Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nupdate on the Police Investigation of Dale Mallory

Why "nupdate"? Cause nothing is happening. If I said update, I could be accused of misleading our readers.

This note is from the minutes of the September 19th meeting of the West End Community Council released tonight:

COMPLAINT TO CPD FOR WECC PAST RECORDS: Robert Killins, Vice President Colbert and Treasurer Moon still trying to get resolution and closure on this issue.
Background on the latest complaint:

The West End Community Council came to the point of giving up on any real response to the criminal complaint against Dale Mallory. The community council then made a request for just the historical records of the council. It was the least that they could ask for. The Cincinnati Police Department refused the request, citing an ongoing police investigation.

Skepticism existed among members of the West End Community Council. People thought the police weren’t really investigating the matter. West End Communtiy Council Treasurer Maggie Moon filed a criminal complaint about Dale Mallory early in June, and nothing happened.

A decision was made within the W.E.C.C. executive committee to contact the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office. In early September officers of the West End Community Council went to the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office and asked if an investigation was actually taking place. The Prosecutor’s office followed up with the CPD and affirmed that the criminal investigation was active and ongoing.

In some people’s eyes, that is when the investigation actually started.

Since that point, the CPD has actively interviewed witnesses involved in the West End Community Council. September is a strange month to get started. Seven months after Dale was impeached, four months after Dale cleaned out and closed down the bank account, and three months after the criminal complaint was filed, the CPD started interviewing people about the crime and asking questions about Dale’s impeachment.

Those interviews have reportedly concluded just weeks ago. Why did the CPD take months to getting around to actually investigating the crime? It is a fair question.

Many of the circumstances involved work in Dale Mallory’s polictical favor. By keeping this investigation active, the bank records and historical records are off limits and cannot be gained by the WECC. By keeping this investigation active, members of the CPD also cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.

How does it work in Dale’s favor? Those records could contain other fiscal malfeasance, as many suspect. Dale Mallory has consistently refused requests to turn over records. Instead, he chose to close down the bank account tie things up neatly.

We are now eight months past from Dale Mallory being impeached and removed from office, and the Community Council has no historical records. Funding from Invest in Neighborhoods, (where Dale still sits on the board) has never been reinstated. That funding amounts to $9,000 a year. Our Community Council has gone without proper funding or proper records, and everything seems to be in limbo.

A recent CityBeat article by Kevin Osborne sheds some light into the current predicament:

When voters go to the polls Nov. 7, it's highly likely they will elect to the Ohio Statehouse a person facing a criminal investigation by Cincinnati Police who has rarely campaigned publicly and who dodges questions about his involvement in secret lobbying for a controversial project proposed for the city's West End neighborhood.

Osborne’s sources seem to indicate that this investigation will last just a wee bit longer than November 7, the day Dale Mallory goes on the ballot. Nobody at the Cincinnati Police is rushing to end this investigation. As I have said before, justice delayed is justice denied. If no crime was committed, the CPD should state that fact and explain why. If one was, Dale Mallory should be prosecuted.

A detailed timeline on Dale B. Mallory’s checks can be found here.

The Quick Timeline:

In February Dale Mallory was removed from office by over 76% of the vote.

In March Dale filed two lawsuits to get reinstated.

In April Dale had one suit thrown out of court, and dropped the other one while claiming that he had no intent of remaining president of the West End Community Council.

In May Dale decided to close down and clean out the Community’s bank account, months after being removed from office. He had the check written to Cash.

Then someone told Dale what a dumbfuck he was, and Dale took the money back to the bank. Problem was he couldn’t redeposit it because he had closed down the account. It was like if a bank robber took the money back to the bank and claimed that nothing happened. Since he couldn’t redeposit the money, Dale had two Bank cashiers checks made out for the balance. One was made out to the YMCA, and the other to one of Dale’s friends that he had worked with through the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation/CityLink saga. He then claimed that these were legitimate community council expenditures that were approved in February. The only catch was that February was the month that he was impeached and removed from office. Cameras were rolling, reporters were there, and no vote was taken.

In early June, the WECC treasurer Maggie Moon went to the bank to find out information about the account, and she was told the account was closed. She was given a copy of the check where Dale closed down the account to cash. Maggie Moon immediately contacted the police and filed a criminal complaint.

It is that complaint that has never been answered.

