Friday, October 27, 2006

Dale Mallory is Nowhere To Be Found

Kevin Osborne follows up on his recent CityBeat cover story on the Citybeat Porkopolis blog:

Dale Mallory Still MIA

Dale Mallory’s disappearing act is par for the course so far this campaign season. Impeached as president of the West End Community Council and facing a criminal investigation about allegedly emptying that group’s bank account three months after he was removed from office, Dale Mallory has avoided any public campaigning and refused to answer reporters’ questions about his secret lobbying on behalf of the proposed City Link Center, a project opposed by many West End residents. Also, he declined to fill out the League of Women Voters questionnaire that is routine for most campaigns.

And later:

Dale Mallory has tried to duck controversy and hope most voters are unaware of the dispute, preferring instead to rely on his family’s name and history in public service to help him achieve victory. In the words of Sgt. Schultz from the old Hogan’s Heroes sitcom, “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.”

I think that Kevin Osborne is dead on in his assessment. Go to the Porkopolis blog and check it out.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dale Mallory Lied on his Ethical Filing

Dale Mallory did not include a reported $37,475 in outstanding debt on his ethical filing. Dale B. Mallory is heading back to court today. The Enquirer broke the news:


Dale Mallory, the Democratic candidate for the 32nd Ohio House district, is scheduled to appear in court today on an action by a creditor to recover a $37,475 debt he's owed since at least 1997.

Cadlerock Joint Venture, a Youngstown-area company that buys bad debt, recently obtained a "revivor" order.

Mallory's opponent, Republican Kim Hale, said the issue isn't so much that he's failed to pay his debts, but that he didn't disclose it on ethics forms filed with the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee. "Honesty and integrity are important in a candidate," she said.

Mallory said the loan goes back to the 1980s, and that he has contested its validity. He said he didn't disclose it because he thought the certificate of judgment expired after five years.

--Gregory Korte

One pattern that I see with Dale is his constant sense of denial. Consider the statement:

“Mallory said the loan goes back to the 1980s, and that he has contested its validity”.

From what I understand, Dale Mallory has already lost this case in court. Dale likes to “contest the validity” of things that have already happened. I believe a court of law has decided that Dale Mallory owes that money. I believe what has passed with time is Dale Mallory’s ability to appeal the case or “contest the validity” of the court’s findings. This isn’t an open debate.

I will try to find out more facts on the case, but it seems like the facts have been decided and that portion is over and done with. What is left is the attempt of the creditor to get the money back from Dale Mallory. As Dale has not had a job in years, this is a tough road to hoe.

It is also interesting to see how a chronicly unemployed Dale Mallory approaches the debts and obligations that he takes on in life: “He said he didn't disclose it because he thought the certificate of judgment expired after five years.” Dale figured if he didn’t pay anything for five years he should be in the clear. At least he is consistent in always trying to get something for nothing. I think it is the overarching theme of his life.

Dale hasn’t had a job in years. His creditors can’t garnish his wages because he has no wages. Dale Mallory is a leech on society.

Side By Side Enquier Graphic Revealed

Dale Mallory and Kimberly Hale had a side by side graphic in Wednesday’s Cincinnati Enquirer.

Let’s go through Dale’s responses:

Campaign Web Site

Two candidates from the 31st district were highlighted alongside Dale Mallory and Kimberly Hale of the 32nd district. Of the four candidates, Dale is the only one without a website that you could learn more about him and his stand on the issues. Not only does Dale avoid the questions of the Press (MIA-Dale Mallory), he also doesn’t present anything directly to the people. Dale’s plan is to say as little as possible and just run on the Mallory family name.

Kimberly Hale’s website is listed as


Dale’s age was reported as 47. His campaign disclosure listed his income from two sources: the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation and General Electric retirement funds. Dale hasn’t worked at GE since well before this century. He didn’t have the years to qualify for GE’s retirement. He was dismissed from General Electric for failing multiple drug tests. Kimberly Hale is a youthful and passionate 38 year old who manages a business. She also develops property in the West End and invests in her own community.


As occupation, Dale Mallory listed “Consultant”. As usual, Dale Mallory is currently unemployed, he isn’t a consultant. He was hired as a consultant by the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation, and he served under board chairman Len Garrett, a man that Dale himself helped appoint to the CEC. Dale also appointed George “Junebug” Beatty and his brother, City Hall Hitman Howard Beatty to the CEC board of directors. After appointing members to the board, those board members gave him his only meaningful employment in the new millennium. As soon as it became public what had happened, the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation fired him. That is impressive.


