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Blanchard, you're the very best! When things get so down, you always come thru with some good & juicy blockbuster news!!!!

Please keep us posted. In the meantime, we'll busy ourselves with other chit chat.

Speaking of other chit chat, I saw on the news that the Bengals are finally starting to wise up & unload their criminal talent. That Matthias Askew dude got the boot. He's got that obstruction of justice charge & some other hoo-ha going on in Court. Busted just out of the Northside boundary, parking on a sidewalk & got wisemouthed with the Badges.

Askew hired, oh, hold on. Kenny the Incompetent Lawyer. No kidding.

Memo to Kenny: You won't get paid. This guy is no longer employed. No more big buckolas. According to the sports news, the Bengals rated your client as "under performing". Two peas in a pod. Make that 3 - we'll toss in your miniature office boy, Drama Dwarf.

While we're waiting on Dale news, hopefully someone will open another Open Thread, as we're getting off topic here.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

News from the streets say that Lawdawg is closing up shop, taking no more new clients (HA! HA!) and is slated to become a JUDGE....WHAT THE HELL????? Any truth or more of his (crack)pipe dreams?

11:42 PM  
Anonymous wol said...

Dear Anonymous:
Please do not roll and laugh. These are very serious times. Dad wants to take me before WECC for coming up with the idea on the T-shirts. I had even thought we could do our own form of community health program called CityFink.

We'd begin with D4S as out first client for rehab. Not houses, D4S's mind. T-shirts sell for $12 and we have invested only $2. For every shirt D4S sells he's get $2, sell 20 an hour and he's back at old EZ wages AND does not have to split a thing with Bugger.
We do not allow Bugger to sell anything. Just think of all of those Mallory Myopia people who would buy such a shirt for a holiday present. "Look, Ma, I got a D4S shirt for turkey day!" "My, my, my Miss Norris, that little shitzoo of yours look so very chick in that doggie Dale4Sale turtleneck!" (By the way, those would be $16 due to them being in vague and highbrow. Dale will make a killing there due to his dawged nature and he can earn $4 for each of those. NO, Dallory, N8 cannot sell either. No Buggers, no DDs driving a white Beep.)

And Kim can help,too. When she travels to Columbus she can give D4S a ride and he can go around the Capitol and sell D4S shirts while she works there 3-4 days a week; Salvation Army will help put him up or one of Bill's regular shelters for the hard of leering. He can get to know the Amish, Mennonite and other faith based war protestors over round the capitol building. If he gets too good, she could suggest Dannie Phantasy drive him up and they both sell out of the trunk of Dannie's car. More than 100 shirts per month in sales and they go to $3 profit per each. Dannie will have a harder time weaning from the corruptive green tit to go through the CityFink program.

We know as soon as enough people bongo up on this and let the folks know back here in good old Hamilton county that Dale and Dannie have real legitimate jobs (Dannie would have to stay out of City Hall working on the 3Ms finances for the mayor race and quit flirting with his other master, trickie Dickie, to fully qualify for the CityFink program) that they could look at taking up residence on Dayton Street again and be bright shining lights for the program.

Where do the proceeds go from the t-shirt sales? At first into the pot split with WECC programs and the other half for getting Hale on the road to Columbus. After that for total CityFink rehab programs.
Little over head.

So, I will apologize to the WECC for thinking this all up, but I brought this into the community before I took it to Phool and Dick and Tim and the legislative lobby goons.

CityFink: Look whose hand was in YOUR wallets! Case rested, WJr gotta get on the road to Toe-lee-do. See you all back on the turnaround.

12:21 AM  
Anonymous carstairs said...

"and is slated to become a JUDGE....WHAT THE HELL????? Any truth or more of his (crack)pipe dreams?"

Anon 12:42, that story has been swirling around for quite some time. It escalated after 3M became the Royal Hiney Mayor of this 'burg. The heat turned up when Bill Jr. got a wild hair caught in his crack & decided to run for Judge in the big leagues - Common Pleas Court. Hearing city weed ticket cases are too boring for him now.

It won't happen for Kenny & here's a few reasons why:

The boy is behind on his CLEs (continuing legal education credits). He's been paying what amounts to fines for years.

He's been delinquent several times in paying his Bar dues.

And all those civil cases where he ripped off potential clients isn't going to help his case, either.

Further, he's well known to roll over on his clients & pleads them out on packages.

In addition, you talk with Court House insiders, they have 2 words to describe him - "He's dirty."

