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Dale Mallory's Ethical Filing

Dale Mallory’s ethical filing is a matter of public information. If you look at the very first page he lists his employer as Cincinnati Empowerment Corp. Their website is .

Dale Mallory isn’t listed as on staff. On page 4 of his ethical filing, he listed consulting as the service he performs for the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation.

Notice Orlinda Beatty on the staff page?

Notice Len Garrett and Hit-Man Howard Beatty on the Board of Directors? Dale had them appointed. . He never vetted his appointments through the West End Community Council, as is required. It never went to the body for approval. That is how you can get a functional illiterate hit-man gangster as your community’s representative to the Empowerment zone and the millions of dollars in grant money that they receive. Talk about the inmates running the asylum. You can’t make this stuff up, (trust me I tried).

Junebug was on the board of directors before his brother Hit-Man Howard. His wife even works for the Empowerment Corporation. And of course Junebug, the Hit-Man, and Len Garrett all worked together with Dale Mallory once before: at Genesis Redevelopment.

So Dale Mallory used his position as President of the WECC to appoint his cronies to the Board of Directors of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. His cronies then used their positions as board members to hire family members and then give Dale a “consulting kickback”. All they while they channel the government money that goes through the empowerment zone.

Check out that Empowerment Zone website. It hasn’t been updated in awhile. It is hard to tell exactly what they are doing. They aren’t taking any RFP’s, and they haven’t publicly for years judging by that site. But I am sure they are if you know someone like Dale, if you know what I mean. If you want to do business they have to get their cut.

This is a case of clear self-dealing by Dale Mallory. I don’t know the law, so I can’t tell anyone if this is illegal or disqualifies him from office. I do know that from an ethical standpoint once again Dale Mallory fails the test.

Dale Mallory’s dealing with the Empowerment Zone should be investigated. I also feel that the empowerment zone itself may have been compromised and should also be investigated. I think the way that Dale Mallory does business is criminal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are the greatest!
Where is the real press on this?
The Mallory family is outed and Dale is ousted.
And Dale is running for his daddy's black seat in Columbus?

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His street address says "Dayton" there is no house number.
Does that mean Dale is a "street person"?
Perhaps that's why he wants CityLink. Dale's homeless and wants to be with his pal Howard Beatty when Howard is in transitional housing.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

Dale writes like a fucking tard.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just went to the empowement zone web site ... if there was a rep for the West End community his/her name is no longer listed, however, Mr. Beatty is still listed as the chair of the economic and workforce development committee...
it appears that the site is in the process of being update ...


Economic & Workforce Development: Howard Beatty, Chair

Individual & Family Well Being: William Brown, Chair

Civic Infrastructure: Robert O’Neal, Chair

Housing & Neighborhood Environment: (Vacant) Chair


Len Garrett, Chair, Garrett & Associates, Queensgate Community Representative

Robert O’Neal, Vice Chair, Evanston Community Representative

Lamont Taylor, Treasurer, Frisch’s Restaurants, Inc., Corryville Community Representative

Robert Ivory, Secretary, United Way, Government Non-Profit Representative

Walnut Hills Community Representative

Stephanie Smith, Fifth Third Foundation Office, Business/Employer Group Representative

William Howell, Over the Rhine Community Representative

West End Community Representative

Sam Clark, Mt. Auburn Community Representative

Ozie Davis III, LISC of Greater Cincinnati/ N. Ky., Avondale Community Representative

Pastor James H. Cantrell, Zion Baptist Church, Government Non-Profit Representative

William Brown, Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses, Government Non-Profit Representative


Harold L. Cleveland, Chief Executive Officer

Virgil Puthoff, RHMR, Chief Financial Officer

Ramona Sellers, Quality Assurance & Compliance Officer

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like they are finally doing some updating and some house cleaning.

The Google Cache still has Howard on the board, it is right here:

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Brian Toam said...

Looks like more people are reading this blog than you imagined. That is a quick reaction time for the EZ, considering they haven't updated their RFP page since 2003.