Dale Mallory listed his roles as a Ward Chair and Precinct Executive as experience. That would be impressive if he did that on his own. Given his family’s strong standing in the Hamilton County Democratic Party, I don’t think those positions were earned on merit.

Notice how he isn’t listing himself President of the West End Community Council or his experience as Executive Director of Genesis Redevelopment? Dale was impeached and removed from office as President of the WECC. His own community dumped him by over 75% of the vote. He also never brings up his involvement with Genesis and his ties to prominent Genesis Redevelopment figures.

The Genesis Redevelopment scandal rocked both City Council and the West End six years ago. Dale Mallory ended up appointing the same usual suspects from Genesis to the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation.

The CEC is currently under investigation by the FBI, The City of Cincinnati, and the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Their last audit shows that even though they spend millions, well over 60% goes to administrative costs. Some of those dollars went to Dale Mallory, after he appointed the people that were in charge. An Enquirer investigation found his bills “troubling”. I found them to be troubling too.

What I Stand For

Here is what Dale purports to stand for:

“I am committed to public service. I have been and will continue to be a strong voice for working people. I will work for affordable health care and for ensuring that our children are provided with a world class education.”

How can a man be a strong voice for working people when he isn’t one of them? Dale doesn’t work.

As for health care, affordable health care is a major issue for working Americans, and Dale isn’t one of them. He doesn’t work. His brief stint as a “consultant” for the CEC didn’t put him on the payroll with health benefits. He hasn’t been on any payroll with health benefits in this millennium. If Dale was in an accident tonight, his health care would be paid for by the taxpayer. That would be affordable for Dale, but it would increase the costs of working Americans who pay taxes. If you want to make Health Care more affordable, one way would be to get people like Dale Mallory to actually get a job and pay health care premiums.

Dale Mallory doesn’t work. He doesn’t own his own home. And he doesn’t pay taxes on the vacant and un-rehabilitated property that he owns. This guy is going to make health care more affordable? A good start would be if he actually got a job.

His other issue push was for “ensuring that our children are provided with a world class education”. That is a laugher.

Read Osborne’s article again. It has been well documented that Dale Mallory was a paid consultant for the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. In that capacity, he actively promoted the CityLink Homeless Maul. The project was going to move homeless shelters and soup kitchens from Washington Park to the West End, and locate them right across the street from schools and playgrounds. CityLink was going to concentrate the mentally ill, drug addicts, and court ordered pre-release and post-release felons coming straight out of jail right next to his own community’s schools. When members of the West End Community Council tried to vote against the project, Dale Mallory blocked the vote. Little did they know at the time that Dale Mallory was getting paid to advocate on behalf of the CityLink Center. Maybe they should have put that tidbit in his employment line item.

And the one thing the Enquirer didn’t tell you today in the graphic is that Dale Mallory cleaned out and closed down the West End Community Council bank account months after being removed from office. He took all of the funds out and closed it to cash.

Dale Mallory isn’t one of the working people he claims to represent. He is an unemployed bum who secretly took money to work against his own community. After he got caught he was both impeached and fired, and he responded by draining the community’s bank account. This election is a chance to say both goodbye and good riddance to Dale Mallory and the corruption that he represents.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another CityBeat Reader Chimes In

Unchecked Power

Thanks for the savvy and insightful article on the situation surrounding state representative candidate Dale Mallory ("Dale's Deals," issue of Oct. 11). This seems to be a situation where unchecked power has led to serious abuses that should by no means be rewarded with public office anywhere, much less in a challenging and needy area such as this one.

Although I would generally be inclined to vote for a Democrat, your article makes doing this in good conscience impossible. Thanks for the excellent reporting.

-- Gabriel Deutsch

I find it hard to believe that a person of any political stripe could vote for Dale Mallory after finding out the truth exposed by Kevin Osborne in CityBeat. Party lines tend to blur when issues get local, especially considering the Heimlich/Mallory alliance. This election isn't about party affiliation, it is about what is right.

Dale Mallory isn't good enough for his own community council, and he isn't a wise choice for the entire 32 District either.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Expose the Lying Weasels

A letter to CityBeat concerning the Dale Mallory saga:

Expose the Lying Weasels

Regarding the editorial "It's a Crime" (issue of Oct. 11), the reason that city leaders are intimidated by the Cincinnati Police Department is actually answered in other articles in the same issue.

Both the cover story ("M.I.A. Dale Mallory") and the Porkopolis item about Christopher Finney ("The Republican Longing for Anal Affection") make it painfully clear that most of our leaders are dirty, lying, inside deal-making, bush-league slimeballs. We are run by a bunch of small-town thinking weasels.

