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Who is Marcus Jenkins?

Our good friend Carstairs has done a wonderful muckraking job on Theotis and Thaddeus. Their theft of countless EZ dollars needed to be seen by all and our ace Carstairs met the challenge.

Carstairs' last comment was "Who's next?" My top of mind thought was "Marcus Jenkins".

Who is Marcus Jenkins? and why is he in need of a Carstairs muckover?

Key Marcus factoids:

1)- Marcus was co-plaintiff on D4$'s 2 failed frivolous lawsuits. One of these frivolous lawsuits targeted the CPD, the Sherriff, the WECC, the DSNA, and many West End residents.

2)- Marcus LIED when he claimed he lived at 925 Dayton Street. At the time, 925 Dayton was a boarded up dump owned by Dale Mallory. The 925 Dayton saga was well documented on this blog in prior months. This blog showed Jenkins' real home, but I was unable to find it today on the auditor's site. (update: found his real residence to the left)

3)- Markus was doing "asset mapping" work with Dale Mallory. This "work" was well documented in the many Dale invoices to the EZ.

4)- Marcus attended the "Vibrant Neighborhood" meetings as a CityLink supporter. Marcus' address card showed he DID NOT LIVE IN THE WEST END!

Laketa Cole noted that the pro-CityLink folks lived in the burbs. Ms. Cole noted that the many anti-CityLink folks had West End and OTR addresses.

Marcus also said an Asian lady "Didn't LOOK like she came from the West End". Marcus was doing RACIAL his mind, you must be a poor African American to have the right to live in the inner city.

5)-Marcus Jenkins "inner City Development: Project consultants" attended the 6/5/06 EZ board meeting. He was taking plate numbers in the parking lot for the Sept. cancelled meeting.

6)- How much has the EZ paid Marcus? How much will they pay him? What is their output? Did the Dale cabal pay him off for his THUG work?

Truth your stuff. Show the world what a crook Marcus is. Who is Marcus Jenkins?

Yet another cog in the Mallory/Beatty mafia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Burk,
While Marcus Jenkins is a Mallory thug, he is also a REPUBLICAN!
Marcus attended the "invite only" Republican meeting in which Kim Hale was nominated. Marcus stood up and gave a mindless, racist rant pleading for the group NOT to nominate Ms. Hale. Hale and many others tore Marcus a new a**hole.
Marcus was Dale's spy and flunkie.
Marcus was a thug standing next to Junebug in the January/February WECC meetings. He was one of the big bullies that tried to silence West Enders. This SOB doesn't LIVE in the West End!.
Marcus taking EZ visitor info is part of the Mallory spy system.
Carstairs......we look for your added muck to really muck Marcus up!

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Marcus the big ugly fat bald guy in his "men in black" suit that is on the WECC videos next to Junebug?
If that's the guy.......we have video evidence that will go to HUD, FBI and CPD.
Marcus, have a nice day!

9:30 AM  
Blogger Tim Burk said...

It has been noted that Marcus was co-plaintif on the 1st frivolous lawsuit only.
Dumbo Dale went it alone on his "quo warrento" 2nd suit to the appeals court.
The 2nd suit was dropped in April because Dale "was no longer interested " in WECC presidency. He disavowed his claim to office.
Yet Dale CLOSED the WECC bank accounts many weeks later with checks to cash

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Junebug still around?
It's be reported he's moving to Florida.
The Drama Dwarf claims it's just a vacation.
Rumor is that Junebug's heat on the EZ is causing them to re-shuffle the deckchairs on the Titanic and the Ez will try to hide him.
Junebug has been the center of EZ and WECC and Genesis corruption.
Time for the Bug to take a 10-20 years taxpaid vacation with his brother in the big house.
Hale yes!

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lordy, lordy,
You Truth Squaders are relentless.
Remind me never to cross you up.
You seem to be targeting real bad characters that are hurting this city.
Thank you for all you hard work.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

FILE: Markus G. Jenkins, AKA Marcus Jenkins "Fatmouth"

"Mr. Turner said Mr. Jenkins would assist her with obtaining contracts with governmental entities through his political influence." (Initial Filing case A0005284)

More on that later.

