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Dale Mallory Reinstated as West End Community Council President?

It may be hard to believe, but according to the City of Cincinnati that is the case.

In the last week the City has revised its official listing of community council Presidents. They have reinstated Mayor Mark Mallory’s older brother, Dale B. Mallory as West End Community Council President.

Here is a link to the google cache of the City of Cincinnati listing: here.

That listing is dated August 24th. It lists Robert Killins, Jr. as president of the West End Community Council.

The current listing tells a different story. On September 26th, the City’s List has been altered to now list Dale Mallory as President of the West End Community Council. This is news to all of the members of the WECC, who seven months ago voted to remove him from office.

Dale Mallory was impeached and removed from office in February of this year. Dale responded with two separate lawsuits. One was thrown out of court. The other was dropped by Dale Mallory himself. In dropping the lawsuit, Dale B. Mallory stated in court documents that he "has no intent of remaining President of the West End Community Council" and that "he is respectfully dismissing this matter [the lawsuit] without prejudice."

The only problem was that a few months after being removed from office, Dale Mallory sauntered into the bank and did the unthinkable. On May 19th, Dale Mallory had the entire balance of the community’s bank account made out to cash. He cleaned out and closed down the WECC bank account, well after being removed from office and admitting to the court that he had no intent of remaining President.

On the 29th of June I blogged this entry:

The fact that he cut the checks and closed down the account is not in dispute. What is now in dispute is Dale Mallory's last chance for freedom. He is claiming that he wasn't really impeached, and that he is still President of the West End Community Council…

This is Dale Mallory's last chance for freedom in this world. He needs to convince the Cincinnati Police Department that he is still President of the WECC, months after being impeached. He needs to get his brother, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, to pressure people to drop the case.

If he can't do that, he is going to be under criminal investigation for cutting those checks. And like I stated earlier, the fact that he cut those checks and closed down the account is not in dispute, even by Dale Mallory.”

I remember thinking it through in June, and the only logical defense of Dale cutting those checks would be to claim that he is still the WECC President. Obviously, if he wasn’t the WECC President, he had no authority to close down the bank account. On a side note, even if he was the WECC President he had no authority to close down the bank account.

And he couldn’t deny it. We had copies of the checks, and the people at the bank gave positive identification of Dale B. Mallory. This isn’t an instance of identity theft. Dale Mallory closed down the WECC account to cash on May 19th, and that is a fact.

That is a fact that has apparently eluded authorities, as it has been 136 days since he cleaned out and closed down the WECC bank account, and they only recently started investigating (or so they say).

Now it has come to light that his entire impeachment has been expunged from the official City Hall record, just in the last week. According to the City, on September 26th Dale Mallory was reinstated as President of the West End Community Council. I wonder if Dale has any connections down at City Hall.

This act obviously helps to muddy the waters and delay the investigation until after Dale takes the family seat at the State House representing the entire 32nd. No longer confined to embezzling WECC funds, Dale will now have access to selling out the entire district. The good thing for the West End is that he will no longer be able to be WECC President after he gets elected. He is our gift to the rest of the district, and we don’t want him back. That is why we threw him out on his ass in the first place.

So what is Dale official story? Nobody knows, because the Dale will not answer any questions to the media even though he is a political candidate. Strangely, the media is going along with it.

Deep Throat had a posting about Dale’s alibi here: Dale Mallory’s Felony Defense

Dale’s story is that he wasn’t impeached by over 76% of the vote of his own community council. Instead, he is claiming that the council voted for him to close down and cash out the bank account and disband the community council itself. For if Dale is holding WECC meetings, none of the members of the WECC know about it.

A reporter should give him a call and ask him if he is still President. A press release by Dale Mallory given to the Cincinnati Beacon speaks of Dale in the past tense of when he "was" the WECC President. People should ask Dale if he is still holding secret meetings, and if so why are they not invited?


