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Kabaka Oba Shot: Beatty, Lawson, and the Mallory Cabal

Kabaka Oba was shot right outside of Cincinnati City Hall yesterday. Oba was shot multiple times, but he survived the firefight and identified his accuser.

Hours later, Mr. Howard Beatty turned himself in for the hit. His lawyer is none other than Ken Lawson.

Who is Howard Beatty?

The hit man Howard Beatty is currently on the Board of Directors of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation, representing the West End Community Council. He was anointed to that position by Dale Mallory. His appointment was never ratified by the body of the West End Community Council.

Howard Beatty is functionally illiterate. How he came to become on a board of directors is a mystery when he can't even spell it. Check out the look in his eyes on that mugshot. The man is a dim pawn in the Mallory political machine.

Howard Beatty was also a board member of the Genesis Redevelopment Corporation, back when Dale Mallory led Genesis as Executive Director. Howard Beatty’s brother is “Junebug”, George Beatty. George Beatty used to be President of the WECC. He was also a prominent member of Genesis along with his brother, Genesis was a family affair.

For the record, Genesis took close to a million dollars to build one home and do surface cosmetic enhancements to a handful of others. When the city went looking for the money they got threatened by hit men like Howard and George Beatty and they backed off and ran.

While Junebug (George Beatty) was President of the WECC, Cincinnati City Council considered dissolving the Community Council altogether. When the Genesis investigation began, George Beatty stepped down and Dale Mallory stepped in. He became Executive Director of Genesis Redevelopment, and eventually President of the West End Community Council.

Genesis Ties and The Empowerment Zone

The West End Community Council is part of the Empowerment Zone. As such, the community has the power to appoint members to their Board of Directors. Junebug, George Beatty was appointed to the Board of Directors for two terms. When he term limited out, Dale appointed the hit man Howard Beatty to do the deal.

From Queensgate, Dale had Len Garret appointed as well. Len Garrett was also a member of both Genesis and the WECC during the paydays. By stacking the board, they were able to exert influence and give money to friends out of the budget. Orlinda Beatty, Junebug's wife is on the paid payroll of the Empowerment Zone. It is also rumored that Dale Mallory is getting paid by the EZ as a consultant.

From what I am told, he was hired by the very people he appointed, a Mallory lesson in self dealing. I hope to confirm this when his ethical filing comes out for the public record.This story is developing as we speak.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ONE missing fact....Dale Mallory filed his disclosure statement a few days ago. His 2 sole stated sources of income were: 1)GE retirement 2) Empowerment Zone consultant.
Dale's 46, he left GE in his mid-30's. He had a lowly position. Ask many people retire from low level GE jobs in there mid 30's???My guess is he takes $1000/year from his 401k and calls it "GE retirement". What has Dale lived on the past 10 years???
Answer, Deals he Junebug and arrested Howard Beatty came up with. Lots of EZ & Genesis money and other "emoluments".
Dale, your upcoming deposition...under oath will be very interesting indeed.

5:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo! This is a fabulous story that gets right to the center of this attempted murder of Kabaka. Not only that, it displays well documented ties of the Beatty Bozos to the Mallory Mafia.

In taking a quick glance at the flim-flam blogs, this is the ONLY on in Cincinnati that's putting all the puzzle pieces together!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped out with research. There will be more we can do & I'll help to get busy. When we work together, it produces stunning results.

Again, this is a superb story! No one, I mean no one, will be able to top this!

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean the dead woman in Dale's bed and the live boy in Mark's won't make the news tonight?

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 6:30, I found Daddy Mallory's bio & it stated that Dale is Done works at GE as a manufacturing facilitator (obviously, this bio is the Mallory legacy according to the book of Genesis).

I find that priceless that he calls it "GE retirement". However, that's the way crooked politicians protect their image & "dynasty".

I have to wonder if this GE title is something the Mallorys created or if it's one of those glorified spin-titles. At any rate, a manufacturing facilitator sounds something like being a Tool Crib go-fer. He was probably just lucky enough to make $25K a year!

I have to agree, Dale is Done has lined his pockets with EZ, fast cash, including his payments from the so lucrative Genesis.

This is a great story. Bring 'em on!!!

Not to change the subject, but I read in this morning's paper about a particular high-ranking individual in the police administration giving a member of the family some grief. Don't despair. There's been plenty of that going around from that one person. I got the "little girl" crap off him several weeks ago & I'll never see the "little girl" years ever again. I was insulted & I'm still pi**ed off over it.

Ever since they did away with the neighborhood officers program, something has been really stinking. And I'm hellbent on finding out why it stinks so bad.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Deep Throat said...

Thanks to our resourceful blog following, I now have a copy of Dale’s ethical filing in hand. It confirms that he does work for the Empowerment Zone, though they didn’t list a salary. I will scan it in and post it this afternoon.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Dale is only required to provide monetary/salary information if he was in office the prior year

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to get the EZ records on payments to Dale?
It should be a public record. Any specific place to go?

12:58 PM  
Blogger Deep Throat said...

Harold L. Cleveland

Chief Executive Officer - 513-487-5200



513-487-5202 (fax)

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you!

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

Junebug and Nate will be on WLW in 10 minutes.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys had it all wrong.
I listened to WLW.
Junebug said kabacka oba SHOT HIMSELF 5 times.
And Howard was self defending himself from oba's attack on himself.
That's his story.
Who's crazier? Junebug or Dale?

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just saw the pickets on Channel 12 with the "DALE 4 Sale" signs and "H Beatty 4 Dale" signs.
Dale was visibly upset .....let's see how you screwed up the interview when it's on Hurley's show 11am Sunday morning channel 12.

3:39 PM  

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