The reason why you couldn't find Markus' crib is because it's in the name of Jacqueline Harris Jenkins. 1043 Cheyenne Drive, Bond Hill.

(Now the last minute votes & ballot purchases on 3M are really starting to make sense. So what if Markus is Republican - you jump in bed with mongrels, you'll wake up with fleas.)

Markus, as you'll recall, was at the forefront on calling out Paul Booth on his residence in question during Booth's re-election bid to City Council back in 1999.

Old Court cases:

In 1987, there was an old felony case, which the documents have been purged.

In 1993, there was a misdemeanor theft offense that wasn't brought to Court until 1999 & was dismissed.

In 1995, 5th 3rd Bank went after him for money & it was a default judgment for the bank.

In 1995, an Anesthesia practice had to go after him for money on account.

In 1994, Case A9406557, there was a dust up with the Community Action Agency & Markus was in the suit.

In 1999, Case A9906049, Fatmouth called into WCIN 1480 Talk Radio & made slanderous remarks about the Chair of the Harmony School & the school's computers. (As if he's a techie pro.)She didn't get mad, she took his fatmouth to Court.

Markus is the agent for TRE International, aka Computertech USA, a for-profit corporation. His mission is to get the black community tech savvy.

However, there was a cancellation filed in the Secretary of State's office on 6/30/05 for failure to renew the trade name.

And he's back in Court. Second installment to follow.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

I don't want to lose this link. Take a gander at all this yuk-yuk Cleveland & the EZ submitted to HUD. Year 2004 is a real eye opener on projects that have fallen way behind target.

Once you look at some of the project categories, you'll see who's "running" the projects.

I suspect Markus "Fatmouth" Jenkins is plugged into the Computer Technology Program's aspects.

Next installment on Fatmouth due later today. And yes, we are relentless when uncovering the TRUTH about dirty, low down, underhanded deals.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

FILE: Markus G. Jenkins (Fatmouth) cont’d.

Friends, this will be one of the saddest entries you’ll ever read, but it will infuriate you to levels you’ve never had before.

Markus Jenkins MUST BE stopped by every legal means necessary. This 2-bit jacka$$ is nothing but an opportunistic terrorist.

This is going to get a bit confusing, but please bear with me. Initially, case A0005284 was filed & then dismissed at the Plaintiff’s request on 1/14/04. However, Plaintiff MHH re-filed on 1/13/05, case A050413.

MHH devised the concept in 1995 to provide computer & IT training, along with job placement & retention skills to the underemployed & unemployed. The concept was named TRE, Inc. & TRE Corp. (Technology in Reach of Everyone). In ’96, TRE went thru the development phase & was incorporated, with papers filed with the state in 1999.

MHH wrote & published all the training materials, class curriculum, the whole bit. Invested personal money in a physical location for TRE, Inc., & in equipment, including computers & other office machines. Running low on the dough, MHH started utilizing personal credit cards until getting the entire concept launched & people in the door.

In March 2000, MHH had a business lunch with Bailey Turner, the purpose was to discuss the TRE Inc. venture, the desire to establish links with service agencies & financial assistance. (Can’t ascertain if MHH knew Turner previously or how they came about having this business lunch.) Turner referred MHH to Markus, a person MHH did not know. This is where the “political connections” on money comes into play.

NOTE: Turner declined at this point to take an active, personal role in assisting MHH. However, he gets involved much later. Oh, does he.

About a month later, Jenkins advised MHH that Turner would be making a no-interest loan of $15,000 per month to prop up the operations. Jenkins also wanted $3,000 in advance “in order to facilitate securing contracts with governmental agencies”.