It has been five months since Dale Mallory cleaned out and closed down the West End Community Bank Account, and if the Mayor’s office has it’s way this investigation will drag on another month so that Dale can be elected on November 7th. It has been eight months since the WECC voted Dale B. Mallory out of office, but the WECC still has no legal records or paper trail. Those documents are conveniently part of a “police investigation”.

The CPD has copies of the checks. They have videotapes of the WECC meetings and eyewitness accounts of the events. They have press reports; they even have court records of Dale himself conceding that he no longer is WECC President.

Why wait?

Is the Cincinnati Police Department waiting for the other shoe to drop? Are they still accumulating evidence of a crime that obviously happened five months ago? Are they awaiting something to happen that will break this investigation wide open?

The answer is quite simply, No. The simplest answer is usually the correct answer. (Occam's razor) This is an open and shut case. All the evidence has been out there for months, and the CPD is determined to do nothing about it.

So What is Going to Happen?

Nothing. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” We have had an investigation into the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation that was halted dead in the tracks. We also have a criminal investigation into the actions of Dale Mallory that is stagnated and shut down by the powers that be, at least until after the safety of the election.

And if you think another reasonable explanation exists for this bizarre chain of events, ask Dale Mallory. He isn’t talking, he won’t speak of these events, and he won’t debate or even face a journalist until after the election. If this was a tin-foil hat conspiracy, Dale Mallory could come to the table and knock down all the lies with honest answers. He can’t give honest answers to honest questions, because he has none. It is that simple.

Why is this investigation so important?

Dale Mallory is a son and heir to the throne of the Mallory political dynasty. Dale B. Mallory is running for State Representative in the 32nd District for the Ohio House of Representatives. If Dale Mallory was indicted on felony charges for cleaning out and closing down the Community Council bank account, his political future would be over.

Take notice of the fact that nobody in the Mallory family or the Mallory campaign is even defending the charges. They aren’t out and about trying to “clear his good name”. Instead, they are calling in favors to make sure this matter doesn’t get investigated and come to light to the general public. And they are winning my friends. They are winning.

That’s politics. This isn’t about the truth to them, it is about winning. They don’t have to defend him. They don’t even deny the accusations. All they have to do is suppress the truth for a few more weeks, and everything is going according to plan. The CPD should be ashamed for being a co-conspirator to the crime.

I will say it again. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

Just another day in Paradise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent recap!
No one knows how the next 3 weeks will play out.
1) there could be an "October surprise" where Dale gets indited.
2) the stall could continue beyond election day
3) some spin story could come out of the Mallory fiction mill that enables the case to be dropped.
I'm thinking the 3 week stall tactic is the most likely story.
The Osborne story, the Hale lit. the many Enquirer stories are taking their toll. I'd say a good 1/4 of the 32nd likely voters know Dale's an impeached thief. That may be enough to tip things Hale's way.
This election will be tight.
No way Dale gets the 67% a democrat (or a Mallory)normally get in this district.
How may of the 67% will be converted to Hale due to Dale's criminality?
I say 20 points and Hale wins 53-47. If Dale's charged, Hale wins even bigger.
Of course.....we need the TS to keep telling the truth and getting the message out.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Devil's Advocate said...

I am going to play Devil's advocate, because I want Dale to have a fair shake.

According to Dale, the community wanted him to close down the bank account. That is his actual story. He has never denied closing down the account. He claims that is what the community wanted.

A little research will show you that this actually happens quite a lot at community councils.

"I would like to propose a motion that the President clean and close down the community bank account to cash." If I have heard that once I have heard it a thousand times. Happens all the time.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the ticket!
We want you to close that account 3 months AFTER we threw your ass out of office for selling us out.
And then we want to buy that swamp land you are selling in Florida.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Psychic Friends Network said...

You guys don't get it. During the citylink debacle Dale claimed to have the support of West End Residents "who don't come to meetings". It didn't matter what the actual council members thought, because they were just a small percentage of the population.

The fact is that Dale knew what the West End wanted, he didn't need a vote. On May 19th, he sensed that the people of his community wanted him to take all the money out of the community's bank account. You don't need a vote for something like that.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear "Psychic Friends Network said... ",
The simple answer is "I'm a Mallory"
nuff said.....if you are a Mallory you can do any damned thing you want. No rules apply to Mallorys. Got it?
Good.......now take your meds.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Mr. Dallory, another fine, fine summation from your desk! Thank you.

