Friday, April 28, 2006

Coverup at the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation

From Howard Wilkinson and today's Cincinnati Enquirer: Eve Bolton has been requesting information on Dale Mallory from the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation.

"Eve Bolton, a Democratic candidate in the 32nd Ohio House District, wants to know what her opponent, Dale Mallory, makes as a consultant for the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp. and what he does to earn it, but said the agency's lawyers have told her she has no right to see the corporation's budget.

Cincinnati Empowerment Corp. is a nonprofit entity set up in 1998 to manage federal Empowerment Zone grants to nine low-income Cincinnati neighborhoods, including seven in the 32nd Ohio House District. Congress has not funded Empowerment Zone grants in the last several budgets; and the last agency budget posted on the corporation's Web site is from 2003."

Eve Bolton isn't the only one looking into the Cincy Empowerment Corp. The CEC has aroused the curiosity of the press and the city administration down at City Hall. The Office of Inspector General of the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development has been notified of irregularities concerning the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation.

Two weeks ago, Bolton made a request under the Freedom of Information Act asking for copies of its last four annual budgets. Bolton received a letter Wednesday from the corporation's lawyer, Noah J. Stern, saying the Freedom of Information Act did not apply.

"I just want to know what he does for them and for the neighborhoods they are supposed to be helping,'' Bolton said Thursday, standing outside the agency's Avondale office.

The Cincinnati Empowerment Zone must be quite proud of their affiliation with Dale Mallory. They won't even admit for the record if Dale Mallory has ever worked there. The Empowerment Corp is funded solely by taxpayer dollars. As such, taxpayers have a vested interest that this money is spent wisely. If things were done by the book, why the rigmarole, why the delays, why the stonewall?

If I were executive director, I would use the spotlight to tell people the great things I was doing in the community and show them how effective my programs were. Harold Cleveland left the office and ran for the hills at the first sign of fire. He won't comment. He has nothing to say to the public's questions. He is not accountable to the people.

Nobody from the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation has made an official public statement. They lawyered up at the first instance they could. Here is a short version of the dialogue:

Public: We have some questions.

Cincinnati Empowerment Zone: Everyone is out of the office, we don't know when they will be back. Talk to our lawyers.

Empowerment Zone Lawyers: Sorry folks, parks closed. The moose out front should have told ya.

The Enquirer story closes with the reporter's futile attempt to contact Dale B. Mallory.

"Mallory could not be reached for comment."

And isn't that just a shocker. Dale Mallory won't even comment on his own employment record. And he wants to represent all of us.

It doesn't matter what Noah J. Stern says, this story is just begining. These people are all acting like they have something to hide, and we are gonna find it.

An open letter to the Dean of Cincinnati


I contacted the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation two weeks ago with requests for information. To this day nobody at the CEC will even confirm to me that Dale Mallory was a paid employee of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. Harold Cleveland has yet to call me back.

If the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation paid Dale over $600 at any time during 2005, they would be required to file Form 1099 with the Internal Revenue Service. The Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation won’t even confirm the Dale even got a Form 1099.

Executive Director Harold Cleveland has been "indisposed" ever since I have called for an investigation and started asking questions.

I have hit a stone wall. You probably believe that as a young cutting edge investigative reporter that you could do better.

I would like you to try and do better. Please tell me what you find. Dale Mallory listed the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation as his employer on his ethical filing. Try to get them to confirm that he worked for them. Get a copy of his Form 1099 for me. I will be forever indebted to you.

If you come up against the same stone wall that I did, don’t be afraid to tell people about it.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mallory Backs Out of Debate

Mallory-Bolton debate a no-go

Howard Wilkinson is reporting that the Mallory camp is refusing to debate. This was predictable, given what happened on Newsmakers.

The Bolton campaign, Phenice wrote, has teamed up with "Mallory Haters.''

Bolton vs Mallory Debate?

Pay Your Taxes Dale! And Where is Markus?

The Cincinnati Enquirer politics blog has an item on a potential debate between Even Bolton and Dale Mallory.

But Phenice said the Mallory campaign preferred a debate on "neutral ground'' - not in College Hill and not in the West End, Mallory's home neighborhood, where he was impeached as community council president in February.

It is hilarious that the Mallory Camp doesn't want the debate in the West End, where Dale Mallory was impeached and removed from office. Priceless.

Yesterday Channel 12 had a news story of 25 of Dale's neighbors gathered around a boarded up building that Dale owns (and doesn't pay taxes on). It was the same boarded up building that Markus Jenkins claimed to live in for the purposes of a law suit. That same law suit got thrown out of court yesterday.

As far as the debate goes, Dale Mallory will not debate Eve Bolton again. The were on a newsmakers show together with Dan Hurley, and Mallory got destroyed. You can view that online here.

It would look bad if Mallory came out and said no to a request for a debate. His game plan is to stall and then say that they didn't have the time to set up an appropriate venue. The last thing that Dale Mallory wants to do is answer questions to the general public. He is running for public office yet he can't be found for comment.
Channel 12 Links: Video link and text link
From Channel 12
"The critics have been fighting Mallory over the City Link Social Services Center, and led his impeachment at the West End Council. Mallory sued his critics over that, along with a co-plaintiff who was supposed to be living at the boarded up building. That lawsuit was thrown out Tuesday afternoon.

Mallory responded to his critics' charges with a statement: "This is the kind of despicable, mud-slinging people have said they don't want in politics. This is a desperate action by desperate people. Unfortunately, my family has had to deal with these kinds of wild accusations and attacks for years."
However, Mallory would not do an on-camera interview, thus avoiding questions about the back taxes and the person supposedly living in a vacant building."

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mallory Lawsuit Tossed Out of Court

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead.

Dale Mallory's had his last gasp at regaining the Presidency of the West End Community Council today. Nate Livingston showed up in place of Ken Lawson, and he gave me the paper above. It was hard not to bitch-slap the little man.

Dale Mallory was looking for a third continuance in the case. Dale always knew he had no chance of winning. The goal was to push the date off until after the primary so that he always had plausible deniability. Dale could always claim that he would soon prevail in court, and that we would all see it "when the truth came out".

Well, the truth has come out. Dale Mallory's lawsuit has been thrown out of court.

Dale Mallory was impeached and removed from office by members of the West End Community Council on the 21st of February. The recommendation of the impeachment committee was unanimous. The vote from the body came to 31-10, with over 75% of his neighbors voting to give him the axe.

Dale took over two dozen people to court with two different lawsuits. Today, Dale's last remaining lawsuit was thrown out of court. Dale's lawsuit never made it past the motion to dismiss.



