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Meltdown at The Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation

The Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation website is curiously offline. They must be doing some maintenance.

On Thursday the 13th, I called for an investigation into the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. Within hours, a website that hadn’t been updated in years suddenly saw some substantial revision. It is likely more revision is going on as we speak.

Public records requests were made of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation on the 14th. As of one week later no records have been produced. Forget sunshine laws and freedom of information.

Harold Cleveland, the CEO of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp., has not been available for contact since the call for his investigation on the 13th. He won’t be back in the office until after the primary.

Dale Mallory listed the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation as his employer on his ethical filing. If he was paid any sum for consulting by the CEC it would now be on file (Form 1099) at the Internal Revenue Service. Any numbers that the CEC produces now for public consumption can be checked with that file at the IRS. No two ways round that, and that is the problem.

My sources tell me that Dale Mallory got paid off the books. The CEC can’t invent that income now and still reconcile with the info given to the IRS. Mallory stated that he was a “liaison” between the CEC and the people that wanted money. If he didn’t get paid by the Empowerment Corporation, that means he was compensated by the other party in the transaction. In the trade, this is commonly called a "kickback". I have heard that in order to do business with Dale Mallory, that is the quid pro quo.

I have reason to believe that what is happening right now is a meltdown of biblical proportions. Phones ringing off the hook. Documents and paper trails are bing shredded and lost forever. Nobody at the CEC is willing to give anyone a look at their books until they get their story straight. And they are deseperately trying to get their ducks in a row as we speak. This isn't just Dale Mallory going down, the question now is just how many people he will take with him. The City hasn't seen corruption like this since Genesis Redevelopment, and given the scope and sheer size of the Empowerment Corporation's budget this promises to make Genesis look like child's play.

The meltdown is going to be spectacular.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo, Truth Squad, Bravo!

Inquiring minds are wondering who helped Harold Cleveland make up his mind to be unavailable until after the Primary?

I certainly trust your sources on Dale being handed money under the table. It sounds very plausible & fits right into the scheme of things that have continued, unchecked, since the Genesis mess. Some people never learn.

The fur & the feathers hitting the fan can't get here soon enough to suit me! I can only hope the meltdown escalates rapidly before the Primary. Voters have a right to know just who it is they're voting for, should they be thinking Dale Mallory is the right choice (NOT!).

This is beautiful work! Another fine success you've gotten yourselves into!

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A week later & no public documents produced??? I'm guessing the excuse was because Hal Cleveland is out of the office until after the Primary. What a bag of baloney.

Just a suggestion, perhaps it's time to flop this over at City Hall, namely, the Economic Development Committee & the Finance Committee & give them a wake up call. I want to believe Leslie Ghiz will attack this heads on, with Jeff Berding a close second. Don't know how much to expect out of Chris Bortz. I'm sure John Cranley might want to defer this until after the Primary, so as to not piss off the Democrooked Party bosses, Timmy & Big Daddy.

Just where in the freak is the Enquirer when something as critical as this needs to get out there immediately?

Thanks for the late breaking news. This is so fine!

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

I have been made aware that several requests have been made of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp for information. This includes at least two from the press. They are stonewalling all of them. It needs to be pointed out that what they are doing is illegal.

Those who have made requests and plan on doing so need to forward those requests to the Hamilton County Prosecutor, the Attorney General, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. By law those documents are to be available to public inspection. They are not allowed to postpone disclosure until after the primary. What is happening is criminal.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, President Carter!

Call Joe Deters' Scum Hotline at 946-3006

Or send the entire files to:

I'm sure seeing Dale4Sale is armpit to armpit with Howdy the Hitman, your information will get top drawer, immediate consideration.

Bro Jimmy, this is criminal. I've warned the Truth Squad Special Forces that some of these not-for-profits can get rather uppity about individuals walking in off the sidewalk & asking to see public documents. Wouldn't surprise me that a cheat sheet has been issued to these places with a bazzillion and one stall tactic excuses. No surprise.

