Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Dean Podcasts WECC protest at the Oakley Democratic Forum

• PODCASTING EXCLUSIVE! WECC Representatives Protesting Dale Mallory at Oakley Democratic Forum!

The Cincinnati Beacon

WECC Representatives Protesting Dale Mallory at Oakley Democratic Forum!
Thursday, March 30, 2006

Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

This evening, at the Democratic forum for candidates in the May 2nd primary at the Oakley Theatre, several citizens from the West End passed out flyers and held signs opposing Dale Mallory—the impeached president of the WECC currently taking the matter through the courts.

This audio content features an interview with David Peterson, who has lots to say about this controversy.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

CityLink Still Trying To Force The Issue

CityLink supporters considering their options
By Jay Hanselman 3/27/2006 5:30:46 PM

Supporters who want to build a one-stop social services facility in the West End are still considering their options. Last month, the City’s Zoning Board of Appeals withdrew a certificate that would have allowed the CityLink center to be built on Bank Street. They have until April 13th to decide whether to appeal to Hamilton County Common Pleas Court. Representative Elizabeth Moore says right now they’re presenting their plans to various stakeholders in the community. She says after that they'll decide the next step. Moore says another site is possible if it meets the nine criteria needed for the project. Some of those include size, safety and easy access. The Zoning Board ruled the facility was not appropriate for Bank Street because a social service facility cannot be located there. Project opponents have complained about the size of the proposed CityLink center and its proximity to three schools in the West End.


Before the zoning board rejected the zoning for the CityLink Center, CityLink officials refused to meet with stakeholders. Jay Hanselman himself covered a meeting at City Hall between the City administration, stakeholders and CityLink. The only catch being that CityLink blew it off.

Remember that when the West End Community Council voted unanimously to oppose the project, CityLink officials were unfazed:

"We are going ahead with our plans," said Rodger Howell, executive director of CityCure, one of the five social service agencies planning the center. "The city zoning allows us to build the center. It doesn't matter what the council says."

Now that they got their ass handed to them at the zoning appeal, they suddenly care what other people have to say. It is a little late in the game for the "honest" approach. They shouldn't have been ducking meetings at the outset. They shouldn't have bought off our community council President. They shouldn't have tried to ram this down our throats against the wishes of our community in the first place.

So now they want dialogue. And the only reason that they are talking now is because they bought a 1.4 million dollar property that they can't use.

CityLink Sellouts: Tim Burke and Dale Mallory

CityLink lawyer Tim Burke sent out the preceding letter in which he tried to circumvent the nominating committee of the Hamilton County Democratic Party. The nominating committee refused to endorse Dale Mallory for the 32nd. CityLink’s Tim Burke thought otherwise.

Behind the scenes arm twisting and political maneuvering like this has plagued the Democratic Party for years. An unqualified candidate gets a pass because of privilege, party favors, and connections over a better candidate with more merit, substance and public service.

“In the 32nd House District race, the two most prominent candidates in the Primary are Dale Mallory and Eve Bolton…In this race, the Committee has recommended leaving the Primary open. I believe the best choice is to endorse Dale Mallory. Dale has lived in the district all his life. He knows the district very well and I believe he is the best candidate to serve the diverse needs of the district”

Huh? I guess he did live in the district his whole life, along with thousands of other citizens. But what has he ever done, other than be executive director of the Genesis Redevelopment Scandal?

This is exactly the type of quid pro quo that was talked about in the West End Community for months, even before Dale Mallory announced his candidacy.

Dale Mallory unethically had a CityLink contract thrown to one of his friends at Elite Security, and the board of Directors of the OneCity foundation looked the other way. They didn’t even respond to the accusations. Still, it was common knowledge that the final payoff was much larger. Dale threatened people that if they opposed him and CityLink, payback was going to come once he held state office. It is no big secret that CityLink Lawyer Tim Burke, head of the Hamilton County Democratic Party had promised Dale Mallory a seat at the table. If Dale Mallory played their game and gave CityLink a free pass, he would be the next State Rep for the 32nd.

