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Felony: Dale Mallory's Checks

This is a blast from the past. Instead of rehashing what has already been said, I will offer one from the archives. Here is the post about the Felony Investigation of Dale Mallory. It was written in July. The investigation is still open. The West End Community Council still awaits answers to their complaint and the conclusion of the investigation.


Dale Mallory's Felony Investigation

This is a copy of the cancelled check that Dale Mallory used to clear out the West End Community Council Bank Account on May 19th, three months after being impeached and removed from office of the West End Community Council.

And this is the copy of the back of the check.


On May 19th, 2006 Dale Mallory cleaned out every red penny of the West End Community Council bank account and closed it down. Here is a timeline of the events that led up to the check, as well as law enforcement’s reaction to the WECC Complaint.

January 23, 2006 – A Petition was filed to impeach Dale Mallory and remove him from his office as President of the West End Community Council.

Additional Link: Impeachment petition roils West End

February 21, 2006Dale Mallory was removed from office. Over 76% of the members of the community council voted to oust Dale Mallory.

Additional Link: Mayor's brother ousted from West End council

March 6th, 2006Mallory sues West End council

March 21, 2006 - Dale Mallory files a second lawsuit against the West End Community Council.

March 21, 2006West End Community Council appoints Robert Killins, Jr. as President.

Late April, 2006 - In the fourth week of April, both of Dale Mallory's lawsuits against the West End Community Council get resolved.

Lawsuit #1, filed on March 6th, gets thrown out of court on a motion to dismiss.

Lawsuit #2, filed on March 31st, is dropped by Dale Mallory. Dale had skipped two previous depositions and refused to testify under oath. In dropping his own case, Dale Mallory stated to the court that he "has no intent of remaining President of the West End Community Council" and that "he is respectfully dismissing this matter [the lawsuit] without prejudice."

May 16, 2006 - Still unable to get control of the bank accounts and historical records of the organization, the WECC resolves at the May Meeting to draft and present a letter to local banks concerning the whereabouts of WECC accounts.

May 19, 2006 - Dale’s gets a counter check made out to “Cash”, cleaning out the balance of the account and shutting it down.

June 1st, 2006 - Dale takes money back to bank, and has two cashiers checks issued for the balance. $1000 to YMCA, and $119.19 to a person.

June 6th, 2006, WECC presents letter to bank and is informed that the account is closed. They are given a copy of the counter check that Dale Mallory used to clean out the balance. WECC treasurer Maggie Moon files complaint with Cincinnati Police claiming criminal embezzlement on behalf of the WECC

Additional Links: West End group demands police investigation of Dale Mallory

Dale Mallory Cleans Out WECC Bank Account

June 13th Mallory Press Release on Cincinnati Beacon

Dale's Press release is included at the bottom of the post as an update.

“In addition to being a Neighborhood Development Liaison with the Empowerment Zone, Mallory was also the president of the West End Community Council at the time.” Check out the past tense.

June 29th – Instead of investigationg Dale Mallory, Cincinnati Police decide to investigate Dale Mallory’s Impeachment.

“(Sgt) Smith said police are trying to understand the underlying controversy before they decide whether to open a criminal investigation into the matter.”

July 7, 2006 - Allegations of cover-up surface in bank account investigation.

July 14, 2006FBI joins investigation into the actions of Dale Mallory and the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation.

July 18, 2006 – Assistant Police Chief James Whalen attends WECC meeting to explain and update the Council on the WECC complaint and the ongoing investigation into the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. He explained that the investigation into Dale Mallory’s activities risks having an appearance of a conflict of interest, and that the CPD has asked the FBI to take hold of the investigation

July 19, 2006 – FBI Special Agent Michael Brooks reports to the Cincinnati Enquirer that the FBI has not opened a formal investigation.


Now that I have provided a timeline, let’s look at some numbers. Today is Sunday, July 23, 2006.

152 – # of days since Dale Mallory was impeached and removed from office.

90 – # of days since Dale Mallory abandoned attempts through legal means, publicly stating that he had no intention of remaining WECC President

65 - # of days since Dale Mallory cleaned out all the funds from the community council and shut down the bank account.

47 - # of days since the WECC complaint was filed with law enforcement. To date, no evidence exists that either the CPD or the FBI made a formal attempt at starting this felony investigation.

Summing it up:

1) Dale Mallory was impeached and removed from office.
2) Dale Mallory took his case to court and lost. In the end, Dale stated to the court that he had no intention of remaining WECC President.
3) After events #1 & #2, Dale proceeded to clean out and close down the WECC bank account.
4) Law Enforcement has been given clear and convincing evidence of this obvious felony, including but not limited to the copies of the cancelled checks.
5) Nobody as of yet has started a formal investigation into the matter.

Thoughts and Observations

It has been said that this case is a “litmus test” for the entire investigation into Dale Mallory and the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. I would concur that this case will give us an accurate barometer of things to come.

Quite simply, if law enforcement won’t investigate this case, don’t expect anything else to come out of the C.E.C investigation. They have been given this case on a silver platter. The media covered Dale’s impeachment extensively, and the court records are well documented. They even were given copies of the checks. If we can’t get a reaction when we tell them exactly where the bodies are buried, don’t expect them to find much on their own.



The key points that were vital in July are still vital in October. The only switch is that we are now 145 days since Dale Mallory cleaned out and closed down the WECC bank account, and we are still waiting for someone to do someting about it.

Justice Delayed = Justice Denied


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale would be in the clear from a legal perspective if he had never taken his neighbors to court.

When he said to the judge that he had no intention of remaining President he closed the door.

Two months later he had no excuse for taking all of the funds from the bank account. Had he never gone to court he could argue otherwise. Dale is in some big legal problems.

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

And that signature on the check is the real deal, absolutely GEN U INE.

I compared it with Deadbeat Dale's signature on his Divorce Decree. Without a doubt, it's the exact same retard scribble.

The signature on the check is the real thing, friends!

Thanks for giving us a refresher on the timeline. It looks perfect to me. It's nice to be able to take a look at it from time to time to see where we're at & what still needs to get done.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Howland said...

The D4$ Worm Can popped wide open this morning with the new issue of CityBeat hitting the stands. This will be great restaurant lunch chat all over town. Way to go Osborne!!

Way to Go TSers. Let's see if the Enquirer finds its set of cahones and quits pussy footing around the facts they've uncovered.

6:45 AM  

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