A reminder on what Dale said about this lawsuit and his impeachment on Newsmakers with Dan Hurley:

Dan Hurley: Well the other side of this is a controversy inside the West End Community Council, and as I understand it on January 23rd you were impeached or expelled as the President. You are now in court, suing some of the members of the West End Community Council. As somebody, a sort of grass roots politician, that is what community councils are all about. What does that say as you run for state office?

Dale Mallory: What that says is that the opposition and the so called impeachment, which didn’t happen Dan, is bogus. There was no executive committee meeting to form a hearing committee for an impeachment. There was money that was taken by the Vice President, and the president. And the President and the vice President still have that money this day. The Vice President…

Dan Hurley: You are talking about Shirley Colbert?

Dale Mallory: Well you said it I didn’t.

Dan Hurley: Yeah well, you are suing her.

Dale Mallory: Yes, and the only reason that I brought them to court Dan is to bring them into a courtroom so that somebody can tell the truth. There is a lot of money being spent behind Shirley Colbert and somebody is bankrolling her.


Dale tried to tell the truth by avoiding two depositions and then having his case thrown out on it's ass. What a smooth operator.

The truth is out there.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Mallory Avoids Deposition, Drops Case

Dale Mallory has dropped his bid to retake his position as West End Community Council President. In legal documents released today that are not yet on the court's website (, Dale Mallory stated that he "has no intent of remaining President of the West End Community Council" and that "he is respectfully dismissing this matter [the lawsuit] without prejudice.

Dale Mallory was to be deposed over a week ago under oath, and he skipped that deposition. They rescheduled his deposition for today. Dale Mallory was finally going to have to answer the questions, and answer them under oath. He would have likely been asked about his relationship with CityLink and Mark Stecher, which would have been relevant to the case. Dale's own lawsuit admits CityLink involvement for a longer time than had been previously admitted. Obviously, answering any questions would have been a political disaster for Dale Mallory, especially with the Empowerment Zone investigation on the horizon.

Some questions need to be asked: Will Dale Mallory finally stop trying to claim to people that he is still the President of the West End Community Council? Will he stop calling for alternative meetings that nobody shows up too?

Dale was down at the YMCA last Tuesday night in front of 5 of his friends conducting the "real WECC meeting". I have never heard of anything so pathetic.

If he is finally conceding the gig, will he now facilitate the transfer of records and accounts to the actual administration of the WECC? To this point, Dale and his girlfriend (Ester Williams, the WECC treasurer) have refused to give up any documents. If he is admitting that the jig is up, it is time to hand over the bank account and all the records.

Look for Dale Mallory to drop the other lawsuit as well. That is due in court tomorrow on a motion to dismiss, where it will be dismissed out of court with extreme predjudice. The only reason it hasn't been thrown out as of yet is that the Law Dog has asked for two continuances so far. I doubt the judge will grant another. Dale will drop that case before it goes to court.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Meltdown at The Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation

The Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation website is curiously offline. They must be doing some maintenance.

On Thursday the 13th, I called for an investigation into the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. Within hours, a website that hadn’t been updated in years suddenly saw some substantial revision. It is likely more revision is going on as we speak.

Public records requests were made of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation on the 14th. As of one week later no records have been produced. Forget sunshine laws and freedom of information.

Harold Cleveland, the CEO of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corp., has not been available for contact since the call for his investigation on the 13th. He won’t be back in the office until after the primary.

Dale Mallory listed the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation as his employer on his ethical filing. If he was paid any sum for consulting by the CEC it would now be on file (Form 1099) at the Internal Revenue Service. Any numbers that the CEC produces now for public consumption can be checked with that file at the IRS. No two ways round that, and that is the problem.

My sources tell me that Dale Mallory got paid off the books. The CEC can’t invent that income now and still reconcile with the info given to the IRS. Mallory stated that he was a “liaison” between the CEC and the people that wanted money. If he didn’t get paid by the Empowerment Corporation, that means he was compensated by the other party in the transaction. In the trade, this is commonly called a "kickback". I have heard that in order to do business with Dale Mallory, that is the quid pro quo.

I have reason to believe that what is happening right now is a meltdown of biblical proportions. Phones ringing off the hook. Documents and paper trails are bing shredded and lost forever. Nobody at the CEC is willing to give anyone a look at their books until they get their story straight. And they are deseperately trying to get their ducks in a row as we speak. This isn't just Dale Mallory going down, the question now is just how many people he will take with him. The City hasn't seen corruption like this since Genesis Redevelopment, and given the scope and sheer size of the Empowerment Corporation's budget this promises to make Genesis look like child's play.

The meltdown is going to be spectacular.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Law Dog's Malpractice Woes

"Hey, Malpractice Fans, legal woes just keep mounting for Ken "Mad Dawg" Lawson. Two more former clients filed malpractice case against him this week for screwing up their cases. They're joining a pretty long line. And Ken thought that he was safe because whenever he screwed up a client’s case, the guy was stuck in jail. Obviously, Ken’s thinking is just as good as his lawyering."

You can visit the Blower online at:

Having read a couple of Ken Lawson's lawsuits, I can sympathize with the victims in this case.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Roundup Time!

A Blog Roundup on some related activity:

Black Activist Shot In Cincinnati

Scroll down for his take on the shooting. He has an intersting take. Teaser:

this whole situation is dirty and complicated, involving some of the most shady and notorious characters in Cincinnati’s most shady and notorious neighborhoods, the West End. i used to do community organizing in the West End, and have written about it in the past, and in fact i met and worked with all three of the main players in this case. please allow me to tell you a little about this bizarre cast of characters.

After that post the talent level drops off a bit:

The Politics of Anonymous Blogging:

I don't think The Dean likes the fact that we post anonymously. He has also determined it is his mission to prove that the "IMPEACH MALLORY" blog has an anti-Mallory bias. STOP THE PRESSES! Tell me that ain't breaking news. I can't wait to read his reviews of

Is this agenda-driven journalism? No. It is simply not journalism at all. It is agenda driven? Maybe the title of the blog might clue you in to that, you don't even need a cap and gown.

We don't claim to be fair and ballanced. We do want people to look at the issues. Lots of credible factual evidence is out there for a story, if only The Dean could see the forest through the trees.

Maybe that crew should stick to posting stories about how David Pepper killed Kabaka and the whole city is on the brink of another riot. And while we are on David Pepper, he finances this blog and our entire operation. Ask Nate Livingston. In fact, I am David Pepper, and I can't wait to torch Phil Hindlick's ass in the coming election.