Tim Burke, paid by CityLink. Dale Mallory and Elite Security, paid by Citylink.

That is why Dale couldn’t let us vote. It wasn’t because of principle; it was just that he had already sold his soul to CityLink. And I am sure Mark Stecher knew nothing about it. Yeah right. You got a lot of dirty hands around here right now, and they are trying to push an idiot into office. It is criminal.

They guy can’t even hold office in his own community. He couldn’t run for dog catcher in this community. And he is going to represent all of us? Please.

Luckily for the people, the Executive Committee of the Hamilton County Democratic Party voted against endorsing Dale Mallory. This despite the efforts of CityLink’s Tim Burke and the efforts of the Mallory Political Machine. It was a rude awakening for them.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dale's Doctored List of Supporters

Above is official Mallory campaign material, paid for by "Mallory for State Representative". This is Dale's endorsement list. It was handed out at the Hamilton County Democratic Party executive committee meeting last Wednesday night.

CityLink lawyer Tim Burke is on this list. Burke and the Mallory clan made a last second push to get the party to endorse Dale Mallory for State Representative. The Mallory machine made every effort to strong-arm the endorsement in Dale's favor even after the nominating committee came back in favor of not endorsing any candidate. The body's rejection is a stunning defeat for Dale Mallory and family, they thought they had this one in the bag. It adds to a growing list of defeats for Dale Mallory, a list that includes CityLink and his recent impeachment and removal of office as President of the West End Community Council.

For the record, the names on the list are:

Melanie Allen
Melanie Bates
Paul Booth
Tim Burke
LaShawn Butler
James Carroll
Peter L. Cassady
Alma C. Combs
Charles A. Combs
Tom Conlan, Jr.
Chris Dennison
Daniel M. Driehaus
Con Driehaus
The Honorable Steven Driehaus
Shirley F. Evans
Sal J. Ferro
James A. Franklin
Roscoe Fultz
Kathleen Goedl
Lois Graham
Carol Groh
Jeannette Harrison
Gena Howard
Wilbur D. Jones
Veronica Ann Kistner
Thomas A. Luken
Fannie Mallory
Joe Mallory
Leslie Mallory
The Honorable Mark Mallory
Greg Matusak
Dr. O'Dell Owens
Johnnie Lee Rabb
Brewster Rhoads
Fanon A. Rucker
Matthew Rucker
Earl J. Schmidt
Anna L. Smith
John Smith
Peter Strauss
Donald Thompson
Mike Tolbert
Williams Tummler
Julia M. Ward-Purdue
Pinkie Williams
Joseph R. Wolterman

46 members of the executive committee are listed. When the time came to vote for a party endorsement, only 23 people voted in favor and the motion was defeated. It is likely that not everyone on this list was in attendance. That said, how do we explain the discrepancy between Dale's list and the actual vote?

One possible explanation is that Dale Mallory is lying about his endorsements. I have heard that some of the people listed had no idea they were on the list. When push came to shove, they certainly didn't vote for Dale. I expect that is going to be the case in the primary as well.

Dale Mallory's impeachment and removal from office has become a problem for the Democratic Party. It doesn't help Dale that he doesn't have a coherent message to the voters. Dale's message is that it is a historically black seat, and that he is a black man named Mallory. He was born with both traits that he now touts as qualifying him for the position. He has had four and a half decades to add something positive to that resume and he has failed.

Is it important to black people that Dale Mallory gets this seat? Black people in his own community just impeached him and removed him from the community council. Just as with the CityLink debacle, Dale Mallory is not going to represent the people, he is going to represent Dale Mallory. He will be the first man in Columbus with his hand out.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

OneCity Foundation and the CityLink Center

This item is taken from a lawsuit filed by Dale Mallory. The lawsuit is Dale's last gasp attempt to retake his presidency of the West End Community Council. I found this interesting....