And if the real truth be told, I'll bet Harold Cleveland is hiding in a stall in the men's room. Oh, the heat is on!

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

blood is in the water and the sharks are begining to circle...this isn't just campaign disclosure violations, people are going to go to jail.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe they can share a cell with Howdy. All in the family.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naw, Sheriff Si'll bus their sorry asses out to Butler County, where Sheriff Rick'll have his men work their asses over. Butler County doesn't like shyster criminal uppity black boys.

Then after the Court cases are concluded, these crooks are going on the big white bus to the state joint.

No, wait. The Federales are going to want a piece of the action. These sluts are going to the Big House!!!

Yeah, smell the air. Blood, sharks, roach s$%t. It's all going to fall down, friends. Judgement Day is on the horizon.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truth Squad Phone & Email List:

Call Joe Deters' Scum Hotline at 946-3006

Or send the entire files to:

HUD Inspector General Hotline
fax: 1-202-708-2451

(Forget Attorney General Jim Petro, he defers to Joltin' Joe Deters in these cases first.)

IRS 501(c)3 Cincinnati Section: 263-3333

FBI local office: 421-4310

"All citizens should feel a moral responsibility to report violations to assure that taxpayers' monies are well spent." (HUD website)

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Dale worked pro bono.
After all, his "GE retirement" must be huge.
What does a 30 something tool crib GE guy get when he has sticky fingers and an RX problem?
ANSWER: A livable income for life.
yeah, right.
As deep throat said "Follow the money"
The EZ is in trouble, Dale is in trouble, and Chesley, Heimlich and lil Dickie Weiland have some splainin to do.
BTW is it legal for a judge to contribute??? Truth squad, see if the 1/2 brother judge's contribution is legal. Election office 1/2 brother Joe's is fishy too.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Blog Administrator,
Thank you for the excellent work you are doing.
Rumor has it that you are taking heat for being on the leading edge of the Truth Squad mission.
Please continue your good work.
We must get the whole truth out to the media, public and law enforcement prior to May 2nd.
I'd love to see Dale leave 925 Dayton Street (Markus Jenkins bogus address) in hand-cuffs.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 5:20, I checked ORC3517.09.02 & it says that candidates & other officials (elected, appointed, public employees) can't work in the same department or area & that neither the candidate & official can be in a position to derive a benefit from the other. That's basically it in summary.

Judge Bill Half-Mallory isn't in a position to play Dale & vice versa. If a Judge isn't elected by the voters, then they can be appointed by the Governor. Example: Judge Bobby Winkler moved up from Municipal Court to Common Pleas to fill the vacancy of Judge Schweikert.

Joe Half-Mallory is basically in the same position. There is little benefit, if any, Dale's deriving off him.

I'm glad you brought up this issue. These Mallorys are rather slippery rascals.

However, & sometimes this is terribly hard to prove - someone who could be in line to derive a benefit from Dale or some political patronage could gift him with a sizable sum but have Aunt Effie in Boca Raton send the check in her name. We then lose the money trail on Effie's relative who expects to sit all fine & fancy.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 7:16, that's basically how I interpreted the law on contributions. But, as you said,

"These Mallorys are rather slippery rascals."

If there's a way to cut around it, Dad Mallory will find a way. Let's don't lose sight of the fact that SEIU bought & paid for Mark Mallory's ticket to City Hall.

Anon 5:27, thanks for your kind note to the Blog Administrator. We don't thank the Special Forces enough, because they are taking a beating. However, it is because of their strengths we are able to post honest, factual, traceable, salient information that can be used against these crooks. The Truth Squad Special Forces are our unsung heroes.

We do have to get busy getting people who can make things happen to see what's here & listen. In addition, should the Truth Squad ask for more info & research, we need to take a few minutes & give our time to help fulfill the request.

I personally do not want Dale4Sale as my State Rep. My District is finally unloading a no-load, Cathy Barrett. That overweight hoochy mama-slumlord hasn't done spitola for my community. You only saw her at election time or when she wanted something. Dale4Sale is going to more of the same & then some.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Male Dallory said...