Then, in May 2000, Jenkins had MHH meet him at his home to discuss creating a paper company to protect Turner’s loan to TRE, Inc. MHH agreed to this. And, the paper company was named TRE International, so as not to be confused with MHH’s operations. MHH signed the papers along with Jenkins. Jenkins remarked that another individual would sign as well so the papers could be filed. The other snake in the grass was Bailey Turner.

And the whole thing slides downhill really fast from here.

Later in the Summer of 2000, MHH got word from trusted individuals about Jenkins & his business deals. MHH confronted him about these stories. MHH learned by calling the Secretary of State’s office that TRE International was never incorporated, as the papers were never received. Jenkins then proceeded to get really ugly with MHH. Told MHH that he’d shut down the program & take over the business.

Jenkins put stop payments on checks written on the paper company account. MHH wanted to repay the $15,000 loan & get a release from Jenkins. He refused. On June 26, 2000, Jenkins showed up at the place of business, demanded the checkbook & claimed the plaintiff was a dead person. MHH had to call the police.

Plaintiff MHH, in the meantime, went to see Clarence Williams over at CCY to inquire about a training contract. Williams wanted no part of MHH & TRE, Inc., as he had received recent information about the plaintiff & the training concept.

Jenkins & Bailey had a sneaky meeting & voted out MHH from TRE International & got a restraining order. Jenkins absconded with all of MHH’s stuff, including training materials, contact lists & all records. Jenkins trashed the computers & tampered with the phone lines.

Around this time, Jenkins filed a stalking complaint against the Plaintiff MHH citing: threatened physical harm with karate skills, threatened false criminal charges against himself & Dr. Bailey Turner.

Now, in the recent case, A050413, the charges are essentially the same, however, the Plaintiff’s insurance company has enjoined the legal action, seeking damages. In 2004, MHH filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy & the action is pending the outcome of this case.

So far, Turner & Jenkins have failed to respond to the Plaintiff’s insurance company & there’s a default judgment entry on the table. Furthermore, Markus Jenkins’ motion to dismiss the case has been denied.

This case is scheduled for Jury Trial on 9/20/06. This Plaintiff needs our prayers & best thoughts & wishes.

TRE International aka Computertech USA is Marcus Jenkins’ company. Betcha that’s how he’s getting into the EZ money. Set up a computer training program, using someone else’s concepts & plans, then getting taxpayer money for doing bupkus. Zippo. Nada.

Basically, Fatmouth & Turner ran a confidence scheme on this person, who was truly focused on helping & uplifting those in need of self-sufficiency. Nothing but a con game, a shell game. It seems to me the intent all along was to seize this educational concept for their own personal gains. At the taxpayers' expense.

At this point, I’d love to go off. I’m going to refrain, as this is an intelligent group & we attempt to be correct. However, I’m waiting for all the comments to roll like crazy. Take it away, Truth Squad! It’s your turn to speak out!

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Is Junebug still around?"

He'd better get his fata$$ back soon. Howdy the Hitman gets his sentence on Thursday morning.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

FILE: Markus Jenkins/Bailey Turner

Who is Dr. Bailey Turner? Here's the Public Library's sanitized version of this slug.

What they fail to tell you & only the greyhairs will, this inflammatory individual was a major ringleader in the 1967 riots here in Cincinnati.

Then he found God, got a rhyming reverend license (PhD from the Union Institute), according to his squeaky clean bio.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Carstairs,
What a story!
This case is scheduled for Jury Trial on 9/20/06. This Plaintiff needs our prayers & best thoughts & wishes. "
Let me know Judge, time and room and I might see you there.


7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Markus Jenkins is the kind of stand up guy D4$ hangs with.
Junebug, Marcus, Nate, Hitman Howdie, crazy "tina", General Nikki X......what a crew.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous E K said...

Markus Jenkins is a lying slimeball. EZ money is lining his pocket.

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have to be a criminal to be associated with the EZ?
These guys all belong in jail.
The term "poverty pimps" applies to them all.
Go get em Carstairs. Your reporting
is really appeciated by honest citizens.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous The Kaiser Soze said...

