Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mallory Campaign Taking On Water

Mallory name no longer a sure thing

Today Howard Wilkinson has an article on the tough going that Dale has made for himself in the race for the 32nd. The article talks about CityLink and Dale Mallory’s impeachment and removal from office.


“Yard signs for a Mallory opponent on Dayton Street are a sure sign that times have changed. In February, after months of wrangling and recriminations, members of the West End Community Council voted 31-10 to remove Mallory as president.”

Times have changed. But wait, there is more:

Robert Newman, lawyer for Colbert and the others, said Mallory was impeached because "he repeatedly would not allow them to vote on the CityLink project. It was as simple as that. They wanted a vote and he wouldn't allow it.

But Mallory maintains his impeachment "was just an act of retribution. I didn't speak out against CityLink, so I had to go."

The funny thing is that according to Dale Mallory, the West End Community Council never had a vote on CityLink. No vote in October, November, December or January. With so much controversy, why didn’t Dale let the people decide? Seems pretty simple to me. Did the people not want to vote? Not likely. So who did everything they could to prevent people from voting, including shutting down meetings without motions? Dale Mallory.

The article talks about Genesis Redevelopment, but it never mentions that Dale Mallory was Executive Director of Genesis Redevelopment. It should have included that.

Another gem:

“Mallory, whose day job is at Cincinnati Empowerment Corp., where he is a liaison between the agency and neighborhoods seeking empowerment zone funds.”
The full empowerment zone story is the biggest story that is still not being told. Dale Mallory has appointed people to the board of the Empowerment Zone. Those people have hired friends and family and put them on the payroll. It is the same type of thing that happened with Genesis Redevelopment, by some of the exact same people that were involved in Genesis. Wake up people!

Why do the same people continually end up controlling the spigot of public funds? After sinking over $800,000.00 in Genesis, maybe some one should point out what a bad idea this is.

People should be asking for HUD’s guidelines on conflicts of interest, and also for a copy of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation’s ethical policy on hiring relatives.

And we finally found out what Dale does at the Empowerment Zone. Get this, he is a liaison between the agency and the people seeking the funds!! WOO HOO! What a perfect job for Dale.

The Empowerment Zone hasn’t published any public RFPs for years if you check their website. If you want money, you need to go through our community liaison: Dale Mallory. What a perfect job for Dale. He doesn’t have to show up regular hours (he is a consultant), and he gets to be the middleman standing between would-be developers and a large pool of empowerment zone cash. (WARNING TO THE DEAN, EDITORIAL COMMENTS SNEAKING IN HERE:) If you don’t believe that Dale has his hand out, you are either batshit crazy or you simply don’t know Dale Mallory.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEE HAW!!! Mallory needs to get his cronies, thugs, incompetent attorney & the midget go-fer to start manning the lifeboats!

The Mallory ship of fools has not only struck an iceberg, but they've run aground. Damned the torpedoes!

I hope the Enquirer is seeing this latest item & has the courage to go another step forward with all of this.

Memo to the Enquirer: the public who do not have internet access has the right to know all of this to make informed choices at the polls in 2 weeks. Please provide the due diligence.

The Truth Squad strikes yet again! Good show! Bravo!!

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truth squad....riddle me this:
The winner gets a weekend trip on Kenny Lawson's reposessed $125,000 boat that he couldn't make payments on. That was Kenny's Titanic.
What happened at the end of that movie? I forgot.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's Nate?
He ran from the depo this morning.
Maybe he's at GE trying to change the records.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous The Overused Metaphor Police said...

This place has become metaphor hell. Taking on water, sinking ship, ship of fools, manning the lifeboats....

For the love of God stop this metaphor abuse.

I am warning you. No more bad puns or cheesy metaphors or it is WAR!

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Nate livingston said...

There were some of you damn Whities at the deposition. I had to leave. I hate you Whities. Howard had to shoot that unarmed black man because he was afraid for his life so he went out for a walk downtown like he often does near city hall on Wednesday when everyone in town knows Kabaka is there violating his restraining order in self defense out for a walk with his getaway car shooting unarmed men. Howard is a victim and now Dale is a victim of Racist Enquirer. I hate White people.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 1:49, Nate's last sighting was in Northside, at Witler & Hanfield, buying weed from the baggy pants brothers on the sidewalk. The stress & pressure became so overwhelming, he had to have a smoke to relax. He was driving that beat up crack loaner Camry.

Metaphor police, I apologize. I do like to play with words & I get cheesy at times. Sorry.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The suit has yet to be resolved, but Robert Newman, lawyer for Colbert and the others, said Mallory was impeached because "he repeatedly would not allow them to vote on the CityLink project. It was as simple as that. They wanted a vote and he wouldn't allow it.

It was as simple as that.

9:39 PM  

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