Friday, October 27, 2006

Dale Mallory is Nowhere To Be Found

Kevin Osborne follows up on his recent CityBeat cover story on the Citybeat Porkopolis blog:

Dale Mallory Still MIA

Dale Mallory’s disappearing act is par for the course so far this campaign season. Impeached as president of the West End Community Council and facing a criminal investigation about allegedly emptying that group’s bank account three months after he was removed from office, Dale Mallory has avoided any public campaigning and refused to answer reporters’ questions about his secret lobbying on behalf of the proposed City Link Center, a project opposed by many West End residents. Also, he declined to fill out the League of Women Voters questionnaire that is routine for most campaigns.

And later:

Dale Mallory has tried to duck controversy and hope most voters are unaware of the dispute, preferring instead to rely on his family’s name and history in public service to help him achieve victory. In the words of Sgt. Schultz from the old Hogan’s Heroes sitcom, “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.”

I think that Kevin Osborne is dead on in his assessment. Go to the Porkopolis blog and check it out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

People say that “You can run but you can’t hide”. Dale Mallory has shown us that you can both run for office and hide at the same time. Kim Hale is going to be the only republican on my ticket.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Mina said...

I must say I have never seen a campaign both run and hidden from at the same time. This is a mess. I wish I lived in the 32nd so I could give my vote to Mrs. Hale.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on down and vote anyway.
The Mallory Mafia registers at Spring Grove....they vote early, often and from beyond the grave.
I bet even Hitman Howdie and Socko vote a few times.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sad thing is he knows his name will carry him.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

72 polling spots.
Dale's cost..72Thugs x$100.00/thug=$7,200.00

Kim's cost 72 loyal volunteers x zero= O cost.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two little updates on everybody's favorite incompetent thug lawya Kenny Lawson.

His baby boy is hooked up with an ankle bracelet after he pled and was found guilty this week. Gonna be hard for him to get those drugs when he's confined to the house.

And Kenny doesn't seem to have squat at the new "law office." Woman he screwed over got another live execution order (Si's boys went out), and they got *nothing.*

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Gosh, I'm enjoying this 1-2 punch by Korte & Osborne. Think of the thousands of people who are reading this stuff.

Another contributor mentioned Howdy the Hitman. I'm watching to see when the state prison officials move him to his permanent home. He's still in the Welcome Center, although I expect him to move soon.

Speaking of the BCF (Beatty Crime Family), Junebug & Nichole (Oba's former punching bag) Davis were seen in the Court House hallway this morning. It was Junebug, his girl, Nichole & some worthless looking guy.

Joy Rolland had her Common Pleas arraignment today & got her Judge's assignment. This is on the case where JR allegedly went after the father of her child. This isn't the psycho stalking complaint that Nichole filed against Joy, but it's good money that this threesome was sitting in on the swift proceedings.

Junebug cleaned himself up for this event. Nichole had the sunglasses on & a black rag tied around her head. She was minus the Halloween lipstick, but she had those saucer lips all pooched out for Junebug. The guy who was with them was window dressing, a clueless clown.

Oralinda was nowhere to be seen. Not anywhere in sight.

As you recall, during the City Hall Killer's court proceedings, Junebug & Nichole were spotted fondling each other & rubbing each other up in the Court House hallway.

Just a little bit of dirt on the dirty this dreary afternoon.

Many thanks to a bunch of folks for their kind remarks & gracious sentiments on the unearthing of Dale's long overdue debt. I am very, very humbled. However, & this is most important, everyone contributed a great deal to this issue. If it weren't for those writing in with other solid nuggets of information, we'd still be digging for that nasty smelling odor.

There is still a lingering odor, but only CPD & Deters will be able to erase that choking smell. The challenge is out there for them to step up & do the right thing. The T.S. pulled up one dead fish & now they have an obligation.

We will have patience & faith. Thank you & God bless each of you for your wonderful work. We must continue to demand honesty & integrity in politics. Hopefully, we will be viewed as the trendsetters, who stood up to what was perceived as a powerful, much feared family dynasty.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Campaign Contribution/Expense update (might as well beat those so-called candidates to the punch):

First off, Dale has repaid $15,000 in "loans" to Fannie, Joe & the campaign. He's still making petty cash "reimbursements" to Danny Phoney-is-he. However, there's no entries for paid staff.

This is a laugh: 9/18/06 $1,003 & change for yard signs.

