Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dale Mallory, Read It And Weep

This is a certified receipt scan from when Dale Mallory received his impeachment documents. That is his address. That is his signature. That is his polictical future.

Dale has been shooting his mouth off to anyone who will listen at City Hall about how the impeachment was not official. He claims that he never received notification of the impeachment. The certified receipt imaged above disproves that simply fallacy.

Dale Mallory was notified of his impeachment, and that notification was officially recorded in the above receipt. Dale Mallory then skipped the hearing, and claimed that he would not recognize their findings.

The impeachment committee came back with a unanimous 5-0 verdict that Dale Mallory should be removed from his office as President of the West End Community Council. The recommendation of the committee was then taken to the body of the West End Community Council, with over 75% of the people voting to impeach him.

You can read the petition on this website. You can read the newspaper articles on this website. You can view Dale Mallory’s own signature acknowledging the impeachment notice on the top of this post. We don’t have any gray area here.

Dale Mallory has been impeached. He is no longer the West End Community Council President.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Plain Dealer of Cleveland weighs in on Dale Mallory and CityLink

Thursday, February 23, 2006

House of Mallory II
The Plain Dealer

From the land of the Tafts and Lukens, here's the latest report on the Democratic Mallory family's dynasty-building efforts in Cincinnati.

Short version: A stumble.

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory's brother, Dale, was impeached earlier this week as president of an inner-city community council. Dale Mallory backed a plan to build a 100,000-square-foot center to serve the homeless, drug addicts and the mentally ill. There was deep opposition to the plan -- the vote to remove him was 31-10.

Dale is running for a seat in the Ohio General Assembly, the same House district his dad, Bill Mallory Sr., held for 28 years. The road to Columbus looks a little bumpier now.

On the other hand, Hamilton County Muny Court Judge Bill Mallory Jr. is moving up to the Common Pleas bench without having to campaign at all. No Republican filed for the judgeship.

--Bill Sloat

Dale Mallory is a sinking ship. Link

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mayor's brother ousted from West End council

Mayor's brother ousted from West End council
Dale Mallory's support for CityLink proposal prompted call for his impeachment


West End Community Council President Dale Mallory, a proponent of the controversial CityLink project, was removed from office Tuesday night.

But a defiant Mallory, who attended the meeting of the council, said he would not recognize the impeachment vote. He said he will preside at the next regular meeting, March 20. "They can't do this to a Mallory" he said, as police escorted him off the podium.

A majority of the council members had voiced objection to CityLink, a proposed one-stop center for the homeless, drug addicts, and mentally ill, and officially voted against it in December.

A community council committee had recommended that he be impeached, alleging that he had spoken out in favor of CityLink without support of the council, had failed to conduct a meeting in an orderly fashion, and had spoken out on issues in the name of the council without being designated.

Robert Atkenson, who chaired the committee, read the accusations against Mallory to an audience of about 200 who gathered at Heberle Elementary School in the West End, many of whom had come from Crossroads Community Church.

Atkenson said Mallory did not appear for a hearing on his possible impeachment, as required under the bylaws of the council.

"According to the Roberts Rules of Order, if a person charged does not appear for the hearing, that person is automatically assumed guilty," Atkenson said.

But Mallory said he objected to the hearing. "This was all orchestrated by Shirley Colbert," Mallory said. "She appointed the people on the committee to hear the charges. She can't do that. She is just a vice president. My last name is Mallory."

Colbert said there was nothing illegal about the way the committee was appointed.

"There are five of us on the executive committee. I tried to call all of them, but was only able to get three of them. The three of us agreed on who should serve on the hearing committee. That is a majority and coincides with our bylaws and constitution," Colbert said.

The council's vote to remove Mallory was 31-10.

Since November, the debate over CityLink has led to tumultuous community council meetings.

The Rev. John Hennings, who filed the impeachment charges against Mallory on Jan. 23, said he thinks Mallory is "a wonderful person, but I don't like the way he was handling the meetings."

Mallory's brother, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, attended the meeting on request of his mother, but declined to comment.

Earlier this month, the city Zoning Board of Appeals voted against letting CityLink supporters construct its facility at a Bank Street building it purchased two months ago.

CityLink supporters now must take their case to Common Pleas Court.

E-mail ahoward@enquirer.com

Dale Mallory Impeached!

Watch the Video! Take it like a man Dale!


West End Community Council President Dale Mallory Impeached
LAST UPDATE: 2/22/2006 12:31:58 AM

West End Community Council President Dale Mallory is impeached over the way he handled a controversial project.