Howard Beatty was on the board of directors. He went to prison for attempting to bribe a witness into changing his testimony in a court of law. He is currently charged with killing Kabaka Oba.

You have members of Genesis Redevelopment on the board. You have the Empowerment corp hiring friends and family of those board members (Beatty's wife and Dale Mallory).

In the case of Dale Mallory, you have a person that was hired by some of the same people he appointed to the board of directors.

And now you have a complete stonewall on requests for information from the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation.

If this doesn't scream investigation I don't know what does.

Am I missing something?

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Male Dallory, Nope. You haven't missed a thing. In fact, you've done the end of the week recap.

Which raises another thought - if we had done all this crap, ran a 501(c)(3) on mucho dinero Fed dollars, refused to allow the books to be reviewed by Cleveland, Dale, Howdy, Junebug, Orlinda, Kenny, N8, where do you think we'd be right now?

The news would be busting in every 10 minutes with a "breaking news update". The papers would have our mugshots all over the front page. The police & Si's boys would be toying with our computers. We wouldn't get the precious time to shred & burn documents, let alone pull down a website.

Yeah, we'd all be sitting in the county can right now.

So much for equal justice under the law in this county.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, just in case there's documentation that's been taken to Mt. Rumpke & they've bombed the website to oblivion, this is what the telephone directory says when you call 487-5200 (this is Sat., 4/22/06, 10:01PM):

Dorothy Garvin
Harold Cleveland/Alice Custard
Ramona Sellers
Orlinda Beatty
Virgil Putoff
Victoria Gatewood

What a bunch of dumb s$%ts! Didn't have the brains to erase the auto message directory.

Memo to Cincy EZ: In case you're thinking of other little tricks & stall tactics, Perjury & Contempt of Court will get you a felony conviction.

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 7:16
Don't get caught up in your rhetorical shorts. Cathy Barrett may not have been your ideal state rep, but please don't begin to compare her to Dale4sale.
Dale4sale would bring a new level of self serving criminality to Columbus.
Dale's one evil, stupid, selfish Dude with an incredible belief of ENTITLEMENT. He really believes that seat is his BIRTHRIGHT! He believes he has ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY for his behavior. His Mallory name has protected him and fed him his whole life. Laws don't apply to him. As he and his father have said "It's his turn".
Please please please....let's prove that this is still a democracy. Dale is an unemployed twice divorced , lying, theiving, druggie bum that hangs with murderers.
It is NOT OK to even think about letting this scum sucking lowlife represent us.
The West End had enough and impeached him.
He's suing his neighbors, the sherriffs and police.
Vote May 2nd for a Democrat NOT named Mallory. Eve's got the best chance, so that's the smart vote.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 7:39, it's 7:16. Thanks for adding to the perspective. Of course, you're absolutely correct. And I'll take 25 lashes with a May 2 primary ballot.

Although an outgoing politician might have not been the best fit, voters do have to be careful of the next one they put in office. Dale Mallory would be the District's & the City's worst nightmare ever. It is important that he be stopped cold. He must be stopped at all costs within the framework of the law.

(I have it on my calendar for today to stop by Kabaka's going home party to see if any Truth Squad representatives are present & join in. Although I think we'd be safer say, outside City Hall, there is plenty of work to be done.)

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strong sources in Columbus circles say Barrett was too much her own person as a woman and a Democrat, refusing to capitulate to the likes of the old vanguard of Finan, Aronoff to suit both the Mallory needs and those that Burke has with the many deals he receives as the party head. Bobbie Manley had concerns there before his untimely death.