Update from the Beacon: The Dean has information that this whole affair is just a confused mixup: ImpeachMallory Bloggers Jump the Gun, Issue Mistaken Accusations

I can't tell you definitively if the Dale had anything to do with this or not. It sure looked fishy at 1:00 am when I was already half in the bag.

The City has already changed the page back. Robert Killins, Jr. is the West End Community Council President.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now we have strong proof that Mark Mallory aided in his brother's cover up!
This is another smoking gun.
This was done by someone's direct orders.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

those guys sure know how to throw gas on the fire!

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the Document properties:

File: cdap_pdf6250.pdf
Title: Community Council Directory-revised 20060920.xls
Author: tjackson
Created: 9/26/2006 1:20:10 PM
Modified 9/26/2006 1:20:10 PM
Application PScript5.dll Version 5.2

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They must be nuts to play such stupid games.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Antares said...

Oh, boy! The circus and TallStacks started arriving in town last week and along with it the F.Scott FitzMallory saga. In this case we do not have Zelda, we have Velda; The person we last spoke about this matter was a Ms Chapman 352-1948 at City Hall who was quoted by another staffer as being the person to enter the names.

Perhaps Rick Deiringer at Invest In Neighborhoods (who took over for Tennbosch - see the IIN site for who is still on the leadership roster for IIN even though many
have voiced concerns over D4S still being there: that distributes NSP funds can comment on the matter
as that group also exerts influence on who goes on the
community council list. (513) 921-5502. Rick don’t want to bite the 3M hands cause it will hurt his brewery district. Rick might also be asked how the WECC funds
stand. He’s pretty up-and-up but there’s always pressure when you’re a top porch dawg.

The Dean has posted his letter to Mr. Barronne at Mayor Mallory’s Office. See beacon’s link

With D4S on the council list again, on IIN, and on the Brent Spence study group, his spun & padded vitae will get him a ticket via the Mayor’s office and Chamber of Commerce to Boston this week to represent all our neighborhoods. This will make Timbo and the Dems who endorsed Dale happy; they can keep on their medicated delusion and not be the real party of the people.

After the Clowncil danced in their offices over Mark fuming last week, is there one of their pack that will raise this issue without grandstanding? Doubtful.
Hand feeds them, too. Lobbyist’s hands always have the best honey roasted peanuts and a few “Cash-Yous”.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Amazing. Nate must have known this was going down- he mentioned it a few weeks ago on this site. How did Nate know this was going to happen- I can't imagine his 'sources' are that good. This must have been discussed at the Law Dogs office.
Let's see
Slap on the wrist for the murder of Oba
Mayor gets a bodyguard
Dale4sale moves back into his position
No charges for stealing money out of the account

My, what a tangled web we weave.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My best guess is that "tjackson" is Tom Jackson, Senior Development Officer. Tom Jackson works in the "Community Development and Planning" department. 352-4638 tom.jackson {At) cincinnati-oh [dot] gov

Don't harass the poor guy. But if one person e-mailed him to find out what happened, I don't see any harm in that.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I encourage each and everyone of you to not get your panties in a bind. This WEB site change changes nothing. This is a game designed to get you fired up. It is a message that you should not mess with Dale. I find this entire thing to be childish and really pretty funny. Dont let this petty thing take your eyes off the goal. Male Dallory you have been a good leader to us through this fight, rather than give up so easy hike up your skirt and stand up like you your spine isnt made of jelly.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Oh man, this is some scary crap here. The oppression of the people is shifting to high gear. You have to wonder what freedom will be removed next.

Mr. Dallory, that jazz that you can't fight City Hall went out decades ago. We'll further unite & we'll take 'em on, one at a time or collectively, doesn't matter, & we will WIN!

This issue is proof positive that (1) 3M is overreaching his powers (2) that 3M is making up his powers as he goes along (3) has blatantly disregarded the bylaws of the WECC, (4) 3M will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing to gain complete & total dictatorship of this city, & (5) put in this spot whatever you feel is necessary.


11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dean is on the case:

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

N8ball chimed in at the Beacon.