Police Chief Thomas Streicher can't be challenged by them because they're dishonest politicians who can't open their lying traps -- doing so would expose them. I feel more comfortable with Streicher running Cincinnati than any of the dishonest politicians in this town. At least we know what his job is -- it's to make the city safe.

The only agenda we can be sure of from the likes of the Mallorys, Heimlichs, City Council and County Commisioners is that most of them are enriching themselves and their cronies at the expense of the taxpayers. They're also responsible for keeping CityBeat out of many distribution locations around town.

Keep up the good work in exposing all the sissy boy, lying weasels we have in this town. Only an honest mayor, council member or commisioner can call out any public official for their behavior or policies. Until we clean out the dirty-dealing people in office and replace them with honest, trustworthy leaders, we can't expect Streicher -- or any public servants for that matter -- to be accountable.

-- Daniel Cooper, Mount Lookout

It is about time we showed the Heimlichs and Mallorys of this town the door. Well said Daniel Cooper.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nupdate on the Police Investigation of Dale Mallory

Why "nupdate"? Cause nothing is happening. If I said update, I could be accused of misleading our readers.

This note is from the minutes of the September 19th meeting of the West End Community Council released tonight:

COMPLAINT TO CPD FOR WECC PAST RECORDS: Robert Killins, Vice President Colbert and Treasurer Moon still trying to get resolution and closure on this issue.
Background on the latest complaint:

The West End Community Council came to the point of giving up on any real response to the criminal complaint against Dale Mallory. The community council then made a request for just the historical records of the council. It was the least that they could ask for. The Cincinnati Police Department refused the request, citing an ongoing police investigation.

Skepticism existed among members of the West End Community Council. People thought the police weren’t really investigating the matter. West End Communtiy Council Treasurer Maggie Moon filed a criminal complaint about Dale Mallory early in June, and nothing happened.

A decision was made within the W.E.C.C. executive committee to contact the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office. In early September officers of the West End Community Council went to the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office and asked if an investigation was actually taking place. The Prosecutor’s office followed up with the CPD and affirmed that the criminal investigation was active and ongoing.

In some people’s eyes, that is when the investigation actually started.

Since that point, the CPD has actively interviewed witnesses involved in the West End Community Council. September is a strange month to get started. Seven months after Dale was impeached, four months after Dale cleaned out and closed down the bank account, and three months after the criminal complaint was filed, the CPD started interviewing people about the crime and asking questions about Dale’s impeachment.

Those interviews have reportedly concluded just weeks ago. Why did the CPD take months to getting around to actually investigating the crime? It is a fair question.

Many of the circumstances involved work in Dale Mallory’s polictical favor. By keeping this investigation active, the bank records and historical records are off limits and cannot be gained by the WECC. By keeping this investigation active, members of the CPD also cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.

How does it work in Dale’s favor? Those records could contain other fiscal malfeasance, as many suspect. Dale Mallory has consistently refused requests to turn over records. Instead, he chose to close down the bank account tie things up neatly.

We are now eight months past from Dale Mallory being impeached and removed from office, and the Community Council has no historical records. Funding from Invest in Neighborhoods, (where Dale still sits on the board) has never been reinstated. That funding amounts to $9,000 a year. Our Community Council has gone without proper funding or proper records, and everything seems to be in limbo.

A recent CityBeat article by Kevin Osborne sheds some light into the current predicament:

When voters go to the polls Nov. 7, it's highly likely they will elect to the Ohio Statehouse a person facing a criminal investigation by Cincinnati Police who has rarely campaigned publicly and who dodges questions about his involvement in secret lobbying for a controversial project proposed for the city's West End neighborhood.

Osborne’s sources seem to indicate that this investigation will last just a wee bit longer than November 7, the day Dale Mallory goes on the ballot. Nobody at the Cincinnati Police is rushing to end this investigation. As I have said before, justice delayed is justice denied. If no crime was committed, the CPD should state that fact and explain why. If one was, Dale Mallory should be prosecuted.

A detailed timeline on Dale B. Mallory’s checks can be found here.

The Quick Timeline:

In February Dale Mallory was removed from office by over 76% of the vote.

In March Dale filed two lawsuits to get reinstated.

In April Dale had one suit thrown out of court, and dropped the other one while claiming that he had no intent of remaining president of the West End Community Council.

In May Dale decided to close down and clean out the Community’s bank account, months after being removed from office. He had the check written to Cash.