When she refused to deal with and for Weiland and whore for Burke's deals here the old boy network looked for a replacement for her to the Senate seat if Mark happened to win mayor. Mark's fill-in looks good but is guilt riddled that people may look too deeply into his past failures on-line with the clerk that he poops his skivvies every time he is in public. Burke goes to too many lengths to paint the filler a different color and sell him to the party which ain't buying. His rag that is to serve the black community has not even told black voters Barrett is out of the race. That would have voters that know Barrett question the party overall, Mallory as a leader and the white boys influence in keeping the black community dumbed down. When you owe every corporate hoodlum for your placement on committees all over town and for saving your home and businesses becoming shitzah you better be quiet and compliant or the Dickie-Dickie-Stan trio will make life miserable. This is the stuff that they do not want McGhee's young brotherinlaw looking at over at the beacon. His circle, like this one, can open this whole mess up. Probably help heal it too.

As a black Republican I voted in the general elections for Cathy because she was more visible and involved made it to your functions and kept you posted.Anony 7:33 perhaps you want to groom more Halle Berry clones that have no reality checks on us real folks in this community and surrounding areas. I'll take the overweight black woman over the hype assed, jive shit of Dale4Sale, pretty whore Karney, Emperor Mayor or the little en vogue crew of numbminded young suckups they keep around them for cover any day.

Her family and life is at least real, she owns property she has not been sued for defaulting on, her old man drives a truck for over 25 years for Lord's sake. That sound like more of us living down here on earth than up in the clouds.

Lighter note, sorry for getting so fired up, but these bastards taking over the districts is a real pisser and the party and the unions just look the other way makes me spit. Odd little lady at church on Wednesday asked congregation where she could get one of those new Mallory signs for her yard. Pastor said he'd probably be able to call someone for her, but she said she did not want a green and black one, but the new one with the catchy slogan and circle with the line saying Dale4Sale. Better than the comedy club!

9:47 AM  
Anonymous The Kaiser Soze said...

Odd little lady at church on Wednesday asked congregation where she could get one of those new Mallory signs for her yard. Pastor said he'd probably be able to call someone for her, but she said she did not want a green and black one, but the new one with the catchy slogan and circle with the line saying Dale4Sale.


10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 10:47, although we're off the initial topic on the Meltdown, I have to agree with Anon 7:33. I also live in a community that could have been better served by Cathy Barrett. There were, and continue to exist, some critical issues that can only be affected at the state level.

I realize that Barrett has steadfastly refused to buckle under for the good old boys, but that in itself doesn't lend to strong constituent support & action.

The last thing we need are Haile Berry clones, supermodel lookalikes, hunk-a-chunks, what have you, being elected to office on empty promises & a file loaded with criminal activity. We need honest folks who are going to get the job done, connect with the voters & constituents, & have the backbone to be held accountable & to furthe the demands of the public.

And Dale Mallory so deserves to be in the custody of the Sheriff right now. Heaven help all of us if voters don't get out there & make right choices.

BTW, love the story of the lady at church. That is an icon!

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable.

Please check back later

They seem to be having some technical difficulty.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 5:04, I got that little Hello last night. Then I decided to play with their voice mail system to get the names posted on their directory. They weren't quick enough to clean up their telephone system!

I also got the hours their office is open - 8:30 to 5:00, Monday thru Friday.

Me thinks I'm going to have to pay a polite, community-minded courtesy call sometime tomorrow. I'm interested in hearing what sort of razz-a-ma-tazz they'll give me. More than that, I know I'll be delighted with the body english - shifty eyes, wiggling in the chair - everything that tells you something just isn't sniffing correctly.

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it getting warm in here or is it just me?

Dale is scheduled to step into a very warm seat on Monday 4/24 at 9AM. He is scheduled to be depoed. His deposition will be at Mrs. Colbert's attorney's office.

He's been notified in due time & so has that jughead attorney of his.

Wouldn't be surprised if Lawson blows this off & manages to have this scheduled until after the election. Won't matter. Dale'll have plenty of time on his hands, he'll be retired again.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale's "income".
I was at a meeting this weekend with 3 GE retirees. One was in HR.
I spelled out Dale's age and estimated years of service. Bottom line....all 3 said no way Dale's is getting a GE retirement check. it's all an age, years of service thing, and Dale doesn't come close at his age.
The EZ is running away from 1099 type questions.
So that means Dale has no assets and no real REPORTED income. His extortion money is all he has.
That's one reason (beyond criminal stuff) that Dale's income is so vague. He's been living in the criminal netherworld that can't stand up to any real line of questioning.