Anon 9:06, I'd like to think CPD & the prosecutor's office will bring something in on Oct. 31. "Here Dale, here's your treat. Your tricks are up!" At the very latest, at that 11th hour.

I cannot envision CPD going past election day on this. If it gets to that, then I'll know City Hall & the balance of the Mallory Mob controlled it.

Then, we're going to have a monster mess to tackle & we'll need plenty of reinforcements to fight the dirt. It can be done, but it will take many hands.

Let's continue doing our thing, business as usual & see how this plays. Yeah, they've taken their sweet, sweet time on this entire business, but patience is a virtue.

Something's bound to turn up. Keep the faith, friends.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This matter has no chance of seeing the inside of a court room before or after the elections. Anyone that thinks otherwise is delusional and needs their head examined. The CPD is letting this whither on the vine. The CPD doesn't have to answer every complaint that is filed. They aren't going to have a press conference or answer your questions. Please get over yourselves.

You best bet as a community council is to make a deal with Dale, drop the charges and get your Invest in Neighborhoods Funding restored. It isn't too late to get this year's $9,000. Keep playing around and pushing the police and you could lose it for both this year and next.

Community Council's that play along can get up to $60,000 of funding for projects through the Cincinnnati Empowerment Corporation. Don't expect a penny as long as you are holding Dale political hostage.

You are talking about a significant amount of money that you are depriving your own community of. You can play along and get paid, or you lay out the people that need these critical resources in your community.

3:22 PM  
Blogger The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Do you guys have a copy of the check you could post on the blog? I'd like to see it for myself.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you mean?
The check is plastered all over this blog.

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I am disappointed to say but I am convinced that CPD is not going to file any charges. I recommend that after the election we get together and protest at City hall no matter the outcome. How can we expect Cincinnati to clean up if this kind of coruption is permitted to exist? Backroom deals, famliy ties, politics in Cincinnati are killing our City.

8:44 PM  
Blogger Male Dallory said...

Dean, I am going to try to find a scan of the check. I will see what I can do!

9:03, Dean might have been being sarcastic. Just a hunch.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Dallory,
The Dean tries to be serious on his blog.
Are you suggesting he comes over here to screw with us?
If so,it's not very nice of the Dean.
The TS has been real cooperative with the Dean's requests in the past. If he messes with the TS, we won't take him seriously.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Wolverine JR & Family said...

Is it true that Invest in Neighborhoods is "holding funding hostage" from the NSP funds? Is this a holdover from the GT regime or a pressure point that RD was placed under to help debilitate relations among communities?

Why with Killins noted as the WECC President, but the placement of D4$ being still on the IIN site, has IIN not been of cooperation? Which councilmember's committee does this fall under to shake the tree?
Will the $$s just fall away,lie fallow, be returned to the city OR put into a slushpot for IIN??

Let me check an IIN matter quickly to see the lay of the land.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Wolverine JR & Family said...

Who is above Derringer in these matters?
Where does he take his orders from?
"All trustees must be a member in good standing of a community council which is a member of
the corporation." This part of trustee status is not what's a performance piece for the listed West End Trustee.
and list of present trustees.....
and I do not even want to try and address where dereliction of duty trust on the ethics matters might have disappeared to...

The on-line version of changes and the paper ones, too, probably have all been filed. So is there a time frame holdup for DM removal as a trustee? Or is it the convolutions of Robert's Rules of Order as the
barrier that keeps DM on the trustees? Or is it 3Ms buddies kneehind the scenes that keep him there?

has the NOTEWORTHY SECTION (We may want to mark calendars now)

We've added the Community Profile form for completion online. We encourage all community councils to use this instead of the paper form when your officers change. Go to this page to use it.

Real Estate Ambassador meeting with community council leaders has been scheduled for 6-8 pm, October 24, at Music Hall.This facilitated meeting will introduce the Ambassadors and their program
of community assistance to neighborhood leaders.

Invest in Neighborhoods has received a grant from the Seasongood Good Government Foundation to fund a project to help community councils better
understand how to work with the political process to secure resources for neighborhood initiatives. Interns from Xavier University are working with I
nvest to make presentations to all community councils.

Neighborhood Summit 2007 will be
Saturday, January 20, 2007,
at the Cintas Center at Xavier University. As with last year, there will be a kick-off dinner the night before. This year's Summit is supported in part by Xavier University, the Seasongood Good Government Foundation and the Duke Energy Foundation.