Then someone told Dale what a dumbfuck he was, and Dale took the money back to the bank. Problem was he couldn’t redeposit it because he had closed down the account. It was like if a bank robber took the money back to the bank and claimed that nothing happened. Since he couldn’t redeposit the money, Dale had two Bank cashiers checks made out for the balance. One was made out to the YMCA, and the other to one of Dale’s friends that he had worked with through the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation/CityLink saga. He then claimed that these were legitimate community council expenditures that were approved in February. The only catch was that February was the month that he was impeached and removed from office. Cameras were rolling, reporters were there, and no vote was taken.

In early June, the WECC treasurer Maggie Moon went to the bank to find out information about the account, and she was told the account was closed. She was given a copy of the check where Dale closed down the account to cash. Maggie Moon immediately contacted the police and filed a criminal complaint.

It is that complaint that has never been answered.

It has been five months since Dale Mallory cleaned out and closed down the West End Community Bank Account, and if the Mayor’s office has it’s way this investigation will drag on another month so that Dale can be elected on November 7th. It has been eight months since the WECC voted Dale B. Mallory out of office, but the WECC still has no legal records or paper trail. Those documents are conveniently part of a “police investigation”.

The CPD has copies of the checks. They have videotapes of the WECC meetings and eyewitness accounts of the events. They have press reports; they even have court records of Dale himself conceding that he no longer is WECC President.

Why wait?

Is the Cincinnati Police Department waiting for the other shoe to drop? Are they still accumulating evidence of a crime that obviously happened five months ago? Are they awaiting something to happen that will break this investigation wide open?

The answer is quite simply, No. The simplest answer is usually the correct answer. (Occam's razor) This is an open and shut case. All the evidence has been out there for months, and the CPD is determined to do nothing about it.

So What is Going to Happen?

Nothing. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” We have had an investigation into the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation that was halted dead in the tracks. We also have a criminal investigation into the actions of Dale Mallory that is stagnated and shut down by the powers that be, at least until after the safety of the election.

And if you think another reasonable explanation exists for this bizarre chain of events, ask Dale Mallory. He isn’t talking, he won’t speak of these events, and he won’t debate or even face a journalist until after the election. If this was a tin-foil hat conspiracy, Dale Mallory could come to the table and knock down all the lies with honest answers. He can’t give honest answers to honest questions, because he has none. It is that simple.

Why is this investigation so important?

Dale Mallory is a son and heir to the throne of the Mallory political dynasty. Dale B. Mallory is running for State Representative in the 32nd District for the Ohio House of Representatives. If Dale Mallory was indicted on felony charges for cleaning out and closing down the Community Council bank account, his political future would be over.

Take notice of the fact that nobody in the Mallory family or the Mallory campaign is even defending the charges. They aren’t out and about trying to “clear his good name”. Instead, they are calling in favors to make sure this matter doesn’t get investigated and come to light to the general public. And they are winning my friends. They are winning.

That’s politics. This isn’t about the truth to them, it is about winning. They don’t have to defend him. They don’t even deny the accusations. All they have to do is suppress the truth for a few more weeks, and everything is going according to plan. The CPD should be ashamed for being a co-conspirator to the crime.

I will say it again. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

Just another day in Paradise.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

CityBeat Cover Story on Dale Mallory

The link is up for Kevin Osborne's article: MIA: Dale Mallory. Osborne's reporting is a journalistic tour de force which I highly recommend. Dale Mallory has been exposed to the electorate. The more people find out about Dale Mallory, the more they don't like him.

When voters go to the polls Nov. 7, it's highly likely they will elect to the Ohio Statehouse a person facing a criminal investigation by Cincinnati Police who has rarely campaigned publicly and who dodges questions about his involvement in secret lobbying for a controversial project proposed for the city's West End neighborhood.

The more people read this, the less likely it is we will send him to Columbus.

When residents tried to gather more information about the project and discuss it at meetings of the West End Community Council, Dale Mallory -- the group's then-president -- repeatedly delayed placing it on the agenda. As more information about City Link seeped out, some members began calling for the group to vote on whether it supported or opposed the project, a decision that would wield some clout as city officials decided on rezoning and other approvals that would be needed. Mallory blocked those efforts, too.

As Mallory delayed the discussion, community council members were unaware that he also had a $40,000 yearly contract as a part-time consultant for the CEC, a non-profit agency that administers federal anti-poverty funds. Mallory's job was to identify potential development projects that the agency could undertake in the nine poor neighborhoods it serves, including the West End.

