Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dale Mallory's Felony Defense

The West End Community Council inquired about the status of their criminal complaint against Dale B. Mallory. They were told that an investigation into Dale Mallory’s check cashing scandal is currently ongoing.

I am currently working on a post about Dale Mallory's defense for his obvious felony.

It involves Dale Mallory convincing the Cincinnati Police Department that the West End Community Council authorized him to shut down and close down the WECC bank account and disburse all known funds, a full three months after being removed from office.

I have to wonder how many times community councils have ever voted to shutter their bank accounts. I would guess that every community council recognized by the City has an active bank account. I would highly doubt that any of them have ever voted to close down the bank account on a whim.

The West End Community was the subject of controversy from October until March. Dale's story is that amid all that swirling controversy, the only thing that the council had agreed to vote on decisively is to have him shut down the account and disburse all the funds, three months after being removed from office.

What an unbelievable tale. I am trying to find the right words as we speak. It is a work in progress.


Anonymous Carstairs said...

Every community council has an active bank account. Some have extra residuals that are invested in other interest bearing accounts.

Unlike Dale Mallory's former criminal circus, the Treasurer of the Community Council has governance over the cha ching, with another Executive Officer co-signing checks. At other community councils, expenditures for any number of things must be approved by the general membership. Some standing bills only require permission of the Board.

And I'm still waiting for Dale's little bootlicker dwarf to prove beyond anyone's doubt that the check in this thread, which has appeared in many others, is fake, a forgery, something crafted in Photoshop. He's made the allegation, let the attorney-wannabe prove it.

Friends, while we are talking about money, let me swing back for just a second on Oralinda Fenderson Beatty, case 06CRB437. She's up for a Non Jury Trial on 9/29 at 9AM in Room 264.

According to documents filed by the City's Prosecutor, taxes are delinquent for years 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005. And they aren't just Big Fender's. They are also MNA, Inc. dba Junebug's BBQ.

Yes, you read it correctly. And I wouldn't tell you wrong. For your info, MNA, Inc. & Junebug's isn't registered with the state, either.

More chiseling. More graft. More fleecing. More theft.

Deep Throat, take your time in preparing your next installment. Looking forward to your take & your theories on how Dale the weasel is going to play this. And he's going to play it like an old violin. We can take that to the bank & cash it.

I'm thankful that this mess is being looked into by someone in authority. Meanwhile, we'll keep doing our thing here. Folks demand our research & findings.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale's been hanging with Lawson, N8, Junebug,and Howdie too long.
Look at recent other defences:
1)Howdie killed in self defense.
2)Per Junebug, Oba shot HIMSELF!
3)The Lakota "pencil kid" asked the big boys to put the pencils in his butt.
4)I'm sure Lawson had a great "dog ate my homework" reason for not paying any Fed, State or City taxes.
These people tell such outrageous lies that they think we all have a "STUPID" tatoo on our forehead.
And our justice system supports their lunacy.

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One other fact that Dale seems to forget. These WECC meetings were recorded. There is no record supporting Dale's story.
All bank, court and recorded evidence supports the criminal charges filed against Dale by the current WECC officers.
The Mayor and now Dahoney will do all they can to slow down the process. But the facts and evidence all go against Dale.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Marc Stretcher said...

Dale can't deny cutting those checks. The WECC has copies of the checks (we all do now), and witnesses at the bank remember Dale doing it.

Dale has claimed in the paper that the WECC authorized his actions at the February meeting. That was the meeting he got removed from office. Dale isn't very bright.

Records and videotapes exist of all the WECC meetings, and none of them show anything close to resembling what Dale is talking about.

Mark Stecher, The President of CityLink was at all those meetings. I would love to see him go on the record or sign an affidavidt supporting Dale contention that it happened. Let’s see if the man of God will walk the line again for Dale Mallory. Dale Mallory is going to have a problem getting any witnesses to back up his story. Pick a meeting; they are all on tape.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Wolverine JR said...

MNA? Clue me in. What does MNA stand for Mallory No Alibi?

October 2 questions are mounting.
Wonder if the meeting will be cancelled?

Questions asked for that timetable should be written and passed out to the audience as well as the people on the board so no one is slighted. Copies should be sent to the City Manager, Uncle Alphonso and one copy retained for records.

Calls should be placed to CEC/CEZ the Thursday and Friday before the meeting, as well as the morning of the meeting asking IF the meeting is to be held, where, what time. Perhaps the expectation that answers are required will be able to break through the 68% solution.

My schedule will be tight, but Mrs. WJr can carry the day and deliver the quesions for this part of the EZ and this family. And for Lord's sake if PopsW starts on a rabid rant keep him from storming the table. Nice and friendly here.

Any shifts and changes around city hall that we should know about? Who comprises the new manager's staff? Who is still in 3Ms huddle full or part-time? Anymore changes or deranges in the bullpen?

What community council meets in the Berry Center? Queensgate? Who sits on their council board?

Time for Howdie....gotta figure if it's a coat and tie or coat and turtleneck..... put the Blackberry away.....grab a cuppa java....and see who appears in the pews.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Tim Burk said...

"Marc Stretcher said...
Dale can't deny cutting those checks. The WECC has copies of the checks (we all do now), and witnesses at the bank remember Dale doing it."