Annual monitoring visits have begun. If your neighborhood is scheduled for review this year, please contact our office as soon as possible to schedule a visit,
if you haven't already done so."

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:25 & 9:03, take a chill pill on the Dean. The Dean has been fair and that is all you can ask for. Hell, that is more than we get from some other people. The Dean has followed the story and talked about it on his site. He was over here reading about it because he is interested in what is going to happen.

Don't dogpile on him for making a joke. Do you think 'Devil's advocate' or 'psychic friend's network' were being serious either? That check has probably been published 20 times in the last month. Putting it up ten times in one article may be going overboard, but I don't think that check has been visible enough in the last five months.

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Justin said...

I choose to believe that the CPD is solidly on the case. There are certainly bad apples in every organization, but I believe the apples on the Dale Mallory case are as good as they get, could hold up to political pressure (should it arise) and are perhaps taking an unfair beating. Your passion and high tension is understandable. Trust that they are doing their job.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"'Devil's advocate' or 'psychic friend's network' were being serious either? "

We all know those two (or the one MD) are assh**s through our advanced profiling techniques.
The Dean has pontificated about his higher standards. It's fair to call him out from time to time.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Back The Blue said...

Justin- I too have heard some great things about the officers on the case. I support the CPD.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:03,
The Dean has often expressed his voice on the complexity of the whole IM blog.
He repeatedly asks questions that have been clearly explained and documented here.
So when he asks for copies of IM stuff, I think readers should take him at face value. Based on the Dean's past statements, it's reasonable to assume he doesn't know.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Justin....you trust them.
I'll wait to see if there is a good outcome.
No way a 5 month wait passes the smell test. Something's not right here, and the CPD have given stories that have not passed the test of time.
My assessment....I'm 80% certain that the fix is in and the CPD/DA will pay off Mallory political chips. I hope I'm wrong.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look to the DA office.
Look at Deiters pimping Heimlich on those TV commercials. Look at Heimlich pimping the Mallorys. (pro CityLink, D4S donor etc.)
Ask yourself....why does Deiters refuse to prosecute this clear cut case prior to Nov. 7th???
Why is he sucking up to Heimlich/Mallory interests?

8:32 AM  
Anonymous The Kaiser Soze said...

What is Deiters supposed to do when the police haven't finished investigating? I wouldn't blame Joe.

Had this case been initially taken to Si Leis it would already be over. Si Leis is the freaking law man.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The D/A's could show some interest in the case. They haven't.

Think about Mallorys in each office.
Dwane Mallory is a prosecutor.
Wm. Jr. is a judge.
3M is Mayor.
of course Joe and poppa are in BOE jobs.
Poppa goes from son to son to son, making and keeping his connections in each office. The Mallory Mafia web is all over the judicial system.
You think he's not pulling strings for D4S?

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TS did go to Si's group.
They know a "hot potato(e)" (for Republicans) when they see one. Si's group didn't help.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous The Kaiser Soze said...

I don't think that Si Leis and his crew would want to take over an investigation that was already being handled by the CPD. That is why I said had people gone to Si Leis INITIALLY this matter would be done.

It is a bit late in the game to drag the lawman into this soup. I don't think that is the way things work.

You can blame Si Leis if you want. You can blame the DA or the prosecutors office or even Jim Petro and the AG's office. That misses the point and it clouds and confuses the issue.

This crime has always been under the jurisdiction and purview of the Cincinnati Police Department. Look no further for your answers than the CPD.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Muffet said...

Did you notice Bronson's article about getting sex offenders away from OTR and the VOA shelter and workshop? I guess he wants to send them all the the West End at the City Link his church so much wants to put there.

City needs sex offenders like New Orleans needs hurricanes
The low, tan-brick building at 115 W. McMicken St. in Over-the-Rhine looks like a warehouse or a jail. In a way, it is both. The Pogue Rehabilitation Center is one of three places where Ohio stores sex offenders fresh out of prison, but not ready for the streets.

That makes it a magnet for up to 40 paroled rapists and child molesters - in a neighborhood that needs more crime the way New Orleans needs more hurricanes.

The CEO of the local Volunteers of America, Chris Lohrman, insists their treatment program is safe. Sex offenders are not allowed to come and go and have to report when they leave for work, he said. Lohrman said he has had no complaints from the neighborhood near Findlay Market, and only one incident in 12 years.

