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What's Dale's job history???

The Dean was looking for a few of Heimlich's "missing years" in the early 80's.
Dale has a missing life and we sure would like to know the sources of his income.
We do know that Dale had about 50 weeks @ $770/week from mid 2005 to mid 2006 as a CEC "consultant". Sure, it was a fake job provided by his CEC cronies Junebug, Howdie the Hitman and Cowboy Len Garrett.....but it WAS a job.
We do know Dale had no other visible means of support this century.
Dale's "ethical " filing says "GE retiree", but face it folks, a 30 something toolcrib guy with a drug problem ain't gettin no retirement check from GE.
That same "ethical" report shows no assets or investment income. So tell us Dale......who put the bread on the table?
Was it 1)-the parents? 2)-your abused girlfriend(s)? 3)-kickbacks and "emoluments" from your volunteer job?
These are not trivial questions. What kind of person does Tim Burke want to represent the 32nd District?
We know Dale's been impeached. We know he took WECC funds 3 months AFTER he was booted out of office. We know he sold out and sued his neighbors for a few EZ bucks.
What we don't know is the REAL Dale Mallory resume.
What in the world did you do in your adult life?
What is the timeline of your actual employment?
An unemployed, twice divorced guy that lives in his parents house with no lifetime accomplishments doesn't seem like the kind of person I want representing me in Columbus.
Add in the fact that he hangs out with killers and drug lords, and I really have a problem.
Why in the world doesn't the press ask these questions? They are so damned'd think he had a friend in City Hall or something.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard Dale failed multiple GE drug tests and refused to go into rehab.
I'm going back to my GE sources and find out when GE and the Mallorys reached their "agreement" to part ways.
I'll also see if I can get the years of employment and job title.
Mr. Burk I think you nailed this one. Dale has gotten a free pass on his lifetime resume lapse.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just got a Hale yes mailer.
Loved the stuff on what a s**t D4S is. The mailer had the impeachment, theft but not the GE fired for drugs stuff.
Can a TS member get details on that for the voters to mull over?
What a POS that guy is.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

The Hale YES! mailer can't exactly put that GE jazz in there yet, as we don't have ironclad proof positive yet. Ms. Hale would have put herself in a very tight situation had her campaign staff slotted that in there. Actually, what is on the mailer (I've received mine, too), is truly deadly. Anyone receiving that card who has any faculties wouldn't vote for Dale. It's all spelled out what a stinking louse he really is.

Mr. Burk, either I was reading your mind or you were reading mine. Late last night while getting my calendar & papers in order for the week, the thought occurred to me - "Seeing Dale's off the WECC, that's one money source dried up. And he's off the EZ, & that money pipeline has been shut off. So where in the freak is he getting his pocket dough????!!!!"

Howdy's gone. The Big Roach folded up a portion of his business (I'm guessing he still has the Parktown Cafe/pharmacy satellite office), Kenny the law pooch is on the skids, Mr. & Mrs. Holmes are in court, Dawson's in bankruptcy, Jenkins is attempting to figure out asset mapping, the Kirkland boys are off doing their militant thing, so you have to wonder about Dale's cash flow.

The only thing I can think of at this point is he's downsized to living off campaign contributions. The next campaign reports are due Oct 26, so we'll have to wait until that time to examine the checks & balances.

It looks like we have 2 boys, Heimlich & Dale who have spaces in the resumes to hide illicit activities. And they think they can provide leadership? It's no wonder this area is in total chaos.

Mr. Burk, you've hit this one on the head but good. Anon 3:49, I hope your GE sources can come thru for you. Something was done there to seal that air tight all these years. I said that at the get go. Daddy had to have promised GE something in return.

Hopefully, there will be other good news rolling out this week on all fronts.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the Dean has some good HindLick/Lawson info:
"Lastly, the campaign is reeling from the revelation that Joe Deters—their face man in attacking Pepper—turns out to be an enormous hypocrite. After all, Deters was buddy-buddy with Ken Lawson throughout his prosecutors’ race—Lawson endorsed him, ran ads supporting him, and they were yukking it up at the Board of Elections. As everyone knows, Lawson, a Republican, was one of the most recognizable people associated with both the riots (he called the rioters “soldiers") and the boycotts. To have Deters accuse anyone else of doing anything with riot- and boycott-sympathizers looks ridiculous given his close relationship and friendship with the LawDog. And people are talking about it."

We need to develop the HindLink/Mallory connection too. We know Lawson/Mallorys are as thick as the thieves they are. Same with poverty pimp Marcus Jenkins.