Speaking of Nate: Here is where our roundup talent brigade hits rock bottom.

Enquirer Anti-Mallory Bias

I enjoy it more when the troll has his articles posted on the Beacon, because then Nate can't moderate the comments. Nate has gone off the deep end lately. Please be nice, he may be at a breaking point.

After that, I want to end on a bright note:

A video link has become available for the Bolton-Mallory Debate. Check it out. For a good drinking game with friends, try drinking everytime Dale Mallory says "umm" or "uhh". That man has a real grasp on the issues of the day. He got his ass handed to him.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mallory Appointed Killer to Board of Directors

Dale Mallory appointed Beatty to board

Dale Mallory helped appoint the man who allegedly shot Kabaka Oba outside City Hall last week to a powerful board that handles millions of redevelopment dollars for poor areas of town.

Howard Beatty has admitted to shooting Kabaka Oba. Howard Beatty shot him dead. Dale Mallory appointed killer Howard Beatty to the board of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation, which as Mr. Klepal stated “handles millions of redevelopment dollars”.

Mallory, who is running to represent the 32nd Ohio House
District, said the West End Community Council's executive board made the appointment. But vice president Shirley Colbert said Mallory rarely allowed the executive committee to meet. Mallory was impeached earlier this year.

"That's his thing," Colbert said of the Beatty appointment.
"He's just telling a lie. He needs a reality check."

One of the things at the heart of the impeachment was how Dale Mallory continually set the agenda by himself for the West End Community Council. He wouldn’t have executive committee meetings, and he rarely consulted anyone else’s opinion. It was Dale’s Council. Dale set the agenda, and Dale made the appointments.

If Dale wants dispute it, he should at least be challenged to show minutes and attendance rosters of the meetings where these decisions were presented, discussed and eventually made. Shirley Colbert is calling Dale on the carpet “He’s just telling a lie. He needs a reality check.” Colbert is succinct and to the point (as usual). In a case of he said / she said, Dale Mallory loses the credibility battle when measured up against Shirley Colbert, 1990 Enquirer Woman of the Year.

Mallory said the Beatty appointment was appropriate because his brother, George, owns a successful restaurant.

George Beatty was term limited out of being on the Board, so Dale appointed his brother because of George. What is the use of term limits if you get to appoint a surrogate in this fashion?

Howard Beatty was not an appropriate choice, he was a dishwasher and a lackey in Junebug’s restaurant. The man is a functional illiterate, (*Dale, that means he can’t read), he is not an appropriate choice for the CEC board.

Maybe what qualified Junebug and Hit-man Howie to be board members was their sterling record in development with Genesis. With track records like that how can you argue with results. I would not be surprised if we were looking into the second FBI probe of these guys of the decade.

What I didn’t like about this article is that it didn’t articulate some of the connections (connecting the dots). Dale Mallory works at the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. When you appoint members to the board and then get them to hire you, you have an ethical conflict of self-dealing. The article could have also talked about Orlinda Beatty working as paid staff at the CEC as well.

Finally, any recount of this should mention the Genesis Redevelopment scandal. Basically, the same cast and crew were screwing the West End and the City out of hundreds of thousands only a few years ago in the name of Genesis. How quickly we all forget.

Mallory Campaign Taking On Water

Mallory name no longer a sure thing

Today Howard Wilkinson has an article on the tough going that Dale has made for himself in the race for the 32nd. The article talks about CityLink and Dale Mallory’s impeachment and removal from office.


“Yard signs for a Mallory opponent on Dayton Street are a sure sign that times have changed. In February, after months of wrangling and recriminations, members of the West End Community Council voted 31-10 to remove Mallory as president.”

Times have changed. But wait, there is more:

Robert Newman, lawyer for Colbert and the others, said Mallory was impeached because "he repeatedly would not allow them to vote on the CityLink project. It was as simple as that. They wanted a vote and he wouldn't allow it.

But Mallory maintains his impeachment "was just an act of retribution. I didn't speak out against CityLink, so I had to go."

The funny thing is that according to Dale Mallory, the West End Community Council never had a vote on CityLink. No vote in October, November, December or January. With so much controversy, why didn’t Dale let the people decide? Seems pretty simple to me. Did the people not want to vote? Not likely. So who did everything they could to prevent people from voting, including shutting down meetings without motions? Dale Mallory.

The article talks about Genesis Redevelopment, but it never mentions that Dale Mallory was Executive Director of Genesis Redevelopment. It should have included that.

Another gem:

“Mallory, whose day job is at Cincinnati Empowerment Corp., where he is a liaison between the agency and neighborhoods seeking empowerment zone funds.”
The full empowerment zone story is the biggest story that is still not being told. Dale Mallory has appointed people to the board of the Empowerment Zone. Those people have hired friends and family and put them on the payroll. It is the same type of thing that happened with Genesis Redevelopment, by some of the exact same people that were involved in Genesis. Wake up people!

Why do the same people continually end up controlling the spigot of public funds? After sinking over $800,000.00 in Genesis, maybe some one should point out what a bad idea this is.

People should be asking for HUD’s guidelines on conflicts of interest, and also for a copy of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation’s ethical policy on hiring relatives.

And we finally found out what Dale does at the Empowerment Zone. Get this, he is a liaison between the agency and the people seeking the funds!! WOO HOO! What a perfect job for Dale.

The Empowerment Zone hasn’t published any public RFPs for years if you check their website. If you want money, you need to go through our community liaison: Dale Mallory. What a perfect job for Dale. He doesn’t have to show up regular hours (he is a consultant), and he gets to be the middleman standing between would-be developers and a large pool of empowerment zone cash. (WARNING TO THE DEAN, EDITORIAL COMMENTS SNEAKING IN HERE:) If you don’t believe that Dale has his hand out, you are either batshit crazy or you simply don’t know Dale Mallory.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Howard Beatty Press Release

For Immediate Release: Dale Mallory's Association with City Hall Shooter Howard Beatty (Saturday: 4/15/06)

Cincinnati- Dale Mallory, in his former capacity as President of the West End Community Council, appointed City Hall shooter Howard Beatty to the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation (CEC) Board of Directors. Howard Beatty, a man with a documented criminal past, shot community activist Kabaka Oba on April 12th, 2005 in front of Cincinnati City Hall. The Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation is an influential and well-funded organization. The CEC is funded through a federal program which was designed to spur diverse community and economic growth in inner-cities throughout the US.


