Saturday, September 16, 2006

Who Is Thaddeus Dawson?

As I read this blog, I see good old Ozie Davis is handing the Avondale EZ board seat to someone new.

What does that have to do with Thaddeus Dawson you might ask?


Thaddeus Dawson owes the EZ a ton of money.

Thaddeus Dawson is one of the 5 members of the zoning appeal board that heard the CityLink case in February.

Thaddeus Dawson was one of only 2 that took the CityLink side. Thaddeus Dawson was Avondale Community Council President.

Thaddeus Dawson pulled a "D4S"....he appointed Ozie Davis to the EZ Board without approval of the community council. Ozie was the personal choice of Junebug and Cleveland.

Thaddeus is in hock to the EZ and selects who Junebug tells him to. Thaddeus votes his zoning vote the way Cleveland and Junebug tell him to. Thaddeus should have recused himself from that zoning decision.

I think the FBI and HUD might be interested in the RICO implications of this racket that Thaddeus, Junebug, Cleveland, Ozie and CityLink are part of.

Who is Thaddeus Dawson?

Just one of the many cogs in the Mallory/Beatty Mafia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Burke,
How much did ol' Thaddeus stiff the EZ for?
Man, oh man, I'd like to see the EZ loan file.
P&G Vice Presidents living in Indian Hill are EZ deadbeats. Zone Appeal members are EZ deadbeats.
Junebug in charge of EZ ELoans.
Cleveland in bed with Junebug on stinky, incestuous real estate transactions.
It's a wonderful country. Just get an EZ loan, and be a buddy of Junebug.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Bustin a thread here again - sorry.


Driving past the Mallorybillies' mansion twice: $100.00

Seeing Dale in Mt. Airy doing his lit drop: $1 Billion

Having Jail4Dale see the Hale Car Caravan cruising down the street, smiling & a gentle wave: PRICELESS!

This is the TRUTH. No paid volunteers. No Dwarf. No Junebug. No Lawson. No Tina Turner. Nobody but Dale. The cheese dick walked alone.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Carstairs,
Did you wake up the Mayor and his Mommie with your cowbell this morning when you and the Hale Yes! parade drove through Mt. Airy?
Next week maybe Mina can ride the pickup and do tambourine duty.
Ol' man Mallory must have pooped his prune juice when you caught him in his real home far away from the wars in the West End.
I wonder if Scottie Johnson gave his FOP vote to Kim.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This is the TRUTH. No paid volunteers. No Dwarf. No Junebug. No Lawson. No Tina Turner. Nobody but Dale. The cheese dick walked alone. "

I know D4S likes to eat Cheetos.
I know D4S likes to watch porno movies.
Is that why you gave honorable Dale that colorful moniker?

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is D4$ still using his pathetic recycled postcards left over from the primary? The ones with the cheesy stickers over the May 2nd date. Now I understand that was cheetos on those sticky stickers.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering why the Dawson double dealing never got the press it deserved.
Seems like good old Thaddeus's activities are criminal.
He'd be a good cellmate for D4$

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

For the files: Theotis, Linda & the EZ Loan.

According to the initial document filed in Court (I'm going to Email it to the blogmaster, all 36 pages):

Outstanding balance due is $148,599.75, which is owing to the EZ under the E fund loan agreement.

The Holmes duet borrowed $158,000.00. Theo signed for C&H Renaissance, Harold Cleveland signed for the EZ.

Principal & interest were level (fixed) monthly payments in the amount of $1,525.65, including arrearages. Payments to commence on 10/1/03, with the final payment due 9/1/2013.

Theo & Linda separately signed documents as guarantors.

Property was put up as secondary collateral:
3595 Washington Ave., Avondale
8175 Remington Rd, Indian Hill(billy)

OK, now everyone control your little brown rounds here, as this is going to create a major pucker factor of unknown proportions, unlike anything you've experienced before. This is worse than the morning after indulging in White Castles & beers.

