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Empowerment Corp. Director is Guilty Killer

Beatty guilty in Oba death

This is a relatively open thread about City Hall hitman Howard Beatty. Howard Beatty was appointed to the board of directors of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation by Dale B. Mallory.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are all looking forward to your first hand report.
You are indeed a fine American!

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Howard Beatty said...

Toss my salad. YEE HAW!

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Joy Roland said...

I predict he gets 11 years and serves 7 of them. What did Kabaka get?

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beatty should have gotten death, or life behind bars at best. Today's verdict was a terrible injustice. How can a cold blooded murderer who planned this murder for months...told Kabaka and anyone who would listen that he was going to shoot does judge Nadel justify voluntary manslaughter.

Hold this Judge accountable should he be running for re-election.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Mina said...

Toss my salad. Howard, you need to stop. Honestly I am concerned that some Kabaka's supporters won't take this very well, and it's already hot here and we're on track to have a record year for murders(again). I pray for peace, but prepare for the worst.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Everyone, Voluntary Manslaughter, F1, has a sentence range of 3 to 10 years. Howdy also has gun specs, & the Judge already stated it's 3 yrs. Given his priors, this Judge isn't giving Howdy any minimums. Speculation among Court House folks watching the action think Howdy's going to get maxed. Total sentence: 13 years, credit his jail time.

After it was all over, the Prosecuting Attorneys weren't happy. They had put together a tight case & their closing arguments were a Court TV moment. Heck, I wouldn't be jumping with glee if I had lost to a 4th tier defense attorney, who generally rolls over his clients on a plea deal. You wouldn't be happy, either.

Judge Nadel's Court Room was packed. The Jury Box was stuffed with Court House people, including prosecuting attorneys & opposing counsels. Relegated to the hallway was Esther, dressed to the hilt a la Tina Turner today.

Plenty of deputies on hand. County Chief of Homeland Security, Dale Menkhaus, was also present. In the cheap seats: Nichole Davis, formerly Oba's punching bag, that Avtar dude with another slogan ball cap, Mama Beatty, some female relative with false eyelashes on (!.

Oralina in her no-sleeves white petticoat dress (again) & her smart Louis Vuitton handbag, Oba's brother, & this time he had some composure, and Junebug made his grand entrance at the last minute. Ugly brown suit, ugly brown shoes with no socks, his hair freshly waved & braided, going around, squeezing between the benches to give kisses & feel ups. I believe Oba's punching bag was also sitting with Mia Beatty, with trousers & shirt that she had to jump out the 2nd floor window to get into.

But with these Beattys & their hangers-on, it was Sunday dinner after church services. No kidding. All the smiling, waving, laughing, light hearted small talk, dressed like they were going to a strip club, all that business.

The hallway was jammed with people, folks I've never seen before. The West End was represented. (Xena, the Princess Warrior). Joy Rolland & her supporters were out on the sidewalk, just beyond the Court House Plaza. Deputies & CPD positioned on the Plaza.

Judge warned everyone at the get go after they shuffled Howdy out in jail fashion with a sports jacket tossed on, that there wouldn't be any shooting off mouths in the Court Room or in the hallway. He told everyone they'd be held in Contempt of Court & locked up, despite the fact that the jail is close to being full (again).

After it was all over (sentencing 9/21 at 9:30), the big show was to be seen from the Court House Plaza. When the Drama Dwarf, in his horrible smelling black suit (oh, he was stinking like a garbage can), stood on the steps,& it got wicked. Instead of just moving on, oh no, N8 stands there, with that psycho-smirk on his face & Joy went ballistic. She called him everything but a little African American boy. Everything in the book & not in any book. Screaming at the top of her voice. She started to tell how N8 was involved in Oba's murder, backed up & continued with the cursing. (I believe until the dust settles, Joy should keep silent on what she knows. I'm certain she knows plenty. Oba didn't take all of it to the grave with him.)

Some wiseacre redneck piece of trouble attempted to call Joy out, as she had issues with Joy's language in front of her children. An attorney told me the redneck is in Court almost every week due to her poor parenting abilities & other topics. Joy was willing to take her on, too.

Then the Drama Dwarf moved to the sidewalk, within close proximity to Joy, stood there with the smirk again. She was really wound up.

Luxury black car across the street in the parking lot began to move. Deputies got N8 & tossed him in the car with Mama Beatty. Before they drove off, Mama gets the window down & let loose with her old foul mouth on Joy.