It looks like they haven't made their bids competative and posted them available to the public i 3 years. I wonder what they are doing with all of that money. It may be time for another HUD audit. The blatent self dealing and ties to criminals should trigger an automatic review.

They should also be available to answer just how much Dale Mallory was paid and for what purpose. Who supervised his work? How did he come about to work for the Empowerment zone? Do they have a policy for conflicts of interest?

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whee! This is the motherlode of info! You people are the best & this is the greatest blog!!!

As a suggestion, make inquiries at the EZ, & scratch in other places before we all file complaints with the Ohio Election Commission (Daddy Mallory sits at this table).

I believe 4/20/06 is the deadline on election financials for the pre-primary phase. Hopefully, that will yield more clues on the money trial.

The Ohio Election Commission is notoriously slow about addressing complaints & they are rather glib about how they handle the entire process. However, if it slows down the Dale is Done train, so be it.

Again, this is fabulous info! Great job, everyone!!!

P.S. I've informed a certain individual in a legal capacity to take a look at this blog for honest, factual proof & information. Whoa! It's OK. It will help with some specific, pending processes.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might I suggest that you give this document issued by the Ohio Attorney General a look?

Cincy EZ is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, as we all know. The principle listed in this AG publication applies to them. In addition, Directors & Staff are entitled to reasonable compensation. They can't be raking in vast sums here. That is an automatic heads up with the IRS.

That said, with this outfit being under IRS Section 501(c)(3), they are not permitted to withhold information from the inquiring public. During normal business hours, you are entitled to, under law, review the following partial list of documentation:

Any & all Meeting Minutes

All Financials, including their IRS Form 990

By Laws

Articles of Incorporation

Business & Curriculum Vitaes of Directors & Staff to ascertain their qualifications

Documentation on past projects & projects in progress

Lists of funders & donors

Any documentation stemming from lawsuits

Should they fail to cooperate in anyway with requests, first contact the City of Cincinnati (thump Cranley's phone then thump Sister Ghiz's phone, as she's hot to trot over City money flying out the door), as they shove money in this venture. Then get with the Ohio AG. Then contact the G-men at the IRS here in Cincinnati. I believe there's still a not-for-profit section Downtown.

Actually, according to law, you are able to stroll right in the door during their business hours & ask to review. However, some of these not-for-profits will get uppity & start grilling you, then state a specific date & time to return to examine the documents. This is illegal. Those records are to be kept up-to-date at all times & readily available upon request.

Another thing I'm wondering about is the "diversity" composition of the Board, Overseers & Staff. How that flew past the City & the IRS is beyond me. After all, White for-profit & not-for-profits have been ordered to "diversify". This crap in this City with allowing black klans to crop up is just pi**ing me off.

Yes indeedy! I believe I can smell a faint whiff of self-dealing here.

Face it, friends. The Beatty Bros. look like a pair of ghetto Deliverance boys that couldn't pour water out of their shoes with the directions on the soles! Jeezy, seeing both of them on the news, the Total IQ probably sums to -3. Yeah, that's it. Ghetto Deliverance boys. That's scary. Makes you wonder who's next on the hit list & who's going to do the job.

I hope this helps. I enjoy being able to contribute when I find something that may be useful.

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 8:16
Many thanks.
Your useful post will pry the info we need.
You are MOST helpful!

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 9:09, thank you for your kind & generous comments! We are family & we've got to help each other out here. And people are talking about this blog! While others are into psycho-babble & credibility matters, this is the place for factual, intellectual information!!

Other tidbits:

The IRS still has a Tax Exempt Organizations Section here in Cincinnati, phone 263-3333.

One other thing, you are entitled to ask to see Cincy EZ's IRS issued tax exempt letter, certificates & any other correspondence, legal opinions, etc. pertaining to their status. That's part of the public record they must produce on request.

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 4:20, Howdy's going to the joint. That's a given. Transitional Housing, early release, boot camp, 2 fers & 3 fers, shock parole aren't an option.