CONTRIBUTIONS: (wait until you see this line up of welchers, grifters, fakers, thieves, criminals, shysters, & those who stand a direct benefit)

10/16 Dickie Weiland $500
9/7 Laborers Local 265 $2,500
10/16 TIMBO $100
10/14 AFSCME #8 $250
10/16 Stan Chesley $1,000
10/16 Rev. Demon Lynchmob $100
10/16 Roger Ach $100
10/16 ODP State Candidate Fund $25,000
10/16 Walter Reinhaus $200
9/27 Otto Budig $2,500
10/16 Clara Fenderson/Parktown Cafe $100

There's others out there, but these are some of our most notable. Union PACs have given chump change, & apparently, they don't give a hoot what happens to regular average folks like us. I used to support Union business, but, seeing that they're hopping in Dale's pocket, Big Daddy can take care of them, ensure they have their jobs at prevailing/union wages.

However, I have the sneaking suspicion there's been plenty that hasn't been reported, both in expenses (especially) & contributions.

There's some cronies missing. I'm also questioning some of the "anonymous" donors, given a "best effort" tag. Other campaigns name the best effort donors, even if they call themselves the Community Block Watch Car Wash.

In looking at what is trickling into this campaign, this boy is flush with enough cash to pay that outstanding debt to Cadlerock. That's larceny. That's criminal what he's done.

In other news, my paper copy of the Business Courier was in the mail. Dan Monk has another blockbuster story on another one of our favorites, (seeing today is Favorites Friday) Harold Cleveland.

Joyce Powdrill will be leaving Key Corp. (Key Bank) on Oct. 30 to take the newly created position of Vice President of Economic Development for the Cincy EZ. She'll also be in charge of the E-Fund loan program. She also plans to roll out a $130 million bond fund to make capital investments in Cincinnati's poorest neighborhoods.

When the online version of this becomes available, I'll capture the link for everyone.

And have I got a lot of questions on this move. First off, did the Board get the opportunity to review every candidate's credentials? Did they play an active role in the interviewing selection process? Were professionals of other cultures encouraged to apply? What outreach methods were utilized? Were these other professionals given equal weight in the process?

The reason I'm asking these questions is because they are very legit. Last time I looked at these EZ neighborhoods, I've seen folks of other races & cultures living in them.

If this outfit thinks they can continue to get those Federal pass-thru dollars from the City without fully diversifying their staff & board, they've got another thing arriving their way. After we get finished with this Election, it'll be time to start bending Uncle Al's ear.

Again folks, when you want truthful, accurate news, this is the place to be. Another blog claims to have campaign contributions at another time. The Truth Squad has it first.

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Anon 3:21, I did a bit more snooping on the law poodle & his little criminal poodle. The Judge slammed it to the criminal kid. You're right about that probation jewelry, he won't be able to get his dope & his guns, because he's ordered out of Lockland & Lincoln Heights. He's only allowed to be loose 70 hours a week. I hope the people out there have the sense to slam the phones to Probation when they see this hoodlum. It's worth 178 days in the Steelbar Hotel.

On A0601611, the Judge signed off on the order granting National City Bank's Motion for Summary Judgment to the tune of $127,035.27 & 7.99% interest per annum plus court costs.

On A0603501, this is the Vinny Clark case, where the law poodle messed this dude & his friend over. The pood blew off the Motion to Compel Discovery. It's overdue. I'll jingle a bell on this.

As for that lady who came up empty handed on the seizures for property, I'll give her a helping hand. This is someone's Grandmother who had put himself into some trouble & this lady put up her money that she could use for medicines & her heating bill.

Apparently, Si's boys didn't think the office help were worth any collateral. LMAO! ROTF! BBBWWAAAHH!

I'm really angry over this one, as this so-called attorney really screwed her over. Don't get mad. Get even. Get action. A Truth Squad Guardian Angel to the rescue!

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

OK, this is it for the day. I think I've found Dale. Check out the Dude in the blue shirt with the flat hat on. Some of his skid row friends are easy to identify, too.

You'll like this vid. This "Rehab" tune is soooo big on European Internet Stations.

If you have problems, post them here & I'll go back after it again. LMAO!

End the day with a laugh. We did good today.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they are looking for assets why not tell them to take a look at 2022 BayMiller St?

It may not be worth anything near the full settlement, but at least it is a start.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might also want to call Dale & remind him that his taxes are behind on the 2022 Baymiller St. property.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Mina said...

anonymous 1:46, you are 2 much with the Spring Grove comment.And Carstairs, I don't know how you found that video, but it looks just like this picture of Dale

You get the roflmao award for the weekend.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello All,
Just came back from a TS lit drop in Mt. Airy for Kim.
Talked to several people I met along the way. ALL voted/voting for Kim.
Some quotes were priceless:
"The Mayor moved here a few years ago. I heard he moved near his boyfriend".

