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Where are the records of the investigation?

It seems there is a little controversy in the comments section regarding just who dropped the ball in the Dale Mallory investigation.

Let me say first off that I have a lot of respect for the CPD. They put their lives on the line and make a difference and I do respect that. I believe that we have some real live heroes on the force. In my rants against the system that doesn’t always come through.

This was a complicated matter not because of evidence but because of politics. The evidence of who did what and when they did it were firmly established early on. What made this case complicated were the political connections and the power of the people involved.

My opinion is based upon the Osborne article and some of the facts that came out of it, particularly the response to his request for public records.

If the CPD gave the prosecutors the same info that they gave Kevin Osborne, I can see why the prosecutor decided not to file charges. That file was flimsy and there was nothing there. They worked on this case for a better part of a year, but nothing was in the file.

Why is that? I would like to know. If the police really did investigate where is the evidence or the paper trail?

Dale Mallory stated in court that he was no longer WECC President. Weeks later he withdrew all of the funds and closed down the bank account. The file given to Osborne contained no mention of Dale’s statements to the court. Those documents were the most critical piece of evidence in the case. If they didn’t have those in the file, it is hard to believe that they ran a legitimate investigation. If they didn’t have those in the file, it is similarly hard to believe that they passed that critical evidence on to the prosecutor’s office.

If they really did an investigation, there should be more in the file.

Where is the evidence that they actually talked to Dale and took his statement? Where is that statement? What is Dale’s official version of what happened? I am probably most interested in hearing that.

Dale Mallory skipped depositions and dropped his court cases so as to not have to answer questions. It would be interesting to know what he told the police. A complaint was filed against Dale; they would have talked to him and gotten a response. I would like to see what he said.

In the press he has repeatedly botched the issue. He is still claiming that the check is a forgery and a fake. Is that the story he told to the CPD? What about the bank manager and teller who were witnesses? The CPD interviewed them. No mention of them in the public records. If there was an investigation, these files have been subsequently sanitized to save Dale Mallory from embarrassment.

What about the Dale tale of the WECC approving the expenditures in February (the month when he was actually impeached)? Did he tell the police that whopper? We had tapes of those meetings and it can be easily proven what actually happened. Dale’s statement to the Cincinnati Police would be the most interesting document of the whole public records request. But the interview either never happened or records of it have been lost.

I have to believe that there was either no real investigation or that the files have been purged to save Dale from embarrassment. And I have to reiterate a serious concern: If critical evidence is missing from the police records it calls into question if that evidence ever made it to the prosecutor’s desk.

Where are the records? What happened to this case?


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Mr Dallory you are incorrect in saying the records were purged to protect dale from embarrassment. Haven't you seen enough of this guy to know he does not comprehend the meaning of the word embarrassment. If anything was done in this area it was papa mallory or mayor mallory. Those two career politicians are Hall of Famers when it comes to sanitizing the truth. The mallory family have made damn good livings by weaving and bobbing avoiding the truth. The family tree has more genetic codes than the post office has zips.Has anyone ever publicly questioned that? The mayor lives on Dayton Street in the WestEnd.My ass everyone knows he lives in Mt.Airy with his mom & dad. Why not tell the truth? The mayor is gay. No way, who would ever believe that. The only truth be told is truth that maintains the political image. A strong family, living in the impoverished WestEnd ,always working to help those in need. Why do you think dale was so supportive of the CityLink deal. It had nothing to do with his $40,000 consulting gig, or the Tim Burke endorsement for the $56,000 a year state rep. salary, or the kickbacks on the Elite Security contract with CL. Anyone you talk to about their mallory dealings always say the family motto is simply, what's in it for me.

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Where are the records? What happened to this case?

I smell Daddy Mallory. Again.

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Blogger Male Dallory said...

I don't care if the Mayor is gay, and that is his business. I do find Dale to be quite self serving.

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Anonymous Fred Garvin said...

The investigation lasted the better part of a year. You have to wonder why they don't have any documentation to back up the investigation. The Osborne article also talked about the CPD acting like no end was in sight when in fact the investigation was already over. The last thing they wanted was a public records request. He exposed them as frauds.

My guess is that the prosecutor had no knowledge of evidence that could substantially hurt Dale Mallory. If the PR request only got copies of checks that is most likely what was sent to the prosecutor. They weren’t about to send this on with enough evidence to prosecute.

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