"More than a year ago, the OneCity Foundation proposed building a CityLink Center at 800 Bank Street in the West End."

This lawsuit was filed this month, in March of 2006. According to Dale Mallory, OneCity approached him about the Bank Street location "more than a year ago", which is before March 2005.

West End Residents found out about the project for the first time in October, 2005, and they weren't informed by Dale Mallory. They were furious that he had known about it for some time without telling any of the relevant stakeholders.

Now Dale Mallory is claiming in his own lawsuit that the OneCity Foundation approached him about CityLink over a year ago, and at least 7 months before any other West End resident was informed.

His impeachment is well deserved.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mallory Dumbfounded In Face Of New West End President's Election

Old president disputes new West End council election

WEST END - A Procter & Gamble executive who is a seven-year resident of the neighborhood was elected president of the West End Community Council on Tuesday night, one month after the group ousted longtime president Dale Mallory.

But Mallory insists he is still head of the neighborhood organization.

Tuesday night, in the gymnasium of Heberle School, council members chose Robert Killins Jr. to replace Mallory, the brother of Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.

"I had an opportunity seven years ago to live anywhere in the city or beyond the city limits, but I chose to move my family here," said Killins, who is a manager of corporate contributions and community relations for P&G. "I'm excited about the potential the West End has."

Last month, the council voted to impeach Dale Mallory because of his support for the controversial CityLink project, a proposed "one-stop" mall for the poor and homeless to receive addiction treatment, job counseling and other services.

Shirley Colbert, the group's vice president, led the movement to oust Mallory, who is running this year for an Ohio House seat once held by his brother, the mayor.

Colbert, as acting president, appointed Killins as the new president; and the members present voted 28-1 to confirm her choice.

But Mallory has filed suit in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court asking the court to prevent his ouster.

Mallory was not at Tuesday night's meeting. In fact, he had scheduled a meeting of his own supporters - a group that he says is the real West End Community Council - but canceled it Tuesday afternoon because of the weather.

"They can call themselves whatever they want, but their action has no meaning," Mallory said of the group that met Tuesday night to elect Killins. "They're electing a president of the Shirley Colbert club as far as I am concerned. My last name is Mallory."

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President Robert Killins, Jr. The New West End Community Council President!

Tonight the West End Community Council chose a new course.

Tonight the West End Community Council chose a new President.

The new President was approved by a vote of 28-1. While obviously not unanimous, it was a landslide by any estimation.

The new West End Community Council President is Robert Killins, Jr., a fine man that is above the fray and above reproach from Dale Mallory and the Genesis days.

Robert Killins has been with the Procter & Gamble Company for 21 years. He spent his first 14 yeas at P&G in the Information Technology Division. He is a native of Louisiana. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in French from Grambling State University. While at Grambling State, he was elected to the Student Government Senate as well as Student Government President.

Robert supports P&G's philanthropic giving and community relations activities in Ohio.

Civically, he is an active volunteer with the United Way, serving in several capacities. He is a founding member and secretary of the Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency Foundation. He is a graduate of Leadership Cincinnati Class XXIII. He is a member and former trustee of the Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Church. He enjoys reading travel, and volunteering on community-based projects.

Robert is married to Elodie Davis-Killins. He is the father of three, two daughters (Jasmine and Nia) and a son (Robert III_. Jasmine is a freshman at the School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Nia is a second grader at Fairview German Language School. Robert III is in Kindergarten at the Zion Temple Christian Academy in Avondale.

Robert Killins stressed that he would bring stability and continuity to the WECC. He made open promises of transparency and accountability. Those are promises that the WECC needs and those are promises that he intends to keep.

The West End Community Council has chosen a new President:

Robert Killins, Jr.

Shirley Colbert

Shirley Colbert grew up in the West End. She is a graduate of Taft High School. She has lived her whole life in the West End. She was born and raised a Catholic, and she sits on the Parish Pastoral Council of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in the West End.