Update: As of Thursday 4/13/06 the CEC started to make changes to their website. Some of the references to Howard Beatty were deleted. Find a pre-shooting version via Google’s cached version here.

Here is the current CEC version edited after the City Hall shooting here.


Howard Beatty was appointed as the representative for the West End community for a term beginning in 2005. The appointment of Howard Beatty was made by Dale Mallory without the knowledge or ratification of the Community Council. Howard Beatty is also the head of the CEC’s Economic Workforce Development Committee. In the last public budget (2002), the Economic and Workforce Development Committee funded over $6,000,000 in disbursements.

Prior to Howard Beatty’s appointment, Dale Mallory appointed Howard’s brother, George Beatty, aka Junebug, to the CEC Board of Directors. This action was also taken without knowledge or ratification of the West End Community Council.

Dale Mallory and George Beatty also orchestrated the appointment of Len Garrett as the Queensgate Representative to the CEC Board of Directors. Mr. Garrett is now the CEC Board Chair. Shortly after Mr. Garrett’s appointment to the CEC Board, Dale Mallory was hired as a consultant to the CEC. It is unknown what duties Mr. Mallory performs for the CEC.

It is believed Mr. Mallory’s contract is in excess of $30,000 per annum, but this is not confirmed at this time because the CEC has not publicized its budget for several years. The CEC is a 501(c)3 corporation and subject to requisite sunshine laws.

A public record of Dale Mallory’s financial relationship with the CEC is available via his campaign financial disclosure statement and can be found here.

(See PUBLIC INFORMATIION: “Financial Disclosure Statements Filed”: File Folder “MNOP”)

It is believed that Dale’s appointees to the CEC Board have orchestrated the disbursement of millions of federal tax dollars to programs that continue to produce dubious results. In one example, it is believed the wife of George Beatty, Orlinda, worked for the recipient of CEC funds. Orlinda Beatty currently works for the CEC.

Dale Mallory is Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory’s brother. Dale Mallory was recently impeached as President of the West End Community Council due to his alleged support of the controversial CityLink project. Dale Mallory is running in the Democratic Primary for the 32nd House District (Ohio)

Relevant Links:

Dale Mallory's Ethical Filing

Kabaka Oba Shot: Beatty, Lawson, and the Mallory Cabal

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dale Mallory's Ethical Filing

Dale Mallory’s ethical filing is a matter of public information. If you look at the very first page he lists his employer as Cincinnati Empowerment Corp. Their website is .

Dale Mallory isn’t listed as on staff. On page 4 of his ethical filing, he listed consulting as the service he performs for the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation.

Notice Orlinda Beatty on the staff page?

Notice Len Garrett and Hit-Man Howard Beatty on the Board of Directors? Dale had them appointed. . He never vetted his appointments through the West End Community Council, as is required. It never went to the body for approval. That is how you can get a functional illiterate hit-man gangster as your community’s representative to the Empowerment zone and the millions of dollars in grant money that they receive. Talk about the inmates running the asylum. You can’t make this stuff up, (trust me I tried).

Junebug was on the board of directors before his brother Hit-Man Howard. His wife even works for the Empowerment Corporation. And of course Junebug, the Hit-Man, and Len Garrett all worked together with Dale Mallory once before: at Genesis Redevelopment.

So Dale Mallory used his position as President of the WECC to appoint his cronies to the Board of Directors of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation. His cronies then used their positions as board members to hire family members and then give Dale a “consulting kickback”. All they while they channel the government money that goes through the empowerment zone.

Check out that Empowerment Zone website. It hasn’t been updated in awhile. It is hard to tell exactly what they are doing. They aren’t taking any RFP’s, and they haven’t publicly for years judging by that site. But I am sure they are if you know someone like Dale, if you know what I mean. If you want to do business they have to get their cut.

This is a case of clear self-dealing by Dale Mallory. I don’t know the law, so I can’t tell anyone if this is illegal or disqualifies him from office. I do know that from an ethical standpoint once again Dale Mallory fails the test.

Dale Mallory’s dealing with the Empowerment Zone should be investigated. I also feel that the empowerment zone itself may have been compromised and should also be investigated. I think the way that Dale Mallory does business is criminal.

Kabaka Oba Shot: Beatty, Lawson, and the Mallory Cabal

Kabaka Oba was shot right outside of Cincinnati City Hall yesterday. Oba was shot multiple times, but he survived the firefight and identified his accuser.

Hours later, Mr. Howard Beatty turned himself in for the hit. His lawyer is none other than Ken Lawson.

Who is Howard Beatty?

The hit man Howard Beatty is currently on the Board of Directors of the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation, representing the West End Community Council. He was anointed to that position by Dale Mallory. His appointment was never ratified by the body of the West End Community Council.

Howard Beatty is functionally illiterate. How he came to become on a board of directors is a mystery when he can't even spell it. Check out the look in his eyes on that mugshot. The man is a dim pawn in the Mallory political machine.

Howard Beatty was also a board member of the Genesis Redevelopment Corporation, back when Dale Mallory led Genesis as Executive Director. Howard Beatty’s brother is “Junebug”, George Beatty. George Beatty used to be President of the WECC. He was also a prominent member of Genesis along with his brother, Genesis was a family affair.

For the record, Genesis took close to a million dollars to build one home and do surface cosmetic enhancements to a handful of others. When the city went looking for the money they got threatened by hit men like Howard and George Beatty and they backed off and ran.

While Junebug (George Beatty) was President of the WECC, Cincinnati City Council considered dissolving the Community Council altogether. When the Genesis investigation began, George Beatty stepped down and Dale Mallory stepped in. He became Executive Director of Genesis Redevelopment, and eventually President of the West End Community Council.

Genesis Ties and The Empowerment Zone

The West End Community Council is part of the Empowerment Zone. As such, the community has the power to appoint members to their Board of Directors. Junebug, George Beatty was appointed to the Board of Directors for two terms. When he term limited out, Dale appointed the hit man Howard Beatty to do the deal.

From Queensgate, Dale had Len Garret appointed as well. Len Garrett was also a member of both Genesis and the WECC during the paydays. By stacking the board, they were able to exert influence and give money to friends out of the budget. Orlinda Beatty, Junebug's wife is on the paid payroll of the Empowerment Zone. It is also rumored that Dale Mallory is getting paid by the EZ as a consultant.

