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Kenny The Crackhead

The Law with Ken Lawson

Ken Lawson admits to abusing drugs for years. Those rumors have been around for a long time. People knew and the word got out. The people closest to him had to know, he has been doing this for years.

The people at his firm had to know. They had to be getting the irate phone calls when he didn’t show up for trials. People gave him money and he didn’t represent them. If you are answering the phone there you would have to know. They were part of the fraud. They had to get notices of the lawsuits filed against him by people they had taken money from and didn’t represent. Knowing of some of the people he associated with, not only would they have known but would have actively participated in both his drug use and the defrauding of clients.

The IRS came calling, he is in bankruptcy, and you had flurries of lawsuits against Ken Lawson. He knew it was going to hit the fan one way or the other. So he got out in front of it and gave a story to gain sympathy. But where is the sympathy for the Medicaid tax dollars he has stolen and defrauded the government? Where is the sympathy for the lenders and the tax revenue he never paid? Where is the sympathy for the clients defrauded of their money, or the people who went to jail when they might have had a chance at freedom or at least a lighter sentence if he had represented them well?

Ken Lawson should go to jail. It is amazing to me that he hasn’t been arrested. He shouldn’t be the only one. The people around him had to know. They aided and abetted him in defrauding all those poor people he claimed to fight for. They should take the whole lot and throw them in the can.

From Ken Lawson On The Buzz

Labeled by some “The Junkyard Dog of Justice”, Mr. Lawson prides his character and work ethic as an attorney in relentlessly fighting for his clients and their rights to due process. A proponent of the system of justice, Mr. Lawson predicates his position to defend and uphold the statutes of the law by representing all walks of life. As he is sometimes presented by the media in the more high profile and celebrity cases, Mr. Lawson receives just as much professional gratification and reward by representing those who may not be deemed newsworthy. His passion is for proving what is just while upholding the legal rights of his clientele. Mr. Lawson believes that these merits transcend all lines of race, creed, ethnicity, social and economic status.

What a liar and a fraud Crackhead Kenny is.

But despite the media attention received from the high profile cases, Mr. Lawson truly derives pleasure and reward in fighting for the everyday individual, the person who may not be as well-known. He enjoys representing the people who the system traditionally ignores and does not seem to care about.

And Crackhead Kenny doesn't care about them either.

One major misconception is that Mr. Lawson only takes “big” cases, those that may attract a large amount of press. That is not true. There is no such thing as a case that is “too small”. Mr. Lawson is often seen in traffic court arguing speeding tickets and disorderly conduct cases. He does an enormous amount of work that includes domestic violence, driving under the influence, resisting arrest and other misdemeanor offenses. Mr. Lawson is not too busy to consider handling your case.

The reality is that Crackhead Kenny is not too busy to take your money upfront, and then to hell with your case.

The whole thing makes me chuckle. Remember SNL's Caveman Lawyer? We had our own Crackhead Lawyer skit going here in town for years. People should have been laughing at him then. The sad truth is that people around him covered up for him for years, and a lot of people got taken.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

male Dallory Glad to see your back

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Update from the Hamilton County Court House:

Kenny's clients are being issued Capias papers right & left these days. There's been a string of them in Municipal Court.

According to the Ohio Supremes, Kenny's supposed to be doing some facilitating here - sending his clients ample notice so they can get to the Public Defender's Office & refunding their money.

I guess Kenny's clients of high intelligence figure with Lawson being on the ropes, they don't have a lawyer & the case has somehow disappeared or dismissed because their lawyer is a criminal himself, & they don't have to appear in Court.

It's your tax dollar being frittered away here, friends!

However, I sort of miss Kenny's psycho-babble on the BUZZ, when you could figure out what he was attempting to say. Most of the time it was a bunch of hollering, whining, honking, & drug blubbering.

8:42 PM  
Blogger Male Dallory said...

After stealing his clients funds and doing thousands of dollars in medicade fraud, why isn't Crackhead Kenny in jail?

4:54 AM  
Anonymous Court House Gadfly said...


Kenny Court House Updates:

A0700886 - Kenny refused to work on the dude's appeal of his prison sentence. Took money, kept evidentiary materials. Judge recently ruled in favor of the dude. Return the evidentiary materials or you will be dealt with under the statutes.

A0510867 - this Kenny's former landlord. A Summary Judgment is due next week.

A0502742 - Lashawn Pettus Brown v. Kenny. Summary Judgment is due before 4th of July.

A0603501 - Vinny Clark's case goes to Summary Judgment next week.

A0601268 - An Estate v. Kenny - part of the Summary Judgment was granted as to the Liability; hearing on the amount of damages end of July.

There's more in the Court pipeline, including that elderly man who had his prescription account stolen by Kenny & Wally Broadnax.

After much recusing (excusing themselves) of Judges on these larcenous cases, I believe we've got extremely compentent Jurists who respect the taxpayers as law abiding citizens & will decide accordingly with a fair, but very heavy hand.

Stay tuned for updates. Mr. Dallory will, no doubt, do another follow up story on this doped up criminal who claims to represent the poor, downtrodden, discriminated against, targets of police brutality, & all that nonsense. Bottom line, all he did was take their cash, rolled over on them, & spent their money to satisfy his illegal proclivities.

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He should be in jail with Dale.

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't understand why they haven't taken him into custody. What would he have to do to get arrested?

4:20 PM  
Anonymous court house gadfly said...

Case update: Vinny Clark & Terry Horton v. Kenny

The final judgment entry has been pushed to 6/29 & it's basically a mere formality. The Judge rang Kenny's bell but good.

Judgment award: $100,000.00 to Vinny & $100,000.00 to Terry.

This was a case built on purely mistaken identity. The finger man, CPD & Kenny put these dudes thru the wringer. They may never see this just reward, but they were victorious in adding a few nails to Kenny's box.

7:20 PM  

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