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Dale's Appointments to the CEC Board

This is a memo from Dale Mallory reappointing George "Junebug" Beatty to the board of directors of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. As has been noted before, the West End Community Council never ratified this appointment. Junebug's brother, City Hall hit man/ functional illiterate Howard Beatty was also another Dale appointee who was never taken before the community council. These appointments happened behind closed doors.

I had some questions in terms of the timeline. This memo was written in November of 2001. It states that "George Beatty will remain on the Empowerment Zone board for the next term as a representative for the West End Community Council. From what I have heard, board terms have a duration of two years. It would seem to me that Mr. Beatty was first appointed to the board in November of 1999.

I am not sure when Dale came into the Presidency, but I am confident that he was not President in 1999. I believe that the President prior to Dale was George Beatty. Did Junebug appoint himself to the Empowerment Zone board? I also believe that Len Garrett was President of the WECC at some point during the 1990's.

Anyone want to fill me in with a more complete timeline?

If George Beatty was on the Empowerment Corp board in 1999, that would go against the theory that after the Genesis corruption he simply shifted it to the Empowerment Zone. This evidence would lead one to believe that he was doing both projects concurrently.

People at City Hall threatened to shut down the WECC because of Genesis and the financial malfeasance of the West End Community Council. People on council were demanding that the people who allowed this money to be wasted would never again be put in charge of the spigot of public funds. At that same time JuneBug was already firmly entrenched with the Empowerment Zone, the funding of which is overseen by the City of Cincinnati. While Cincinnati was saying “never again”, it was already happening again.

You also have to wonder how many years Junebug was with the Empowerment Zone. One source told me that he was term limited off the board after two terms as West End Community Council representative. But he is still on the board right now, and he was on the board presumably when his first term started in 1999.

Dale Mallory appointed George “Junebug” Beatty to the board. Dale appointed Howard “Hit Man” Beatty to the board. Dale also got Len Garrett in from Queensgate. Dale got people on the board, and those people gave Dale a job working for them. He reported directly to Len Garrett. Dale wasn’t the only person to get a job, Junebug’s wife Orlinda is also a paid employee of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. Orlinda’s job title is “Community Liaison”. That is pretty much what Dale’s job title was too. They hire friends, family, and cronies, and then they spend the lion's share of the budget on each other. It is an orgy of graft. The Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation spends 60% of their budget on salaries and administrative expenses. Looking at Dale’s time sheets, it is great work if you can get it.


Anonymous Antares, more wiser said...


Good going on the combing the records. Disreputable elements want to make citizens feel that these matters are imagined. Political targeting trends are augmented to make one feel citizens are dumb, stupid and unaware (many ARE unaware) of what goes on and then condemn those that do help and persevere. Malignment, misogyny, misguided information to local (any) party members are functional features in the local cabal's handbook.

After being away for ten days VA and DC conferences addressing, developing political matters, I now know where these yokels (people in Mt. Pilot were smarter than these seeds you're growing here) get their brazen initiative.
Part of the seeds lie within both major parties in Columbus and DC.

Looking at this site (Monica, don't dismiss folks for their nutty active humor; you’ve contributed a high quality 10% to another blog that spends 80% of its efforts playing schizoid mindf&*k with an explosive issue. Either contribute something tangible or keep looking like you're part of the shell/shill game for baser people. Even if just humor, more substantiation has been contributed here in a few short months than ANY newspaper or government oversight agency has attempted to address or redress. Not meaning to be nasty, just a large portion of people existing below the $100,000 income level are being screwed with by righteous misanthropes and public punk assed political pimps(21-78 in this case) who act like they have market cornered on public service; their public service for their friends. Your posts to Mr. Dean's blog raise the questions that you were onto this long ago. If you have the written wares, have Mr. Dean scan them in. You, too, are part of an elongated timeline if you have knowledge of the older matters. Your power of oneness can contribute to mass power.)