Shirley Colbert was president of the Laurel Homes Resident’s Council for two decades plus. Laurel Homes was the largest housing project in this city’s history. They had around 5,500 residents.

In 1990, The Cincinnati Enquirer celebrated Shirley Colbert as a “Woman of the Year”. Every year, the Enquirer selects eight new women into the club.
An article from the Cincinnati Post, May 6th, 1994

“In 1991 the Federal Government singled her out for a national honor for her efforts to encourage economic development, improve maintenance and security and keep drugs and litter off the project”

The 1991 award was from Jack Kemp and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. She met with Jack Kemp. Liked him. The name of the award was a bland “Individual Recognition Award” from HUD. I liked the Post’s description better.

I don’t have a whole list of associations that she has worked with. I jotted down some notes from some of the papers that I have read:

Laurel Homes Resident’s Council
West End Community Council
Ohio Historical Society Advisory Board
CMHA Advisory Board
A Day In Eden Board of Directors
Greater Cincinnati African American Leadership Development Training Program
Cincinnati Women’s Club Honoree at the Seasongood Forum
Applause Magazine Image Maker Award
Associated Managers, Inc. Honoree
Model Citizens Committee for recognition of Valuable and Outstanding Service

She has met personally met with 5 different Presidential Administrations.

She met with:

Richard Milhaus Nixon
Jimmy Carter
Nancy Reagan
William Jefferson Clinton
George Herbert Walker Bush (the daddy)

She said the most honest President that she met was Dick Nixon. She met with him in Washington at the Whitehouse, and she had a conversation where she stressed the fact that it is a bad idea to have a housing complex of that magnitude without a laundry facility. She pressed him on that, and he made sure they got their washers and dryers on site.

Her political activism has always been grass roots, where the rubber meets the road. She has never aspired to have higher public office, though I read a pretty niece piece about how she would be the perfect candidate for Congress. He called her the “Mayor of a small city”. (“Politics Needs Laurel Homes Proven Leader” – Jim Rohrer, Cincinnati Enquirer 4/8/91)

A quote from another article said “There is a dignity to her along with the way that she cares for her neighborhood”. She got unbelievable good press in the late 80s / early 90s. She was meeting with Presidents and Government officials, winning awards, speaking at forums and all the while serving the West End Community.

At one point in the early 90's she convinced Mayor Mann (he was then a councilman) and his wife to live in Laurel Homes for one week. It brought a lot of attention to living conditions, crime and drug dealing and the situations that they had to deal with. During that time she had the ear of editorial boards, all the press, City Council, Federal officials, and even the Presidents of the United States.

She has never strayed from her initial motivations. She has always been concentrated and focused on the betterment of her community. The community she grew up in, married in, worshiped in, raised children in, and consistently fought for.

She was behind a push to evict drug dealers from public housing, which Jack Kemp passed in the late 80’s. It is hard to imagine a time when people convicted of drug trafficking were allowed to live in public housing, but that incredibly used to happen. She even hosted an event with Drug Zar William Bennet at the Laurel Homes Residents Council. She worked with Community Oriented Policing at the onset of the program. She did everything she could to enhance and improve the lives of the people around her.

Shirley Colbert is a beautiful, exceptional and extraordinary woman. She is an invaluable asset to this community.

Shirley Colbert has been under attack. Scripted phone calls to the Buzz claim that she is committing fraud and embezzling funds. And we are only talking about $700 in membership funds that the treasurer refused to accept at every instance, including the last two WECC meetings. The thought that Shirley Colbert would go against a lifetime of grassroots political advocacy and activism for $700 bucks is laughable, but that is what they are pushing.

Her story needs to be told. It has been 16 years since she was Woman of the Year, and staffers and editorial boards have likely forgot or switched over. They need to be reminded when they are comparing her stature and credibility to Dale Mallory.

