Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ken Lawson, MIA

What has happened to Ken aka "Kenny the Crackhead" Lawson?

Last I heard he had defrauded a client and the government of tens of thousands of dollars. He also defrauded other clients. Why is this man not in jail?

Why has he not been charged with a crime?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's in Vegas, trying to get a job with OJ.

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Ooohh, Mr Dallory! You're right on time, as always. I like it when a man shows up on time looking for juicy news...

My contact in the Court House told me the other week that the whole business - fact checking, paper trails, etc., etc., would be wrapping up in September. Then it goes to the Ohio Supremes. It might not be until Spring when the final decision is handed down.

In the meantime, Kenny's all tied up in Court, settling his cases where he jerked around clients, and OH! The bank who fronted him the loan on the boat, is after him again!!!

The Vinny Clark & co-defendant case has been settled. Those gentlemen were awarded somewhere in the range of $125,000.00 each for the screwing they took by Kenny.

Oh, the elderly man whose prescription card was ripped off by Kenny & Wally Broadnax, is continuing.

Kenny's also in foreclosure proceedings on his LawMansion in Glendale.

Meanwhile, yet another dirty attorney has gone down, Clyde Bennett. Another fave with the dope boyz. Only those who are flush with cash. That boy didn't do pro bono cases. It was cash, & I make housecalls to collect, one way or another. The Federales got him pushing money around. What the police call "handling dope boyz money".

The chips were going down in that Court House when Kenny took to his fall that Clyde was next in line. It happened.

Kenny, unfortunately, isn't in jail, but his kid, Kenny Jr. is in more hot water with the long arm of the law. The rotten, wormed out apples don't fall far from the tree.

I gotta tell you, it's a lot more quiet, polished & professional in that Court House since the Soul Circus Clowns received their just due. Part of the way, at least. Their bigshot pocket money has been chopped off.

Just for you, Mr. Dallory, & the Truth Squad, I'll do some gadflying to see what I can find out. I'm soooo glad you're back. Next time, don't stay away soooooooooo long.

BTW, Jail's state paychecks are being garnished like clockwork to pay off that ancient loan.

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Dallory,
Where have you been?
Why not publish blog comments that must have accumulated all sunner?
Lawson's toast....finished.
Why not update us on the CityLink trial?
The West End shootings?
Closing Parktown?
Your take on upcoming elections?
Latest Mallory criminal activity?
Nate Tubbs beating up Mr. Kim...then Nate's daughter getting shot.
Tot lot shootings.
Damn it Mr. Dallory.....wake up and get your lazy asszzzz in gear!!!!!

8:14 AM  
Anonymous WolvieJr said...

Columbus courts are deciding these matters and they are having to dive through tons of material. TONS. Not just "a client", defrauded...... dozens of clients, aka Clyde Bennett, which is another matter altogether.

Lawson's the same perp that convinced guys like Gehardstein and others to place folks like JuneBug Beatty on the Police Partnering Group (convenient to keep a watch on his enemies and look respectable)and the same formerly coherent legalist turned drug bozo that advises the (hackhackcoughcough)oilable 32nd House Representative D4$ Mallowry through his channelling partner.

Give the judges and legalists another 8 weeks before Columbus comes close to a ruling.

Carstairs? You out there? Whatcha hearing?

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saturday's whistleblower has this Lawson update:
Speaking of upcoming hearings, our Belligerent Black Blogger Nate “Rhymes with Hate” Livingston says, “Mark your calendars, you many screwed-over clients of drug-addled Ken Lawson. His ethics trial will be on Oct. 15, 16, and 26 starting at 10 a.m., 1st District Court of Appeals, 230 E. 9th St., 12th Floor, Courtroom A, Cincinnati.”

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kenny's ethics trial is set for Oct. 15, 16 & 26 at 10 a.m., 1st District Court of Appeals, 230 E. 9th St., 12th Floor, Courtroom A, Cincinnati.

Grab a seat!

Seriously, Clyde Bennett moved his own money and pled toa federal felony. Lawson stole from his clients, and both Deters and the federales are doing nothing.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous A Concerned Reader said...

I think it takes awhile for complaints against lawyers to wind its way through the process and up to the Ohio SupCo for review.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The illegitimate son of Ezzard Charles has come clean about using drugs, representing clients under the influence of drugs and exploiting employees like the Drama Dwarf to illegally obtain prescription drugs.

What a hoot watching N8 run for cover by calling Lawdog's suspension hearing a white lynching.

N8 at least knew of Lawson's receipt of drugs - perhaps he even participated in that activity - and should be called to the carpet.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Key point: did Nate act as Lawpoodle's prescription drug mule?

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Carstairs said...

Seriously, Clyde Bennett moved his own money and pled toa federal felony.

Anon 7:20, no, he wasn't moving his own money. Take my word for it. Many of his clients are my community's drug dealing problems. I've seen Clyde slumming in the slums after office hours on Friday evenings. So has other people. This is just the tip of the berg of Clyde's problems. I can't go into it now, but I will tell you it is BIG. Clyde could be in the Big House forever if the Federales pursue this avenue.

Wolvie Jr., I'm still hearing that it might not be until Spring when the Columbus Supremes bring in a decision on Kenny the Crackhead. They'll adjourn for the holidays & all that fun stuff.

Don't concern yourself too much with that criminal Collaborative Agreement. I believe once Kenny is dealt with, that pathetic hostage-taking business will dissolve itself. It was illegal - Kenny sat at the table trashed out of his mind. He's admitted to being completely wrecked. We'll get our City back. It's going to be a bit of a haul, but we will get it back. Getting Mark Mallory voted out of his chair, er, out of the friendly skies, will help tremendously.

Don't worry about Kenny's Drama Dwarf. People did send letters to the Cincinnati Bar complaining about him under a little known clause in the Attorney Conduct rules. Meanwhile, he's berating the blacks for not standing up for Kenny. Of course, it's the white people who are at fault, the same tin pan whine time about Clyde.

These 2 clowns did it to themselves. They have no one to blame but the face in the mirror.

Cadlerock's attorney is looking down other avenues to seize anything & everything of value to fast track Deadbeat Dale's 1997 loan that he "forgot" about.

Here's another one that will have you rolling - Dwane Mallory is so desperate for that District 1 Municipal Judge seat that he's sending campaign lit to voters who aren't even in that voting district! I'm not kidding. It's cleaned up, too. No mention of taking the Bar Exam 4 times before passing. No mention that he's now getting criminal prosecution experience under his belt. When he was in the City's Law Dept, he did civil work, not criminal. Pay no attention to the Dwarf's propaganda. He's full of beans, tomatoes & drama.

Nothing to report out of the 1st Court yet on Jail 4 Dale's colossal project, CityLink. Stay tuned.

Mr. Dallory, I'm sooo glad you pushed the button on the comments. All of us miss you terribly.

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today (10-26-07) is the third day of Lawmut's hearing with smelly, same-suit N8 reeking up the place.

Bennett simply took direct cash payments from clients when he was an attorney at Dinsmore..., and kept doing it on his own to conceal taxable income.

Dinsmore... knew about it and simply didn't pursue the matter to avoid accusations of racism.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is Dale Mallory running uncontested in the Democrat primaries?

3:53 AM  

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