Although Mallory told the community council he had no connection to City Link and was personally undecided on the issue, he privately advocated the project as a CEC consultant. Mallory's reports to the agency outline more than 20 appointments or telephone calls with City Link's president, including one where Mallory introduced him to Harold Cleveland, the CEC's chief executive officer.

Osborne never asks the tough questions: When they held their secret lunches, did Dale and Stecher play footsie under the table?

After seeing the back door deals and selling out of her community, Kimberly Hale had seen enough of Dale Mallory...

"When it became clear that Dale was going to run unopposed, a lot of people couldn't sit back and just watch that," Hale says. "This seat is such an important position because the 32nd District includes the central business district and many, many neighborhoods. To entrust Dale Mallory with that isn't a good idea."

Osborne also touches on Dale's campaign strategy:

"Mallory hasn't done any campaigning in recent weeks and hasn't agreed to any candidate forums or debates with Hale. He doesn't have a campaign Web site and did not provide information for the Cincinnati League of Women Voters' election guide.

Dan Hurley, host of Channel 12's Newsmakers program, tried to arrange a joint appearance with Hale but was rebuffed.

"Dale has such a powerful family name, I don't think he believes he has to do anything to win," Hale says.

One has to wonder if Dale can survive a campaign while not talking to the people or the press. It appears that is his campaign strategy. Given the facts out there on the table, Dale owes people at least an attempt at an explanation. At this point it is an open question if even the Cincinnati Herald will endorse Dale Mallory.

The Dean Chimes In: Follow-Up: The Dale Mallory, Phil Heimlich, CityLink Connections


Got up 1st thing this morning to get the new issue of CityBeat. WOW! It was worth it. Kevin Osborne's story shows a MIA photo of Dale on the cover and on page 23 he reviews the whole sad Dale saga.

There are several photos of Dave Petersen and Kim Hale too.

Regular readers of this blog knew something like this was in the works. I heard something was underway, and gave out more than a few hints. The Mallory Mafia response was sad and predictable.

A certain unnamed Mallory flunkie spent most of yesterday on a libelous smear campaign to attack anyone associated with Mallory opposition. This same flunkie has made so many false attacks in the past, his credibility is less than zero. The only reason for the acknowledgement is the precise timing of the smear campaign and its' tie in to this story. It's so obviously a Mallory Mafia scare tactic. Make the world afraid to oppose you. Sorry..... Dave, Kim and the TS don't scare that easy.

The on-line version of the CityBeat story won't be available till later today, so get a hard copy NOW.

Once the on line version is available, a TS member will be sure to post it.

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Gotta go to the salt mines.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Felony: Dale Mallory's Checks

This is a blast from the past. Instead of rehashing what has already been said, I will offer one from the archives. Here is the post about the Felony Investigation of Dale Mallory. It was written in July. The investigation is still open. The West End Community Council still awaits answers to their complaint and the conclusion of the investigation.


Dale Mallory's Felony Investigation

This is a copy of the cancelled check that Dale Mallory used to clear out the West End Community Council Bank Account on May 19th, three months after being impeached and removed from office of the West End Community Council.

And this is the copy of the back of the check.


On May 19th, 2006 Dale Mallory cleaned out every red penny of the West End Community Council bank account and closed it down. Here is a timeline of the events that led up to the check, as well as law enforcement’s reaction to the WECC Complaint.

January 23, 2006 – A Petition was filed to impeach Dale Mallory and remove him from his office as President of the West End Community Council.

Additional Link: Impeachment petition roils West End

February 21, 2006Dale Mallory was removed from office. Over 76% of the members of the community council voted to oust Dale Mallory.

Additional Link: Mayor's brother ousted from West End council

March 6th, 2006Mallory sues West End council

March 21, 2006 - Dale Mallory files a second lawsuit against the West End Community Council.

March 21, 2006West End Community Council appoints Robert Killins, Jr. as President.

Late April, 2006 - In the fourth week of April, both of Dale Mallory's lawsuits against the West End Community Council get resolved.

Lawsuit #1, filed on March 6th, gets thrown out of court on a motion to dismiss.

Lawsuit #2, filed on March 31st, is dropped by Dale Mallory. Dale had skipped two previous depositions and refused to testify under oath. In dropping his own case, Dale Mallory stated to the court that he "has no intent of remaining President of the West End Community Council" and that "he is respectfully dismissing this matter [the lawsuit] without prejudice."

May 16, 2006 - Still unable to get control of the bank accounts and historical records of the organization, the WECC resolves at the May Meeting to draft and present a letter to local banks concerning the whereabouts of WECC accounts.