Joy's people continued to carry on after all the big excitement began to settle down.

People I stood with on the Plaza, watching the Soap Opera, agreed that this dispute is not over, that someone else will go down. They believed it would be N8. I told them that it won't happen, that he's been angling for martyr status for years & years. Although he played his part as ordered by the syndicate in Oba's murder, he'll be left to hang on the line.

And these same folks, close in to the action & the inside story, claim that Lawson can forget about a Judge's chair. This IRS business cooked his dreams, aspirations & grafting. They expect Joe Deters, whom Lawson backed to the hilt in the election, to back away from him. The other side of this story is that Bill Mallory won't vacate his Municipal Court seat until about March 2007. We get a Democratic Governor, that puts Lawson completely out of the running. Also, the Bar Association can take action & sanctions against Lawson for failing to pay taxes. As I understand it, individual private citizens are sending letters to the Cincinnati Bar & the Ohio Bar demanding some sort of action. This has people infuriated.

"I predict he gets 11 years and serves 7 of them." Ohio no longer recognizes good time credit. All he's going to get is jail time that was served here. He'll go before the Parole Board, but I don't think they'll let him out. Frankly, I think he's going to be a heap of trouble in the joint. Bets are running in favor that he croaks in the joint.

That's basically it from my notes right now. As I think of other snippets that might be of interest, I'll be back.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check this out. Cheryl Meadows, formerly of the City Planning Dept. during the Genesis heyday, is back with the City. She was quietly hired as the Director of the City's Human Relations Commission.

Oh what fun.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kabaka was saved from JR by death.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hold this Judge accountable should he be running for re-election."

Anon 4:05, I'm with you. I talked with Carstairs about this decision by Judge Nadel. Carstairs is still trying to sort it all out, even though the Judge gave his reasons. I also had it in my mind that it would be Aggravated Murder, 25 to life.

Judge Nadel is the last of the old school rough-assed judges we have left. He was re-elected a couple of years ago. He may not run again, as they have to step down once they reach a certain age.

However, the Judge didn't see this as being a calculated, pre-meditated act. I was thinking that there might have been some behind the scenes telephone conferencing going on about a decision, but Carstairs said to forget it, that Nadel is absolutely above board. He's not a dirty Judge.

Granted, folks think Beatty should have received the death penalty, but that was removed swiftly before the Prosecutors brought an indictment to the Grand Jury. Life without parole would have then been the right & just thing to do.

Kabaka didn't deserve to die. He had his position, which folks didn't particularly like or agree with, but that didn't call for murder. I'm thinking like many others - he knew way too much & the Beattys & those they associate with determined he had to be disposed of. I don't buy that trash that with Howdie being slow in the wit that Kabaka got on his nerves & pushed him to the edge. In such situations, you keep your distance & ignore the person who's creating the fuss. You don't kill them or beat them up. Kabaka knew too much & what he knew was dangerous.

This is injustice. Unfortunately, we'll have to live with the decision & move on with our tasks at hand - the Beatty bros' collaborators.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

Nice report Carstairs.

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Everyone, I took a look at the Enquirer story & I believe the reporter got Judge Nadel's classic quote a little backwards.

Judge called the city the OK corral & Dodge City, & City Hall was termed as Tombstone Arizona. The visuals in my mind went into overdrive on those descriptives. It was memorable.

And this fiasco isn't over with. If you swing over to Joy Rolland's blog ( you'll see what I mean. She's naming names & putting people in order of preference.

I also saw where Kabaka's brother emptied his bowels in the Court House hallway for the media. Whee! He certainly switched from all the sobbing & rocking back & forth in previous Court sessions. He has my sympathy & I regret the decision wasn't favorable to him. I hope he can find some comfort & tranquility in his life.

The only thing I see that could happen if Judge Nadel gives him the max (last heard, Deters is going to press the max), is that Howdy decides to appeal. Nadel will deny bond pending appeal, as he told Howdy to take a walk back to the jail for the next month. Appeals take at least a year. I don't see Howdy winning an Appeal.

The Parole Board generally posts when an inmate will have a hearing for parole or transitional control. If we're all around then, people can flood the Parole Board with letters. It works.

Anon 2:27 & Jimmy Carter, thank you for your kind comments. Glad I could help out.

