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Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation Board Meeting October 2nd

The last CEC meeting was cancelled. You can read about the recent history of CEC board meetings here. They have also recently made changes in the composition of their board of directors, even without a public meeting (here).

Will the CEC close down yet another meeting? Will they finally answer questions from the community? Your guess is as good as mine.

The meeting is at 5:30 Monday at the Berry Center on East Court St. (E of Linn).

In the July Meeting, the promised to answer all of the questions that we submitted in September. September came and went and they cancelled the meeting. Now here we are in October, and people are expecting answers.

Some of the questions related to Junebug and the Beatty nepotism. Since July, Howard Beatty was kicked off the board for missing three straight meetings (he was in jail for killing Kabaka). Junebug has since resigned from the board and vanished without a trace. As for Orlinda Beatty, I presume she is still on the CEC payroll. Orlinda though is not a board member, so I am guessing no Beatty will attend the meeting.

They had quite a few questions involving transparency, and why they would refuse to answer questions or make documents publicly available. The E-Loan fund was questioned. Where were those funds directed, and why were they all in default? How come if you call them up and ask questions they refer you to a lawyer?

They also had questions about Federal Funds that were dedicated to the Empowerment Zone that were expended outside the boundaries of the EZ. The CityLink property on 800 Bank Street didn't even fall within the zone, yet they spent money promoting it. They give huge amounts of cash to the Mallory center, and that isn't even near the EZ boundaries. These acts are blatantly illegal given the EZ guidelines, and the funding goes to people with inside connections.

They were also asked why over 60% of the funding that they get goes to administrative costs. Their last audit showed that 68% of the funding never made it out of Harold Cleveland’s office. That is why I think he doesn't want to hold another meeting. Who wants to answer that question?

So mark your calendar. The meeting today is 5:30 at the Berry Center.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can contact Micheal Cervey to find out the location and time of the meeting. I plan to be there and I have a host of questions.

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meeting @5:30 Monday @ Berry Center on E Court St. (E of Linn)
Expect Markus Jenkins to be taking plate #'s.
Or, Cleveland will cancel again if he learns people with questions are coming.
Wear your Kevlar are messing with the Beatty ricebowl.

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

"Expect Markus Jenkins to be taking plate #'s."

This will really twist his pickle.

Get some white posterboard 3 big sheets for $1 at any dollar store. Cut 'em down to fit. Make your own Ohio 30 day Temp tags. Tape 'em over the real tags just as you enter the Berry Center lot, & tape 'em down real good.

I think Jenkins would be entirely too chicken sh*t to attempt to peel away the tape. He's caught doing it, swear & be damned he was attempting a break in to the car.

Cridy, make sure you take both of them off before your front wheels hit the city street so our friends in blue don't write you up for fictitious tags.

Too labor intensive? Short on time? Get some aluminum foil, cover & wrap your plates as you get on the property & tape it in place solidly. Again, tear the stuff off before hitting the street.

I can only stay a short bit at this meeting. I have another one scheduled.

Now that I've given away a nice little strategy, these bozos will have to think of something else. They'll probably drag the Dwarf along with his bullhorn to ID people.

These clowns have some serious 'splainin to do!

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody tell Hale to get her info on smartvoter filled out pronto!

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give us some updates when you get back from the meeting.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw Carstairs, WJr. N8, Markus Jenkins. N8 wants to sue the city...WTF? throw stumpboy out of there.
Markus is trying to pimp his $90,000.00 asset map scam.
He was lobbying TS folks...LOL.
Stephie Smith tried to steanroll SECRET meetings. New blood prevailed and meetings will be open.
O'Neil needs to control Smith, Garrett and Cleveland.....those 3 are trying to hi-jack control. Their days are numbered.

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Somebody needs to teach those EZ clowns parliamentary procedures in a meeting.

When that big heifer, Stevie Smith was attempting to block open access to the E-fund working group, there was a motion & seconded from the board to have transparent meetings. However, she kept rattling on, no respect for the rest of the board, & screw the motion that was out there for further action. However, I'm glad that the motion prevailed. Secret meetings indeed. What do they think they're running? Procter & God? GE?

I wanted to bust out laughing when that annoying Dwarf gets up there, in that nasty smelling black suit & gets Cleveland's big attention about suing the City for money. That was the ONLY time I saw Cleveland really on the stick.

