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Porkopolis: Mallory Blocks Bodyguard Vote

CityBeat's Kevin Osborne stays on the bodyguard beat in the Porkopolis blog:

Mallory Blocks Bodyguard Vote

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory is using a loophole in city council’s rules, known as a “pocket veto,” to block the group from voting on a proposal to make his office budget bear the expense for the mayor’s bodyguard.

Check out the article. It looks like Mayor Mallory may never have to deal with a City Council vote:

Under a council rule change approved in August, the mayor has no deadline for forwarding items for final approval after council committees have passed them. If the mayor chooses, the items can linger until the end of the year, when another new council rule — known as the sunset clause — nullifies all items that haven’t been voted upon and cleans the legislative slate for the new calendar year.

Kevin Osborne also takes note of the pension effect of overtime costs:

Overtime costs are included in salary calculations to establish a pension amount once a police officer retires; the more overtime accrued, the higher the monthly pension payment.

Some on Council don't see why we have to pay so much overtime, and I don't either. This pension effect means that this overtime will continue to hit the City Budget for decades to come. For now, Council doesn't even have a say in the matter. Some on Council have proposed rotating policemen so that the pension effect is mitigated. That is a smart economic move if we are going to be consigned to paying for a bodyguard.

Mallory chose a friend for the position, and it doesn't appear that he wants a rotating shift. The overtime and pension costs are going to be substantial, with all the money paid to a longtime friend who no longer has to work his day job. How many crimes has this senior veteran solved since he became the driver and entourage of Mayor Mallory? He has probably seen more luxury boxes and football games than solved crimes since he started the assignment.

The City Budget is cash strapped. People are calling for more police in response to violent crime and sky high murder rates. We live in a world of economic scarcity. The concept of opportunity cost tells that that diverting resources to paying for a Mayoral bodyguard costs us the opportunity of having more policing on the street. It is a zero sum game, if you take from the police budget and give it to the Mayor, you will have less left to go around to protect the rest of us.

One has to question if this is the most efficient use of resources. Historically, I am not aware that our mayors have ever been under a physical threat. Our Mayor doesn’t need a bodyguard.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Under a council rule change approved in August, the mayor has no deadline for forwarding items for final approval after council committees have passed them."

How did clowncil let that happen?
This ASSURES a Mallory dictatorship for the duration!
TS.......time for a trip to the rules committee and our "2 minute drill."

5:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You wouldn't think the mayor you use a pocket veto for a personal perk like a bodyguard.

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Yeah, we've got 3 years & 3 months of a Dictatorship that is only going to increase in oppression & public indebtedness.

Mayor's Budget, Police Dept. Budget, doesn't matter - it's all public money.

If I were the Dwarf & EZ's Harold Cleveland, I'd get rid of the visions of dollar signs, tones of a ringing cash register & the Judge's gavel. There isn't going to be a huge pot of ching going to the EZ & a lawsuit would be for naught.

And these 2 clowns will have only one person to blame - that Mayor they believe is so honest & without reproach.

In the meantime, I look for city dwellers to move out more & more with every dictatorial decision this half-baked Mayor makes. A colleague told me 3M has fooled with too many bad guys while he was upstate, hence, all the trickery, devious schemes, dirty deals, etc.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm... "...fooled with too many bad guys..." might need some clarification in the mayor's case.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Busting the thread with breaking news:

Here's Howdy the Hitman in vivid color with the current particulars.

He looks tired after that long, harried bus ride to mid-Ohio. As I told W jr., they take the bus around & load it up before belching them out at Orient. Howdy will bunk here until they can get him a bed in a permanent spot. Typically, they don't ship southern Ohio folks up North, but this individual might be the exception to the rule. We'll soon see. He goes to Lebanon, it's all over with. We'll see the details on the TV news.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Nate Livingston said...

This isn't a legislative issue and council should not be voting on it. The Mayor doesn't have a bodyguard. The mayor and his staff have a security detail that was dispatched from the police chief. Decisions of safety and security are best left to law enforcement professionals, not a micro-managing council. If you people weren’t consumed with blind hate for the Mallory family you could see that.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should charge N8 rent.
He LIVES on this blog.
3M's boy toy Scottie is his PERSONAL choice to be his bodyguard/Mt Airy driver to/from work.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Where does this goofy Dwarf get his info? Must be from those "sources", also known as the little voices inside his head.

When it's the public money that's being squandered for bodyguards, private security detail & playpals, it certainly is a legislative matter. Those council people are representing thousands & we expect them to be gatekeeper on our money & our interests.

I agree we need to start charging that little psycho worm rent. Apparently, his blog is so far down he needs to wallow over here.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please help me out with a Dale trivia quiz.
-Was Dale impeached by a 28-10 vote or 29-10 vote?
-How many of the 10 votes were family members?
-How many WECC members did Junebug threaten to kill in January?
-When did Dale first sell out his neighbors for SECRET EZ money?
-When did GE fire Dale?
-What Columbus job did Dale promise you?
-Does Kennie get a grande or Vente latte?
-When were your legs amputated at the knees?
As a full time resident of this board, regular readers would like to know.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if dale wins his race, tim burke will go out of his way to prevent a staff position for N8.

and never a judgeship for lawpoodle.

3:31 PM  

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