What is Markus doing at the Empowerment Corps "meeting before the meeting"? He isn't on the board, he must be getting paid. And you know they are running those licence plates through the police database, which is illegal.

What you failed to mention is that Markus Jenkins was on the CityLink payroll as well. Lincoln Ware had a show where Markus talked about his development contract. When CityLink went in he was going to get paid.

The only advocates for CityLink were the people that were going to get paid, and just about all of them lived outside of the community like Markus. You can still hear Markus defending Dale Mallory on the Buzz. He is bought and paid for.

Q) How can you tell that Markus Jenkins is lying?

A) His lips are moving.

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Sorry folks! Here's the Bailey Turner bio:

Fatmouth is due in Judge Bobby Winkler's Court (Room 380) at 10AM on Wed. 9/20/06.

However, there's also another case scheduled for trial at the same time. It's anyone's guess which one will proceed. I'll swing by Bobby Wink's on Wed. to see what I can learn & I'll let you know.

Friends, this is absolutely pathetic. Where is someone, anyone, to hold these guerrillas accountable for what they are doing?

I just hope to high heaven there's someone in authority who is taking this salient information & looking at ways to get some prosecutorial charges in place. This simply cannot go on any longer.

Please, don't let me get within screaming distance of this Fatmouth guy, because I'll have to go off. He can threaten to have me offed. That's OK. I got drug dealers doing that schtick all the time. I don't scare off. I can't be bluffed.

Basically, that's all I could really find that was juicy & criminal enough on Fatmouth Jenkins. And we need to get this holy Dr. Bailey Turner off the library board, if he's still squatting. A man of the cloth running confidence games. Indeed. May God forgive you your sins, a$$hole!

I'll tell you what my late, beautiful, wise Grandmama would have called these dumb bells. SH#T A$$ES. That's as vulgar as she would get.

Keep those comments of outrage rolling.

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments & cheers of support.

While we're on a roll, we might as well take 'em all down. We're doing all the investigative work & producing prosecutorial evidence. (I hope to high heaven the Mafia has their stooges watching all of this. Scotty is going to have a real sloppy mess to clean up.)


9:43 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Kaiser Soze, thank you for your valuable info on Jenkins being on the CityLink payroll. This is extremely important.

I ran into difficulty trying to drill down in a search the who's who on CityLink's paycheck/under the table "staff".

By no means what I have contributed is the definitive. Oh no. Supporters such as yourself, lend a tremendous hand to the research process.

Thanks again, as every nugget is a weapon in the Truth Squad arsenal. We're a team & a righteous one at that!

Woo Hoo! Who Dey!

9:54 PM  
Blogger Tim Burk said...

Hello Kaiser Soze,
My point 4 was:
"4)- Marcus attended the "Vibrant Neighborhood" meetings as a CityLink supporter. Marcus' address card showed he DID NOT LIVE IN THE WEST END!

Laketa Cole noted that the pro-CityLink folks lived in the burbs. Ms. Cole noted that the many anti-CityLink folks had West End and OTR addresses.

Marcus also said an Asian lady "Didn't LOOK like she came from the West End". Marcus was doing RACIAL his mind, you must be a poor African American to have the right to live in the inner city."
I should have said PAID CityLink supporter. Thanks for this key addition. Carstairs is correct in pointing out that it's nearly impossible to get a gander at the CityLink books.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a good laugh, read the bogus suit filed by Dale and Marcus.
This biggie sized fathead thug sues the world because his VOTING. RIGHTS had beed violated.
VOTING RIGHTS? The dude fraudulanly puts Dale's boarded up "Blight of the Week" as his fake West End address and he then has the cajones (or stupidity) to file this bogus suit.
Of course this was writen by Nate as a GED civics homework assignment. It's an amazing work of fiction.
Never mind that "voting rights" legislation only applies to actual governmental elections, not elections by community councils (which are corporate, NOT government).
Poor Dale, Nate and Marcus.....they showed what fools they are when they tried to railroad the West End with that foolish ploy. And they leave a trail of incriminating fraudulant court documents to forever haunt themselves.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Blanchard said...