From what I am told, he was hired by the very people he appointed, a Mallory lesson in self dealing. I hope to confirm this when his ethical filing comes out for the public record.This story is developing as we speak.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mallory vs. Bolton Debate

Transcript of Channel 12 Newsmakers Debate: Dale Mallory vs. Eve Bolton
Dan Hurley, Reporter, Interviewer & Moderator
Easter Sunday; April 16th, 2006

Dan Hurley: Good Morning and welcome to local 12 Newsmakers. On Tuesday May the second Ohio voters have the opportunity in a primary election. Over the next three weeks, Newsmakers will be totally devoted to those elections.

We begin with the Democratic Party primary for State Representative in the 32nd district. The Ohio 32nd district is anchored in the south in the West End and Over the Rhine; it moves north through Clifton Heights and Clifton to Avondale and College Hill in the north. Over the last 40 years, the district has been represented by 3 people: William Mallory Sr. represented the district for 28 years. His son Mark Mallory represented the district for 4 years before being elected to the Ohio Senate and now the mayorship. And for the last 8 years Catherine Barrett has represented the district. She is term limited out and cannot run this year.

I am joined this morning by two principled candidates. Dale Mallory is the son of William Mallory and the brother of the Mayor. He is retired from GE, a long time activist in the West End as the former president of the West End Community Council. He also works as a consultant to the Cincinnati Empowerment Corporation.

Eve Bolton is a resident of College Hill. She served as a council member in Mt. Healthy, a single term from 1993-1997 as Hamilton County Recorder, and she has taught at Wyoming High School for over 30 years. As a history teacher, right?

Eve Bolton: Yes I am.

Dan Hurley: There you go. Welcome to Newsmakers both of you. I want to point out there are two other candidates: Eric Wilson and also Yvette Barbara Baldwin, but to be perfectly honest I think that everybody recognizes that you two are the principle candidates.

Eve, what is at stake in this race?

Eve Bolton: What is at stake for the whole state of Ohio is a new governing council and group in Columbus to save our state and in an effort to get our state moving again we need at least 2 party control of the dialogue and the debate, and we haven’t had that. So in our representative race, we are seeking to go to the State Capital and make a big difference on schools, on housing, on urban development, on landfill and also on maintaining green-space. Everything is at stake.

Dan Hurley: Dale, what would you say is at stake?

Dale Mallory: I would say the whole direction of the state is at stake. Some of the things that Eve mentioned. I know that this is an opportunity to move this district, this state into better healthcare, and I guess we need to be more supportive of our schools, it is so vital. Dan there are so many things at stake, I don’t know where to start.

Dan Hurley: Ok, let me ask you a couple of specific questions. One of the proposals in Columbus at the moment is to change school funding, and that is of course the second half of this [Newsmakers program]. I am going to be focus on school funding. Schools have to repeatedly go back to the voters, because every time property values are reassessed, the rates roll down and schools can’t account for inflation, they get trapped. So schools become the focus of everybody’s concern about taxes. Would you support a change in the law so that that levies could increase with property values and therefore deal with inflation more easily, and therefore not have to go back to the voters so often? Would you support that law?

Dale Mallory: Well I would support anything that would create the atmosphere of not having to initiate another, or any more school taxes, but the schools, and especially CPS, they were selling some of the school buildings I guess in order to generate money, we have built new schools, there are rumors of schools closing, those are the more direct issues. All politics is local Dan, and right now we are facing Heberle being closed, Bloom being closed…

Dan Hurley: These are West End Schools

Dale Mallory: These are West End Schools, then you have schools around the city and in this district that are being sold, so what we have to do is let that dust to settle, we have to see what we have before we can determine our next move.

Dan Hurley: Are you saying the next Ohio Representative ought to be involved in those sorts of details on the school issue?

Dale Mallory: Well part of the problem is the state legislators have not connected with the city leaders the way that they should have in the past, so once everybody comes together in the room I am sure that we can resolve some of these issues.

Dan Hurley: Eve, how do you feel about this question of changing the way schools are funded?

Eve Bolton: We must change the way schools are funded. It is too much of a burden on the property owners, and more importantly four years ago the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the way we are currently funding schools is unconstitutional, and the executive branch and the legislative branch have ignored that ruling.

I would also suggest though, that it is not just a way of dealing with inflation with perhaps fewer levies, but I think it is also that the state should stop passing unfunded mandates that put a tremendous burden on the local systems. That is a draw on those dollars, whether it is CPS or whether it is Finneytown schools that we are also representing in Springfield Township. That’s one area, and another area that the state could significantly increase funding in is regarding technology. I think that whoever is the new Governor needs to make several phone calls and make sure that the corporate structure in this state and our wonderful college and university organizations come together to make this a global center of education.

Dan Hurley: Lets move on to another area of State concern and that is healthcare. We all know that Massachusetts has changed the state law to try to move to universal health care. Where do you stand, what are the priorities for you in the health care area? Eve?

Eve Bolton: Priorities for me right now are that the people who actually have a job and are working, some would describe them as the working poor, are the least able to get health care. Those folks need to be focused on, and I think you do that by making major kinds of tax effects for those people who employ them, to encourage health coverage.

Dan Hurley: So encourage employers, find a way for employers to more easily buy health care.

Eve Bolton: And I think another way to focus, and I think what the people of Massachusetts are doing is great leadership, but I think another way to focus would be prenatal care through the age of 12, I think our state could come together and find a program to at least on the front side of life begin to invest in young people’s health.

Dan Hurley: Dale what about Health Care?

Dale Mallory: There are so many people without healthcare now Dan. Several months ago there was this co-pay system initiated at the hospitals, in which a lot of people who cannot afford the co-pay are turned away. We have to reverse that trend. I think that at the state level we should push for better health care. I know that some company’s benefits have been reduced, that needs to be revisited. I think there should be incentives for companies to provide healthcare for their employees. We really need to get a handle on the healthcare situation.

Dan Hurley: Dale, you have over the past few months been involved in a very controversial situation, I want to get some things clarified. First off, the subject matter of this has been around CityLink, an organization, a proposal to bring a lot of social services together in one spot on Bank Street, in the northern part of the West End close to the Clifton Heights area. I want you to clarify, because I am not clear in my own mind, where do you stand as an individual on CityLink? So do you support it, do you oppose it, where do you stand on CityLink?

Dale Mallory: You know CityLink is just a word Dan, the poor and homeless is the actual issue. Years ago my father fought beside Reverend McCracken, and they fought for the homeless and the poor. And when that CityLink issue came forward I saw that the community was divided. There were those that wanted to increase their property values in the community, but those who live there and do not attend public meetings wanted to know what was involved in CityLink, they wanted to know what CityLink had to offer. All I said all along is, let’s invite them in; these are 10 organizations, 10 different ministries, 10 different boards...

