Thursday, April 09, 2009

Goodbye Law Dog

Lawson sentenced to prison

Cincinnati lawyer Ken Lawson was sentenced to two years in prison today for his role in a drug conspiracy that devastated his family, his clients, and his career.

Lawson had asked for probation and placement in a drug treatment program, but U.S. District Judge Sandra Beckwith said the scope and severity of the crime justified a prison sentence.

“The bottom line is no one is above the law,” Beckwith said.

Junebug comes in later in the article:

Lawson, whose law license was suspended last year, has admitted he lied, cheated and stole from clients for years to feed an addiction to prescription painkillers. By the time he entered a drug treatment program in 2007, Lawson said he was spending $1,000 and popping as many as 100 pills every day.

Dozens of former clients have accused Lawson of stealing from them and many already have been reimbursed by a state fund set aside for victims of unethical lawyers.

Federal prosecutors say Lawson obtained illegal drugs for years through a conspiracy involving long-time friend George Beatty and Cincinnati Dr. Walter Broadnax. Lawson, Beatty and Broadnax all pleaded guilty last year to drug conspiracy charges.

Prosecutors say Lawson was a leader of the conspiracy and used clients and family members, including his children, to obtain drugs.

Lawson said he was a drug addict who was exploited by Broadnax, who is accused of writing many of the fraudulent prescriptions Lawson used to get drugs.

A fine tradition of West End Leadership.

A comment I approved today said this:

My name is La'Quanda Collins, the younger sister of the late Lorenzo Collins. In regards to the Ken Lawson situation I just want to say, "good ridens". My mother passed April 13, 2003, and she went through a lot with Lawson. I will never forget the day my mother was in the hospital suffering from stress which led to an aneurysm, he had her to sign over a check to him. She never talked to him again. I really felt that he took advantage of my mother's situation. Once she began to really think of my brother and the situation she wanted me to get the court documents and a list of the monies that was recieved from the lawsuit. He told me point blank, "NO". Although he is a selfish and weak man I wish the best for his family, and I hope that his family does not have to suffer the consequences of his actions. I felt the need to speak for my mother, thank you....

La'Quanda Collins wrote that comment on 4/3/09. I haven't been updating this blog, but I thought I would for her comment.

Ken Lawson claimed to represent the little guy and protect him from being taken advantage of by the system. In the end he was the one taking advantage of the people that put their trust and their lives in Ken Lawson.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Dallory,
We missed you!
Lawson, Junebug, Howdie and Broadnax to jail.
Dale's buddy on the EZ shuts down this year.
Dale's buddy Dieringer's IIN booted by the City.
Markuz Jenkins scamming with Dale to skim Arts Consortium money.
The good guys get the ADP money remaining after Genesis theft.
Phoneysi doing porno at 917.
Buttboy doin the Brazilian bussboy.
Get back to work Mr. Dallory, you have much to write about.
Your pal,

4:13 PM  
Blogger Male Dallory said...

If you want to write about it I could give you a hosting spot.

The West End has been the birthplace of such corruption that you could probably write for awhile.

I wonder how much time they will give to Junebug and Broadnax. I think Lawson got off with a light sentence. He had befriended some people in legal circles and he plead the addict card. Broadnax and Junebug have no such card to play.

10:08 PM  

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