"Hale's running against the Mayor's brother? Say no more, she has my vote".

"I read all about Dale. Hale will be my only Republican vote."

"I already voted for Kim, but I'll take extra fliers to give to my friends and kids."

People are fed up with 3M. They are also fed up with Dale/Mallory antics.

Mt. Airy is NOT proud of their new neighbor Mallorybillies.

Hale Yes!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous carstairs said...

"You might also want to call Dale & remind him that his taxes are behind on the 2022 Baymiller St. property."

Friends, the attorney for Cadlerock has that info & more. I loaded that boy up with everything you have provided out here in terms of research & facts. We all share in this victory pie.

Mina, I'm glad you agree that the burned out dude in the music vid looked like Dale. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Everytime I play it, it's the same old, same old, ROF LMAO!

Kim & I covered a chunk of Mt. Airy today. However, some of it was a seedy section. On one street, the No Outlet sign had a T-shirt over it, with R.I.P. & flowers fastened to the post. No one really had anything to say & those that did, took the cards. And yeah, I got a line on one of my dope girls who hangs out in my community. That was a bonus.

Was quite breezy & a bit cold, but we warmed up & got the job done. We actually had a pleasant afternoon & was able to discuss in depth the issues that truly matter most to residents in the 32nd. That included the shirt over the sign, the rundown properties & drug thugs hanging out on the property & the sidewalk. Let's don't talk about the teenager using excessively filthy language with a child while playing yard football. You'd think this trashcan mouthed teen was in the Super Bowl or something (not). Even the cable TV guy was appalled.

SCOOP! Dale's mailing literature. Kim & I saw a piece of lit sticking up in a mailbox. Probably mailed yesterday. No, didn't touch it. Federal offense & we're not criminals. Boo Hoo! He didn't send me any mail. I'll check with family.

Thanks everyone for your reports & updates. We can do this & be wildly successful.

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got a Dale postcard today.
Bragged about all the unions that paid for Mallory votes.
D4S is bought and paid for.
I'm out in Mt Airy handing out Hale lit, and Dale's spending $ to get me his postcard. GREAT TARGETING Phoneysi.
Your pal,

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think that after we get the MalloryBilly issue behind us we focus on getting the Mayor impeached? Also I would like to expose Nate Livingston and Walter Rhienhaus. We cannot move this City forward with this bunch of backward thinking hate mongers.


8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OTR Kid,
What's the problem with Walter R.?
Give 3M a bit more rope. If he keeps screwing up, I'm with you on an impeach move.
The dwarf is not worth sueing. No one takes that clown seriously anyway.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Tim Burk said...

For starters Walter R gave D4S $200
that's enough for me to raise an eyebrow.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

"Also I would like to expose Nate Livingston and Walter Rhienhaus."

OTR Kid, we generally don't discuss the hate terrorist over here. Some of us go over to his blog, put subliminal messages out there, carefully disguised as being on topic. Sometimes they don't get posted, but the ones that do are great. People get the idea.

Now, Walter Reinhaus might qualify for a bit of a look. I'm in with the OTR Kid & Tim Burk on this one. I've seen him at City Hall on many occasions. I've viewed him as being pretty much of a gadabout, but not on the same level as Dickie Weiland & Roger Ach. Moreover, I don't believe he'd turn away from an opportunity to line his pockets. My eyebrows went up too, when I saw that Walt coughed up 200 beans for Jail4Dale. Generally he's on the receiving end. No doubt, he's been promised something.

Yeah, I completely dig the idea of booting out the mayor. But let's see how he does with this full budget process. I want to see how much he cranks up his portion of the budget & where it goes. In all honesty, I'm quite weary of all his phony glam, empty gestures & showboating.

That's one problem in this country. When people are unhappy & the elected politicians aren't doing their job & not fulfilling campaign stump promises, everyone just grumbles. In other countries, they run a no-confidence referendum on the bozo's behind & get rid of him. Some countries have the bozos jailed or exiled. Running 3M out of office & having him jailed sounds like an excellent idea.

Funny this impeach the Mayor has cropped up. A friend & I had a conversation later this afternoon about the lack of performance. I mentioned that I gave the New Orleans' mayor's race another thought. People had a choice - dude from a family who had generations of political experience & that empty-headed, smart-mouthed criminal, Ray Nagin.