Tomorrow is another day & it's back to our business at hand. We've got more fish to fry.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Look at this. The Drama Dwarf has given his rebuttal arguments:

Kabaka was good in the beginning
Earlier today, Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Norbert Nadel convicted Howard Beatty of Manslaughter in the death of Michael Bailey, aka Kabaka Oba. To tell the truth, Beatty shouldn't have been found guilty of anything! The man was defending himself from a maniac with a gun. The Cincinnati Enquirer has a pretty good story about the verdict. The Cincinnati Post's Joe Wessels had a pretty good story on "imperfect self defense".

What's next? Judge Nadel has to decide on a punishment. I suggest anything more than the minimum sentence will be an injustice and make Howard a political prisoner.

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jr's post:
"Verdict" to be announced for that Half-Breed,
Riverside-Filth, Monkey Trash:
Howard Beatty on
August 23rd
No matter the decision,
The Other killa bitches most go:
(the co-conspirators)
******Junebug Beatty******
the star & remorseless lead killa in this conspiracy to kill the General.
Crackhead Kenny Laswson, Esq
Coon at Law
Lincoln B. Ware the radio DJ
(513)373-6681 Nate "The Molester" Livingston (513) 373-6681
Jezebel Winch Nicole "Nikki X" Davis
Tony "Endura Brotha X" Davis (aka The Pink Panther Rapist)
Don The Coach Cofer


And despite the coarse language and name calling, I am not playing by ANY means. This is no game to me. The General is my family. Do not get in the way less you get ran over. Threat? J.R. Oba does not do "threats..."

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


'Esther, dressed to the hilt a la Tina Turner today'

from my vantage point yesterday that looked more like a former senator tuned mayo, on stilts. You sure that wasnt a homeland security cityhall desguise?

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Anon 9:00AM, that was an absolute mess yesterday. At least we scrubbed up & fixed our hair before walking into Court. Now that I think about it, it could have been the City Hall snitch in disguise as homeland security city hall detail.

One can't do too much snitching & detailing when one is pushed out in the hall, removed from the action. The 'Disguise' needs to get that worked out in order to get preferential treatment at such events.

Again, bargaining with the Media with peppermints won me the place on the wood again. A bit scrunched, but I certainly didn't complain.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And this is the entry of the day on N8's blog. This business is far from over.

"By now you all know that Howard Beatty was found not guilty of Aggravated Murder yesterday by Judge Norbert Nadel. (Read the story.) You may not know that Joy Rolland was outside the courthouse cursing and threatening to kill me. At least a half dozen Hamilton County Deputy Sheriffs heard her make the threats and so did representatives from the white media. If Howard's trial taught the community anything it should be this: threatening people can get you killed. Looks like Joy didn't learn anything. (She was also curing at white people, calling them racial slurs, and threatening to kick their asses.) As usual, the deputies didn't arrest Joy, they ignored her. Now don't be surprised when someone in the community gets tired of her antics/threats and, in the name of self defense, takes care of her.

I understand that the supporters of Michael Bailey aka Kabaka Oba -- including his brother Ted Bailey -- don't want to face the fact that Michael wasn't shot and killed over something he said, he was killed for repeatedly pulling out a gun and threatening to kill people. The Bible teaches that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. (Matthew 26:51-51) Kabaka was good in the beginning but he made a choice to live by the gun. That decision, along with his bad decision to run around with that nutcase Joy, utimately cost him his life. I tried to help him all I could but after he betrayed me I couldn't do nothing for him. (See, this.) In the linked blog entry I asked a simple question: "What happens if you run out of breath while running for your life?" I think we all know the answer now.

Why are people being allowed to threaten and encourage people to burn down Junebug's Barbecue and Steakhouse? And why is a certain member of the Beatty family coming out against Howard at a time like this when the family should be united? The family may have disagreements but every single member of that family knows that Kabaka was terrorizing them.

If there was a funny moment in Joy's tirade it had to be when she instructed the half dozen onlookers around her to "get him"! She wanted someone to do something to me. They looked at Joy like she was crazy. Then Joy got scared when the Sheriffs showed up in full force. The bitch has a big mouth but no courage."

8:49 AM  
Anonymous your servant, Carlton Maddux said...

The function of any terrorism is to keep people in their places and their mouths shut. This happens in families as well as larger society.
When you begin to hear certain sweet sounding phrases over and again you can be sure the work of a terrorist is weaving its craft.N8 serves others as such. He serves under duress and free will. He is a mercenary for people who fear stepping into the light of day and being part of the work. His elitism emulates those he curries favor of and whose water he carries.