I'm hearing a BIG story is due soon that highlights Dale's corrupt history.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale got a "free" 25 grand from selling "blight of the week" 925 Dayton Street.
Remember, he swapped it for 2 properties he stole from the city at zero cost. Dude didn't pays taxes either.
Also, Mallory Mafia "loaned 25 grand.....10 of it came from 3M's war chest.
Also don't forget daddy HindLick largess.
Esther"Tina Turner" probably has a mental disability and Dale's probably tapping that check after she gets her meds.
Dale's not spending it on wheels. His POS "hoopdie" might have cost him a couple of nickle bags.
Maybe crack ho Anna's donating a bj or two too.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Mina said...

Anon 7:28, please tell me that big story is due before the election and not afterwards. It must be nice to do nothing on your own, literally and skate in on your family's coattails.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale Mallory has achieved nothing in his life.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Tim Burk said...

Not to worry.
The story will be out THIS WEEK.
Within 50 hours.
Take it to the bank.

Now that you have a HALE website, where the hell is Dale's?
Answer.....Dale's core support is 6' under in Spring Grove and is not on the net. So D4S don't need no stinkin website.

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Hey everyone! In Dale's divorce decree from Anna J. Griffin, under his assets is listed a GE Savings & Security Account. Now that was back on 10/10/2001.

It spelled out other assets - his rundown properties, his fleet of vehicles & some debts. However, when it got to the serious financial assets, it was the standard legal form terminology, minus any specifics.

Dale only worked a few years at GE before being ashcanned. Either he was shoving money right & left into that account & getting his free freight from Mommy & Daddy, or that account ought to be mighty paltry by now. He wasn't making mega-bucks standing around in a tool crib dishing out & cleaning up calipers & calibrators. You'd think he would've withdrawn his assets after he was sacked & placed them elsewhere.

Something isn't adding up correctly.

I'm going to continue leaning on my hunch that Daddy put his fingers in the GE pie here.

Anon 7:40, in doing a quick sum, Dale looks like he's rather flush for cash right now. If he doesn't do any campaigning, sending out lit, radio ads, TV razzamatazz, he should be in the chips long enough to get his Christmas shopping done. Because that boy ain't going to a cushy Columbus seat. He's going to get a seat on the prison bus.

At the get go with that Deters ad for Heimlich, I was floored at those statements he spouted off about the riots & the boycotters.

It's a well-known fact that Lawson sucked up to Deters in that campaign, thinking he was going to get in line for a Judge's chair. There was some politicking chit-chat & half baked understandings on this issue. (The dumb Drama Dwarf supported Fanon Rucker & was completely torqued off when Deters was successful in the write in election. I don't think he ever got the knots out of his panties. However, the Dwarf will deny supporting Rucker now.)

The talk has really ratcheted up a notch, seeing the election slate has been set of who's going to what Court. Lawson thought he was going to get Bill Mallory's chair in Municipal after the first of the year as a backfill.

Now there's been some other changes & I'll have to get with people I know who are close to the action. Mallory's seat will be open.

Guckenberger moved over to the First Court until after the first of the year & Brad Greenberg is backfilling in Muni Court. Greenberg had been picked to backfill Judge Dinkelacker after he gets elected to the 1st Court.

How they're going to sort that all out, I'll have to ask. Regardless, there's going to be 2 Judge's chairs open.

After the election, Bob Taft could still appoint 2 Judges, but my understanding is the incoming Governor generally does that. Strickland gets in, Lawson doesn't stand a chance.

However, the last I was told, Deters was separating himself from Lawson well before the City Hall Murder. With Kenny rolling over on clients, stiffing clients, breaching on contracts, non-payment of all varieties of taxes, having a landlord hot on his heels, the IRS grabbing his gonads (ouch) & having a drug dealer son who loves his guns, this law pooch doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of sitting in any Judge's chair. If anything, he'll get his license to practice law yanked.

The Governor generally talks with the Prosecutor & other key people close to the Courts & other lofty positions about credibilty on a Judge's appointment. Stands to reason.

But you're right. The Deters' ad is the big talk & this Judge's fantasy with Kenny is still being discussed. Then there's Steve Chabot haunting John Cranley with the same zip a dee doo dah over the 2001 civil upset & paying off bribes, lawsuits & reparations.

And the Truth Squad is going to goad Dale with the truth on his misdeeds up until his hiney is tossed on the bus.

A website would be of no use to Dale at this point. Hell, he doesn't even have a campaign office phone number. I guess they're all working out of Mom & Dad's place at 917 Dayton. The Mallory Mafia Compound (Camp Dayton).