But critics draw a picture of mismanagement, danger, drugs, dropouts and sloppy treatment of high-risk sex offenders.

Former employees have filed two lawsuits claiming they were fired for complaining about serious problems, and other staffers have been fired or resigned in protest. Both lawsuits were dismissed on appeal in 2003 and 2004 because the employees did not qualify for whistleblower protection. But in one case, a dissenting judge found "sufficient evidence to demonstrate genuine issues of material fact."

Until I called it to the VOA's attention, one of its Web sites claimed affiliation with a psychiatric team from the University of Cincinnati. That contract ended five years ago.

"The UC team was terminated in March 2001 because they raised issues that the VOA did not want to hear," said Dr. Neal Dunseith, who was on the UC team and still teaches at UC.

Lohrman, who was director of the VOA program at the time, blamed a Web site oversight, and said the UC team was dismissed "due to fiscal constraints."

Dunsieth, staff psychiatrist for the Hamilton County Justice Center and assistant director of forensic psychiatry at Summit Behavioral Healthcare in Cincinnati, said, "The VOA treatment is such a joke, we don't even talk about it." He admits he is not objective. "My feelings about VOA are such that I really want to put them behind me. It was such a travesty."

Dr. Susan McElroy, who was director of the UC team, said her biggest concern was safety of the community. "We needed to provide adequate care, and it was very clear that we were not getting support," she said. "These (offenders) have something that will not go away. They're not going to stop what they're doing."

Lohrman said recidivism is low among graduates of his eight-month program. But only about half make it through. And more than half are not from Cincinnati.

"That's only the tip of the iceberg," said Dunseith, who has treated and written about sex offenders since 1998. "There is a horrible tendency for these folks over time, even with treatment, to be repeat offenders."

He says VOA treatment "was basically nothing" while he was there. "They could leave the facility and go into the community at high risk of offending."

In the lawsuits, former employees said drugs and pornography were brought into the Pogue Center. Lohrman said drugs and pornography are a contraband problem in any treatment center.

The employees also said their complaints were ignored because Lohrman's wife was director of human resources. Lohrman said his wife's job is approved by his board members, whom he would not name. "Transparency" and "accountability to the public" are in the VOA code of ethics.

Lohrman said the Pogue Center is an award-winning facility. "Out staff works very diligently and provides an excellent program."

Dunsieth and McElroy said highly manipulative, dangerous sex offenders need strict boundaries, or people can be hurt.

Cincinnati police records showed 49 crimes at 115 W. McMicken since 2001, including two rapes and a dozen assaults. The Pogue Center, which also houses non-sex offender parolees, was given as a home address in 42 arrests since 2005, including assaults, drugs and soliciting prostitution.

Lohrman said his program has passed audits by the Ohio Department of Corrections. But the DOC is under pressure to keep the Pogue Center open because there's a shortage of treatment for paroled sex offenders.

The most recent audit by the DOC for 2005 gave VOA a score of 89 percent, but cited non-compliance with state minimum standards in five areas, including resident managers who failed to complete training and inadequate "documentation of the whereabouts" of parolees "when outside the facility."

Cincinnati Councilman Chris Monzel wants the city to block the DOC from sending more sex offenders to Cincinnati. Meanwhile, the city or county should investigate to find out if Pogue Center is unsafe. Paroled sex offenders should be tracked by GPS. And more treatment should be done in prison, before dangerous child molesters and rapists are turned loose.

Dunsieth said he believes DOC treatment is inadequate. And McElroy said, "They need lifelong treatment and monitoring."

"She's absolutely right," said DOC Director of Sex Offender Services David Berenson. "But the reality is that I don't know of any state that offers lifelong treatment."

He said about 43 percent of sex offenders in Ohio prisons are evaluated as "high risk of re-offending," and get a mandatory four-month treatment program. About half of those volunteer for more intensive sessions up to 18 months.

The DOC audit also cited the VOA for inadequate "aftercare" plans.

Treating the worst pariahs and most unwanted ex-cons is a tough job. I don't think the VOA program should be shut down. But supporters who want to expand it to import more sex offenders to Cincinnati are asking for trouble.

"The sex offenders are coming from all over Ohio," Dunsieth said. "We are already starting to concentrate those folks here."

That sounds like a sex-offender flood warning.