Anon 11:18

It is said that Kabaka's sons will be getting out of prison very soon - Junebug's move is likely associated with threats on his life and the walls closing in on him with the EZ scandal.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Blanchard said...

Kaiser -

Then there are two reasons Jenkins was at the canceled September CEC meeting. Review the June minutes. There you will find a subject of extreme interest to Jenkins. Jenkins is taking a stab at Asset Mapping. $$$$

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Blanchard said...

Indeed, Mr. Turner is associated with the Cincinnati Library board. Consider the connection, Mayor Mark Mallory worked for the Cincinnati Library for many years. And, the Mallory family is in tight. Elite Security ring a bell? It's all connected.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

"It is said that Kabaka's sons will be getting out of prison very soon"

Gamba Oba is up in Lebanon & is due to get out November 2007.

Ada Oba is up in Dayton & is scheduled to get out March 2008.

However, it's a rather sure bet Junebug has received some interesting phone calls. These Oba boys have been locked up long enough to make connections in prison. There's dudes on the outside now who'll even up the score for a nice price.

Blanchard, that 3M-Bailey Turner connection rang a bell on the Library business. Also, while Turner was entrenched in the 1967 riots, Daddy Mallory was behind the curtain.

You're so right about all these connections, big & small. All these meatheads are at each other's tables for the big crooked deal of the day. It never occurred to them to go out & get a real, honest job.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For us slow learners:
What is the Turner/Elite Security connection?
What is the Mayor/Turner connection?
Do we need a "Who is Dr. Bailey Turner?" thread.
Are there other Turner ties to the EZ or just the Jenkins connection?
The Mallory Mafia is quite complex.
I need a scorecard.
The Impeachmallory blog is doing a great service in splainin this corrupt mess.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

"Markus Jenkins, raised in the West End, does development consulting work in the community..."

Anon 11:16, you're not going to get many hits on Dr. Bailey W. Turner. Seeing he sits on that Library Board, the boy has to keep his shirts clean. Although he's one of those behind the curtains boys in confidence schemes.

Granted, he's tied to Markus in this current civil suit, you can safely bet he has the ear of 3M, thru his connections with Daddy Mallory. Whenever a Mallory is involved in something not quite up to the par, you can count on Turner being somewhere in that room.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Here's a bit more on Dr. Bailey W. Turner for your reading enjoyment:

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Hopefully, this will answer some questions about who is associated with CityLink:

The entire site is rather interesting. They're looking for people to help run this One City/CityLink bottomless hole.

Give it a gander!

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elite Security has/or had (haven't checked recently a contract with the West End Branch of the library. Elite is the company Dale Mallory had pushed with CityLink.


12:13 PM  
Anonymous Wolverine JR said...

Let's make a note of the complexity of the
3Md4SMalloHollow tree connections.
Some of these folks have been decent at the start but when you have greed creating greed under the cover of the snake canopy we don't have to wait too long for bad to surface....and surface....and surface. The cat litter box is stinking to high heaven and the clumps are just nasty.

There were great vantage points on the lawn across from Berry Center last Tuesday, enough that me and Pops and another Truth Squader got full view of the comings and goings. Green van guy arrived and a lady arrived who was in a pink business suit, Mary Kay like. She was quickly followed by Marcus who pulled in front and was jabbering, even shook his hand and pointed to the door where the Cleveland excuse was posted. Marcus didn't waste time leavin but circled back around kinda eyeing the situation, shaking his head and probably talking on cell. Could be to himself for all the crap our CarStairsMaster has whooped on him.Wigglin and pointing and having one elluva conversation to the side of the building.