May 19, 2006 - Dale’s gets a counter check made out to “Cash”, cleaning out the balance of the account and shutting it down.

June 1st, 2006 - Dale takes money back to bank, and has two cashiers checks issued for the balance. $1000 to YMCA, and $119.19 to a person.

June 6th, 2006, WECC presents letter to bank and is informed that the account is closed. They are given a copy of the counter check that Dale Mallory used to clean out the balance. WECC treasurer Maggie Moon files complaint with Cincinnati Police claiming criminal embezzlement on behalf of the WECC

Additional Links: West End group demands police investigation of Dale Mallory

Dale Mallory Cleans Out WECC Bank Account

June 13th Mallory Press Release on Cincinnati Beacon

Dale's Press release is included at the bottom of the post as an update.

“In addition to being a Neighborhood Development Liaison with the Empowerment Zone, Mallory was also the president of the West End Community Council at the time.” Check out the past tense.

June 29th – Instead of investigationg Dale Mallory, Cincinnati Police decide to investigate Dale Mallory’s Impeachment.

“(Sgt) Smith said police are trying to understand the underlying controversy before they decide whether to open a criminal investigation into the matter.”

July 7, 2006 - Allegations of cover-up surface in bank account investigation.

July 14, 2006FBI joins investigation into the actions of Dale Mallory and the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation.

July 18, 2006 – Assistant Police Chief James Whalen attends WECC meeting to explain and update the Council on the WECC complaint and the ongoing investigation into the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. He explained that the investigation into Dale Mallory’s activities risks having an appearance of a conflict of interest, and that the CPD has asked the FBI to take hold of the investigation

July 19, 2006 – FBI Special Agent Michael Brooks reports to the Cincinnati Enquirer that the FBI has not opened a formal investigation.


Now that I have provided a timeline, let’s look at some numbers. Today is Sunday, July 23, 2006.

152 – # of days since Dale Mallory was impeached and removed from office.

90 – # of days since Dale Mallory abandoned attempts through legal means, publicly stating that he had no intention of remaining WECC President

65 - # of days since Dale Mallory cleaned out all the funds from the community council and shut down the bank account.

47 - # of days since the WECC complaint was filed with law enforcement. To date, no evidence exists that either the CPD or the FBI made a formal attempt at starting this felony investigation.

Summing it up:

1) Dale Mallory was impeached and removed from office.
2) Dale Mallory took his case to court and lost. In the end, Dale stated to the court that he had no intention of remaining WECC President.
3) After events #1 & #2, Dale proceeded to clean out and close down the WECC bank account.
4) Law Enforcement has been given clear and convincing evidence of this obvious felony, including but not limited to the copies of the cancelled checks.
5) Nobody as of yet has started a formal investigation into the matter.

Thoughts and Observations

It has been said that this case is a “litmus test” for the entire investigation into Dale Mallory and the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. I would concur that this case will give us an accurate barometer of things to come.

Quite simply, if law enforcement won’t investigate this case, don’t expect anything else to come out of the C.E.C investigation. They have been given this case on a silver platter. The media covered Dale’s impeachment extensively, and the court records are well documented. They even were given copies of the checks. If we can’t get a reaction when we tell them exactly where the bodies are buried, don’t expect them to find much on their own.



The key points that were vital in July are still vital in October. The only switch is that we are now 145 days since Dale Mallory cleaned out and closed down the WECC bank account, and we are still waiting for someone to do someting about it.

Justice Delayed = Justice Denied

Saturday, October 07, 2006

What's Dale's job history???

The Dean was looking for a few of Heimlich's "missing years" in the early 80's.
Dale has a missing life and we sure would like to know the sources of his income.
We do know that Dale had about 50 weeks @ $770/week from mid 2005 to mid 2006 as a CEC "consultant". Sure, it was a fake job provided by his CEC cronies Junebug, Howdie the Hitman and Cowboy Len Garrett.....but it WAS a job.
We do know Dale had no other visible means of support this century.
Dale's "ethical " filing says "GE retiree", but face it folks, a 30 something toolcrib guy with a drug problem ain't gettin no retirement check from GE.
That same "ethical" report shows no assets or investment income. So tell us Dale......who put the bread on the table?
Was it 1)-the parents? 2)-your abused girlfriend(s)? 3)-kickbacks and "emoluments" from your volunteer job?
These are not trivial questions. What kind of person does Tim Burke want to represent the 32nd District?
We know Dale's been impeached. We know he took WECC funds 3 months AFTER he was booted out of office. We know he sold out and sued his neighbors for a few EZ bucks.
What we don't know is the REAL Dale Mallory resume.
What in the world did you do in your adult life?
What is the timeline of your actual employment?
An unemployed, twice divorced guy that lives in his parents house with no lifetime accomplishments doesn't seem like the kind of person I want representing me in Columbus.
Add in the fact that he hangs out with killers and drug lords, and I really have a problem.
Why in the world doesn't the press ask these questions? They are so damned'd think he had a friend in City Hall or something.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