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 8:42, you're priceless! This is exactly what the Truth Squad has been trying to confirmation on.

Age & length of service continue to be pretty much the standard in business & industry, particularly industry.

I had roughly guessed that Dale had been there perhaps 10 years. Some places you have to be employed 3 to 5 years to have a vested interest.

Regardless, I applaud your excellent work & findings. You were at the right place & the right time!

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I've got a question. Seeing the EZ gave the Truth Squad the bum's rush on public documents & dusting off the 1099 issue, I wonder what they did to the Ethics Commission after Dale filed his bogus papers.

One would think the Ethics people would verify what the candidate, er, crook put on the form. I don't think the EZ told them Harold was out of town with the cooked books until after the Primary.

Yes, I believe a little drive to the EZ is in order. That's a good question to pose to those folks. Great comedy watching them flinch in their chairs & wetting their pants.

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Any portion of the disclosure statement that the commission determines does not indicate a potential conflict of interest shall be kept confidential by the commission and shall not be made subject to public inspection, except as is necessary for the enforcement of Chapters 102. and 2921. of the Revised Code and except as otherwise provided in this division." (Ohio Joint Ethics Committee)

That answers a question. If these crooks in the Ethics back room don't find any conflicts, etc., then the info isn't made public.

Swell. So much for the "public documents" business. Wouldn't surprise me that Big Daddy Mallory took care of this & sewed it up tight.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

I would like to see them publicly state that they won't hand over documents pertaining to Dale Mallory, like his Form 1099 that was filed with the IRS.

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heads up. Dean's smacking this blog around again about fact vs. hearsay. However, he's licking his chops over the fact that the EZ site is down. I'm sure he fact-checked that.

It also seems that N8's bugle call has been gagged. There's nothing shaking over there.

Yes indeedy. The roaches are scattering.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Form 990 is 8 pages long. Most of it isn't anything interesting. But what is interesting, friends, feast your eyes on Page One. In the right corner, look directly below 2005.

What is it these crooks don't understand about "Open to Public Inspection"????

Then go to page 5, Part V-A. That's where the current crop of crooks & their cha-ching is to be recorded. On page 6, Part V-B, that's for the former crooks, or the honest people who bailed out when they smelled something wasn't right.

I need to get busy & see what else I can find out. This is so wrong.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roaches on the Run!

I placed a call seconds ago to the EZ. I asked when it would be convenient for me to stop by today to view their public records, IRS Form 990, for example.

"Umm. Good question. Let me check with the appropriate person. Is this as in a public documents sort of thing?" I replied yes. And I was put on hold for a suspicious length of time.

The office employee returned to the line & was vague about the people who have custody of the documents, "she", "he". I pressed her for the "she" name.

It's Alice McClendon. And conveniently, she's not available at the present. I was assured that she'd be back in the office today.

Then I started on the "he", just for verification. Of course, it's Harold Cleveland. "He's not available." I asked when he'd be returning to the office. "Um, I don't know exactly when he'll be back, but I expect soon. He's the one that gives authorization on public documents."

I then told this office employee that such practices are highly irregular, under the IRS laws. She denied knowing anything about such regs.

Then I said, "What if I wanted to stop by with a contribution for your efforts today? I don't make on the spot contributions without reviewing public documentation first, so I'm assured my gift will be utilized appropriately."

Then I got the jazz that I needed to speak with Alice McClendon & the office person would put me through to her voice mail.

I declined. I told the office person to let Alice & Harold know that I was going to get clarification on their irregularities on their refusal to allow public viewing of certain documentation.

That was aces with her. She didn't seem to care.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, if at all possible please avoid posting to the dean's blog, it gives him a degree of credibility we don't need to extend to him ... he is full of bovine feces and has his head so far up the Mayor's anal orifice (figuratively speaking, don't know about literally) that we shouldn't encourage him...