If Lawson's closing up his law firm, it isn't because he thinks he's running for Judge. That business has all but tanked. There's no associates at Kenneth L. Lawson & Associates. It's Kenny. He's messed over clients, he's messed over Xerox, National City Bank is on him, as is his landlord. Wouldn't surprise me if he was behind in the rent for his office, which is in a building owned by a white man & his wife (the Xanders's).

The GOP isn't going to put Kenny out there for Judge. Timbo might be stupid enough, seeing he's got this fetish for criminals.

To hear the Drama Dwarf talk in his blog, he's sticking with Kenny because he likes his job. Yeah, you know I would too, do nothing except file ignorant complaints in Court like going after Charlie Luken, the Police Chief , that sort of thing, & collecting a bit of a paycheck. Also, working for the mob for some walk around money. Hell, I could do that if I was so inclined.

Don't look for anything to really materialize on this Lawson for Judge business. It's all in Lawson's drugged mind. The Drama Dwarf must have bought him some really awful wacky tabbacy down at Witler & Blue Rock. Treecie must have sold him some bad stuff to even up a beef.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

rumor has is that folks are counting on Bill Mallory being elected to another circuit. If he is elected he will have some time left on his current term. The second part of the rumer is that deters is planning to support moving lawson to backfill for Bill Mallory on the remaining term

9:34 AM  
Anonymous watchdog said...

"Car wash is still a 'no'
OAKLEY - A Cincinnati zoning hearing examiner declined to reconsider his rejection of a developer's proposal to build a car wash on a vacant lot at Wasson Road and Paxton Avenue. "

Those are Hyde Park residents (Portsmouth Ave) that are fighting that. Don't think Oakley would win that battle.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget the IRS and the State of Ohio tax folks, too, are after Kenny.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It ought to get interesting down at the courthouse for old Kenny. He'll be there Thursday motning trying to stop Xerox from seizing his cash, then he's got a judgment debtor hearing in one of the cases where he screwed over a client. Then there's another garnishment issue. And some other client named Vincent Clark is going to get a default malpractice judgment against him. Tick, tick.

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

This was in today's Whistleblower about Lawson & his tub:

"Speaking of which, down at Hamilton County GOP Headquarters, Conservative Cutie Maggie Nafzinger wonders why it's so hard to get volunteers to work at the phone bank in Blue Ash on Friday night. Maybe it's because all those freeloaders plan to be at "TaxKiller Tom" Brinkman's big free all-the-shrimp-you-can-eat TLB Mean Jean Schmidt bashing GOP picnic at Veterans Park in Anderson, along with special honoree Revered Congressman Beechmont Bob McEwen, felonious former Loveland Mayor Lee Jerkowitz hiding in the crowd, folks who stopped off at Rivertowne Marina to check out Ken "Mad Dawg" Lawson's yacht being auctioned off by the IRS, at least one member of the Forrest Gump High School Class of 1956, people waiting for their Board of Revulsion refund checks from Hamilton County's Disingenuous DemocRAT Auditor and all those wannabees who'd like to see their names listed on the Blower's Fifty Most Fascinating People in Anderson."

No coincidence. Nothing we didn't already know. Anon 2:10 has to be roaring with laughter.

Anon 10:34, now that's a new twist on the Lawson for Judge rumor mill. Let me drop a few crumbs & see if I can get some Court House people to talk a little bit more. Bill Jr. might as well stay seated downstairs with the drunks & the prostitutes. Haven't seen him do a lot of campaigning. Last I heard, he was running against Dennis Helmick for his Common Pleas Court seat. It ain't gonna happen. Judge Helmick sides with the neighborhoods in getting the scum off the streets. And he doesn't do minimum sentencings either.

Anon 6:53, what I understand about the Vincent Clark case is that dude & friend of his were victims of mistaken identity. It was pretty bad. They went to Lawson for help in filing a suit & Lawson messed them over.

Now Clark & his bud are going to mess over Lawson. In the end on several of these judgments, the folks are getting garnishment action going on Kenny to ensure they get their money. That lady did it when Lawson took her retainer money to have him take his appeals case.

You know, I'm having a difficult time wrapping my mind around the fact that Deters would want to use this guy as Bill Jr's backfill. Lawson isn't worth the powder & shot to blow him up, let alone become a Municipal Court Judge. He's nothing but a Brokeback Pimp, for goodness sake. A real Court House Clown. Gosh, this is real Court. This isn't a TV show, for heaven's sake. The Judges can barely keep a straight face when he swivels in the Court Rooms in his oversized gangster suits & starts mumbling & honking like a goose.