As a matter of fact, Dale has claimed the checks are bogus. When copies were handed out at the Summer Dem meeting by the ASPCA, my buddy Tim Burke, chewed out Dale for lying to him. Dale was ambushed with this smoking gun, so he quickly claimed the check was forged. That's the story he has Nate pimping.
When he was first interviewed by the press and CPD, Dale claimed he was authorized by the WECC at the February WECC meeting.
The CPD was there in February. They know the only business was Dale's impeachment. Hell, Dale even sued the CPD because he couldn't run the meeting.
So when the February story was "inoperative" (a term from Watergate days). The third story is that Dale got WECC OK in January. Too bad Dale, that's on tape too. It proves that the 3rd try at an alibi goes down in flames.
Maybe Ken Lawson can tell the CPD that you were abducted by aliens and a robo-Dale was created on the alien ship and the robo Dale did it. "Tina Turners" hair looks like it has been short circuited , so the robo story might work.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Jimmy Carter said...

Dale's story is that the WECC wanted him to close down the account to cash? And this happened in January?

Right before they impeached him, the community voted to have him go to the bank and draw down all the funds to cash, and then leave the bank with all of the WECC assets in his pocket. That is his story?

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Mina said...

Good morning everyone. I was wondering if anyone was going to the sentencing. I've been surfing the web, haven't seen anything yet. Please post.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Mina said...

Good morning everyone. I was wondering if anyone was going to the sentencing. I've been surfing the web, haven't seen anything yet. Please post.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not that you need any more evidence, but does the signature on the "check of crime" match the signature card that dale would've had to sign with the bank at the beginning of his bank authorization?

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Hugo Knows The Devil said...

Jimmy Carter said...

Right before they impeached him, the community voted to have him go to the bank and draw down all the funds to cash, and then leave the bank with all of the WECC assets in his pocket. That is his story?

Makes sense to me. I vote with Jimmy Carter.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

It's the predicted 13 years for Howdy the Hitman, the 3 years gun spec is on the front end & must be served first. Howdie had a dark blue jacket on today.

The place was packed at 8:30 AM. Oralinda Beatty was there & it was hilarious. Some sort of "trendy" blue jeans, blue denim jacket & pink stilletto boots. That's right. Her mother didn't teach her how to walk in high heels.

Nichole(Punching Bag)Davis & many others were relegated to the hallway. Ted Bailey, Kabaka's brother, was in & out of the court room, pacing around.

Plenty of sheriff's deputies at the court room door & covering the jury door.

The whole business was late in getting started. At 10:02 AM, Dale Menkhaus, Chief of Homeland Security walked thru the front door of the court room & it was a given that it was show time.

At 10:06, Ted Bailey & his supporters came flying out of the court room, screaming & distraught. The Judge wouldn't let them speak. A deputy took them all down the hall, all the while they were still wailing.

Needless to say when it was all over, members of the Beatty outfit were escorted out thru the Jury Room door & down the secure elevator.

Joy Rolland & her supporters were out on the sidewalk in front of the Court House. Her sign read, Kenny Lawson Killed Kabaka. The K in each line was huge & in red. KKK.

The Dwarf was flitting about on the 5th floor of the Court House in that black suit, a shirt that needed to go to a better laundry, scuffed shoes & no tie. The shirt was a disgrace. It was what my Grandmama termed tattle tale gray.

Judge Nadel acknowledged Howdy admitted & took responsibility for what happened. That's just an aside. Howdy had no choice but to bite the bullet.

The next drama is Nichole Davis' stalking case against Joy Rolland.

Now the Drama Dwarf has reason to rant. Howdy is now what N8 terms as a "political prisoner". Prisoner, yes. What avenue of politics is being used to describe the political connection?

Howdy has 30 days to appeal his sentencing.

I didn't see Junebug. Perhaps another TS team member picked him out. I didn't see him go out with the herd & down the secure elevator.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Maybe Ken Lawson can tell the CPD that you were abducted by aliens and a robo-Dale was created on the alien ship and the robo Dale did it."

Or, Lawson can pull out that lame story that he attempted to foist on the Judge during the Hitman's bench trial, that there was "someone in the alley who did it". I'm sure Lawson can find that phantom individual in Weaver Alley again & push the blame on him.

Hey, it's worth another try, seeing these clown a$$es think we're so confounded stupid.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Jesus Christ said...

You best legal angle is the court document where he stated he was giving up the fight of his impeachment. Those words will come back to haunt him.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the CPD case number for D4$?

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask Brother Burke how he keeps these matters straight. Ask Jimbo Carroll who seems to get the Burke bump a lot how it feels to not be treasurer, then watch the guy who bumped you get bumped for a Mallory inside 5th3rd banker.

3M, Dale, TB defer to JM as the campaign manager when they are free and easy. Only use 4th & Plum Phoneysee as the paper tiger CM having him be shadow boy funzraiser for any number of Wieland, Finan, Aronoff and Sean Dunn ideas and well heeled doyennes on the rise.

Brother Burke as BOE President and DemBo chair assumes no legal responsibilities anywhere here so he believes. Outreach department is called 'outback', 'outta-sight-outta-mind' by folks who need to use the facility on a regular basis. Set up at the behest of SrBill as connection for us in the African American community where he was not so trusting of his white consensus buddies in the Republican party. Looks like he was protecting us but was building power base so he could do his own form of gerrymandering.

Brother B hates being attached to 3M but the mayor is the shadow chair that TB clings to keep his power. A closerthanthis relation kept us posted on these developments and the intrigues. The development of City West, import of Donnie Troendle to CMHA in the 80's, takedown and takeout of various housing groups to afford honored builders into the inner city. Study of the urban planning scene has the perfect Leggo connectors for all of this wonderful web. Web structure holds EZ, Buggers, sex, drugs, guns and rocky-roll ice scream. We may be conservative on the outside. But the hairpin turns of some of the most wierd twisted sisters and depraved brethern has yet to be revealed. D4S is not the worst of the brood, that still lies much behind the scenes. He just happened to be in the right place at the right moment. DBM gets to be a front messenger boy that even BigDaddy would sacrifice on the alter of his pride.

Anyone for a good old Irish dirge?

10:22 AM  

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