Nother car cut through and waved but let a cleanup guy off. Pinkie spoke to the green van guy who was writing down th Cleveland excuse. Pinks then whips out a camera and snaps a photo of the excuse. I figured this is a reporter now. Then an old car comes in and another Truth Squader and pinkster talks to the TS like they know one another. few minutes goes by and the TS has left (probably to the HALE YES! Wagon Train) and attorney special sportsnosticator Ozie shows up with a chick in the front seat and a rattletrap Audi. He lumbers over and finds pink’s taking more shots, they talk he hooks up on the phone and before pinkie has a chance to get a final shot that boy has zoomed out of the lot like a bat out of hell. Marcus soon cleared the area, too, but we figured if pinkie had a camera she saw the fatmouthed doofus.

Pinks was chattin with the cleaning folks then got on the phone and sat down to hold a conversation outside. Seemed to read the door excuse off to someone then took a few pictures of the building and around. Weird, but seemed to know what she was doing. Lady inside motioned for her to come in. When we passed she was inside sitting down watching the door and writing. A yellow car arrived a few minutes later and she left quick and passed by us out on Linn and Court and cut up through OTR and up into the strip over to Walnut Hills where we figured we better cut off and try find the Hale Wagons before Kim beats Pops butt for being AWOL. October 2nd is the next big day for the New and Improved idea is quite simple. We do like at Christmas. We send Cards and letters to Uncle Alphonso, Cousin Miltie about the questions we have. 5 or55 questions does not matter. Then we pack the place with our folks, asking the questions from the last meeting that was held first, and each taking one or two after that with our 2-3 minutes We need to invite uncle Miltie and make sure he comes over from City Hall. I can see it now....
Soft snowfall, tiny little starlights, the Truth Squaders gathered in a room with the moribund bunch of dubious distinction and we belt out
"Oh, CEZ!
Oh, CEZ!
How green & defrayed your coffers.”
I’ll cease there……

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Bortz went on the Dean's blog complaining about the generalized smears of the Mallorys.
Truth Squaders, please direct Mr. Bortz to this blog for the best in documentation. We don't generalize...we have very specific and documented muck.
Mr. Bortz has been a bright and reasonable addition to Council. Please study this blog.....I doubt that you will defend Dale, 3M or the old man once all the facts are known.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Truth Squader replied to Bortz on Dean's blog with specific Mallory Muck.
We don't generalize. We have FACTS.
Sure they are smears....but they are FACTUAL smears.
Mr. Bortz....... is there one thing that we have said that is not true?
It's sadly all true....That's why they call us the Truth Squad.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the 3 Dean blog entries:

Si says:
08 Sep 2006 at 11:16 pm | #
Go Dean!
Thank God you have seen the light.
The Mallorys are a bunch of lying crooks.
It started with dad, then Dale. Mark’s smarter and smoother.....but he is just as crooked as daddy and his 1/2 witt drugie full brother (the ONLY full brother he has).

Chris Bortz says:
13 Sep 2006 at 11:53 am | #
The discourse on this blog reaches highs and lows. At its highest, there are well-reasoned arguments, open minds, thoughtful discussions and polite disagreement. At its lowest, there are nasty personal attacks, irrelevant arguments, factless accusations, and juvenile name-calling. Most of this string seems to fall within the latter. I for one enjoy the occasional satire and caricature. Where’s the fun if we can’t poke fun? But I still believe strongly that blogs are the place where local and national debate can achieve a higher plane and shake off the mass media, popular culture, nonsense that passes for news commentary today. But that can only happen if we police ourselves, call out the thoughtless and rude, and remain focused on the merits of the issues.

I think it is ultimately better for all of us if we look deeper into motive and avoid the easy road of assumption and accusation. We all deserve the very best from our elected officials, but how can we get the very best people to run for office and stay there if all we do is collectively call them all liars and cheats? Such generalizations are obviously false and only serve to inflame the anger and hatred that is currently dominating the national political environment. Haven’t we had enough of that in Cincinnati? I think we can do better. What better place to try than this blog?