Hope he likes the food at Lucasville, but it sho' ain't gonna be like that greasy good ghetto cookin' down in the West End!

He'll be someone's enforcer in the joint. Too damned ugly & old to be some dude's bride. The long-timers are picky about their brides these days. They like those young, pretty boy dope dealers.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's me again. Another thought.

I'm wondering if the City's Community Development Division might provide some oversight on these people, seeing they're getting City (our) money.

They will have some files & records that are for public viewing. However, before running after them, I'd get compliance from Cincy EZ. (I've known of alterered & incomplete documents going to the City & they're just filed. Go figure.)

I'm not certain if she's still the Director, but start with Annette Armstrong (late Firefighter Oscar Armstrong's Mom). She'd be able to point the way to the Manager/Auditor on Cincy EZ.

I'd hold this off in pending contacts stack until such time as you might need it.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
I saw some blog entries about Wm. Senior's philanderings. And then I did some digging.
While Joe is obviously not the product of Bill and Fannie,now I learn the judge and now the prosecutor are the love children of Bill's political long term girlfriends.
Seems that Bill is Cincinnati's answer to Mormon Joeseph Smith. Lots of "wives" and lots of kids.
Kids raised by the multiple girlfriends.
When Bill's career took off in Columbus, all the Mallory Mormon Mafia families decided it was time to create the myth that Fannie was mom to all and the Mormon Mallory Mafia Mamma. Love to see the birth certificates and DNA tests.
So that's why Dale hates and abuses women.And that's why Mark's still in his closet. done good...solid citizen, must have had a good mom.
the judge just like trophy blonde white wives (think OJ and Nicole), once they hit 30 something toss them out and get a newer model.
joe's a good looking bum. also divorced. married a good looking doctor and she's the breadwinner, joe is just a board of election flunkie.
Quite a Peyton Place for the so called "family of the year".
The connections with the Beatty family are well documented.
Just about all of Dale's friends are on drugs.
And I've just begun to look at GE, EZ and Genesis.......DALE in Jail will NOT go to Columbus.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is all that WM.Senior stuff real?
My old lady gets mad at me for going to a titty bar for a friend's bachelor party.
BILL you da' man!!!

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 9:21, give yourself a big round of applause! 9:26, Anon 9:21 is right.

Back in July 2004, the Mallory outfit did a big media event out in Columbia-Tusculum to announce that Mark was going to run for Mayor. I had heard stories for a few years on the 'tom cat' business. The only one that wasn't there was Judge Bill, as I guess his Muni Court was running overtime.

It was hysterical to see polite society white ladies raise their hands to their faces & whisper to the proper lady sitting next to her. They were attempting to figure out why some of the flock looked different from the rest. When you get the entire Klan together, it's jaw dropping.

Oh, there was a huge stinkum well over a year ago on the BUZZ about Judge Bill & his preference for white women, preferably blondes. Jeezy, there was a whole tribe of them calling in & bitching about being a "sell out" - Kabaka, Bill Kirkland & some of those other bottom feeder reprobates.

If you haven't done it, swing by Judge Bill's Court sometime. He's a carbon copy of that Judge Joe Brown TV show. I'm serious. And he can't speak without that black ghetto affectation. (Makes you wonder if his white woman talks like that!)

And it's very true that the Klan has always put on this ever-so-proper front. ALWAYS. Fannie always conducts herself like a high born, dignified matriarch, wife of a prominent state politician. You will never, ever see her out of that character. (Think Rose Kennedy, JFK's mommy here.)

Like I've been saying, these people are the black Kennedys. They've copied the Kennedys page by every page.

We've got their offspring in offices, kids by different women, crooked deals, a bought Mayoral position by a union, on the take, has muscle to do the dirty work, there's an ordered hit still laying in ICU in critical condition, Daddy sits on the election commission & helps decide who's going to get what office, money laundering, etc., etc. One would think wiretapping would be in there someplace.

9:21, you did very well, indeed! I certainly hope you let us know what you unearth next!!