Along with older files on line to look at the EZ/CEC this Mallory fronted political bunker begins to look like a Saddam maze. Just remember, they pulled that SOB out of a rat hole. Dale is just the front and allows him to be used out of loyalty to some dysfunction dance. Mallory front covers three deep for at least 18 others behind the scenes that do not have enough gonads to do the work themselves.

Diversions from the hidden agendas of powers that be are designed to make taxpayers, questioners or TS look like they are spreading falsehoods. DT, you, others who take time and effort to gather are making sure you turn the tides of this calculated war. Thanks for bringing these hand written official documents to light that neither the police, city council, the Democratic, Republican, charter Party nor the FBI will use to establish the case of wrongdoing for the citizens. You are making the case and more citizens will be behind you. PR team is needed.

The work a close friend is doing along the same lines now makes sense. Her senses, documentation strategies match yours and do not make her a dance card favorite for wilting politicos. I need to apologize there for not seeing these arenas before. I apologize to any of you that I maligned in thought (but not in deed or on record) about being 'just like the cityLinkers'. Few of their folks are even having second thoughts on their church dealing with Weiland, Burke, Beatty and company after researching their own areas. Keep raising the questions.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale became President of the WECC in May or June of 2001.
At that time there was a 4 year TERM LIMIT.
In December 2004, Junebug found the "true by-laws". The only change was no term limit.
These "true" by laws were never approved by the WECC.
They were ginned up by Junebug/Tenbosch and Dale.
This paved the way for Dale to stay in office in June of 2005.
This same group of thugs were screwing the West End for over 10 years.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Fatimah Kitchens said...

Beattys boys have controled the government money and the drug money rolling into the West End for years. Greedy bastards are double dippin.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been waiting for someone to bring all of this up!!!!!! Yes...JB appointed himself, in essence. How was he the WECC and Genesis PRESIDENT as well as a representative for the EZ AT THE SAME TIME???? One would have thought that someone at City Hall would have caught wind of this, esp. since he was on the EZ board at the time with former city manager John Shirey. Also, check his connection with Dwight Tillery and Minette Cooper..
As for the control of the drugs in the West's more JB than his brother. And at one time...streets say that the control of drugs was not just limited to the West End, but the REGION. And yes--political cronies and POLICE OFFICIALS KNOW this.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been waiting for someone to bring all of this up!!!!!! Yes...JB appointed himself, in essence. How was he the WECC and Genesis PRESIDENT as well as a representative for the EZ AT THE SAME TIME???? One would have thought that someone at City Hall would have caught wind of this, esp. since he was on the EZ board at the time with former city manager John Shirey. Also, check his connection with Dwight Tillery and Minette Cooper..
As for the control of the drugs in the West's more JB than his brother. And at one time...streets say that the control of drugs was not just limited to the West End, but the REGION. And yes--political cronies and POLICE OFFICIALS KNOW this.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

It's broken up at the very end here, but here's that famous link again on Dale taking the presidency of WECC & his lies about killing Genesis. It was in the early Summer of 2001 that Dale became prez.

And while talking about functionally illiterate, I couldn't help but notice in the handwritten memo that Dale spelled BOARD incorrectly. And this goof believes he's qualified for a State Rep position?

Memo to Monica: nowhere did this blog claim any sort of "nobility". We're not into such fantasy dreams & wishes. We're into hard work, fact finding, the proof & the truth. "Royalty" & "nobility" has no place here. The Royals & Nobles are nothing but a bunch of lazy, pompous assed individuals with too much time & money on their hands. However, I realize there's people out there who are completely obsessed with "nobility" & assuming they're "royal".

So, basically, either you're going to get off your royal high horse & help out or, you can get gone. We don't have time for lazy "nobility". We've got enough of those fakey people in this city.

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Sorry, the link broke up. Let's try this again. If it fails, I'll get the article & paste it.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Here's the infamous Enquirer article - that stupid link likes to break up.

Saturday, June 23, 2001
West End council is trying for fresh start

New board promises to scrap Genesis

By Dan Klepal
The Cincinnati Enquirer

The West End Community Council has a new look and a new mission.

Four new board members were elected as president, vice president, treasurer and recording secretary on the embattled community council this week.