The primary collateral source & the first to go on a lien, was an account at the Provident (now National City) Bank in the amount of $825,000.00.

That's right, friends. 825Gs.

Heaven only knows what these 2 clowns were thinking when they went to the trough to feed off the taxpayers. They know now that all their creditors, personal & business, are completely plugged into this civil action in the Courts. I guess they thought that Cleveland wouldn't come after their personal assets & their credit wouldn't be damaged. Oh, who knows what these slippery shysters were thinking.

Everyone, the reason why I called Dale a cheese dick is seeing him by himself (I was so shocked, I had to ask Kim for confirmation, "That's Dale!") is generally if a politician can't rustle up enough volunteers, they'll give kids in the neighborhood a couple of bucks & then have them come back to the campaign office, their yard, somewhere, for pizza & soda. Dale must have been a bad boy. Daddy told him to get off his lazy tookus & go door to door. It's rather cheesy these days, labor intensive & time consuming for the politician to do this themselves. Seeing Dale is such a dick, he's now a cheese dick.

I mean, where's his tuffies in the black suits? Don't those clowns know how to recuit volies? Dale's sort of s#$t out of luck on college & high school students. All the other politicians gobbled them up.

I don't think I woke up the Mayor & his Mommy with the cow bell. However, I'd like to think they were standing far enough away from the curtain sheers & could clearly see the caravan, not once, but twice. We turned the corner, horns blaring & that confounded cow bell in uber drive. Circled back around & gave them another dose.

I'll bet Scotty is still doing laundry & mopping floors after the mess all of them made. Prunes & bran, along with the shock, will do that to folks.

(Memo to Scotty: Oxyclean in the spray bottle works great. Get yourself some Borax & add that to the wash water. Borax is cheaper at non-union WalMart. Save yourself some ching. It'll not only help get rid of the mess, but it'll get rid of the funky smells.)

In the meantime, I'll get busy on Thaddeus Dawson, seeing he's part of this dirty lowdown garbage. Something's bound to turn up.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

FILE: Thaddaus E. Dawson, Jr. (Big Dollar)

Thadd Jr. is a chip off the block Daddy Thadd (Dawson Remodeling) isn't swift, either. Last civil action Daddy had was evicting Arnold Buie, a noted Avondale dope dealer. Arnie was just indicted for dealing crack near Rockdale School.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Carstairs!
Your ability to dig up the dirt on these clowns is a great community service.
Your pal,

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

FILE: Thaddaus E. Dawson, Jr., Big Dollar

In 2005, PNC Bank went after Big Dollar LLC on a cognovit (just, accurate & truthful or we'll prosecute your hiney under the statutes) credit line agreement. The papers were served to Thaddaus E. Dawson, Jr., as Agent.

Now, this is where Thadd Jr. was real slick. He got Michael Dawson & some clown named Ronald Pleasant to not only sign thhe credit line agreement, but a cognovit guarantee. These 2 birds took the fall for Thadd Jr.

They needed some quick cash to fill their dollar store with cheap Christmas trash. (It seems all these crooks need cash for trash.)

The Court awarded PNC Bank the principal amount of $33,274.40, plus accrued interest from November 2004 in excess of $1,100, with the meter running at 7.5%, or somewhere in that range, until it's paid in full.

Vlad, thanks again for your kind comments. These grifters are in the same class as the dope dealers & the gunslingers. I have zero tolerance for these high level thieves who are fleecing the general public & getting away with it. And we've got people in this city scratching their behinds wondering why we're the 8th impoverished city. Well, one could be a GED School dropout to figure that out. All these goons on the take & lining their pockets with the proceeds.

I'm all too glad to be able to help out a little bit with contributions. I consider it a privilege & an obligation.

I'm not finding anything yet on Ca-Josh Development, but I'll keep digging. Me thinks I need to send this PNC Bank/Big Dollar jazz to the blog master, too.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Friends, here's that one link again, as it looks like it broke up previously -


And here's a bio on Thadd Big Dollar:

If Thadd Jr. filed for some sort of bankruptcy protection, the taxpaying public has to eat that EZ dirty deal, unfortunately.