The West End Council voted 31 to 10 to oust him Tuesday night.

Mallory is accused of misusing the council president's position by trying to block opposition to the City Link project, a plan to build a "one stop shop" for the homeless, drug addicts, mentally ill, and people coming directly from prison.

Critics say he was pursuing a personal agenda, while trying to suppress the voice of the West End Council.

Mallory says impeachment procedures were not properly followed, so the vote isn't valid. He says he will fight the decision at a meeting next month.

Dale Mallory is the brother of Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Petition to Impeach Dale Mallory

January 23, 2006

Petition to Impeach President Mallory

This letter is a petition to the West End Community Council (WECC) Executive Committee to impeach WECC President Dale Mallory in accordance with the procedures outlined in Article XIV of the Constitution and By-Laws of the WECC.

Offenses for which the impeachment is being requested are:

Section 3: Conduct unbecoming an office as prescribed in Robert's Rules of Order. Also failure to preside and conduct a meeting in an orderly fashion.

Charge 1: In the November, 2005 WECC meeting, President Dale Mallory directed that the CityLink issue be referred to the Renaissance West Development Corporation. This referral was rejected overwhelmingly by those present and then by the members of the WECC when the challenge was made that only WECC members might vote.
President Dale Mallory was out of order in referring the matter to Renaissance Development Corporation without a supported motion.

Charge 2: President Dale Mallory improperly closed the November, 2005 WECC meeting without a motion to adjourn. This improper action obstructed efforts to have the WECC vote on the CityLink Project.

Charge 3: President Dale Mallory conducted an "Abbreviated Meeting" in December, 2005 in which he would accept no motions and votes. There were no minutes, treasurer's report or available agenda, which are required by the WECC By-Laws and Robert's Rules of Order. President Dale Mallory declared the December, 2005 meeting over without any motion or vote. After President Dale Mallory departed from the meeting, the WECC Vice President reconvened the meeting and a vote on CityLink was taken. All of these actions provide compelling evidence that President Dale Mallory is pursuing a personal agenda and plotting to suppress the voice and will of the WECC.

Charge 4: President Dale Mallory conducted the WECC meeting in January,2006 in which he refused to accept any motions, discussion or votes on CityLink. There were no minutes of the December, 2005 WECC meeting. President Dale Mallory presented attorney Jim Carroll who claimed that President Dale Mallory properly ended the WECC December, 2005 meeting due to the recommendations of Cincinnati police officer Davis. It is unknown if WECC funds were or will be expended for these services by Mr. Carroll. The WECC did not authorize any expenditure for these services. The refusal to offer minutes for approval and continued effort to block legitimate requests to vote on CityLink were further proof that President Dale Mallory's conduct is impeachable.

Charge 5: Prior to the December, 2005 meeting, Vice President Shirley Colbert and Jackie Martin Carr asked President Dale Mallory for access to membership cards because there were about 100 West End residents that wanted to join the WECC to voice their position against the CityLink proposal. President Dale Mallory refused to give them the cards.
After a two-week wait, Vice President Colbert and Ms. Carr had an order of new cards printed. About 100 people were signed up as new WECC members, and there were only about 30-40 WECC members that had been previously on the paid WECC member roll. President knew that the WECC membership roll was overwhelmingly against CityLink, so he ruled the new cards invalid. Dues money was accepted by WECC Executive Committee Members, membership cards were issued, and President Dale Mallory unilaterally attempted to disenfranchise residents of the West End.
The President of the WECC is not empowered to solely control who is permitted to join the WECC. The WECC President does not have the authority to withhold membership from community residents. President Dale Mallory's continued blatant manipulation of membership cards to further his personal agenda is a violation of Section 3.

Section 5: Speaking out on issues in the name of the Council, unless designated by the body as a spokesperson (unless speaking as an individual).

President Dale Mallory has met with representatives of CityLink and conducted business on behalf of the WECC without notification of said meetings to the WECC. Before October, 2005, President Dale Mallory met with Mark Stecher over several hour-long lunches. He, in the capacity as President of the WECC, has misled several individuals in the City of Cincinnati Administration and Council and the general public that the WECC supports the CityLink Project. WECC President Dale Mallory has been described in the ENQUIRER as a CityLink supporter.

President Dale Mallory's conduct has been in direct conflict with the interests and will of the WECC. His obstructionist actions are numerous and cause for his impeachment and removal from office.

Respectfully submitted,

John Hennings

CC: West End Community Council Executive Committee