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Side By Side Enquier Graphic Revealed

Dale Mallory and Kimberly Hale had a side by side graphic in Wednesday’s Cincinnati Enquirer.

Let’s go through Dale’s responses:

Campaign Web Site

Two candidates from the 31st district were highlighted alongside Dale Mallory and Kimberly Hale of the 32nd district. Of the four candidates, Dale is the only one without a website that you could learn more about him and his stand on the issues. Not only does Dale avoid the questions of the Press (MIA-Dale Mallory), he also doesn’t present anything directly to the people. Dale’s plan is to say as little as possible and just run on the Mallory family name.

Kimberly Hale’s website is listed as


Dale’s age was reported as 47. His campaign disclosure listed his income from two sources: the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation and General Electric retirement funds. Dale hasn’t worked at GE since well before this century. He didn’t have the years to qualify for GE’s retirement. He was dismissed from General Electric for failing multiple drug tests. Kimberly Hale is a youthful and passionate 38 year old who manages a business. She also develops property in the West End and invests in her own community.


As occupation, Dale Mallory listed “Consultant”. As usual, Dale Mallory is currently unemployed, he isn’t a consultant. He was hired as a consultant by the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation, and he served under board chairman Len Garrett, a man that Dale himself helped appoint to the CEC. Dale also appointed George “Junebug” Beatty and his brother, City Hall Hitman Howard Beatty to the CEC board of directors. After appointing members to the board, those board members gave him his only meaningful employment in the new millennium. As soon as it became public what had happened, the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation fired him. That is impressive.


Dale Mallory listed his roles as a Ward Chair and Precinct Executive as experience. That would be impressive if he did that on his own. Given his family’s strong standing in the Hamilton County Democratic Party, I don’t think those positions were earned on merit.

Notice how he isn’t listing himself President of the West End Community Council or his experience as Executive Director of Genesis Redevelopment? Dale was impeached and removed from office as President of the WECC. His own community dumped him by over 75% of the vote. He also never brings up his involvement with Genesis and his ties to prominent Genesis Redevelopment figures.

The Genesis Redevelopment scandal rocked both City Council and the West End six years ago. Dale Mallory ended up appointing the same usual suspects from Genesis to the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation.

The CEC is currently under investigation by the FBI, The City of Cincinnati, and the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Their last audit shows that even though they spend millions, well over 60% goes to administrative costs. Some of those dollars went to Dale Mallory, after he appointed the people that were in charge. An Enquirer investigation found his bills “troubling”. I found them to be troubling too.

What I Stand For

Here is what Dale purports to stand for:

“I am committed to public service. I have been and will continue to be a strong voice for working people. I will work for affordable health care and for ensuring that our children are provided with a world class education.”

How can a man be a strong voice for working people when he isn’t one of them? Dale doesn’t work.

As for health care, affordable health care is a major issue for working Americans, and Dale isn’t one of them. He doesn’t work. His brief stint as a “consultant” for the CEC didn’t put him on the payroll with health benefits. He hasn’t been on any payroll with health benefits in this millennium. If Dale was in an accident tonight, his health care would be paid for by the taxpayer. That would be affordable for Dale, but it would increase the costs of working Americans who pay taxes. If you want to make Health Care more affordable, one way would be to get people like Dale Mallory to actually get a job and pay health care premiums.

Dale Mallory doesn’t work. He doesn’t own his own home. And he doesn’t pay taxes on the vacant and un-rehabilitated property that he owns. This guy is going to make health care more affordable? A good start would be if he actually got a job.

His other issue push was for “ensuring that our children are provided with a world class education”. That is a laugher.

Read Osborne’s article again. It has been well documented that Dale Mallory was a paid consultant for the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. In that capacity, he actively promoted the CityLink Homeless Maul. The project was going to move homeless shelters and soup kitchens from Washington Park to the West End, and locate them right across the street from schools and playgrounds. CityLink was going to concentrate the mentally ill, drug addicts, and court ordered pre-release and post-release felons coming straight out of jail right next to his own community’s schools. When members of the West End Community Council tried to vote against the project, Dale Mallory blocked the vote. Little did they know at the time that Dale Mallory was getting paid to advocate on behalf of the CityLink Center. Maybe they should have put that tidbit in his employment line item.

And the one thing the Enquirer didn’t tell you today in the graphic is that Dale Mallory cleaned out and closed down the West End Community Council bank account months after being removed from office. He took all of the funds out and closed it to cash.

Dale Mallory isn’t one of the working people he claims to represent. He is an unemployed bum who secretly took money to work against his own community. After he got caught he was both impeached and fired, and he responded by draining the community’s bank account. This election is a chance to say both goodbye and good riddance to Dale Mallory and the corruption that he represents.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Lovelace,
Your overview of the 32nd race is spot on!
Dale's "world class education", "for the working man", and "affordable health care" crapola is shown for what it is .......pure, unadulturated bullshit.
You have done the voters a great service by writing this excellent report.
Your pal,
Dirk Digler

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

Dale better get a job quickly.

The Enquirer reports that Dale is due in court today for an unpaid debt that is close to $38,000. Dale doesn't pay his taxes or his bills.

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmie....

Dale Mallory, the Democratic candidate for the 32nd Ohio House district, is scheduled to appear in court today on an action by a creditor to recover a $37,475 debt he's owed since at least 1997.

Cadlerock Joint Venture, a Youngstown-area company that buys bad debt, recently obtained a "revivor" order.

Mallory's opponent, Republican Kim Hale, said the issue isn't so much that he's failed to pay his debts, but that he didn't disclose it on ethics forms filed with the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee. "Honesty and integrity are important in a candidate," she said.

Mallory said the loan goes back to the 1980s, and that he has contested its validity. He said he didn't disclose it because he thought the certificate of judgment expired after five years. Gregory Korte

What room?
What time?
TS why not wear your Hale Yes T's to court.

This is one reason to elect Dale......All those he stiffed can GARNISH HIS State check.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I thought the certificate of judgement expired"
"I was not impeached"
"My parents and brother LIVE in the West End"
"I wrote that $1,119.19 check to cash and closed the WECC accounts because the WECC told me to"
"I'm a GE retiree"

Just another of Dale's "inoperative" statements.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale thought if he waited long enough the debt wouldn't count anymore.

I doubt that Dale will even show up in court to contest this. It would be interesting to hear what he had to say. Hopefully Carstairs can give us some answers.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Mina said...

I'm glad the Enquirer finally reported something real on Dale, speaking of the court action. Carstairs, pleez let us know whassup.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous get a job dale said...

"If you want to make Health Care more affordable, one way would be to get people like Dale Mallory to actually get a job and pay health care premiums.

Sad but true.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carstairs.....don't go MIA when we need you.
Was this the story you worked on a couple of weeks ago?
What's the detail on today's court stuff for Dale?

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and Kevin Osborne chimes in........

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale representing the working man is a joke. I have a source at General Electric that confirms Dale was fired after failing multiple drug tests. That was in the 90s and Dale hasn't had a real job since.

9:49 AM  

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