OK, it makes sense then that Michael Dawson & that Pleasant doofus signed the PNC Bank papers. Thadd tanked & there's no bank willing to front him any cash on a loan.

Say, in looking at the EZ website, there's plenty of openings on their staff in E-loan development, workforce development & all that jazz. The Beatty Bros. names are nowhere on this updated site.

Oh! Big Dollar sits (sat)on the Community Action Agency board, too. Wow, these people sure get around. Put on a big false front while conducting criminal business.

And is this crook still on the City Zoning Appeals Board? Oh cridy. Somebody needs to put another board under the bed to prop it up. There's too many snakes under the covers.

OK, who are we going to skewer & cook next??

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

blast from the past.
On 1/23/06, Nate had the following post on this blog on the J. Hennings impeachment document.

"After reading those charges I can understand why the good people of the West End were so upset."

All the charges have proven to be true. Even the $400/hr EZ lawyer Seitz threw Dale under the bus and said Dale sold out to CityLink.
But Nate then sells out to Dale in his silly hope to be Dale's Columbus #2 asswipe behind Dannie Phoneysi.

Nate......yo massa needs some lit drop help

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Another one for the Dawson File:

"I was wondering why the Dawson double dealing never got the press it deserved."

Thadd "Big Dollar" Dawson filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy & a lot of folks walked away empty handed. He did a lot of people wrong.

(I sent a bunch of stuff to the blog master)

In case A0506348, & this is really juicy, Dawson did a fraudulent property appraisal. No kidding. It was for at least twice the amount that the Sheriff's appraisers thought it was worth. The Grange Bank got stiffed, the dude ultimately lost the house & Dawson walked away.

Then in a caper with his Ca-Josh Development, some lady's property got trashed while "developing a construction site". All the lady got was a cease & desist order & Dawson walked away without coughing up a dime.

I'm having a bit of difficulty in getting Ca-Josh to come up in the state's business filings. Heck, this clown might not have filed any. Didn't on A-1 Big Dollar.

I just thought of another thing - next time you see an advert on a Metro bus for Dawson Heating & AC, it's all in the family. Dawson Remodeling/Dawson Reconstruction & all that frou frou has had their business papers pulled because of non payment of state business taxes. So, these clowns have morphed themselves into other businesses.

Ca-Josh Development could possibly have gone down the dumper, too. Hopefully, someone has a line on this operative.

I can't get over this. The city zoning board lets him squat in a comfy chair & he's done a stinky appraisal, among other things. Gosh, & City Hall can't figure out why they can't get anything accomplished. Oh, Hello! You need to ashcan some incompetent, criminal bozos!

Blogmaster: thanks for removing comment 10:14. Didn't see it, but chances are, it was very insignificant. Thanks for catching 'em quick. We're on a mission here.

OK, who's next?

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carstairs said:
"Blogmaster: thanks for removing comment 10:14. Didn't see it, but chances are, it was very insignificant."
Carstairs.....I only eliminated a duplicate entry. We even let the Drama Dwarf post most of his drivel.
Thank you for your research.
"OK who's next" is a good idea.
I think I'll start a Marcus Jenkins thread. I think it is the right time. The Truth Squad should have a field day with this clown.

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In case A0506348, & this is really juicy, Dawson did a fraudulent property appraisal. No kidding. It was for at least twice the amount that the Sheriff's appraisers thought it was worth. The Grange Bank got stiffed, the dude ultimately lost the house & Dawson walked away.

How can they let someone jacking up property appraisals serve on the zoning board?

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"How can they let someone jacking up property appraisals serve on the zoning board?"

Hopefully, someone from City Hall reads this blog & can answer the question. Hopefully, they'll be smart enough to raise some flags & a bit of ruckus.

10:09 PM  

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