-Chris Bortz

Truth Squader says:
18 Sep 2006 at 03:04 pm | #
Dear Mr. Bortz,
Your message #10 called out some bloggers on making general accusations. Very well, here are some SPECIFIC lies told by the Mallorys that have cost us tens of thousands of our personal hard earned dollars:
1)- The Mayor and his parents say they live in the West End, and they have no problem with CityLink. The Mayor and his parents have lived in Mt.Airy since 2002. It’s a fact.
By telling this lie, they bolster the CityLink proposal so many inner city homeowners oppose.
2)-Dale Mallory lied Oct/Nov/Jan/Feb when he claimed he was nuetral on CityLink. He was being secretly paid to support CityLink. He and Junebug brought in paid thugs to intimidate his neighbors to be quiet.
3)- Dale Mallory had Marcus Jenkins fraudulantly list his address as 925 Dayton St (Dale’s old boarded up vacent building) on his frivolous lawsuit that was filed against the CPD, Sherriff and neighbors. This bogus suit cost us all thousands of dollars.
4)- Dale claimed he is a “GE retiree”. Those that worked with him kmow he failed drug tests and was fired. No one “retires” from GE in their 30’s. Dale’s only known income in the last 6+years is the 1 yr EZ gig for 40 large.
5) The Mallory “family of the year myth" is a huge lie. Dwane, the Judge and Joe are the product of three of Wm. Sr’s girlfriends. Surely this fact requires Cincinnati to swallow lies every day.
6) Mallory fingerprints are all over the EZ corruption.
7)-Dale stole WECC funds by closing accounts many weeks after he left office. This is currently being investigated by the authorities.

Mr. Bortz, You are a stand up guy that doesn’t like to see mud thrown. The Mallorys lies regarding CityLink, Dale’s EZ conflicts and theft of funds have done great harm to their old neighbors. I hope these specific facts support the general comments that you complained about.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Chris Bortz went on the Dean's blog complaining about the generalized smears of the Mallorys."

How much are we paying Bortz & his staff to watch blogs on a Wednesday, typically full City Council day, going on High Noon?

I guess things have changed, but in the past, staffers & council people if they weren't tackling other things, were getting their stuff in order for the public comments portion & the start of the council meeting.

I believe Bortz should have looked around the local blogsphere or had his staffers do the research, to see what folks have to offer. It's quite apparent he hasn't looked here, although other Council members know exactly what's here & appreciate the diligent efforts.

Bortz, taking a cheap shot on the Dean was quite unnecessary. Dean runs a rather open space & will remove items that are completely in poor taste. The Cincinnati Beacon site has been very cooperative with the Truth Squad & has continued to work with us on factual items of note.

Say, you saw that Bortz didn't go over to N8's space or Nichole Davis' spot & complain.

One slight correction, Truth Squaders - we don't smear in any fashion. It may seam like smear tactics & fictional scandal, but we deal in the TRUTH. The plain FACTS. Everything that's been placed in this blog can & has been clearly documented through actual source information. It's stuff folks have long forgotten about or didn't know at the onset. It is our obligation to bring those truthful facts out in the open so the public can decide their best course of action for their own benefit.

Bortz's business of "juvenile name calling"? This is rather moot. The side names have come as a result of clearly documented criminal wrongdoing. I would hardly call it inflammatory, as you'll see on other sites that have gone way past common sensibilities.

Besides, the crop of people we're contending with aren't going to let a few names (spy, flunky, dwarf) keep them from their life's work of dealing in the trade of criminality.

Bortz is an OK guy, but he needs to look around the blogsphere a bit more. His colleagues can tell him what's here & why.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Jenkins is taking a stab at Asset Mapping. $$$$"

That's all that's going to happen. Taking a stab at it. In looking over this link, Asset Mapping doesn't appear to be a gravy job. It looks to me that it takes brains & some strong logical thinking.

Hopefully, someone out here who's keeping track of EZ Board Meeting questions will add this to the growing heap. "How's that Asset Mapping going along? What's been accomplished to date? What's the next steps & targets?"

You know the drill; mix it up & keep 'em stumbling for explanations. Let 'em get upset believing we're nothing but a bunch of wiseacres.

6:55 PM  

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