Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mallory Appointed Killer to Board of Directors

Dale Mallory appointed Beatty to board

Dale Mallory helped appoint the man who allegedly shot Kabaka Oba outside City Hall last week to a powerful board that handles millions of redevelopment dollars for poor areas of town.

Howard Beatty has admitted to shooting Kabaka Oba. Howard Beatty shot him dead. Dale Mallory appointed killer Howard Beatty to the board of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation, which as Mr. Klepal stated “handles millions of redevelopment dollars”.

Mallory, who is running to represent the 32nd Ohio House
District, said the West End Community Council's executive board made the appointment. But vice president Shirley Colbert said Mallory rarely allowed the executive committee to meet. Mallory was impeached earlier this year.

"That's his thing," Colbert said of the Beatty appointment.
"He's just telling a lie. He needs a reality check."

One of the things at the heart of the impeachment was how Dale Mallory continually set the agenda by himself for the West End Community Council. He wouldn’t have executive committee meetings, and he rarely consulted anyone else’s opinion. It was Dale’s Council. Dale set the agenda, and Dale made the appointments.

If Dale wants dispute it, he should at least be challenged to show minutes and attendance rosters of the meetings where these decisions were presented, discussed and eventually made. Shirley Colbert is calling Dale on the carpet “He’s just telling a lie. He needs a reality check.” Colbert is succinct and to the point (as usual). In a case of he said / she said, Dale Mallory loses the credibility battle when measured up against Shirley Colbert, 1990 Enquirer Woman of the Year.

Mallory said the Beatty appointment was appropriate because his brother, George, owns a successful restaurant.

George Beatty was term limited out of being on the Board, so Dale appointed his brother because of George. What is the use of term limits if you get to appoint a surrogate in this fashion?

Howard Beatty was not an appropriate choice, he was a dishwasher and a lackey in Junebug’s restaurant. The man is a functional illiterate, (*Dale, that means he can’t read), he is not an appropriate choice for the CEC board.

Maybe what qualified Junebug and Hit-man Howie to be board members was their sterling record in development with Genesis. With track records like that how can you argue with results. I would not be surprised if we were looking into the second FBI probe of these guys of the decade.

What I didn’t like about this article is that it didn’t articulate some of the connections (connecting the dots). Dale Mallory works at the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. When you appoint members to the board and then get them to hire you, you have an ethical conflict of self-dealing. The article could have also talked about Orlinda Beatty working as paid staff at the CEC as well.

Finally, any recount of this should mention the Genesis Redevelopment scandal. Basically, the same cast and crew were screwing the West End and the City out of hundreds of thousands only a few years ago in the name of Genesis. How quickly we all forget.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Howard follows instructions well'
Male dallory

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The West End Community Council meeting minutes, attendance sheets, financials, correspondence, grant proposals, etc., etc., are open, public documents that can be viewed by anyone, at any time.

Should anyone associated with the WECC not grant this request, you fly over to City Hall, don't mosey, & complain until the money tree shrivels & dies.

Truth Squad, this is tremendous. Now we're getting somewhere!

(All is quiet on the other blogs right now. That's a good thing. Nate's probably smoked himself s#$tfaced by now.)

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This just in from the Hamilton County Court House:

Forget all about case 06CRA12564.

The Police Homicide Division ratcheted up the charges in case 06CRA13398 - F1 Aggravated Murder -premeditated.

Memo to Cincinnati's Alternative Black Voice: go get your own blog spot. I'm taking your death threats very seriously.

What you aren't getting here is jobs are never, ever handed out to white folks. That's the trouble with your kind - always looking for a handout. Always on the take. Always sniffing out a crooked deal for a pocketful of cash.

I certainly wouldn't call Howie the Hitman educated. Same for N8. Ditto for Dale. Likewise for Lawson. And I would hardly call any of them successful, especially when all of them are in hock to someone for lots of cash on unpaid debts.

Move on Black Voice. You're finished here. Go read a book & get educated.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I understand it, Nate was fingering the keys on his BlabBerry at the West End Community Council meeting. Why in the world didn't someone toss him out? He's not a resident. Never mind. His Massas sent him over to observe & take names.

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Sensitive New-Age Guy said...

"I don't do all these bad things people say," Mallory said. "I've been up front and open. It's kind of sad and I take offense."

You guys made Dale sad. You hurt his feelings. Don't you understand that Dale is a sensitive guy?

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Dale, please don't cry.
Maybe Mark has something for you to suck so you don't feel so bad.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your 1st class group kept order and the WECC had a great meeting.
Goodbye Esther. Good bye Bobbie. Good bye Dalie.....It's sad you had to go.
Enjoy the Y

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Howard Beatty said...


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