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale 4 sale
Dale on bail
Dale will fail
Dale in Jail

3:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks anon 9:21
If Dale made it to Columbus he could pass a few laws to help tom cat Dad and closet Mark.
For dad, pass a multiple spouse bill. Make it legal for Dad to marry all his girlfriends and have a true mormon family.
For Mark, make gay marriage legal.
some say Mark swings both ways, so let him marry one (or two) of each.
While he's at it, lower the age of consent.....cause Mark's tastes border on pedophelia (look at the young white/light boys he hires).
We already changed the misogeny laws so the Judge is ok. But the judge should be pleased at lowering the pedophile age.
By the way Dale, when did the GE retirement age go down to 35?????

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear 9:56
Speaking of wiretapping.
At Dale's February impeachment meeting, his "defense" was a tape recording of a conversation between Bates and Carr.
Was this a wire tap???
And why didn't any one pick up on that?
More questions to ask Dale when he is under oath for the joke lawsuits.

3:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4:35, it's 9:56 (&other times) The wiretapping is something I thought of when going thru the Kennedy Klan history in my mind & applying it to the Mallory Mafia.

It wouldn't come as any surprise to me that there's wiretapping going on, or something as amateur as taping a conversation without knowledge.

I would suppose folks didn't pick up on that Bates/Carr tape simply because the idea of dumping Dale was front & center in their minds. There's been so much outrage, & rightly so, that people a step or so removed can look at the big picture & plug in the plausibles here. However, I hope this is something the Prosecutor will pick up on.

Oh, that will certainly knot up Lawson's shorts. That idiot is up to his eyeballs on lies he's been quoted in the 'Baka business. The off-duty Sheriff's Deputy has sunk lowlife Lawson.

The more we delve into this business, the more the whole thing just stinks. We've been dredging up more sneaky, slimy, stinking sh#t than the Watergate scandal. And we're just everyday residents!!

Again, family, be aware that Judge Bill is looking to move up to the major leagues in our local Court system.

As I think of other things, I'll check back in. Have a swell, safe holiday!

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You 2 have had quite a 50 married years together!
Every major event is marked with a march of your 6 "children".
We all do double takes on Joe and da judge. But we were all OK with just "not going there" and not asking too many questions.
The quotes from Bill that "Dale paid his dues" and "It's Dale's turn". Have cause the silent witnesses to the Mallory Mafia to say "NO MORE".
We gan accept that Mark is in the closet.
We can accept that you found a do nothing job for do nothing Joe.
We can accept that you are at the trough at 74 with the elections job.
We can't accept criminal Dale with his ties to the Beattys, EZ,CityLink, his abuse of woment and his total disregard for the will of his neighborhood.
Mark said "An attack on my brother is an attack on me"
You Fannie And Bill are publicly supporting your rotten son.
Mallory Mafia. As long as you back Dale, this is WAR!!!

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go to Dean's blog. He has a headline that Kabaka died. Put that 6 PM News on.

That attempted murder is now 1st degree Murder with gun specs.

It's over with for Howdy & Lawson might as well fold it up. I certainly hope the Police & the Prosecutor's Office dives down further to look at the Power Pyramid.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget to watch Channel 12 at 11am Easter Sunday to watch Eve v Dale. Dale claims he was "not impeached". Also Dale dances around the "are you for CityLink?" question. Eve answers that the West End and the City came out against it THEREFORE she would be against it because she wants to REPRESENT HER CONSTITUANTS!!!".
That's the differece. Dale looks out for Dale. Eve looks out for the citizens in her district. What a breath of fresh air after the Mallory Mafia stench. Vote for Eve on May 2nd.

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just caught the Newsmakers event with Eve Bolton and Dale. Eve provided the insight and understanding, Dale was clueless and aimed to play both race and class card. Shyster Dale is propped up by Dick Weiland and Tim Burke as favors for what the Mayor owes to all the lobbyists around him and his favored city hall staff which makes deals the Mayor is not privileged to for their own political betterment, not Mark's. A good man was kicking ass until he passed the primary and then his cart became so full of so many hangers on and lobbyists who never gave him a dime prior. Now he's so in hock to favors to lobbyists that he sold out old friends, neighbors, and has to prop Dale up in cuffs and ties to look like he could be related to the mayor.