At first, I thought the people down there were certifiably insane for re-electing that bonehead. I would have put his rear end in the Louisiana Penitentiary. Then I compared him to 3M, apples to apples here, & came up with the conclusion that they did this for a reason - a legit reason to bitch & a legit reason to hold his hindquarters to the fire to get the city cleaned up & re-built. If they hold on to their strength & fortitude, they'll be able to jerk him around like an abused crack whore. Sounds like fun to me.

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Walter sniffing around for $60,000.00 EZ money.
Quid pro quo?

6:33 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Friends, I checked in with family & sure enough, not only is Dale sending out direct mail glossy, glittery campaign lit, but he's also using BOE labels & sending out cheesy garbage.

What was sent to a family member was an absolute insult & a slap in the face for the support given to Daddy Mallory year after year, term after term. Seriously, this piece of garbage didn't stack up to the award-winning cards & brochures Ms. Hale is mailing out. Poles apart, waaayyyy apart.

It's a bright, lime green 1/2 sheet of thin card stock & printed in-house. I'm guessing Joe, Duane, Judge Bill, Dr. Mia or someone with marginal computer skills slapped this trash together.

Endorsed by: AFL-CIO, AFSCME, Ohio Education Association, Ohio Federation of Teachers, Ohio Society of CPAs (however, they put CPA's), Teamsters & United Auto Workers.

Friends, these are all Big Daddy's buddies & apparently, some markers were called in here. You can take that to the bank & cash it in, I'm serious.

If elected (not), this is what Dale's gonna do for the fools who voted for him:

Fight for good government

Make affordable housing & vibrant communities a priority

Work to expand Ohio's economy & make sure Ohioans have access to good jobs

Work for affordable heath care

Fight for an education sytem that prepares our children for the 21st Century.

Excuse me, everyone, I feel very nauseated right now.

Didn't anyone tell the idiot who prepared this slop that we are in the 21st Century & have been for 6 years???!!!!

The part that has me seething is that it appears he's targeting his glossies to those who don't vote or pay taxes, while sending the lowball tripe to those who vote year after year, pay taxes, continue to pay their way, & have supported Old Mallory.

Warning: If Grams or Papa still have to vote, you might want to sit at the kitchen table with them. I'm serious. My family member wanted to instantly check off on the Mallory name, until I got down to the real business. I'm serious. Once I got to all the criminality, that did it. Family changed their mind to send Kim Hale to Columbus.

And Judge Bill Mallory's box didn't get ticked either. Family put him in the same crime bucket. Didn't matter that he's running unopposed. The name Mallory now means crime with my elderly family.

The final thought from my family member, "Hmmph. It certainly seems that Bill & Fannie raised a bunch of hoodlums & criminals. Just couldn't be bothered to mind their kids & sternly discipline them. I'm a little surprised, but in a way, I'm not. Hopefully, this election will take care of them. Just like the Kennedys. All big show under a criminal veil."

At any rate, I'll save this piece of low-rent garbage for you to see. It is truly pitiful.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More lit drops this morning.
Ran into 2 folks that said they already voted.
When I said Hale was running against the Mayor's brother, they both said they'd never vote for him.
They voted for Kim by default.
De fault of the criminal Mallorys.
I've not yet met one person that will admit they voted for D4S.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Friends, I'm busting on topic again. As promised, here's the story on Harold Cleveland's latest acquisition to the EZ fold.

We'll be able to change that jaw dropping percentage (64-68%)allocated to administrative outlays to something that goes thru the roof. That'll leave less than chicken feed to "help" the poor & disadvantaged.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been personally involved in working to improve my inner city neighborhood for 25+ years. I have worked tirelessly on all types of investment, civic, community, and volunteer activities; always striving to improve the quality of life for myself and my neighbors. All of these years I kept quiet, working away, staying clear of any political involvement.
That all changed this past winter after I personally witnessed the unchecked corruption in the Dale Mallory led CityLink-Cincinnati Empowerment Zone debacle. Mr. Mallory spent months lying to his community, suing his neighbors to try to conceal the truth, and throughout the entire period being paid handsomely with our tax dollars! I have been motivated to work harder than ever to make sure Mr. Mallory does not have the opportunity to sell the entire 32nd District's interest to the highest bidder. Kimberly Hale has proven skills as a highly successful small business owner, neighborhood leader, and an energetic ambassador promoting the City Neighborhoods. This position is more critical for our City than political party affiliation alone. The only choice is Kim Hale.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone know when the enquirer endorses(ed)its candidate for the 32nd district (mallory or hale)?

this endorsement could be a difference maker.

10:12 AM  

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