Nate Livingston says:
02 Oct 2006 at 04:30 pm | #


Dale Mallory was never removed from his position as West End Community Council president, thus there is no need for him to be reinstated. What should happen is that those people who illegally held themselves out to be officers of this community council and used that false pretense to raise money. Those crooks need to be investigated, arrested, indicted, tried, convicted, and sent to jail."

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Dallory,
Just because you were 1/2 in the bag @ 1am, doesn't mean you were wrong.
How would you like to have a cushy babysitting job for Chris Henry and Odell Thurman?
If you are only 1/2 in the bag, YOU are designated driver.
BTW, were you ever Mayor before?

5:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found this Male Dallory post on the dean's blog:

"Male Dallory says:
03 Oct 2006 at 02:48 am | #
Dean makes some great points. It is an office document, not an “official listing”. As far as I know, the city doesn’t maintain “official listings” of community council presidents. This document is about official as it gets. I believe that Nate Livingston has even cited this document in the past in defense of Dale.

That said, just because we are paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get us. Nate is claiming again that Dale Mallory is still the WECC president. I do not believe that Dale Mallory has ever admitted that he is no longer the WECC president. He continued to hold meetings and even closed down the WECC bank account months after being removed from office. This isn’t exactly the dead issue / moot point that you play it out to be.

The WECC has never received bank records or any historical information from Dale Mallory. That information is supposed to be transferred by law. Historical records are the property of the West End Community Council, which Dale Mallory is no longer a part of. The only legitimate reason that he would have to keep them is if he still considers himself to be the President of the WECC. We have no idea if Dale is still holding meetings, or still claiming to be West End Community Council President.

The only defense that he can have for spending those funds months after being removed from office is that he was never removed from office. If he admits that he wasn’t President, then closing down the account is an open and shut case.

The police are currently investigating the WECC complaint of criminal embezzlement against Dale Mallory. As that investigation is “reportedly” coming to a close, a City of Cincinnati listing suddenly is altered to list Dale Mallory as the WECC president. The fact that this clerical error is both timely and also supports his criminal defense that he is WECC president was alarming. It was brought to my attention and I blogged about it. Dean’s advice to use more restraint and more research in my blogging is well taken. I am personally not entirely sold that this was just a clerical error, given recent developments. I will grant you that I can’t prove otherwise, and that this does present the most plausible explanation.

We have had some tough luck with City Hall and the authorities. It has been 137 days since Dale Mallory illegally closed down the WECC bank account. You can view the timeline right here. The CPD didn’t want to investigate the complaint, and handed it off to the FBI. The FBI didn’t want to investigate the complaint, and handed it back to the CPD. Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking.

In late June, members of City Council called for an audit of questionable expenditures of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. Funding was frozen in June. Here we are in October, and funding has been restored without any investigation ever being completed. The last I heard they hadn’t even selected an auditor to look at the concerns addressed by Council.

Given the track record of recent developments, you can expect more than a bit of skepticism from our camp. When the public spotlight is on people pledge to investigate and preach transparency. When that spotlight fades when redirected to other pressing issues things appear to go back as business as usual.

Dale Mallory is a candidate for State Representative in the 32nd District. It will be interesting to see if he can continue to duck the press on these issues. Somebody should ask him if he still considers himself WECC President. If he doesn’t claim to be President, they should ask him when he stopped being WECC President.

Was it in February when he was impeached by over 76% of the West End Community Council?

Was it in April, when the two lawsuits he filed were resolved? One lawsuit was thrown out of court, and the other was dropped by Dale Mallory. When he dropped it he stated he had no intent of remaining WECC President.

Was it in May when he cashed out and closed down the WECC bank account? When did Dale Mallory stop being the President of the WECC? Or as Nate alleges, does he still consider himself President today?

Dale Mallory could clear up the considerable confusion by addressing these issues publicly. He closed down the community’s bank account, and the community deserves answers. "

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is great stuff. For some reason I can't get to the beacon site.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 9:44, the trouble is not in your set. Dean's site is down for some reason.

9:47 AM  

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