The new board promised to do away with the community council's development arm, Genesis Redevelopment, which used $800,000 in federal funds through the city's Department of Neighborhood Services since 1991 to remodel its offices, make minor repairs to 11 homes and build one home.

Dale Mallory, brother of state Sen. Mark Mallory, defeated former council vice president Jackie Shropshire for president.

“It's a new day for the West End,” Mr. Mallory said. “There are a lot of willing workers who are willing to rebuild this community. I intend to make sure that happens.”

City officials last February asked federal, state and local investigators to probe Genesis and cut off its funding. That sparked a separate city audit of the West End Community Council, which found $82,000 from another account had been paid to officers and their families since 1992.

After a nine-month investigation, the police division reported the issues were matters of mismanagement and no criminal charges would be filed.

Mr. Mallory said he thinks Genesis has been damaged beyond repair by the funding scandal.

“I don't think Genesis can ever be repaired,” Mr. Mallory said. “It has drawn a negative to this community, and the West End doesn't need that right now.”

Other priorities of the new board include cleaning up the neighborhood, improving communication among residents and increasing voter registration.

Councilman Phil Heimlich said the new board rids the council of four Genesis members who were involved in “self-dealing.” He said with the new board comes the possibility of city funding.

“It's a huge turnaround, not only for the West End, but for the way we do business as a city,” Mr. Heimlich said. “This sends a message that misuse of public funds will not be tolerated.”

Councilman Paul Booth agreed that the election of new board members should place the community council back in a position where it can receive city funds.

“The election of the new officers signals a new beginning,” Mr. Booth said. “I believe City Council, at this point, ought to recognize that it's an organization we can now be ready to do business with.”

Mr. Shropshire, who served as vice president for two years, said he will stay involved with the neighborhood.

“Time will tell if any good will come of the new board,” Mr. Shropshire said. “I don't need a title to do what I have to do for the community.”

Other new community council board members include Shirley Colbert, who defeated Henderson Kirkland for vice president; Jackie Carr, who upended Gloria Hemingway for treasurer; and Omar Childress, who beat Sydney Cooper for recording secretary.

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

I hate to be a pest, but take a gander at this. If I'm reading this correctly, Junebug sat his fat, greedy a$$ at the EZ table of spoils in March 1999. GENESIS WASN'T DONE THEN. It was still cooking!

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

OK, this is it. Here's some more goodies on Cockroach Beatty. This ought to help tie him to WECC, EZ & Genesis all at the same time. I think some of these links were posted out here before. However, they're always worth finding & reading again.
(pub. 10-21-99)

Now, I've got to get on with another project! Hope this helps.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Carstairs!
You always come through with great information.

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Antares said...

Speaking of appointments, kept appointment with my kids to go to the BFR parade and then take lunch at the festival grounds. This is just such a great place to be and get to know so many folks, kids get to explore.

During the parade we noticed Dale as a giant Goober riding in a car and yelling out the window to vote for him. Boy has no upbringing. Mama must have kept him in the potatoe bin. Kids thought he was funny and other parade folks just shook their heads. The Pepper folks were behind him and must have been getting a real kick.

Missed the entry of the political candidates from TurnAround Ohio but ran into them along the way. Got to meet Mrs. Sykes the lady from Akron who is running for auditor and her husband. Very down to earth folks and Rick Cordrey who was cordial as well. They were walking with Representative Ty Yates who seems always a jovial sort. Strickland's brother was a hoot and a half and we spoke on the matter of the BlackNot brigade circling like they had a crew with WInburn who was, odd thought, telling about his work with a similar CityLink type of idea for COllege Hill. That's scary.

Odder yet is that the ex-Mrs.Antares who supported the Subbodh guy was wearing a Dann sticker. Talked to some in her group and one lady said the no one had seen Dale with the state political leaders from the Democrats and enough people had passed through by 3pm to have known. Seems that they are cool to big brother when little brother does not attend events. Lameness in action looks like. Lot of folks in that group taling up CityLink Victory.

3:53 PM  

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