Thursday, November 16, 2006

Angry Mayor Mallory Losing Power

Rules change enrages Mallory

Cincinnati City Council adopted a resolution Wednesday, 7-2, that changes council rules to bring to the full council items that have been recommended by subcommittees - a move that takes some power away from Mayor Mark Mallory.

Previously, Mallory could effectively prevent a legislative item from being considered by simply not placing it on the council agenda.

Now, after Council Member Jeff Berding presented and pushed for passage of the item, if a council committee recommends an issue for approval, it automatically goes to the Clerk of Council for consideration by all nine council members.

Mallory said he was outraged it was brought before council for consideration before being discussed with him.

Kudos to Jeff Berding and Council for taking the pocket veto dictatorship away from Mayor Mallory.

The Porkopolis Blog has more detail here:

Council Takes Veto Out of Mayor’s Pocket

The policy, sponsored by members Jeff Berding and Leslie Ghiz, was proposed in early October after Mallory had refused to schedule a vote on a proposal that would require the cost for the mayor’s bodyguard be borne by his office budget instead of the police budget.

Some council members were concerned about the amount of overtime incurred by police Spc. Scotty Johnson, Mallory’s bodyguard. Some council members question why paying any overtime is necessary, instead preferring that other officers be rotated into the bodyguard’s slot once Johnson reaches 40 hours of duty in a week. Mallory specifically requested Johnson, a longtime friend, as his bodyguard in April after activist Kabaka Oba was shot outside City Hall.

Overtime costs are included in salary calculations to establish a pension amount once a police officer retires; the more overtime accrued, the higher the monthly pension payment.

Check it out. As discussed before, the excessive overtime for Scotty Johnson could increase his pension benefits dramatically. It will be interesting to see what happens to the lucrative contract with the Mayors bodyguard.

Scotty Johnson is President of the Sentinel Police organization, and he also happens to have his own radio show on the buzz. Mallory isn't stupid. Scotty J is not a bad guy to have on your side, and Mayor Mallory is greasing the wheels to make sure he is well compensated.

To date, no record of any threat to the Mayor has been documented. Our Mayor doesn't really have a bodyguard as much as he has a personal driver. And given the overtime and increased pension costs that personal driver has become a very expensive luxury.

But the bodyguard dilemma isn't all about budgets, overtime, or bloated pension costs. What is the opportunity cost when we take a 20 year veteran off the streets? Scotty holds the rank of Police Specialist, not driver. Scotty should be back working with the SWAT team and investigating robbery.

What is the cost to the victims having Scotty on the sidelines? Those costs may be impossible to calculate, but they exist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is the threat? Is it possible the Beatty connection is why the Mayor is running scared and needs police protection?

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a waste of money.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

"Is it possible the Beatty connection is why the Mayor is running scared..."

Since the shoot 'em up outside City Hall, I haven't heard anything about any threats. It's too bad the Mallory Mob didn't exercise a bit more discretion in picking their allies, as the burden wouldn't be on the backs of the taxpayers.

Anon 7:38 summed it up in a tidy fashion, a waste of money.

Friends, according to the new biennial budget that 3M's Doughboy put together, there's more we're going to have to cover:

Increase at Downtown parking meters
Increase in our water bills
Increase in the sewage rates
Increase in 3M's Budget, and there's the
Increase in the bus fares

However, in looking at the documentation, nowhere did I see (& I looked closely) any freespending funds allotted to the Cincy EZ.

I did learn that the Doughboy peeled off several thousand dollars from the Cincinnati Retirement Fund to cover parking tickets racked up by the City. Swell.

Oh! Here's a little news item for you, seeing we continue to delve further into the Mallory saga:

There's going to be some musical chairs in the Judges' seats in the Court House. Here's one that's been tossed out there to take brother's chair - Dwane Mallory.

No kidding. My source is as good as it gets. This isn't some off the wall baloney or riddle-talking. The discussion ensued & the entire cast of professional individuals & colorful characters were outlined to me. However, it now appears that Dwane is an extremely longshot. If you put money on it, you'd lose a bundle.

There's no room on the short list for the law poodle. That's pretty much a given.

Back on topic - I was relieved to learn that Berding & the Council took back the powers to effectively represent the people. Of course, we're going into another election season & it's safe to say these council folks would like to keep their chairs. I'm expecting plenty of representation & action now. Now that prissy Mayor'll have plenty of time on his hands during sessions to sit there & polish his jewelry.

I've said it before & it's always worth repeating - those folks who voted for him, I certainly hope they're getting a full night's sleep & their souls aren't bothering them. I know I wouldn't be sleeping & I'd have a very guilty heart & soul.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Dallory it is great to hear from you again. A co-worker told me Mark Mallory is the first Mayor in Cincinnati history to have a bodyguard.Have there been threats on his life or is the neighborhood he lives in, Mt.Airy really that rough? Talk about a public relations nightmare for a city trying to attract residents and keep taxpayers from fleeing.

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just watched the Channel 9 ,11:00 news lead story. Leslie Ghiz was featured in a lenghty story taking the Mayor to task on his lack of leadership. It will not take long for Mr.Mallory to be exposed unless he changes his priorities and starts putting the citizens of Cincinnati before his own and his families quest for political power. All those decades in Columbus the deals go on without the constant spotlight the Mayor endures. The political deals with Weiland,Burke,and all the lobbyist
don't pass the smell test in a small confined space like CityHall.
There is still time Mr.Mayor don't embarass yourself and your family.