Let me see what I can find out & I'll get back to you.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Well, we've swung the discussion off the ballot swap & the TS blogmasters are going to kick our butts.

Anon 6:53 & Friends:

Kenny's business with Xerox is pushed off to 8/24, the day after his buddy Howdy gets the verdict. The case is EX0600458, Execution Filing. Xerox won the judgment. Now they're demanding immediate cash for costs & damages, along with the copier. We're talking tout de suite here.

If the goods can't be located & Kenny can't cough up the cash, they want property (lands, tenements & whatever else will bring them monetary relief).

Well, Lawson is being a real banjo brain about the whole thing. He filed requesting a hearing because "the only property subject to execution is the Xerox copier" & he's disputing that. I've got breaking news for Xerox. That boy doesn't own property worth taking. He lives in rent, works in rent. He's a bit run down on the heels. The suits look a bit shabby. (Those are a real laugh - his daily go to Court threads.)

Oh, Hello? The Judge ruled in Xerox's favor. Heaven knows what he's going to pull out of his sack of games to dispute the judgment ruling.

You have to wonder what sort of zip-a-dee-doo-dah he gave the IRS about his tub, er, his yacht.

Cheez! Doesn't the West End/Mt. Pilot-Mallorybillies he works for have enough cha-ching around to bail him out of his financial troubles? Surely Junebug could arrange some EZ financing locally or out of Detroit. Without a doubt, the Mt. Pilot Mallorybillies are flush with plenty of cash. I'll be dipped if I'd lawyer for them or pimp for them for free. Lawson needs new friends. Lawson needs a fast infusion of cash.

Oh, I got it! He could dress up his Drama Dwarf & send him out on the street as a sidewalk socialite! The Dwarf ought to be able to bring in a little petty cash/chump change by tarting up the drive bys. He could sell some stuff on the side, too.

OK! OK! I'll get back on topic or shut up! Sheesh!

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lawson stuff is the real kashizzle. Who else has been the enforcer for the West End Mafia? He and Cockroach own the BBQ shack together. He's up to his eyeballs in this. Cockroach isn't smart enough to pull off the EZ deal himself.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Monica said...

It appears that the "nobility" of this group has gone by the wayside and has been replaced with something altogether different. But no surprise to me and many others.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Wolverine JR said...

Uh, okay, this xerox machine of Lawdawg's. Jeez, hmmm? How do I break this to you all real lightly.

Carstairs? You know that Beep you chased with DD in it. Now, don't get upset, but....hey, even the police had a tough time reading that license tag as it was a small silver registration plate....a Xerox registration plate.

Did you notice the cardboard doors
and the saran wrap windows? They did too........low tires and nubbin wheels to speak of? Nater's been driving the damned
Xerox machine around town febuddling even Chief Tommy's crew.

Now we know who the machine is with perhaps Xerox can check out Boxman Nater for the parking lot he's living out of. Better yet, load up Judge Bill and have him ride shot-gun, lasso DD, and take him to Mt. Pilot Forest, roll him in the garage.....then..........

Okay, back to the real world and away from MALLOWBLOOM County....
Toledo is duller than Cincy but i'll have time to do some dumpster diving for D4S material among the high faluters when I get in Saturdday. Maybe I'll pull up in my mini-skidoo mobile and ask D4S if he wants to go help find stuff, being as he's not employed and he's looking for a new snackcake to share space with. D4S des not ride around in anything resemling a cardboard Xerox mobile so the skidoozie will give him some prestige.

Mom says my coose is gooked if i think for a moment she'll be seen with me and Pops and the little Wolverines at the MBFR this weekend. Even if I run down to Popeye's and load up she's keeping us at a distance. Mom's become the Dayton street irregular about keeping to the high road on D4S stuff ands afraid we will act out in public. couldn't be no different than the Malloribillies and their whitewashed papers on where they live and what they've did. Can Dale say he works for EZ now? Probably if he says "I'm working EZ now-a-days". ANd ain't this curious that no one's heard from MArkie and Timbo and Queen Wieland in a bit about this Zoning, or Timmy needed Dickie to do more fundraiser to get Dale flush for the road tour. How could someone keep saying they get a GE retirement, file it as part of is packet for running as a candidate, and it be a lie and let go through.
Wonder if we know any hardcore Dems that could hit the local party with these question?

Oops, call to load up....back on the road!.

9:27 AM  

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