Dan Hurley: So you favor inviting them in and having them develop this?

Dale Mallory: No, in any situation you must educate the public, you must allow a community, like the one that we are in to be enlightened on what you are about to present to them, and that is all I said, lets hear what they have to say, and the opposition didn’t want to hear it at all. There are people in the community that still don’t understand what CityLink was.

Dan Hurley: Eve, where do you stand and how do you perceive the process that has gone on with this CityLink controversy?

Eve Bolton: Well where I stand on CityLink is that I oppose it, and I oppose it I think for the reason that Dale should oppose it. And that is generally that his community, of which he was president opposed it, and that a number of times, four different months a vote was denied for the people to take a stand on CityLink. I oppose it because first of all it is too big, second there is three schools within a stones throw of where they want to place it. It is three times the size of the one that is in Los Angeles. And the reality is I know from my College Hill redevelopment experience is that all of our neighborhoods are at a tipping place, and it is a real balance to seek economic development and yet make sure that that economic development allows for a sustainable neighborhood. I don’t believe that there is where we need to put CityLink.

Dan Hurley: I want to ask one more time Dale, because I am still not clear. Do you personally support or oppose CityLink?

Dale Mallory: I support helping the poor and homeless, and Eve opposes the poor and homeless, which happen to be predominately African American.

Dan Hurley: Your saying by her opposition to CityLink she is opposing…

Dale Mallory: No, she just said that the people of my community, which, Eve probably hasn’t really visited our community since the arts festival last year, but there are poor and homeless people out there. Our community has plenty of people who need services period, it is not about CityLink, it is about helping people. And two, my opponent gets here and acted like she attended meetings, she believes here-say and she has taken a one-sided, I guess…

Dan Hurley: Well the other side of this is a controversy inside the West End Community Council, and as I understand it on January 23rd you were impeached or expelled as the President. You are now in court, suing some of the members of the West End Community Council. As somebody, a sort of grass roots politician, that is what community councils are all about. What does that say as you run for state office?

Dale Mallory: What that says is that the opposition and the so called impeachment, which didn’t happen Dan, is bogus. There was no executive committee meeting to form a hearing committee for an impeachment. There was money that was taken by the Vice President, and the president. And the President and the vice President still have that money this day. The Vice President…

Dan Hurley: You are talking about Shirley Colbert?

Dale Mallory: Well you said it I didn’t.

Dan Hurley: Yeah well, you are suing her.

Dale Mallory: Yes, and the only reason that I brought them to court Dan is to bring them into a courtroom so that somebody can tell the truth. There is a lot of money being spent behind Shirley Colbert and somebody is bankrolling her.

Dan Hurley: I want to point out that as we speak here, as we tape this morning, there are picketers outside this station.

Dale Mallory: Yeah right, that’s Eve’s entourage, who passes out literature without disclaimers on it which is illegal.

Dan Hurley: Eve, is that your entourage?

Eve Bolton: No.

Dale Mallory: They have done it at several Democratic meetings, they are associated with Eve.

Dan Hurley: Eve, you have been involved in a lot of grassroots politics as well over the years. What do you think this says about, and how does this relate to the question of running for state office?

Eve Bolton: Dale was impeached and it remains a fact. He is fighting that in court, as is his right. The reality though is that he has sued not only his neighbors and prominent ministers within his neighborhood, but he has also sued the County Sheriff and members of the [Cincinnati] Police Division. So the reality is that he was impeached and he has taken it to court. What this tells me is that the people who know Dale best, the people who trusted him when he was elected to try to help in the West End in 2001, have said “No, you are not a help”. And I don’t know how you, if your name isn’t Mallory, you can’t possibly think that you could go out as anybody else and ask other folks that don’t know you to trust you.

Dale Mallory: You know what Dan, all that is very untrue, it is speculation, Eve really hasn’t been around enough to know about the issue period, and she knows very little about our community. And Eve, I have never seen you at a West End Community Council meeting. It is not about me Dan, it is about the community, it is about helping the people. Our family has a long tradition of public service, and that is what we do.

Dan Hurley: And that is true, rooted in the West End.

Dale Mallory: And we help the poor and homeless, we help the well-to-do, we help everyone that we possibly can, but from what I understand from Eve…

Dan Hurley: But on the other side of that Dale there is a concrete issue here right now, about, not your family but about you.

Dale Mallory: Yes, and that issue is that I have led my community for 4 years. I have fought crime, I went to the streets and I proposed private security, I worked with the arts group. I have done so many good things that they cannot be overshadowed by one issue, and this is a one hit, one issue situation. And Eve is clinging to it, this is political posturing.

Dan Hurley: I am basically out of time. Eve, I wanted to ask you a couple of things real quick. Again, the picketers that showed up here this mourning, surprised all of us, are they related to you in any way?

Dale Mallory: Yes they are. Yes they are.

Eve Bolton: The CityLink people that are against CityLink have said that they want to make sure that Dale is not elected to be State Representative, to do to other neighborhoods what he has proposed to do to his own. So those people that are out there are not part of my campaign, and the literature that they pass out is not associated with my campaign. But they have been a truth squad every place that Dale has tried to go to campaign, because they want the message to be very clear that he was impeached.

Dan Hurley: And very quickly, Dale has said you have not been in the West End, which is a major part of this district on any sort of regular basis; do you want to say anything about that?

Eve Bolton: That is an outrage; he also said that I don’t care about the homeless or the poor; that is an outrage. I was in the West End any number of times that I have campaigned. I was in the West End the number of times I have supported the arts in the West End. And just last week I went through many of the facilities that are part of CMHA, and found no security to help those people, no security to protect them from the drug dealers that are on those streets.

Dan Hurley: I am way overtime, so Thank you both for being here. The night of May 2nd...

Dale Mallory: May 2nd, need to vote on May 2nd. Don’t vote for Eve.

Copyright Violations Scandal Rocks Impeach Mallory Blog!!!!

Here at the Impeach Mallory blog we pride ourselves on three things:

() Our integrity
() The factual veracity of our assertions
() Our ability to consume copious amounts of intoxicating beverages

It has come to our attention that crewmember Deepthroat has committed a serious transgression in our code of conduct. We were informed last night by an Enquirer attorney that Deepthroat had violated copyright laws. Personally, I was aghast.

The issues at hand were two:

1) You simply can’t reprint full articles from the Cincinnati Enquirer (it is copyrighted material). Property rights and all.

2) You especially can’t reprint those articles and do things like substitute the word “bum” for the word homeless, or even go as far as to invent quotes from Mark Stecher, the arrogant prick who wasn’t even in the original article.