The defense of an issue fails when you call out religion or God to wield the words that your own cannot make ring true without that calling upon.

If I say God, or God's word, he believes, you have to fall down and believe or the Higher Holy will drop kick your ass. Pure Bunk!! That's why that high whining sound you often hear from the screens of some blogs are just that, high whining sounds. Sound and fury, signifying nothing except that your steps are stagnated.

Blatancy of the blogger who states such as "Now don't be surprised when someone in the community gets tired of her antics/threats and, in the name of self defense, takes care of her."
go in hand with the familial, parental terrorism that assures people are kept in their place or they will be put in the place where the terrorists can best control. Terrorism is advanced form of smaller dysfunctions that permeate society.
DD and his paid to relay the message system will get caught sooner than later. Do not lose focus on the matters that count for those in the west End and the Hillside. Keep vigilant and observant;document all. This is not escaping notice.

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like "they" got away with it. Why don't you people face facts and move out of that cesspool? I hear gunshots out on the west side of the county, but its the neighbor shooting at groudhogs stealing from his garden. Out in Felicity, the only time I see this kind of crap is when the lid is off the septic tank.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"It looks like "they" got away with it. Why don't you people face facts and move out of that cesspool? "
Fight? of Flight?
Sorry pal, I'm dug in and will fight these bastards.
The Truth Squad is a very dedicated and talented group of outraged people.
The veiws from "the hill" are fantastic. The houses on "millionaires row" are beyond belief. The rank in file people are fed up being abused by the Mallorys.
We like city living.
We won't be chased out of town by the Beatty and Mallory thugs.
We are gaining momentum and will prevail.
Hale yes!

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who heard "Tom" tee off on the Willie Cunningham show today?
He touched all the bases: The EZ, the Beatty/Mallory thugs, the murderer's motive to keep Oba quiet on EZ dirt, Dale's EZ appointments etc. etc.
Willie ate it up.
He's a fine American.
Hale yes!

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

"Why don't you people face facts and move out of that cesspool?"

Anon 4:13, I've been running off dope dealers, thieves, burglars, sidewalk socialites & criminals tiptoeing in thinking they can set up shop for over 3 years now. The crime rate in the 'hood has dropped drastically. I go to Court & snitch 'em out to the Judge. Most of them don't come back. The rest of them go to the joint or to the Downtown lock up.

So, I'm certainly not afraid of the Mallory Mafia & the Beatty enforcers, all their nickel foot soldiers & their fan club.

I grew up here, as did my parents. My grandparents & great-grandparents came here from the old country.

I'm not about to let a bunch of freeloading amateur criminals run me off. I'm too damned old & too damned mean to be bluffed & run scared.

I used to have the Drama Dwarf & Kabaka on my a$$ everytime I showed up at City Hall. I let the filthy-mouthed racists have their day & let 'em think they were winning. No doubt about it, I wished I had a dime for everytime N8 threatened me. Shoo, I'd be able to pay off Kenny's debts & buy 800 Bank Street for the West End folks to develop as they saw fit. (I'd help my West End brothers & sisters FIRST before I'd bail Kenny's sorry hind end.)

I'm entrenched & embedded until I decide I want to leave for something else. Until then, I'm going to continue to fight back. If I chickened out at this point, my cherished Irish Grandmama would come up out of her grave & give me the a$$whipping of my life. No, my people didn't raise a wimp, they made me get a backbone, guts & plenty of fight & some brains.

Anon 4:13, I'm glad you're happy in Felicity. Good for you. But this is my home until I decide otherwise.

Maddux, thanks for refreshing our memories, but the Drama Dwarf is in the thick of things. We're all too aware of that. He thinks this jazz with Howdy is a big win for himself & Lawson. Same for that unemployed half-baked football player, Askew.

N8's creaming all over himself. When you've got a 4th tier attorney in this town who's mouth is bigger than his briefs, you celebrate any victory you can get. We know what the Drama Dwarf is capable of doing & we know who's calling the shots. After all, he was within visual range of City Hall & Kabaka he put the signal out for Howdy to barrel around the corner & yell Yee-Haw! N8 admitted it in his blog & was way too slow in erasing it out. Maddux, we know he's part of the terrorist activity.

Meanwhile, we're going to focus on our positive efforts in the latest project.

Let's go, Truth Squad! This is it!

Hale YES!

9:06 PM  

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