We need to watch Burke, Weiland and Dale like hawks these next few weeks. Pray for the family of Kabaka...he knew more and people felt he would tell. Pray for a mayor who has allowed himself to become deluded while the people around him feed off his efforts.
Sacrifical lamb is he. EVE just sewed up the 32nd by telling like it was/is.

10:38 AM  
Blogger westender1000 said...

Anon 12:38 Good insight.
My initail observations (I taped it and will watch it again....liked the TRUTH squad posters.):
1) BEST LINE from Hurley.."we're not talking about your family Dale, we are talking about YOU"
2) Dale drug out rhe race and poverty card and his foolish shot at Eve backfired.
3) Dale was not forthcoming on his CityLink position. the "need to learn more" response worked in October and November......we all learned more than enough by December. THAT's WHY YOU WERE IMPEACHED DALE......YOU sold out to CityLink. The whole world can see it. You insult everyone by insisting on that worn out bull s**t line. That dog won't hunt.
4) I know Eve attended the WECC in February when Dale was ousted 31-10. I saw her from beginning to end. She's spent lots of time there. Message to Dale...The West End is only one of 20 or so district neighborhoods. Eve's been to them all. It didn't seem like you have ever left the West End. You sure didn't know the issues.
5) He was billed as "a GE retireee".
Dale's 46. He hasn't worked for GE since he was in his mid 30's. WHO BELIEVES he's getting any real retirement check from GE. THIS SEEMS TO BE A LIE. We need full disclosure on this issue. Without it, one must conclude that Dale's income is under the table BRIBES.
6) The more Dale is out in the media, the more the Mallory machine is up for scrutiny. The smartest thing would be for Dale to withdraw and find honest work in the private sector. Maybe he could be an Elite guard.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just took a look at N8's blog.....almost no comments on his last several postings.
This posting has 27 comments and counting.
Look's like the IMPEACHMALLORY blog is getting lots of attention accross america and accross the world. Thank you for this excellent blog and the ever growing family that is united to stop Dale from ever (mis)representing us again. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Mallory Mafia will use the junebug Beatty gang to kill the IMPEACHMALLORY bloggers the way their EZ buddy Howard killed Kabaka Oba for making too much noise?
When will the press tie the Mallorys to the hit man Howard Beatty???? Their connections go back at least 15 years that I know about. The Mallorys are up to their necks with Beatty, EZ and Genesis dirt.....Will one murder be enough to bring out the whole truth???

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First on the Hurley program - I got such a hoot out of Dale 4 Sale making emphatic statements that Eve hadn't been in the West End, so therefore, she was clueless. Then, like a snarky, ghetto slut (think fake hair, plastic nails, clothes 20 sizes too small & rolls of fat pooching out, arguing with some 2 bit drug dealer she'd been sleeping with, but he's found someone else) he snipes off with something about not voting for Eve, vote for him. (Not on your best day, Dale!!)

However, I loved how Hurley put the full press on him on the CityLink issue, after he had lied like a junkyard dog about the impeachment process & then trashing Shirley Colbert in the bargain.

SCORE: Eve - WON, Dale - jail

Anon 1:54, like I said before, that was an ordered hit on Kabaka. It was flawlessly orchestrated, too pat. I believe he knew too much. He had mellowed somewhat since the union-bought Mayoral election, but I think he was starting to put all the pieces together. It's a shame, a dirty shame. But I truly believe the "Power Pyramid" said he had to go. Kabaka was a monster liability.

I certainly hope none of the Impeach Mallory bloggers are in the line of fire. Too risky. There's too many they can't identify who would go to the Prosecutor's Office, thereby skipping the police & snubbing their noses at City Hall.