As an act of contrition for these violations, we have suspended Deepthroat without pay for a day, which ends at midnight tonight. We have also offered up apologies to Dan Klepal, The Enquirer, and the Vatican. And if something like this ever happens again, I pledge to explode in a hyperbolic fit of mock outrage that has seldom been seen on the World Wide Web.

We take a serious pride in the fact that we are the world wide leader in Mallory Impeachment News. For the Mallory-impeaching news-gathering masses, this site offers of a veritable cornucopia of useful information.

The hit counter reports that we even have people from Gdańsk checking in. Just a couple of decades ago, these people were mired behind the Iron Curtain, forced into the brutal conditions of winter in communist northern Poland on the Baltic Sea. Long since then the wall has fell, and that taste of freedom has led them (somehow inadvertently) to the Impeach Mallory Blog. We can’t let them down. In a way I would like to think the future of the entire free world depends upon this blog’s survival.

I would also like to thank my good friend Nate Livingston for finally linking to this site. As long as you get the name right Nate, we don’t care what you say about us.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Idiot Lawson asks for second continuance

Got back a bit ago from the courtroom. Dale Mallory sure hired the right lawyer. Ken Lawson just asked for his second continuance in the case, claiming that he did not have enough time to respond to the motion to dismiss that was filed.

A continuance isn't a big story, unless you consider that the purpose of this whole suit is to have some sort of emergency temporary restraining order that would restore Dale Mallory as West End Community Council President. They claim in the suit that the judge has to act immediately, then they ask for more time as soon as they see the gunboats in the water.

And Nate Livingston considers the judge granting a continuance a great victory for the Mallory camp. Given the string of defeats (CityLink, Impeachment, Losing the Endorsement battle), I can see how the Mallory camp can look at a continuance with great favor.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Where Does Markus Jenkins Live?

Dale Mallory goes to court tomorrow. Dale currently has two lawsuits against over two dozen people in relation to his impeachment. He has sued the West End Community Council, the Dayton Street Neighborhood Association, The City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. He has demanded that the court give him a temporary restraining order and immediately restore him as President of the West End Community Council.

In his first case against Shirley Colbert the judge refused his motion to reinstate him as President of the WECC. Tomorrow is his last gasp, and I am betting that the case gets thrown out of court.

One of the people involved in the lawsuit on Dale's side is a republican from Bond Hill, a man named Markus Jenkins. Markus has a development contract with CityLink, they are business partners. When CityLink goes up he gets paid, and he has a vested interest in keeping CityLink and the Mallory Politcal Machine alive.

Court records show that Markus Jenkins lives at 1043 Cheyenne Drive in Bond Hill. Ironically, Mr. Jenkins once challenged a Democratic politician for not living in the district. Mr. Jenkins lost on that, so now I guess he feels free to claim that he can live anywhere he wants for both poltical and personal monetary gain.

Look at the pictures of the homes above. One is of 1043 Cheyenne Drive, which is a lovely home in Bond Hill. The next picture is 925 Dayton Street, a boarded up vacant building owned by Dale Mallory.

Markus Jenkins signed an affidavit for Dale's case tommorrow. In that statement he claimed to live at 925 Dayton Street, and he also claimed to be a card carrying member of the West End Community Council. He claims that his civil rights were violated because he was not allowed to vote during Dale's impeachment hearing. It highlights the problem of the Mallory clan when their biggest supporter is from Bond Hill and is on the CityLink payroll.

You have to wonder just how much an idiot Ken Lawson is to file a lawsuit with affidavits from people that are so easily proven to be lies. The house at 925 Dayton Street has been boarded up and vacant for years. The meters are locked, and it hasn't had any activity from CG&E during the last 12 months. Markus Jenkins has been an officer of the Republican Party. He has been in the press and on the radio and is well know as outspoken on issues. It is no secret that he lives in Bond Hill, and it is disrespectful to the judicial system to have him clogging it up with affidavits claiming otherwise.

Also interesting is that Dale Mallory is delinquent on his property taxes on 925 Dayton. You can check it yourself on the auditor's site. In 2003, CityBeat wrote up the property as "Blight of the Week". Dale acquired the property from CMHA, the price listed is $0. 925 Dayton Street is a microcosm of Dale's work in the West End, which is big rhetoric but no delivery. In the end, Dale got something for nothing and he is letting it whither on the vine. He isn't even paying taxes on it, let alone restoring it. And then he uses it as a shell for his lies and deceit in an effort to manipulate the court system for his political gain. That is Dale for ya.

The lawsuit is a complete joke, and whoever wrote it is a buffoon. It is full of boldfaced lies, like the lies of Markus Jenkins. It will get tossed out tomorrow, as Dale Mallory breathes the last gasp of his political career.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

More on the CityLink Appeal

Friday, April 07, 2006

CityLink Appeals Zoning

Breaking news from the Brian Tome Blog:

From: CityLink
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 4:51 PM

Subject: CityLink Center Announcement

Today we are sending out an announcement about CityLink Center that the Board decided to file an appeal of the Zoning Board of Appeal’s February decision on the 800 Bank Street property.

At this time, the 800 Bank Street property continues to be the only property we have identified that fits our criteria. In addition, we believe that our campus of services legally fits within the zoning. Therefore, we believe the most prudent course of action at this time is to pursue an appeal for the property we already own. However, we remain open to many new ideas and even other locations, but we were required to have a final decision about the appeal by April 13th.

If you would like to discuss our decision or the development of CityLink further, please feel free to contact us so we can arrange to meet at your convenience. Unfortunately I will personally be out of the country leading a mission trip to South Africa until April 22, but would personally be happy to talk with you when I return. If you would like to speak with someone before that time, feel free to respond to this e-mail and others on our team will be in touch.

Thanks –
Tim Senff & the rest of the CityLink Center Board


If you read the zoning code, CityLink doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. The only reason that they are appealing is to play out all their options and buy more time. The truth of the matter is they bought a property for $1.4 million that they can't use. That is quite a pickle.

Here is a blog entry from a young UC law student named Chris Feldhaus. He examined the zoning issues in depth. Check it out.

Group Of People Who Don't Live In West End Plan Homeless Mall In West End

By Gerard Oh | Dealer staff writer

BRIGHTON - A group of churches, faith-based organizations, and a couple fake churches are planning to build a 5-acre homeless mall in the West End complete with counseling, medical, and a coffee shop. This way, the bums can ask each other for cash as they stand in line for coffee.