50 hours to lift off...tick. tick. tick.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Dale lied about the GE retirement income, why doesn't the Hale campaign cry foul?
Daddy Mallory would have to recuse himself and the complaint would get great press.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carstairs said:
"50 hours to lift off...tick. tick. tick.

9:35 PM "

Tim Burk's under promising and he will over deliver.
Blast off will be in less than 40 hours.
Tick tick tick.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

I found this under General Electric Savings & Security Program.

Financial Planning for Your Future

The GE Savings & Security Program and the GE Pension Plan offer two key methods to provide for the employee's future financial security and obligations. Combined with Social Security benefits, these plans also can provide important sources of retirement income.

Savings and Security Program (S&SP)
The GE Savings and Security Program (S&SP) makes it easy for employees to save for their financial goals.

Generally, an employee can save from 1% to 30% (certain restrictions may apply for re-hires) of their pay. The company adds 50 cents for every dollar the employee contributes, up to 8% of pay saved (in certain situations).

Employees can invest their savings in any one of the following investment options:

GE Stock
Mutual Fund
GE Institutional International Equity Fund
Money Market Fund
Long-Term Fund
Short-Term Fund
U.S. Savings Bonds

GE Pension Plan
TThe GE Pension Plan provides a reliable source of income at retirement, based on the employee's earnings and years of service. Employees are vested in their company-provided pension benefits when they complete five years of service, as defined by the Plan.

While the company pays the major portion of your pension benefits, the employee contributes 3% of their annual pay over $60,000 to a Personal Pension Account.

You'll notice that GE puts it in there when combined with Social Security, both plans provide retirement income.

Maybe he has a few shekels left in this savings fund. But he's really misleading the public by claiming he's "retired" from GE.

Oh, here's a thought that just occurred to me - you don't suppose there was a Daddy Mallory agreement, negotiation, that Dale leave GE on a "disability" retirement, do you? GE agreed to it for undisclosed concessions? After all, Dale was disabled by doing drugs.

Hopefully, some unnamed, confidential sources can fill in some blanks on this.

Oh, I hate bringing up other avenues & tossing them on the plate so late in the day. Let's don't lay awake half the night sorting it all out. I'm sure the answers will present themselves in due time.

40 hours, 50 hours to lift off, that's fine. I'm going to sit back, lick my chops in anticipation of a fine, fine feast!

tick. tick. tick.

9:27 PM  
Anonymous howland said...

is Dale still the WECC rep to the Brent Spence committee along with Phil and Mark's many other friends?
And what was his capacity in the 2004 copyrighted article for the Museum Center on Big Daddy's papers?
Thought he left GE before 2004?

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howland.....He did leave GE many moons ago. Way before 2004.
Good link on the Brent Spence cronie list.
Dale parlaied his old WECC office to that committee, IIN office and posibly others. The IIN was discussed at a WECC meeting and given INN rules, we may be stuck with him.
Notice the cozy Heimlich/Mallory continued comingled board memberships. Now that the old man is on SORTA, it wouldn't surprise me if he joined too.
The WECC needs to see if they can boot Dale off. Dale sure as hell ain't representing their best interests.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

down to 30 hours.......
tick tick tick
Several WECC tasks remaining in the job jar.
1)-create list of "legacy positions" Dale and cronies have due to Dale's old WECC positions. eg Junebug/ez? Garrett/ez?,D4S/INN, Brent Spence? others? Develop action plan to purge and ger real representation.
2)- Get a COMPREHENSIVE list of WECC financial records and accounts 2001-2006. Looks for D4S money flow, "float" loans, cash transactions.
3) We all know "Tina Turner" and JJ were Dale's girlfriends and pawns. What about JMC? JMC was a Treasurer... and pawn too? was she a GF too? or just a highly compliant and not too bright bystander that D4S could control till she saw her vulnerability. She flip flops more than the old ads of windsurfer John Kerry.
Anyone know if CPD went back on OLD WECC finances or just the 2005/2006 stuff?
JMC is dangerous to D4S....that's why he's still calling and making nice to her.

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best advice to JMC. Make a deal with CPD and tell all.
CPD isn't after JMC. If she provides testimony on D4S financial games, she can send D2J and earn a "get out of Jail free" card for herself.
Of course JMC is shaking in her boots that JB will give her a 45mm dose of lead poisoning.

7:12 AM  
Anonymous STFU already you retards said...

Hey toolsheds, quit with the tick tock - countdown bullshit. You have no idea about the element of surprise. You help your enemy prepare for the attack.

This is not the first time this has been discussed.

Whose side are you on? If you aren't on the other side, you might want to quit giving them fair warning.