I would like to think that if the media doesn't wake up to Howdy Beatty & his connections, the Prosecutor will get a bit below the surface. It's Murder One now. This is big time. I don't like to think this, but I believe someone else is going to have to get rubbed out before the stupid press catches on.

It was priceless to see the Dale4Sale team outside the Channel 12 studios during the taping. I'll bet Dale almost soiled his drawers on that. That was a real Kodak moment.

Just be careful when you're out there with those signs! The "Power Pyramid" won't use any Beattys the next time. They'll use one of their other flunkies.

Anon 11:38 - you're absolutely right we need to watch Dickie Weiland (Dean did some great stories on him with mucho help), Timmy Burke, Dale & Daddy.

12:16, N8 is still trashing Kabaka. The man is dead & N8's still running him down. You know, for some little turd who used to follow Kabaka around, lick & suck up to him, he has certainly proved to be exactly what everyone's been saying - a lying, 2 bit, 2 faced, racist, worthless little piece of dog dirt. Right now, he has no time to defend Dale. He doesn't have time for that oversized gorilla, Dum-ass. However, he did get Kenny to file against the City on the weed possession ordinance, because Nate likes his weed. He thinks we're all going to be whining & crying to the Enquirer when Howdy's trial is over. Uh, I don't think so. It's over for Howdy.

P.S. I don't think the powerbrokers will be stupid enough to attempt another hit until after Howdy's trial. Too risky.

Unfortunately, Howdy's trial is going to be a long stretch. I'd venture once Lawson looks over all the goodies & the overwhelming evidence, he's going to motion that Howdy was mentally impaired at the time. Howdy will go to Summit Behavioral for a psych evaluation. Then Lawson will go for insanity & Howdy will go to a nice, calm sanitorium in Columbus until he's "well" enough to stand trial.

Perhaps then we need to start looking at Lawson & touching base with the Ohio Bar Association. I'm sure you've heard the stories swirling out there that Lawson has Lou Gehrig's Disease. He's no doubt on medication. To me, that says he's not of sound capabilities to be a licensed attorney in the State of Ohio. I'll sniff around on this & see what I can find. However, we have to make sure Eve landslides the primary!

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, here's a creepy thought that'll rattle your bones.

New Orleans is gearing up for the Mayor's Race. I saw a news item on that crooked, incompetent ninny, Ray Nagin.

In reading the tripe, old "Chocolate City" Ray seemed to come off as Dale's 'Evil Twin'. Two peas in a pod. Crooked as a hound dog's hind leg. Scary.

Anon 12:16, N8's too busy on yet another joke lawsuit to overturn the City's weed ordinance. He's going to hit the streets, stores, sidewalks, everywhere with petitions. N8's going to protect his rights to puff.

And isn't it just like him to wait until Kabaka is dead to announce this duck sh*t? N8's the real Norma Desmond. Always has to have that spotlight on him. Personally, I always thought of him as a little Drama Queen anyway.

Since the heat is on, that little twerp had better do exactly as the big boys order him to do & do it with 100% satisfaction.

With running Kabaka to the ground & kicking him after dying, coupled with his weed lawsuit, the little twerp doesn't have time to sit down & take a pee let alone support Dale & smear the only honest candidate. He's also backed off the Dumb-Ass platform. Not that the lardass had anything substantial anyway.

Oh yeah. Howard the Hitman goes back to Court tomorrow. It's Murder One. Then the gun charge. Seeing he's a convicted felon, I'll bust up laughing if they toss on Carrying a Concealed Weapon & Weapons under Disability, just to ratchet up the charges & knot up Lawson's shorts. I can't imagine Deters waiting another day on this moron.

Just be careful & watch your backs!!

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, does anyone know what happened to the website? Seems to be down.

11:38 PM  
Blogger Deep Throat said...

It went down last night and it has been down all day. Something is going on, and that something is not good.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

deep throat, thanks for responding. I'm going to keep checking, bet it looks remarkably different when it returns.

3:29 PM  

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