CPD Investigation Nearing An End

The CPD investigation into the WECC's complaint filed against Dale Mallory is nearing completion - One week, two at the most.
The complaint alleges that Dale Mallory illegally took community funds from the WECC bank account three months after his removal from office.
Dale Mallory still hasn't turned over bank account or council records to the community.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Porkopolis: Mallory Blocks Bodyguard Vote

CityBeat's Kevin Osborne stays on the bodyguard beat in the Porkopolis blog:

Mallory Blocks Bodyguard Vote

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory is using a loophole in city council’s rules, known as a “pocket veto,” to block the group from voting on a proposal to make his office budget bear the expense for the mayor’s bodyguard.

Check out the article. It looks like Mayor Mallory may never have to deal with a City Council vote:

Under a council rule change approved in August, the mayor has no deadline for forwarding items for final approval after council committees have passed them. If the mayor chooses, the items can linger until the end of the year, when another new council rule — known as the sunset clause — nullifies all items that haven’t been voted upon and cleans the legislative slate for the new calendar year.

Kevin Osborne also takes note of the pension effect of overtime costs:

Overtime costs are included in salary calculations to establish a pension amount once a police officer retires; the more overtime accrued, the higher the monthly pension payment.

Some on Council don't see why we have to pay so much overtime, and I don't either. This pension effect means that this overtime will continue to hit the City Budget for decades to come. For now, Council doesn't even have a say in the matter. Some on Council have proposed rotating policemen so that the pension effect is mitigated. That is a smart economic move if we are going to be consigned to paying for a bodyguard.

Mallory chose a friend for the position, and it doesn't appear that he wants a rotating shift. The overtime and pension costs are going to be substantial, with all the money paid to a longtime friend who no longer has to work his day job. How many crimes has this senior veteran solved since he became the driver and entourage of Mayor Mallory? He has probably seen more luxury boxes and football games than solved crimes since he started the assignment.

The City Budget is cash strapped. People are calling for more police in response to violent crime and sky high murder rates. We live in a world of economic scarcity. The concept of opportunity cost tells that that diverting resources to paying for a Mayoral bodyguard costs us the opportunity of having more policing on the street. It is a zero sum game, if you take from the police budget and give it to the Mayor, you will have less left to go around to protect the rest of us.

One has to question if this is the most efficient use of resources. Historically, I am not aware that our mayors have ever been under a physical threat. Our Mayor doesn’t need a bodyguard.

Previously : The Million Dollar Bodyguard

Dale Mallory Reinstated as West End Community Council President?

It may be hard to believe, but according to the City of Cincinnati that is the case.

In the last week the City has revised its official listing of community council Presidents. They have reinstated Mayor Mark Mallory’s older brother, Dale B. Mallory as West End Community Council President.

Here is a link to the google cache of the City of Cincinnati listing: here.

That listing is dated August 24th. It lists Robert Killins, Jr. as president of the West End Community Council.

The current listing tells a different story. On September 26th, the City’s List has been altered to now list Dale Mallory as President of the West End Community Council. This is news to all of the members of the WECC, who seven months ago voted to remove him from office.

Dale Mallory was impeached and removed from office in February of this year. Dale responded with two separate lawsuits. One was thrown out of court. The other was dropped by Dale Mallory himself. In dropping the lawsuit, Dale B. Mallory stated in court documents that he "has no intent of remaining President of the West End Community Council" and that "he is respectfully dismissing this matter [the lawsuit] without prejudice."

The only problem was that a few months after being removed from office, Dale Mallory sauntered into the bank and did the unthinkable. On May 19th, Dale Mallory had the entire balance of the community’s bank account made out to cash. He cleaned out and closed down the WECC bank account, well after being removed from office and admitting to the court that he had no intent of remaining President.

