Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hale yes! signs

The Hale Yes crew was busy today.
The Mallorys have a Hale billboard in their side yard.
The Linn and Ravine area has billboards galore.
I-75 has a billboard on Dayton St.
Conroy's hill has a sign seen all over the West End and OTR.
Not a bad day.............Hale yes!

Update: Each sign has been photographed and time stamped. All surrounding property owners have been put on alert and are on the lookout for vandals attempting to remove the Hale Yes! signs. Additionally, the beat officer's have been notified and will keep their eyes open.


Anonymous Mina said...

Hey, congrats on the signs, when is the website gonna be up?

8:10 PM  
Anonymous the real anon said...

Give me some pics!

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Not to swing the focus away from Kim Hale, but I'm sure you've seen this tidbit from Korte this morning:

City resuming payments to development agency
The city of Cincinnati will resume payments to its inner-city development agency following a two-month freeze to look into allegations of conflicts of interest.

The action came quietly Aug. 23, one week after the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp. delivered its 2005 audit to the city. The audit, routine for all federally funded programs, was conducted by Clark Schaefer, Hackett & Co. - the same firm that audits the city.

The city held up funding after The Enquirer reported that Empowerment Corp. chief executive CEO Harold Cleveland bought a West End building from a partnership whose principal owner had fallen behind in payments on a low-interest Empowerment Corp. loan tied to another property. The Linn Street property is home to Junebug's, a restaurant owned by Empowerment Corp. board member George L. Beatty III, the former chairman of the loan committee.

That followed reports that state representative candidate Dale Mallory, the brother of Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, received a $40,000 agency contract - paying him to run West End Community Council meetings, lobby his brother and advocate for the Citylink center, a faith-based social services mall proposed for the West End.

Cleveland said there's a backlog of about $212,000 worth of Empowerment Zone expenses that have been awaiting payment by the city. Of that, the agency said it expects $37,000 or so to be released "any day now."

The city created the Empowerment Corp. in 1999 to administer a Clinton-era federal program that was supposed to inject $100 million into Cincinnati's inner city over 10 years. In its first seven years, the city has gotten $25.6 million, which it then turns over to the nonprofit.

Councilman Chris Bortz, a Charterite who is chairman of the Economic Development Committee, had suggested the funding freeze with Democrat Jeff Berding. He said Thursday that releasing the money was "entirely within the purview" of City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr. and his community development director, Michael Cervay.

Cervay wrote the Empowerment Corp. that the money was being freed up because the completion of the audit put the corporation back in compliance with its city contract. He could not be reached to comment.

Folks, the telling thing here is in that last paragraph, "...audit put corporation back in compliance..."

Back in compliance, hmm. I hope Korte does a follow up with some itemization as to how far they were out of compliance & exactly what topics had to be taken from wrong to right.

I'm guessing that this is what Blanchard was alluding to 2 weeks ago when he suggested we hold up for a short bit.

Folks, it's not over yet!

8:09 AM  
Blogger Tim Burk said...

Dear real anon,
Remember I'm a luddite.
My camera uses film and I don't have a scanner.
Male Dallory is the techno geek.
If he/she will pitch in with photos, you will have them. will have to take my word for it, or drive around and see for yourself.
Or maybe Blanchard will wake up and DO SOMETHING!

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

If you haven't seen the Drama Dwarf's psycho-blog, he put this out there before he went after Kenny's coffee & newspaper this morning:

Dale Mallory, EZ Corp Crush Haters
Who says there isn't good news out there? I'm glad to report that (1) the City of Cincinnati has resumed payments to the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation (source) and (2) one of the leading Mallory family haters has not only quit his job as Minister of Misinformation, he has also decided to leave town and admit that Dale Mallory is going to crush his Republican opponent's ass in the November election! (source)

In case you've been sleeping under a rock, a small band of angry, anti-poor white people spent the last year trying to destroy Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory's entire family by opposing Mark's bid to become the Mayor of Cincinnati, attacking his brother Dale, and defaming his parents. When those direct attacks against the Mallorys didn't work, they went after the neighborhood the Mallorys have lived in for decades -- the West End. First, they launched a campaign to destroy CityLink and stop the city's poor folks from getting help and a centralized place to start their journey out of poverty. Then, they went after the Cincinnati Empowerment Zone Corporation, an agency created to help end poverty in 9 of Cincinnati's poorest neighborhoods. Despite this small group's money (they are backed by rich folks like the son of Procter & Gamble David Pepper and former P&G moneyman David Petersen) and friendly relationship with Cincinnati Enquirer reporters Greg Korte and Dan Klepal they haven't been able to destroy the Mayor or his family and they haven't been able to purge the poor from the West End.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Wolverine Jr said...

The louder and more deluded n8ddl gets means the more he is on the hot seat from city hall and d4s. Even bad news is better than no news. d4s has no news, has no signs apparent, cannot debate an issue. Hale is taking this as a citizen believing in her commuity's right for a voice not gerrymandered by city hall.

The signs look great! From the big rig on the highway they looked wonderful. Recoup our energy. Get out to coney island for labor day and take the kids. leave the dd at home.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All over Mt Adams.
Perfect huge Hale yes! signs positioned for the fireworks.
All over Central Light on Liberty.
Central light should have been a no brainer.
Dale Mallory's extortion plot is the reason Central Light left the city!
Dale chases good business out of Cincinnati.
Hale brings people back with neighborhood development.
Hale yes!

5:47 PM  

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