E-mail pbronson@enquirer.com or call 513-768-8301.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TS went to Si's group real early in the process. Way before CPD owned it.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
You beat me to the punch.
I just read the paper and ran to my PC to post it.
What a fraud Bronson is...pimping CityLink and then saying sex offender magnets are BAD.
Mr. Dallory. If you need to write a story without a D4S check in it , that's a prime new thread.
Another story. CPOP, that private "blue ribbon" police group has JUNEBUG on its Board of Directors.
No wonder the Chief of Police is a Junebug pawn. The Beatty Mallory Mafia corrupts CPOP too.

2:38 PM

1:40 PM  
Anonymous The Kaizer Soze said...

Anon, my understanding was that the initial complaint was filed with the Cincinnati Police in June. They owned it from the begining.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You obviously don't have the full story.
Si's boys wouldn't touch it . They had a chance prior to CPD. I know from personal knowledge. You have "an understanding".

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

A few clarifications, friends. We don't have what is commonly called a D.A./D.A.'s office. It's simply the Prosecutor.

Duane Mallory is only a city prosecutor. And Bill Jr. is only a Municipal (basically city cases, misdemeanor matters)Court Judge.

I'm thinking this investigation is felony material, & those 2 branches of the family tree would have absolutely nothing to do with the case. In fact, they wouldn't be able to get a look at what's going on.

Something's bound to turn up on this issue, one way or the other, before Nov. 7. Be positive in your thinking.

And if someone has a copy of the check, please forward it to the Dean & there will be peace in the valley once more. I don't know exactly why he needs it, it's clearly documented on this site, it is the genuine article, but Dean has helped out tremendously & perhaps he'll give us another assist when we need extra hands.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Male Dallory said...

For the love of God, The Dean has a copy of the check! He was making a sarcastic remark. I enjoyed it, because I keep posting the check over and over. I will take a few digs from the Dean and others, but I will keep reposting that check. Dale has no answer to the check made out to cash months after he was removed from office.

The Dean has been critical of this blog and he initially treated our charges as suspect. I am sure that he would like us to conduct ourselves with a higher degree of "journalistic integrity". I keep telling him that we aren't journalists; we are just people that have become pissed off from being pissed on.

Whatever the Dean has done he has always been fair. He doesn't always agree but I credit him for both fairness and an open mind on these issues. Over time I think the Dean has shifted a bit. He tried to interview Dale but Dale wouldn't talk to him, much like Dale won't talk to anyone. And the things that we have talked about have come to light and are well referenced and independently sourced. The body of evidence at this point is overwhelming.

When we first posted copies of the check, the Dean wrote about it on The Beacon and linked to this site. The Beacon is the most active Cincinnati Political site on the World Wide Web, bar none. We get coverage and play, and our stand on the issues holds well because of the facts behind the arguments.

Last week CityBeat became the first major media outlet to recognize the existence of that check. Other mainstream media sources have made the story that Dale spent the money by giving it to the YMCA, and that isn’t what happened. The check tells the tale. The Dean was on it soon after we posted it.

I created the “Timeline” post for Dale’s checks in part because The Dean was rightly critical of this websites inability to greet new viewers and embrace them with the issues. We have a problem with first time viewers to this site. We have a few people that treat any outsider as a threat. A first time viewer would have to wade and sift through a seemingly impenetrable amount of posts before figuring out what was going on. And we have this jocular vernacular complete with abbreviations and inside references/jokes that only people that regularly read can understand. We aren’t user friendly. The ongoing hostility to the Dean despite his fair coverage is proof of that. The Dean asks tough questions, but he is more friend than foe. Moreover, tough questions should be asked. We make serious allegations, and he has the right to make us attempt to prove them.

This website gets new viewers everyday. That will continue to happen as the political season heats up. The need to be embraced not rejected. If someone posts a comment that you deem critical, consider that they may be a newcomer with honest questions and concerns. Don’t shout them down or insult them, just prove your point and reference the facts. When facts are on your side, you don’t need to defensively attack people that don’t agree with you. We have the facts, we know the history and what is at stake, and our goal should be to explain that to anyone that cares who is not aware.
In these coming weeks I would like all contributors to hold themselves to a higher level. We don’t need personal attacks or name-calling. We are on the side of what is right. Let’s take a stand on principle and let the cards fall where they may.

10:55 PM  

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