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 11:00, I agree. Dean needs to be boycotted & so does N8's bugle call. This is where the good stuff is. Don't need to go elsewhere.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

The Dean sucks up to Nate too much for my liking. He has some weird fixation with Nick Spencer, which borders on sick. He attacked this blog all the while bypassing the substantive issues involved. I agree that we should boycott that cap and gowned freak. This has quickly become the preeminent Cincy blog anyway, so who needs em?

11:00 AM  
Anonymous watchdog said...

This is the 990 for the tax year ended 9/30/04. Some highlights:

Gross receipts (your tax dollars): $3.58 million

"Management" salaries and benefits: $732,000 (over 20% of the budget)

"Professional fees and contracted services - management" $218,000 (this would be the bucket Dale is paid out of) (another 6% of the budget)

Total "management" costs: $1.1 million. Over 30% of the money going into this "non-profit" is going straight into individuals pockets, and not into the designated programs.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

News from Bob Newman's office:
Newman got an Email from Lawson at 8:30 this morning saying Dale dropped the 2nd lawsuit and Dale wouldn't be deposed.
Newman said he still wanted the depo for 1st suit.
Bottom line......Dale will not be deposed because he CAN'T testify under oath.
He'd be forced to say he has no GE income, no EZ income for this century!
This begs the question....with no investments, what does Dale do to put food on the table.
This blog has much speculation about bribes and other "emoluments", but Dale will never talk under oath.
Good luck prying info from his buds at the EZ.
Next stop, room 530 at 1 tomorrow to see Judge Davis.
I wonder if Kennie will use "the dog ate my homework" defense again.
Davis will eventually tire of this wasteful nonsense.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 1;32
Thank you for the update.
We all expected this.
Did anyone see the latest Cincinnati Magazine?
It featured the West End and it's best feature is that neighbors are organized and had the good sense to impeach Dale and fight CityLink.
I'm not making this up folks.....Cincinnati Mag. knows the neighborhood is far better WITHOUT the Mallory Mafia.
Another victory for the Truth Squad!!!!

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

This is the 990 for the tax year ended 9/30/04. Some highlights:

Gross receipts (your tax dollars): $3.58 million

"Management" salaries and benefits: $732,000 (over 20% of the budget)

"Professional fees and contracted services - management" $218,000 (this would be the bucket Dale is paid out of) (another 6% of the budget)

Total "management" costs: $1.1 million. Over 30% of the money going into this "non-profit" is going straight into individuals pockets, and not into the designated programs.

Those are some nice sized figures considering they only have 6 people on staff.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The salaries are rather plump for a bunch of people who are "not available". Their "bad debt" is staggering - over $400K.

I'm going to have to go along with Watchdog on the business that Dale's in the Professional Fees & Contracted Services category. That was a slick move by the CPA.

This sort of junk makes my blood boil with these 501s. Set up shop, rake in a nice fat salary & screw the deliverables. No one in sight to grab their books, shut 'em down & toss 'em in jail.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous The Kaiser Soze said...

What they pay themselves is criminal.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Fred Garvin said...

I look great in a pair of 501's.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous LeeAnn said...

Fred, you have no ass.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Garvin Nation said...

NikkiX loves my ass. I love brown sugar.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, is back up. Anybody notice changes? I don't know what the site looked like before.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed the bad debt writeoff myself, but I don't know the programs well enough to say if that is unusual. When the business you're in is essentially giving money to people that can't get it from a bank, I would expect a fairly high default rate. I think the city ate 80% of the 'loans' issued after the riots.

However, the "management" rate of 30%+ is stinky. I could manage 3 million bucks by myself.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale would LOVE to manage the 3 mil by himself.
One for you, two for me.
One for you, three for me.
One for you, four for me.
Dale's a fast learner....he's at the place where it's ALL 4 Dale
cause Dale's 4 sale.
Remember Dale going to City Council begging for the "ADP" money? He really beleved it was his personal piggy bank.

7:49 AM  

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