What does Dale Mallory have on his resume? He was Executive Director of Genesis. He then went on after Genesis disbanded to appoint the same cronies to the Empowerment Zone Board of Directors. Dale Mallory doesn’t have one significant achievement in this community, and he doesn’t give a damn about this community. If they are going to impugn Shirley’s integrity, we need to make it a side by side comparison with Dale.

Dale Mallory Is a Complete Idiot

Shirley Colbert asks a law enforcement officer why the roaming psycho Dale Mallory continues to attend Community Council Meetings acting like he is still President.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dale Mallory's Lawsuit Down In Flames

Dale Mallory, Nate Livingston and the Lawdog filed a lawsuit so that he could take back the West End Community Council and preside over the next meeting.

It was an emergency injunction to put Dale back in charge immediately. Nate Livingston wrote the suit, and Ken Lawson signed it. Nate charged around 25 people in a "class action" suit without any legal basis. He went after Si Leis, he went after Capt Jones of the CPD, and he went after many people of the West End Community Council.

The suit is pure trash, and Dale has no legal basis to move forward. The Lawdog asked for a continuance, because he knew he was looking at sure defeat. Imagine calling for an emergency injunction, and then pleading for a continuance until the middle of April. He didn't want to lose in court today. This lawsuit will eventually be dropped. Dale Mallory has been defeated. His attempt to take back his office has failed. He will not preside over the next meeting.

Dale Mallory was impeached of his office as President of the West End Community Council, losing over 75% of the vote in the process. He is no longer the WECC President. He chose to adjudicate the case, and now he is getting spanked in the courtroom just like he got spanked by his own community council.

It is time for the West End Community to move forward. Dale Mallory is now part of our past. Unless he tries to preside, in which case he will be arrested for disrupting a public meeting. I wonder if his little brother Mark, who lives in Mt. Airy with his parents, will show up at the next meeting.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mallory sues West End council

Let the games begin!


Mallory sues West End council

Dale Mallory, who was removed as president of the West End Community Council by members on Feb. 21, filed a lawsuit in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court on Monday, claiming he was illegally removed and asking to be returned to the office.

The lawsuit was filed against the West End Community Council's vice president, Shirley Colbert.

The dispute centers on CityLink, a one-stop social service agency to serve the poor, homeless and drug-addicted, that Mallory has supported. Some community council members who are opposed to CityLink sought Mallory's ouster.

Neither Mallory nor Colbert returned calls seeking comment. Mallory is the brother of Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.

Update: You can view the legal document here.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dale Mallory, Executive Director of Genesis Redevelopment


Neighborhood Development
Corporations Association

Genesis Redevelopment Corporation

Annual Budget $140,000
Board Size 9
Executive Director Dale Mallory
Units Completed 4 homeownership, 3 rental
Units in Progress 1 homeownership
Staff Size 2
Years in Existence 11

1087 Mound St. | Cincinnati, OH 45203 | (513) 723-1215 | (Fax) 723-1643


Neighborhood Development Corporations Association of Cincinnati
2181 Victory Parkway Suite 103, Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
Tel: (513) 281-3774 Fax:(513) 281-6600
Barbara Milon: Executive Director
Barbara Harris: Assistant to the Director

I found this on the web. I think it is outdated, and it is just a cached version of an out of date webpage.

What was interesting to me was that Dale Mallory was the Executive Director of Genesis Redevelopment. If you don't remember, the Genesis scandal rocked the West End 6 years ago. I will post more info on it later. I think that the short story is that they got close to a million bucks, and they finished work on one $80,000 house, with minor repairs to a few other houses of their relatives.

At one point I believe the City Of Cincinnati considered just disbanding the West End Community Council because it was so corrupt. It is interesting that people involved in that criminal activity still are active participants in West End issues.

Talk about time for a change! It is no wonder that over 75% of West End Community Council members voted to throw Dale out of office. I am going to look into Genesis a little bit so I can give you a better picture. It appears that the inmates are still running the asylum.