I look forward to having this same conversation again. and again. and again. STFU already.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 10:23
D4S is locked up in a closet (3m's?)
The Mallory Mafia put a muzzle on his ugly gap toothed face.
Their only retort(s)
1)I wasn't impeached
2)We gave to the Y cause the WECC voted on it in ...well sometime.
3)Mallory haters are racists that hate the poor.

The last one is a joke. Most of the people Dale sued are African American and have near poverty income levels.
the first 2 defenses have been proven false countless times. Dale admitted so in court.
I can't speak for other TS folks, but WHAT is the Dale camp going to defend against?
- An inditement from DA/CPD?
- A Grand Jury?
- An Enquirer endorsement?
- A TV show on Mallory corruption?
- A printed media piece?
Truth is you either know or you don't.
A little tick...tick...tick
Is just a bit of foreplay......something that is just an abstract concept for you.
Chill and enjoy the anticipation.
Q.....How do you keep an a**hole in suspense?
A....I'll tell you tomorrow

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Dallory,
If you wanted to have the world "STFU"
You should have never gone off on vacation and given the inmates the keys.
The inmates are a fun loving group of muckrakers that keep up the interest level around here.
So why don't you "STFU" instead.
Your pal,
Inmate # 2-21-2006

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't 45mm = about 2 1/4 inches? That would be a big bullet. No wonder she'e scared...

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We don't mess around in the West End.
and besides the metric system is for Eurotrash. THIS IS AMERICA. We do inches, feet and yards.
And a football is an eliptical spheroid, not a silly round ball.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Anon 7:35, many weeks ago I started a legacy list & sent it to the Truth Squad Special Forces with the caveat that it would have to be updated from time to time as we dredged up cronies & their cushy seats on interest boards.

That assignment hasn't gone away. It's that we're busy on topics at the moment. There's only so many hands doing the work.

But thanks for helping with idea sharing.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Everyone, I didn't want to bust up the new thread with this, but I see the Dwarf is out there with wholesale slander.

Did some snooping on a few of Dale's old criminal cases.

In 1998, his GE wages had to be garnished to pay off a car wreck he caused, severely injuring the other party.


A9706429 Cadlerock Joint Venture v. Dale

This case was revived a few months ago. I remember seeing this in his divorce decree from Anna Griffin.

The short of it is Cadlerock won a judgment for money from Dale on 4/24/98. To date, Dale hasn't paid a thin dime. That's right, hasn't paid up.

Now it's $17,298.81 + court costs + interest, with the meter still running on that interest.

A notice of garnishment was sent over to the Cincinnati Empowerment Zone in August in an attempt to collect the money.

I'll take care of this little matter, then I'll tell you later just what I did. It's time to up the ante on Dale & that little Dwarf. Don't get mad, up the score.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos Carstairs!
You are one resourceful muckraker, and that's a big time prop.
Thanks again,

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Mina said...

Carstairs, you are a beast!(compliment)I would never want to piss you off. Boy the things you get away with with that last name, but everybody has to pay the piper at some point. Please keep us posted. Must be nice to owe somebody that kind of loot and just skate! But I guess that goes to show he hasn't had any tangible income other than the house sales for the time inbetween GE and EZ, or these people might have been able to get their money.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Mina, thank you my lady! When the blogmaster has a moment, there's more on the way.

These criminal-hypocrites get everything they deserve. The funny part is, they think no one can find the stuff. They think it's dead & buried.

In sniffing around, I noticed that Dale only owns one plot of land now, the one on Baymiller St. We all know he sold the boarded up tumbledown that Markus Jenkins was purportedly living in, 925 Dayton, for 25 grand. On 1/15/03, he sold 3 vacant lots - 2019 Colerain, 813 York & 908 York to Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing. The price isn't listed. (Not hard to find. I'll dig it up in the next few.) And CMHA doesn't pay property taxes on these vacant lands. Betcha they don't keep the weeds cut, either.

I agree, among his GE savings account, EZ money, stealing untold amounts of cash from the WECC (there's still that one deal a member mentioned this Summer that I don't think is completely straightened out), selling some properties & fingering his campaign war chest (giggle, giggle), he ought to have cash for gas, Cheetos & dope, plus some walk around money to tease the prostitutes & keep Tina on a chain. After all, the boy has to keep up appearances, it's for the family dynasty, you know.

Cadlerock Joint Venture loaned him money & they had attempted foreclosure on property. They'll get their money. This is a top item on my list tomorrow to handle out. I've got everything I need in order for lift off.

I just hope our media friends are picking up on this latest little find. People who read the papers will love juicy dirt such as this.

Dale is a Deadbeat.

11:14 PM  

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