On the 29th of June I blogged this entry:

The fact that he cut the checks and closed down the account is not in dispute. What is now in dispute is Dale Mallory's last chance for freedom. He is claiming that he wasn't really impeached, and that he is still President of the West End Community Council…

This is Dale Mallory's last chance for freedom in this world. He needs to convince the Cincinnati Police Department that he is still President of the WECC, months after being impeached. He needs to get his brother, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, to pressure people to drop the case.

If he can't do that, he is going to be under criminal investigation for cutting those checks. And like I stated earlier, the fact that he cut those checks and closed down the account is not in dispute, even by Dale Mallory.”

I remember thinking it through in June, and the only logical defense of Dale cutting those checks would be to claim that he is still the WECC President. Obviously, if he wasn’t the WECC President, he had no authority to close down the bank account. On a side note, even if he was the WECC President he had no authority to close down the bank account.

And he couldn’t deny it. We had copies of the checks, and the people at the bank gave positive identification of Dale B. Mallory. This isn’t an instance of identity theft. Dale Mallory closed down the WECC account to cash on May 19th, and that is a fact.

That is a fact that has apparently eluded authorities, as it has been 136 days since he cleaned out and closed down the WECC bank account, and they only recently started investigating (or so they say).

Now it has come to light that his entire impeachment has been expunged from the official City Hall record, just in the last week. According to the City, on September 26th Dale Mallory was reinstated as President of the West End Community Council. I wonder if Dale has any connections down at City Hall.

This act obviously helps to muddy the waters and delay the investigation until after Dale takes the family seat at the State House representing the entire 32nd. No longer confined to embezzling WECC funds, Dale will now have access to selling out the entire district. The good thing for the West End is that he will no longer be able to be WECC President after he gets elected. He is our gift to the rest of the district, and we don’t want him back. That is why we threw him out on his ass in the first place.

So what is Dale official story? Nobody knows, because the Dale will not answer any questions to the media even though he is a political candidate. Strangely, the media is going along with it.

Deep Throat had a posting about Dale’s alibi here: Dale Mallory’s Felony Defense

Dale’s story is that he wasn’t impeached by over 76% of the vote of his own community council. Instead, he is claiming that the council voted for him to close down and cash out the bank account and disband the community council itself. For if Dale is holding WECC meetings, none of the members of the WECC know about it.

A reporter should give him a call and ask him if he is still President. A press release by Dale Mallory given to the Cincinnati Beacon speaks of Dale in the past tense of when he "was" the WECC President. People should ask Dale if he is still holding secret meetings, and if so why are they not invited?


Update from the Beacon: The Dean has information that this whole affair is just a confused mixup: ImpeachMallory Bloggers Jump the Gun, Issue Mistaken Accusations

I can't tell you definitively if the Dale had anything to do with this or not. It sure looked fishy at 1:00 am when I was already half in the bag.

The City has already changed the page back. Robert Killins, Jr. is the West End Community Council President.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation Board Meeting October 2nd

The last CEC meeting was cancelled. You can read about the recent history of CEC board meetings here. They have also recently made changes in the composition of their board of directors, even without a public meeting (here).

Will the CEC close down yet another meeting? Will they finally answer questions from the community? Your guess is as good as mine.

The meeting is at 5:30 Monday at the Berry Center on East Court St. (E of Linn).

In the July Meeting, the promised to answer all of the questions that we submitted in September. September came and went and they cancelled the meeting. Now here we are in October, and people are expecting answers.

Some of the questions related to Junebug and the Beatty nepotism. Since July, Howard Beatty was kicked off the board for missing three straight meetings (he was in jail for killing Kabaka). Junebug has since resigned from the board and vanished without a trace. As for Orlinda Beatty, I presume she is still on the CEC payroll. Orlinda though is not a board member, so I am guessing no Beatty will attend the meeting.

They had quite a few questions involving transparency, and why they would refuse to answer questions or make documents publicly available. The E-Loan fund was questioned. Where were those funds directed, and why were they all in default? How come if you call them up and ask questions they refer you to a lawyer?

They also had questions about Federal Funds that were dedicated to the Empowerment Zone that were expended outside the boundaries of the EZ. The CityLink property on 800 Bank Street didn't even fall within the zone, yet they spent money promoting it. They give huge amounts of cash to the Mallory center, and that isn't even near the EZ boundaries. These acts are blatantly illegal given the EZ guidelines, and the funding goes to people with inside connections.

They were also asked why over 60% of the funding that they get goes to administrative costs. Their last audit showed that 68% of the funding never made it out of Harold Cleveland’s office. That is why I think he doesn't want to hold another meeting. Who wants to answer that question?

So mark your calendar. The meeting today is 5:30 at the Berry Center.