Interestingly enough, of the ten members of this group, dubbed CityLink, none are located in the West End. Located as near as OTR, and as far away as Springdale and Madisonville, these members graciously put forth energy to place the poor in a location they can all agree to avoid.

Spokesman for Vineyard Community Church in Springdale, Mark Frew, said, "It feels good to be able to serve a mocha to a homeless person, give em some job advice, and then get my ass back up the highway to Tri-County. I think all us members would agree."

The group plans to buy the existing building - a former slaughterhouse - with $12 million dollars in private donations.

In unrelated news, 3CDC, the Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation, who have been rapidly purchasing all the property around Washington Park as part of an OTR revitalization plan, made a $12 million disbursement to an anonymous charity this week.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Whistleblower on Dale Mallory, Dale's inept Lawyer, and the CityLink Center development

The Whistleblower recently covered the Dale Mallory situation. If you don't already read the Whistleblower you should. They also took some shots at his inept lawyer Ken Lawson. As a bonus, they also had some CityLink coverage.

As an aside, the staff here at the Impeach Mallory Blog are going to look into the CityLink prison release allegations and report back to our gracious public. Hats off to the Whistleblower for these gems:

"CityLink is a bigger story than many folks understand and the excellent marketing by Cross Roads have used short catchy phrases like one stop shop and homeless... What their brochure shows and what they're trying to do are two different things. We believe their real intent is to use the facility as an early release program to help free up the prisons....they plan to use George Bush's faith based initiative to fund it. "

" "Jaywalking Joe" Deters is planning to support Ken Lawson to back fill Judge Bill Mallory if Bill is elected to another court. Our snitch says would be one of the worse moves we could possibly make. If there is any truth to this rumor our snitch hopes The Blower will work to stop it, because Ken Lawson has done more to hurt the progress of this City than any other lawyer. Our Snitch says he doesn't want to imagine what he would do as judge.

"In another rumor, Dale Mallory failed to secure the democrat nomination for the 32nd district. This has slightly messed up the plans for Tim Burka and his group. But Tim ( CityLink lawyer) is not easily beaten. The rumor that is going around now is that Burka and the DemocRAT leaders are pressuring Catherine Barrett to step down before the end of her term so that they can appoint Dale to run as an incumbent for the 32nd district. We have seen what Dale has done to the West End we don't want this repeated at the state level."

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

TELL ME DALE! 7 Questions For Dale Mallory

A list of 7 questions was handed out at the last Democratic Forum in Oakley. Here at the Impeach Mallory blog we pride ourselves on bringing you the finest and most up to date Mallory bashing propaganda. So without further adieu, Dale’s seven questions…..

Tell Me Dale: Questions for Dale Mallory

1) Tim Burke personally recommended you for a Democratic endorsement for the 32 district; he also represents CityLink (a proposed Walmart sized Drop In Center for homeless alcoholics, drug addicts and newly released convicts) as their lawyer. The community impeached you for not representing their overwhelming opposition to CityLink. Was the expected endorsement a payoff for selling out the West End to CityLink?

2) Marcus Jenkins, your co-plaintiff in your (soon to be thrown out of court) lawsuit against those who took a stand against corruption and impeached you, listed his address as 925 Dayton St. This is a boarded up vacant house owned by you. Why would you falsify a legal document to give the impression that a person who lives in Bond Hill is a resident of the West End?

3) In your speech requesting the Democratic endorsement, you claim to have cleaned up the West End. Given the current level of gun violence, drug related crime and litter; what specifically, are you taking credit for?

4) What did you and your close associate George Beatty do with all of the money from the Genesis Development Project?

5) Have you held a job since your “embarrassing departure” from GE many years ago?

6) Were there any provisions of the West End Council Bylaws that you did not violate as President? For example, was a financial report ever given to the membership? Did you ever unilaterally change the By-laws, and submit them to Invest In Neighborhoods, without the memberships knowledge? Or how about, make unilateral commitments to CityLink on behalf of the community, without their knowledge?

7) Does your plan for an education system include, a CityLink, across the street from every elementary school in the State; as you tried to do in the West End?

Truthful answers to these questions would preclude anyone of a right mind from voting to send Dale Mallory to Columbus.

Executive Committee Handout

The Anti-Mallory campaign has been rolling along and gaining steam. I have in my possession some handouts that were passed around at recent democratic functions.

The one to the right was handed out at the Executive Committee meeting of the Hamilton County Democratic Party. Here is the text (orignal emphasis included):

Dale Mallory is a BAD Choice for the 32nd House District.

As the President of the West End Community Council (WECC), Dale Mallory unilaterally met with organizers of the proposed CityLink Center and tried to prevent the West End Community Council from taking a position on the Wal-Mart sized, faith-based facility. This was a violation of the WECC Constitution and By-laws, Dale put his own agenda above the will and interests of the WECC.

In December, after Dale Mallory stormed out of the meeting, the West End Community Council voted overwhelmingly to oppose the CityLink Center, and failed to represent his constituents.

Dale Mallory has been identified as a CityLink Center proponent in the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Herald.

At the beginning of January, the CityLink Center organizers purchased the West End property. This purchase blatantly ignored the West End Community Council's opposition, 13 West End Churches, and surrounding communities' and organizations' opposition.

The CityLink Center organizers were forced to defend their purchase in a zoning appeal filed by multiple parties including the West End Community Council. The CityLink Center organizers lost the appeal. Hamilton County Democratic Chairman Tim Burke represented the CityLink Center in their failed attempt to steam roll the West End and the adjacent inner-city neighborhoods of, Over-the-Rhine, Clifton Heights, and Fairview - all 32nd House District neighborhoods. Dale Mallory's sell out to CityLink forces have united outraged neighbors that have been disenfranchised by Dale's personal agenda.

City Council voted 8-1 AGAINST CityLink, showing their strong opposition to this complex and potentially dangerous issue.

In February 06 Dale Mallory was impeached as President of the West End Community Council by a 31-10 vote. Dale Mallory was impeached for putting his personal agenda above the interest and will of the WECC.

Following his removal from office, Dale Mallory used Republican attorney Ken Lawson to file a motion (A 0602107), in the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, against:
• 8 residents of the West End,
· The Dayton Street Neighborhood Association
• Cincinnati Police District One Captain Jones,
• 10 Cincinnati Police Officers,
• 2 Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputies,
• The Hamilton County Sheriff.

The West End asserted its right to fair and accountable representation.
All inner-City Neighborhoods deserve worthy representation.
The 32nd House District deserves the same.

The Democratic Party has the choice to do the right thing. Please choose wisely.