That guy is a blooming idiot. Referring people in line for money & with pertinent questions to "Staff". What a bunch of horse potatoes! That tells me he's collecting a chunky check & doing bupkus.

Everyone, the Cockroach was also in attendance, along with his buddy Jenkins. I was surprised to see the big roach!

In all, it's apparent to me that some serious housecleaning needs to happen fast at the EZ. Big Stevie Smith needs to go, Cleveland, Jenkins, Big Roach, Garrett & that Alice person who didn't send along an ample supply of the Agenda & Minutes.

That's in violation of 501(c)(3) codes. That crap is public documentation & everyone who steps foot in those meetings is obligated to have these materials.

I didn't like how they explained the money flow on funding & grants. I noticed Cleveland measured his words on the loan defaults. And he didn't offer that lady who wants to move her business any alternatives either.

This is a ramshackle, unqualified outfit if I ever saw one. What's the frightening part, these clowns "manage" some serious, mucho dinero! It's nice to see that there's some board members with some backbone who won't just rubber stamp papers, issues & "projects". Nice going in busting up these "secret" working sessions.

Cozy. Everyone thinks they can form a "working session" & keep it out of the public eye & suppress the Board & keep 'em in the dark. Not anymore!

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Junebug was at the meeting - still sits on the board.

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Breaking News:

There's every reason to believe Howdy the Hitman has been put on the big white prison bus for the trip up North today.

As I discussed with W jr. last week, Howdy'll sit in the Orient Welcome Center for a few weeks, then they'll move him to his permanent home.

Updates & additional info when I get it.

In other news: Dr J blogged over at Dean's something to the effect that the Grand Jury will convene on Dale's business soon. You might want to look at it. It's under that nasty snafu about the clerical error. Whee! If the snitches & sources are on the money, a direct indict is rather serious business.

Over the past several days, I've talked to people I can trust & they were in complete agreement that all the TS would need is a Grand Jury Indictment to put an end to Dale's aspiring, grifting political career. In fact, some suggested concentrating on an indictment rather than worry about all the formalities of getting the whole business on the trial calendar.

One word of caution - should anyone have any knowledge that this is really going to happen, I'd sit on the info until it becomes public record. A Grand Jury can render an indictment & then the Courts will issue a warrant for his arrest. Dale doesn't need to be told what's to take place. Not at all. You have to love that element of surprise.

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

More news about the brokering of 3M's bodyguard/playpal:

(I apologize again for busting up a thread.)

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After the last meeting was cancelled, the CEC updated their website and took every reference to Junebug off of their board of directors. It was assumed that he had left the CEC. I guess you can't trust their website.

Junebug is on the board as a business representative. His business has since gone out of business, or they at least have not opened in a month. The business wasn't even located in the EZ anyway.

The CEC board did not return the answers to the questions that they promised in July. The strategy is just to wait long enough and act like everything is gone away.

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Wolverine JR said...

The tribe needs to assemble way before the next CEC and list the COME TO JESUS/BUDDHA/YOUR MAKER questions, divide them up and prepare to deliver verbally and otherwise.

what wifey reported after arriving late, the questions seemed to receive quick, almost glib answers especially from Cleveland, and StevieSmith seemed like a bobble-head until she got going on "her committee" or "she'd take her toys and go home". Wife's remote through the phone was a bit garbled but the Monica lady had some good clear questions that were clearly heard but not really heard by Clever who was nervously trying to bump and run through them. Then I heard the cyberrant of Smith.

Mom W said that she was looking at the back of Garrett's sideshaking head when get-real-OH-no-NEIL feebly tried to get back on track with the help of Dave, Sam and Hendy.The Bugger was none too happy and kept a low profile; must've had too since those D4S questions never get asked.

So the asset mapping for Jerkins is still somewhat in the clear? Won't he be surprised who ends up with that task he and his former friend Dale were to work on. AM is not that hard a task if your work is clear on business track and not sidechecked with your other 'medicinal' businesses.

More on a followup I plan on doing with an e-mail through the new website designers.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With his business closed, Junebug has no legitimate source of income outside his wife, who works for the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. Somebody tell me how he made the board as a businessman?

Markus is going to get paid for asset mapping. He has been working on that contract for quite some time.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There's every reason to believe Howdy the Hitman has been put on the big white prison bus for the trip up North today." -Carstairs

Since prison populations are known to be a little rough on certain types of criminals, I wonder how they will react to the rarity of someone who has killed an african american civil rights activist.

1:55 AM  

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