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

Mayor Mallory is the epitome of a do nothing Mayor. His bodyguard will be in campaign commercials, along with his "Keep out of the Crossfire" billboards. The message he sends is "GET OUT". What a loser.

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

"is the neighborhood he lives in, Mt.Airy really that rough"

Anon 11:21, sorry to be late with a reply.

Oh heck no! The section of Mt. Pilot where Mayor Mallorybilly lives is rather splendiforous. Outside of the small section of welfare girls & their dope boyz off Kirby near Farhill Drive, it's rather quiet & well kept up. But you know he's demanded the police monitor those apartments. Rather than help clean them out, the boyz flock to other neighborhoods. Hence, the "Get out of the Crossfire" ugly billboards in those communities.

Without a doubt, Mt. Airy has some significant problem spots. Oh boy, do they! While lit dropping for Kim Hale, there was a street that had a murder - T-shirt over the No Outlet sign.

This was once a beautiful, safe, quiet community & it's rapidly becoming another city cesspool. Every apartment complex is loaded with Section 8 freeloaders & criminals. That's right. Went from market-rate rent to Section 8.

But you won't see 3M out there with his bodyguard contigent working with the folks up there to clean up Mt. Pilot. Oh no. That dirty work has been assigned to us mere mortals & the police department (who are constantly criticized for everything they do).

Basically, as long as he's protected, comfy & cozy, he could care less about the rest of us.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Mallory,

glad to see you are back!!! You were greatly missed. Here is a link to the mayors interview for those that missed it.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Sunday Breaking News:

Dale's date with the Magistrate on case A9706429 has been pushed out to 12/6/06 at 10:00AM.

This is the big one where he stiffed Cadlerock on a loan agreement. That interest meter is spinning like crazy & Dale's in hock to the tune far exceeding $37,000.

However, with ascending the Mallory Dynasty Throne in Columbus, he'll have that paid off in no time, along with all his outstanding Certificates of Judgment collecting a tidy sum of interest in the Courthouse.

Also, I've learned that while the movie star bodyguard was doing his BUZZ show yesterday, he was mouthing off about 100 police officers in the recruitment section of the city budget. He was said to have accused City Council of politicizing the whole thing.

This Scotty boy needs to be assigned back to the streets or be ashcanned from the police force. We're under siege in our communities, while he has a plush job of steering his Movie Star Mayor from quiet splendor on Mt. Pilot to City Hall. How tough is that? How dangerous is that? Again, I haven't heard any bullets drop in the slot to take out the glamor-obsessed Mayor. Plain & simple. The boy made a mistake jumping into bed with the Beatty Crime Family.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Working stiffs get screwed by the Mayor.
The mayor hires Dahoney then craps all over him.
The mayor gets union support and craps all over the city workers.
The mayor grandstands and betrays Dahoney and working folks.
See pasted article and Ms. Koehler's quote:

Mallory says no to pool closings
His plan backs recreation
All Cincinnati pools and recreation centers will be open - and open longer - under Mayor Mark Mallory's plan to restore more than $3.5 million in cuts to the 2007 budget proposed by City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr.

Mallory made those announcements Monday at the Camp Washington Recreation Center, one of the two recreation centers - along with Carthage - slated to be closed under Dohoney's plan.

Mallory wants many of the proposed cuts that would affect children and social services restored - at the expense of the city employees' retirement plan.

The city would save $3.4 million by contributing 17 percent of payroll to the city's retirement system - the existing rate - rather than the 21.77 percent Dohoney proposed.

Mallory wants money restored to avert the proposed closing of the recreation centers and the 13 pools, as well as money for battered women and other social programs. He also wants recreation center hours extended to include weekends, and he wants the pools open longer in the summer.

The proposed budget calls for adding 65 police officers and money to pay for enough police overtime to equal hiring 115 new officers, Dohoney told council Monday.

Northside's Sharon Koehler objects to the mayor's plan to restore some programs.

"There's no way you should provide programs for the freeloaders on the backs of the working people," Koehler said. "Do not touch that retirement fund to balance out the budget. (City workers) got up and went to work every day whether they wanted to or not. They weren't laying in bed or jail."


8:13 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

"Did Community Activist Joe Gorman really write Cincinnati Girly Man Mayor Mallory, City City Mangler Chocolate Doughboy Mohoney, and City Clown-cil Members saying he was dumbfounded by the Mayor's big Black bodyguard (and Cincinnati Police Officer) Scotty Johnson, who was on the BUZZ radio station lambasting City Council's "politicization" of the ordinance to hire 100 new police officers? Why would Scotty be allowed to go on air and enflame the community over the City budget, especially since he is an (overtime) paid bodyguard for the mayor? Since when do bodyguards or security agents purposely choose to be in the limelight? Doesn't this compromise his ability to protect the mayor?"

This is an item in today's Whistleblower.

It's refreshing to know that hard working folks realize & aren't afraid to acknowledge that the Mallory outfit is out to fleece every one of us. It's budget time, so, it's time to fight back!

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please refer to the CityBeat blog to see another opinion of the fine job Mr.Mallory is doing to move our city forward. Quite the leader huh!

8:43 PM  

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